(1937-09-20) The Hammer Swings
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Summary: Gideon tries to get Elijah's help in breaking into the Natrix to have it out with Wolfgang and Sweeney. Things go according to plan…sort of.
Date: September 20, 1937
Location: Clerkenwell, London
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Clerkenwell, London

Known as London's 'Little Italy', Clerkenwell has been home to most of the Italian population of the city since the 1850s. It is not the richest neighbourhood, but there is a good selection of fine restaurants and pubs in the district. Clerkenwell is also full of industry, mostly printing and engineering companies but also some meat and food production. The heart of Clerkenwell is Clerkenwell Green, the former town centre which now provides housing, St. James' Church, and the now abandoned Middlesex Sessions House. Clerkwell Green is also noted as the centre of radical communism in London, and hosts the Marx Memorial Library.

Gideon sits alone in a tiny cafe in Clerkenwell, sipping a piping hot cup of coffee. His eyes flash frequently between the door, and his view out the window: The Natrix Dance Hall. For the seventh time, he pulls a pocketwatch from his coat, muttering quietly to himself.

Elijah essentially pops up behind Gideon, saying, "You really should be more observant, Adamantus. I've been standing behind you for…" He slides up his sleeve and realizes he doesn't own a watch, 'hmph'ing slighty to himself before continuing, "Some as of yet undetermined amount of time."

Gideon growls, keeping his eyes fixed on the club, "Sit down, Lovegood. This is no time for your pranks."

Elijah slides out of his long coat and drapes it over the back of the empty chair, saying, "Wouldn't hurt to say please every now and then." He sits down in his seat and peers at the man, "You look angry, Adamantus. Angrier than usual."

Gideon keeps his voice low, to avoid the ears of the single Muggle patron sitting in the cafe. "How much do you know about Piero and Wolfgang Montague?"

Elijah opens up the database that is his brain and mutters out, "Montagues. Criminal families. Two divisions. Father and son." He pauses for a moment, inhaling and continues, "The former is tied to several murders and the like. The latter is small time. The occasional lean and strong-arm."

Gideon scoffs, "Dinnae kid yourself. The kid is just getting started, and he's already employing one of his father's former hatchet-men." He leans in across the table, the barely-contained rage clearly visible in his eyes. "That man, Brendan Sweeney, has been following Niamh O'Shea because Wolfgang thinks there's a connection between us. I warned him to keep his nose clean, but he crossed the line."

Elijah peers at him ponders and says, "Sweeney? If I'm not wrong their were some implications that he had something to do with your-." He cuts himself off, looking out the window to instantly avoid the awkward situation that is sure to occur.

Gideon's teeth clench, his jaw muscles flexing visibly. "Very. Likely." He takes a deep breath through his nostrils, continuing. "Wolfgang needs to be put in his place before he becomes a bigger threat. I'm going in there to set things right. I need to know right now, are you with me, or not?"

Elijah rests his hands on the table and gives Gideon a stern look, "Adamantus. I know you don't like me and you'll probably write off everything I say within the next few seconds…but you're getting in over your head with this. You're making it personal." He rubs his chin and looks at him, "Do you have any evidence?"

"It is personal," Gideon hisses. "But it's also because I know this family better than you can imagine. I know that if they are allowed to continue on this course, they will only get bolder. Dinnae trifle me with procedure. Montague needs a message sent. So are you going to back me up, or report me?"

Elijah rubs at his temples and looks across at Gideon, saying, "Just what are you planning on doing?"

Gideon sighs. Lovegood thinks too much…but someday that could be useful. "If you come with me? I'm planning on you getting inside and opening the back door for me. We stun the meat golem, and I explain in painful detail to Montague where his place in things is."

Elijah peers at Gideon and says, bluntly as he stands up…actually verging on anger, "There's a difference between vengeance and justice, Adamantus. It's the quality of the man holding the weapons. And this plan makes me think you're going down that lower road." He whips his coat up around him, saying, "I'm not going to turn you in…but I can't help you." As he's walking away he says, "Be careful when fighting the beast…lest ye become one."

Gideon rises after him, reaching for Elijah's arm — not a violent gesture, but meant to get his attention. "Sometimes vengeance and justice are the same thing. But this is nae about me. This is about Miss O'Shea's safety. I will nae stand by while I know she's in the sights of these people. Our duty is to protect people, Elijah. Sometimes that means making the first move."

