(1937-09-21) He's Henery the Eighth, He Is
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Summary: A jovial gathering of Hogwarts turns quite serious… Not really.
Date: 1937-09-21
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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After classes, Cillian can be found making his way into the Great Hall, his satchel is bulging as usual and he has an extra burlap sack he's modified into a bag to carry his other goodies. He makes his way towards the appropriate table, humming happily to himself and smiling as he saunters and tosses waves and blows kisses to familiar faces.

Wilfred can be seen sitting by himself, scribbling on a piece of paper. Every once and a while he will pick up his quill and check a book he has open nearby, then he continues writing. He is still dressed in his school robes, and his hair is brushed neatly to one side. Glancing up, he smiles to himself as he sees a confident first year enter the room, then continues writing.

Idrissa is sitting over at the Ravenclaw table, back towards the Slytherin table while she is busy scribbling away at a pad of parchment. She pauses a moment, quill in hand while she taps it a few times upon the pad and goes about turning a page in the look that she is looking through. There is a few other Ravenclaw's at the table but all seem to be doing there own thing, which involves studying of course.

Josie comes wandering in a few moments after Cillian, likely out of the exact same class he was in. She looks towards the Ravenclaw table as she comes in, but not seeing who she was looking for she heads over to her own table, moving to sit by Cillian.

Down at the of the table, Jackson Jacob Potter, Jnr is standing with his feet spread on the table, crowing at the top of his lungs a song in a thick cockney accent at all the studying students. His shoulders are pushed back, and his chest is puffed up as he calls out, "I'm Henery the Eighth, I am! I'm Henery the Eighth, I am I am! I got married to the widow next door, she'd been married seven times before. And everyone was Henery…" Big finish. "I'm her eighth old man named—"

As he leaned back for the big finish, Jack goes backend over tea kettle off the table with a sickening thud. It would not be a far leap of logic to think he had killed himself. Soon enough, a string of words to make a drunken sailor blush emits from beneath the Gryffindor table, this time there's no accent besides the good King's British, "Fuck bullocks wank shit damn arse head and hole!" Jackson picks himself up off the floor and drapes himself over the head of the table, holding the back of his head as he calls out, "Everyone alright?!"

Wilfred gives a start as Jackson starts shouting out, he looks around to locate the noise (which isn't hard) and tightens his lips as Jackson continues. Shutting his book with a slam, Wilfred sticks it into his bag along with his paper and his quill and starts walking towards Jackson, a set look in his eyes.

"'ello Josie…" Cillian greets cheerfully, setting his burlap sack on the bench beside him and tugging some books from his satchel to place on the table. "How by Neptunes knickers I managed to turn me match into a twig…I'll never know. And it wasn't even a good twig! Me Father would've /killed/ me! Or made me right lines." He's laughing softly before he blinks and tugs a small rose from his bag, turning to stand and shuffle down the tables to place the purplish rose on the table near Idrissa before he heads back for his own table…slowing to a stop as he stares. He stares at Jackson before he blinks his good eye and lets out a wooping laugh, tilting his head back. "Ye SANG it wrong MATE!" He flashes a smile and settles back down beside Josie.

Idrissa hums softly to herself and continues to scribble down some notes, her attention is pulled up and towards the others as she hears the noise, voice, gasps and even a few groans while she peers over to where Jackson can be found. She blinks catching sight of the rose and looks at it a few moment before slowly leaning over to pick it up. A slight smile is seen and she does catch sight of Cillian moving off, though she doesn't get to thanks him just yet as he is laughing.

Josie comments, "When I was five I turned a knife into a rat, but it's a lot harder when you're doing it on purpose." Still, she did manage a to make her match a needle by the end of class. She catches Jackson's singing then, looking to him. The words might make a sailor blush, but they just make Josie giggle.

Still holding the back of his head, Jackson slides his way into a chair at the edge of the table and the cockney accent is back again as he shouts at Cilian, "Oi! Stop yellin' so loud. I already knew that, you wee wobblin' wanker! It's cover, not a copy!" He puts his head down on the table, cradled in his arm, "Can someone please bring the hospital wing here? I'm too bloody brilliant to die, but I don't think I'm makin' it there." It takes a moment but he says, "Sod it. I've fallen off me broomstick father that that."

As Wilfred reaches the end of the table, he turns to come face-to-face with Jackson, well, as face-to-face you can get while being a head shorter. "You dirty talking England? You'd better shut your trap before you get yourself into a big crummy mess." He has that no-nonsense look in his eyes, endeterred by the other students height.

