(1937-09-21) Costume Planning
Details for Costume Planning
Summary: Lucian tries to ditch one potential date to the Hallowe'en Ball so he can ask Ria. Soleil shows off another impressive costume potion.
Date: Sep 22, 1937
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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Slytherin Common Room, Hogwarts Castle

The Slytherin commons room is a low-ceilinged, dungeon-like affair illuminated during the day by a multitude of greenish lamps and a roaring fire which also works to partially ward of the perpetual chill of the dungeons. The common room is filled with low-backed, black and dark green leather sofas and armchairs accented with buttons that create dimples deep in the upholstery. For the decorative carvings of the dark wood cupboards, the columns, the mantelpiece, and other architectural details of the room run strongly towards snakes and skulls motif. All these details combine to create a quite grand atmosphere with a touch of spooky and cold.
Day or night the enchanted windows are filled with an eerie green glow from the water on the other side. Occasionally the Giant Squid and other residents of the Black Lake will swim by the portals. Over all the common room has a sunken ship feel, though is oddly enough also gives a strange cozy sense as well.

Lucian steps into the Slytherin Common Room with a harried look on his face, peeling off his robe as he enters. Trailing just behind him is the pretty black-haired Fifth Year, Polly Parkinson. "I heard there's going to be a Hallowe'en Ball. Lucian? Are you going to go? Have you thought about who you're going to invite?"

Lucian gives a noncommittal grunt in return, tossing his robe over the back of a chair before plopping down onto it sideways, one leg draped over the arm of the chair.

Soleil comes shuffling out from behind the screen used to quarantine her little potions laboratory off from the rest of the common room. She is covered in scales from the waist down where just below the knees it fans out into beautiful iridescent fins. Her black hair is much longer and it clings and hides her bosom from view. She turns about to model for Ria, "What do you think? Are the scales too small? I had to use tout scales where I would have liked to have used carp or those Japanese Koi fish…" She looks up hearing her cousin Polly, and gets girly squee face. "Balthazar asked me!" She still can't believe it.

Ria has been sitting on the wonderfully luxurious and greatly coveted armchair, which she attained a few hours ago by kicking out a innocent little first-year. Even though she's slumped over one of the arms, she still maintains an rather upright posture and reads a book while giving Soleil second opinions on her potions. This time however, Ria's jaw slackens a little. She perhaps even blushes a little. "My word! Those are incredible. The scales look perfect and….real. But you don't think it's a little too…revealing up top do you?" she quirks a brow. Perhaps that's why she's blushing.

Her head turns though upon hearing the familiar shrill of Polly's voice, and she smirks upon seeing who she's trailing. She looks back down at her book and says casually, "Lucian hasn't mentioned going with anyone. Maybe you should take her, Luc?" Oh she's evil. Evil indeed, until Sunny squees over Balthazar asking her. "No way, did he really?" she looks up at the girl suddenly. "I hate to say it, but I might be a little jealous…"

Lucian looks up at Soleil, eyebrows lifting. "Soleil…you aren't wearing robes. Merlin, are you naked?" He smirks, concluding that she must be even before she responds. But his amusement quickly fades when Ria throws him under the bus.

Polly's face lights up, "That would be brilliant! I have the perfect little Cleopatra costume in mind! Don't you think I'd make a wonderful Cleopatra, Lucian?" She strikes a little pose, obviously intended to look sexy.

"I may not even go. Besides, I'm sure Sluggy will have a better party anyhow."

Soleil hmms as she looks down at herself, truly barely any skin can be seen but her arms coming out of the ticket of wavy hair. "I could try for a more realistic look and just go head to toe with scales and do more fish face? I was going more for what muggles think merpeople look like…" Her eye twitches when Polly goes up another octave in her glee. "Blimey, I hope I didn't sound or look like that when Balty asked me…" She mutters to Ria quietly and then nods to Lucian, "Oh yes, he throws great parties. Though you're always allowed to bring a date to the club events, just not the meetings." Mind the back tires of that bus Lucian.

Ria scratches her chin in thought, really pondering on Soleil's options. "It's hard to look like a real merperson without being a little well…nude. Is there perhaps a blouse you can put up top? Perhaps cut the top half of a bathing suit off. I feel like if you go as a fish it wouldn't be as captivating." Facing the fellow Slytherin girl, Ria can't help but snicker silently and bury her face in the book to stifle her laughter before adding to the fire. "Oh well there you go Lucian! You can bring Polly, who would make a splendid Cleopatra. Oh Luc! You'd look so dashing as a Mark Antony. I can't imagine you as anything else. Am I right Polly?" And she buries her face in her book again, eyes peering with mischievous glee at Soleil.

Polly squeals with excitement. "Marc Antony! That's Cleopatra's lover, right? Oh, it's PERFECT! I'm going to go do some sketches for your costume, Luce!" With a skip and a bounce, she zooms off to the Girls' Dormitory.

A pillow flings through the air toward Ria. "Thanks a million, Sykes. If you think Polly would be such a great date, you take her."

Soleil hmms, "Oh! I know what would be brilliant." She points to the window that looks out into the underwater scape of the lake. Some kelp is floating past as she does. A gown to go over it that resembles kelp. Could use some really nice green silks. Of course that part of the costume would be up to whomever buys the potion. What I'm concerned about is this bit." She gestures to the tail and hair.

The pillow hits Ria square on the side of her head. There's quite some power behind it too since its enough to knock her over just a little bit, the book dropping onto the floor with a 'thud.' The sound however gets lost among the ringing noise of her cackle-giggles which erupts as soon as Polly's gone. "When you marry her some day and she spawns your half-brilliant, half-dimwitted brats, you'll thank me. Perhaps even make me a godmother." She grins as she plots out Lucian's future. "Besides, I wasn't kidding. You'd make a hell of a Mark Antony. I think the Arts Club might even have spare leather armor."