Elijah turns and looks at Gideon and then down to his arm, saying, "I'll go with you. But you better keep this on the level."

"This will nae be just a conversation, Lovegood. That's been done, and he brazenly crossed that line. This is a message. Just get me inside…please." Oooh, that last word was painful.

Elijah sighs and nods to Gideon, saying, "Fine. But once you're in, I'm out." He swirls his coat around as he heads back toward the door to walk over to The Natrix.

Gideon sighs, obviously disappointed. "Do what you feel you have to, Lovegood." He isn't one to beg, and at least Elijah has principles; Gideon has to respect that. He follows out of the cafe, crossing the street several blocks away from the Natrix, cautiously making their way to the club's rear entrance.

Elijah walks along with Gideon, just mumbling something to himself. They finally get to the alleyway that leads to the kitchen entrance of The Natrix and Elijah peers around the side. He looks back to Gideon and says, "You. Wait here. I'll signal you when you're golden." He pulls his hat down over his eyes and slides his hands into his pockets as he walks down the alley, stopping and waiting by the kitchen door. He reaches down to turn the handle, but it doesn't budge, causing him to grumble a bit.

Gideon gives Elijah a curt nod, and leans up against the wall, looking casual. For the moment, he plays lookout, covering Elijah with his hand resting by his wand.

Elijah slides a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it, twirling it softly in his fingers. He doesn't take a drag of it, obviously having something else in mind for it. He does blow on the tip of it to keep it lit, though. It's only a few minutes before the door swings open and a man goes to take some trash out to the dumpster. Elijah flicks the cigarette down to the ground, but because it's a wizarding brand it pops and disappears when it hits, diverting the worker's attention enough for Elijah to deliver a karate chop to the man's neck before turning and grabbing the door.

Gideon arches an eyebrow down the alley at Elijah, giving a little smirk and a silent chuckle. Now that's more like it, Lovegood. Patiently, he waits for his partner's signal.

Elijah looks down at Gideon and waves at him to come down, keeping watch up and down both sides of the alleyway.

Gideon doesn't make a production of it, nonchalantly turning the corner and strolling down the alley, only picking up his pace as he gets nearer.

Elijah swing the door open wider and steps back against the wall as to not break Gideon's stride. As his partner walks by him, Elijah says, "Good luck." He closes the door behind the man and turns to wander back to wherever it is he lives.

Gideon hears the door shut behind him, and tosses a glance backward, which quickly turns to a scowl. So that's how it will be. Something to focus on later. For now, Gideon is on his own in enemy territory. He draws his wand, ducking behind a refrigeration unit. The shiny, polished metal of the kitchen surfaces makes it easier to see the comings and goings of the cooking staff in the reflections. Better not to let them see him. Many are probably Muggles. Timing his movements carefully, he makes his way through the kitchen.

Wolfgang comes out of the office and moves to take up a taster spoon and dips it into the sauce. He then has a boisterous 'discussion' about the sauce in Italian with the cook. Adding some more spice to the sauce he then takes another taste test and that's when he notices a worbled form of a large Ginger Man wearing the same coat he was seen in a few days ago. A gesture is flung towards the cook to shoo him away. Speaking in Italian as he does so. Once the man is outside Wolfgang looks around and then heads towards the office door. "Coast is clear Inspector. Really, all you have to do is send an owl…"

Gideon emerges slowly, eyes full of hardened fire, his wand aimed directly at Wolfgang. "I'd keep very still if I were you. Where's the bulldog?"

Sweeney walks into the kitchen, hands tucked into his pockets, "I'm right here, Inspector. Something I can help you with?" He peers at the man, obviously very confused as to why he's there.

Wolfgang lofts both brows up at Gideon. "He's around I don't know, I'm not his keeper." He grimaces when Sweeney comes in. "Here he is, Inspector, how about we all take this to the office before my cooks come in from their smoke break?"

"Keep your hands where I can see them, Sweeney. That goes for the both of you." Gideon moves a little closer to Wolfgang, but cautiously, and ever aware of Sweeney. He doesn't dare let the enforcer get too close. Arm's reach is all he needs. "Seems you need to keep a tighter leash on him, Montague. I warned you. I WARNED YOU!" Oh yes, he's angry, and just a murmur away from some very painful hexes.