"Ahhh, bite me ye clumsy turtle stomper." Cillian drawls softly before resting an elbow on his table and grinning to Josie. "Older kids 'ave such a hard time havin' fun…do ye tink its cuz they keep their wands shoved so far up their rear sails that it be ticklin' their brains?" He flashes a grin and winks before leaning backwards a bit to address the Ravenclaw table. "Oi, what sound does a Raven be makin?"

Ah, the Great Hall! Kiefer only comes here for one thing: Food. Which is understandable, since this is where most…if not all of Hogwarts' meals and snackthings can be found. And having forgotten to partake in most meals of the day due to being arm deep in dirt dealing with repotting screaming young mandrakes, he's feeling a bit peckish now! He arrives wearing colorfully knitted earmuffs which he's forgotten to remove since leaving the greenhouses. The world seems to peaceful … so unusually at ease and quiet.

Idrissa blinks as she continues to watch what is going on, the flower that she was given is tucked close to her book. She looks amused as she hears Cillian and the others at his table. At the comment about ravens she blinks, a soft ah escapes her. "Well, sorta bird like? Not a screech like a hawk or anything, sorta like a caw." She catches sight of Kiefer and waves towards him while smiling.

Josie looks to Jackson, frowning a bit as he mentions the hospital wing. "You ok?" She thought the swearing funny, but now seems concerned he's not just acting. That is, until Cillian says what he does. She can't help but burst into giggles again.

Jackson lifts his head, cupping his hand along his mouth to call back to Cillian, "Oi! Only first years are short enough for their wand to make it arse t' crown. Oh right, ya don't learn that 'till second year." He grins in return, then looks toward Wilfred, and stares at him. He peers towards the fourth year for a long time. Maybe something he says moves him in an indescribable way? Perhaps the sight of this young whipper-snapper standing up for jolly old England has perked up some nationalistic pride simmering deep down within Jackson?


"Sorry? What's that? I couldn't hear you over how bloody brilliant I am…" He then looks over towards Josie with a sweet smile, "I'll be alright. Thanks. Like I said. Took a fair worse tumble of me broomstick only every time I've tried to bloody fly."

Cillian offers a small smile to Idrissa and then turns to open up his history book and begin working on his homework.

That's odd. Kiefer's face twists a bit in a look of thought. It truly is /much/ quieter here than usual, especially with the amount of kids! He glances to his Hufflepuff table, stomach rumbling at the sweet and savory aromas of food. Buuut there are pressing matters to tend to! Like the fact that he may be going deaf! A waving hand is seen out of the corner of his eye, and the familiar face of Idrissa is greeted with a grin and return wave before he starts towards her. "HELLO!" he says /far/ too loudly. "I BELIEVE I'M HAVIN' A BIT OF TROUBLE WITH MY EARS TODAY. I HOPE THE MANDRAKES DIDN'T GET TO ME, BUT USUALLY, IT'S MORE OF A PROBLEM OF STAYIN' CONSCIOUS. HOPEFULLY IT'LL WEAR OFF. HOW ARE YOU?" (un)Surprisingly enough, the quipping back and forth by others fall upon (partially) deaf ears.

Idrissa glances back towards Jackson, seeming to make sire along with Josie that he is already not that the question on what sound a Raven makes is taken care of. She blinks and looks to Kiefer peering at him and clears her throat softly. "I think the Mandrakes did! Your ah… Talking really loudly!" She ponders if he can read lips, or if she should just scribble down what shejust wrote! Though she waits a moment to see if he understads her. "I'm alright, nice to see you again."

What's that? What's that? Ok, now Wilfred -knows- Jackson is just trying to be rude. Though, from what his reputation is, Wilfred's not suprised. "I -said-, shut. your. trap." He keeps his face taut, staring at Jackson.

Josie grins again and nods to Jackson. She doesn't say anything about the conflict between him and Wilfred, though, not taking any sides, despite the fact she speaks with a London accent. Nationalistic pride apparently isn't her thing. Her attention instead goes to the newly arrived shouting Kiefer.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Kiefer tyrns his head so that his ear, still covered by those earmuffs he's forgotten about, is turned her way. He can't hear a word she's saying! Or, he can hear a little. A tiny bit. Slightly! That's not good. His hearing was superb earlier! He could hear pin drop….well…if he was in a very quiet room and it was a rather large pin! He squints his eyes a bit, as if this will somehow help him to hear. He may have to visit the infirmary if this doesn't clear up soon. Woe!