The idea of kelp silks and nods vigorously in agreement. "I like that idea very much. Are you selling this potion Sunny? You're not going to wear it yourself? I think it's a real show stopper." The way Ria eyes the ensemble indicates that perhaps she's even thinking of buying it herself. But the light blush across her cheeks certainly shows concern over the modesty of it all.

Lucian lets out a derisive puff of breath between half-closed lips. "I'll thank you when you stop encouraging Polly. She's a right pain in my arse." He sits up, giving Soleil another, more serious look. There's no doubt that he appreciates what he sees. "So what about you, Ria? Since Balty's obviously taken, has anyone asked you, yet?"

Soleil gets little sly smile, "No, I'm not going as a mermaid, I'm going as something else. Something to go along better with what Balty is going as. Would you like me to set aside this potion for you?" She then meeps when she touches her hip and a scale floats to the ground and then another and another and quick as she can waddle with her knees together like they are she tries to get around behind the screen and throw her clothes on as quick as she can. "It's five sickles to reserve exclusive rights to a potion." She calls from her lab. "You are going to be a very handsome Marc Anthony, Lucian. You should talk to Kettleburn, I'm sure he can provide some asp looking snake that will bite her and put her to sleep for the rest of the night."

Ria leans against the arm of the furniture, her chin resting on her hand as she admiringly watches Soleil flop off behind the screen. "For me? No…no it's quite alright. I don't think it's really my thing," she scrunches her nose, but she's still blushing at the idea. She's not even sure when she'd use it. She's not that bold. Perhaps…on her own time. At home. By herself maybe. But she shakes the thought out of her head.

"Oh he might, but I'm sure you can make some strong sleeping draught and slip it into her food to knock her out if you want…," Ria suggests, looking innocently back and forth between Soleil. Not that she's tried it before. Not that she essentially condones roofie-ing another student. In reply to Luc's comment she says, "Well I've been trying working on that haunted house thing that I proposed to Sluggy so I haven't really had time to think of what I'd be or if I'd even go to any festivities. What would you suggest? Maybe Soleil has some other potion I can buy off her…"

Lucian has enough decency to avert his gaze when Soleil's costume begins to disintegrate. Her joke (was it a joke?) about the snake earns an amused chuckle.

He shrugs to Ria at first, but then lifts his chin with a more decisive look about him. "So go with me. I want to help with the haunted house idea anyhow. We can do it faster together, then still have time to go to the ball. And for the record? You'd look amazing in the mermaid costume."

Soleil comes back out looking rather unkempt for her usual self. Her hair is still a bit wild from the potion but it's certainly not as thick. "You will have to find someone for Polly to go with. Her hopes are now all up. Teddy would make a dashing Marc…" Then comes a smaller voice from a chair. "Or get Alphard to ask her. He's sweet on her." Walburga narc's on her older brother who's thankfully not in the room or they might all bear witness to horrible things being done to the second year black. Her work here is done she looks back down to her book on Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Ria smirks at Walburga's suggestion. "Well, problem solved then Lucy. One Parkinson out of your hair!" she gives her fellow a cheeky. When Lucian encourages her on the mermaid get up with hmm again at the idea, "Do you really think so? You really I'd look good as a mermaid?" Again, she's entertaining the notion. Not in public of course. Never in public! But perhaps she's a bit more serious about reserving that potion for a latter time. "Anyhow, if you're going to be Mark Antony, I bloody well am not going to be some silly mermaid. I want something as powerful. Maybe I could be Julius Caesar then, a female version?" Did Ria just friend zone Lucian? She may have just friend zoned Lucian. Or perhaps she doesn't know what being asked on a date is like. Mostly because everyone avoids her or hides from her. "Hmmm or maybe if I could successfully put Penny to sleep, -I'll- just go as Cleopatra then. I want to be a powerful woman." She says that last part with surety, but also adds, "My other option was maybe Boudica."

Lucian sighs, "Don't call me Lucy, and I'm not going as Marc Antony." His eyes flicker toward the Girls' Dorm. "Honestly, Ria. Going as a powerful woman? Isn't that a bit obvious? You've already got that in spades. What you need to blow that party away is the most incredible costume they've ever seen. Something they'll still be talking about when we've all left Hogwarts in the dust."

Soleil plops down in a chair and scoops up the earlier dropped book. "Well if I start right this very minute I could do a Polyjuice Potion and you can nab a hair from Dippet's head when he's snoozing and go as Headmaster Dippet, Ria. So what are you gong to go as Lucian?"

Ria raises her brows at Soleil and says, "A polyjuice potion? You know how to do a Polyjuice potion? Well goodness, if you can do that, I'll walk around as Dippet any day. I won't care if its Halloween or not." Neither will she care if she loses a million points for being a headmaster impostor. But that's only because she doesn't believe the girl can really do it.

What equally takes her by surprise is Lucian's passion for her costume concept. "Merlin, Proudmore! Since when did you become my image consultant." Despite her snark, she does consider his words though. Massaging the knot between her brows she says, "When you put it that way this is a lot to think about suddenly for one evening…I really need to sleep on it." Rising from her seat, she picks up the pillow thrown at her and tries to swing it in Lucian's direction before giving him a friendly pat on the head. "If you think of anything before me let me know. Good night you two." She waves to the rest in the common room and yawns of to the girl's dormitories.

Lucian doesn't bother to dodge, letting the pillow smack him square in the face, and giving Ria a cocky grin the entire time. "Good night, Ria. I have some ideas…we'll talk." He turns to Soleil with a discerning gaze. "Might need your help, too." Oh yes, these are going to be some incredible costumes.

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