Wolfgang keeps his hands passively open and away from his sides, but not up in the air like some scared schmuck. "We just had a talk this morning Inspector, you just missed it. Leash is tightened, things were made very clear in our talk that there are new lines drawn. So, how about you lower that wand, lower your voice and let's go into the office. If Sweeney's done something to irk you, I assure you that was not the intention. If you have a beef, please air it, in the office, wand away. Sweeney is just a Squib after all… I think you know me well enough to know I am no hard boiled killer. Why I couldn't even name the five unforgivables. So let's all just shift things over to the office." He moves to take steps towards the office as Italian voices of the muggle cooks are indeed starting to return from their smoke break before the lunch rush.

Sweeney slides his hands out of his pockets, holding them out to the side, saying, "Nothing to see here, Inspector." His hands ARE gloved, but that's not anything out of the ordinary for the man. His eyes remain on the man, though more out of curiosity than looking for an opening.

"Stow it!" Gideon commands. "Sweeney is nothing more than your bludgeon, Montague. What he does is your responsibility, and I will hold you accountable. You!" He barks at Sweeney as he backs toward the door he entered through. "You were shadowing a woman that visited here during my last visit. If I even get the scent of you around her again…if I have a dream that you've crossed her path, or so much as given her another thought, you'll wish that I would just kill you. Stupefy!" With a whiplash of his wand, a bolt of scarlet light flies toward Sweeney.

Wolfgang's left cheek twitches up in a grimace. "Now that wasn't sporting Inspector. If you want to have at Sweeney, you can just say so and the two can duke it out as they say on equal ground. I know you don't like the man. Don't really know you two's relationship. But you aren't the only one looking out for people. So that…well that was just rude. You come into my place, tell me to handle it and then handle it yourself. Waving your wand around when we got muggles about. I'm afraid you've just made a very terrible mistake…" He gestures towards the door, "You know the way out." Wolfgang's tone is rather, 'better run while you still can copper'. He moves over to tend to Sweeney at this point.

Sweeney was hit by the bolt and crumpled to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Seems the Squib isn't quite used to dealing with any sort of magical warfare. He probably had some sort of explanation to give Gideon, but it was cut short by the inspector's spell. Now he's just going to wake up angry.

Gideon was already on his way out the door. "You had best think twice about making threats, Montague. Your people made the first move. Come near me or mine again, and a Stunning Spell will be the last thing you need to worry about. You have so much more to lose than I do. Do not test me on this." Few would dare to. Adamantus Gideon isn't called "The Hammer" for nothing. His warning laid down, he backs out of the kitchen, keeping his wand steadily on Wolfgang until he has vanished from sight. An audible *CRACK* from the alley announces his Disapparition.

Wolfgang shaking his head at the threat about his threat that wasn't really a threat, more like a factual comment. He reaches up and grabs the dishwashing sprayer from the sink and pulls it down and turns it on to spray Sweeney. "Rise and shine sunshine."

Sweeney sputters as he's hit by the water and sits up, rubbing at his face, "Where is that fucker?" He goes to stand, albeit very slowly and starts limping towards the door, "I'm gonna put him down, Wolf. Gonna shove that pretty wand of his up his ass." Eventually his legs give out again and he falls down to a kneeling position, holding his chest where the bolt hit him.

Wolfgang stands up and tosses a towel at Sweeney. "He's gone, and you'll do no such thing. Not on my pay roll. You want to take him out, that's all on you, my father will probably take you back with open arms. But no more of that families blood is going to weigh on my conscience. You must have done something to be seen, even though you told me it was all on the level. I don't like being lied to. Just take your knock down like a man, get up and move on. He caught you, you're lucky to be alive right now, be thankful you are. It's up to you Sweeney."

Sweeney turns and looks at Wolfgang, saying, "I guess it's a crime to get a drink at a bar inhabited by Gideon's girlfriend now." He peers at the man raising a finger and pointing it at him, "You can tell me how to act when you know what the facts are, boy." He wipes the water from his face and stomps through the door and out into the alleyway.

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