Jackson narrows his eyes, intently focusing his attention upon Wilfred. As Wilfred repeats himself, Jackson screws up his face and shakes his head, "No, I'm still not getting it. Maybe you can turn the wanker down and … oh bugger it. I can hear y' just fine, mate, I just didn't give a piss about what you said the first time, and I didn't really the second time round either. Well, that really makes this whole conversation rather academic doesn't it?" He laughs towards Wilfred, "Sit down a bit, mate. Tell me how you feel that song, sung from the top of a table, means I'm dirty talking England. Far as I know, that one's talkin' about Henry the Eighth. England doesn't even take Henry the Eighth seriously."

Wilfred is a bit flustered for a moment, then recovering himself, he looks back up and says to Jackson, point by point "You were making fun of an English monarch, a rotten one, true. But you wern't even taking the argument against him seriously! -Plus-, you strung a whole line of swearing after talking about him. -And-, you wern't bothered when approached by it." He says this all up close to Jackson not moving from his position.

Idrissa points at her head, mostly the ear area and then points back towards Kiefer. "Take off the earmuffs!" Is offered before she ponders and goes about scribbling down on a piece of parchment to do just that. She then pushes the paper over towards Kiefer so he can see what she has written! She hears bits and pieces of what is going on over at the other table, bu she is not about to comment on any of it.

"HUFFLEPUFFS??" blinks Kiefer, looking at Idrissa with a bewildered look. "YES, I AM A HUFFLEPUFF, HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN??" meep. Perhaps they both need to visit the infirmary. Him for his ears. Idrissa for her memory! But, what's this? The scribbled note is eyed, read, and… "oh!" He lift both of his hands to pat his ears, feeling the earmuffs still in place. Doh! He pulls them off, giving his shaggy hair a doggish shake. Oh, /there's/ the usual noise! "Wow…much better," he says in a regular tone, grinning broadly at the younger Ravenclaw. "Thank you. I would've been walking around with these all day!"

Josie giggles a little again, as Kiefer figures out why he can't hear, but she looks back to Wilfred and comments, "Think the swearing had to do with him falling, not the song."

Jackson nods his head at the point that he was making fun of an English monarch, "Not really much of an argument there." He then shakes his head at the point of him not even taking the argument seriously, "Not in the least bit, no." He then points towards Josie, "The first year is getting really high marks in my class." He then caps it off with a final shake of his head, "No, I wasn't bothered when approached about it either. In my defense, if you were approached by someone with the same look on their face, you wouldn't take them seriously either. Really now… Think of your future. Think of your future generations! If your face got stuck like that, no girl'll give ya the time of day. So please don't look at me like that ever again." He places his hand over his chest and adds with a heartfelt, "…for the children."

"Dont answer a fool in his folly" Wilfred mutters to himself. Screwing up his face to smirk at Jackson, he replies "Well, lets just hope you're not afraid of dueling, muggle -and- wizards dueling." And with that, he stalks off down the long table brushing his hair back to the side, his bag of books slung over his shoulder.

Jackson grines broadly towards Wilfred, "I haven't so far!" As the threat is made and Wilfred begins to walk away, Jackson hops up on to his chair, placing his foot on the table and assuming a very heroic pose, "As is custom, since you have issued the challenge, then I will name the time and place. I, and my second, will meet you in West Palm Beach, Florida at approximately nineteen-hundred hours yesterday!"

Idrissa just peers at Kiefer pondering if he is going to be able to hear with the earmuffs off. So it seems! She chuckles softly and offers him a smile. "You alright there?" She questions with an amused tone while peering at him. Her attention turns towards Jackson and Wilfred and she watches the two quietly, blinking a few times. A soft ah escapes her.. "Oh dear…" Is murmured out faintly while she leans back slightly in her chair.

Josie looks to Wilfred and blinks, "Muggles duel? Dunno if a gun fight counts as a duel, there ain't any rules." She can't help but laugh again at Jackson's time of choice, though. The place goes right over her head, but even she gets the rest.

Wilfred walks toward the large doors of the room with a firm step and a set face, ignoring the comments that Jackson makes from behind. As he nears the doors, a group of younger students breaks apart to make way. He slams the door behind him as he passes through the doorway.

Kiefer plops the earmuffs on his head, though keeps the muffs /off/ of his ears this time. He flashes a grin towards Josie. "A version of a duel, I suppose you could call it," he says, even though no one asked his opinion. And…SLAM! He blinks at a slammed door, though looking at it doesn't help him to figure out just who slammed it. He clicks his tongue. "Negativity." His eyes sweep the area, glancing upon a familiar looking Jackson. Negativity and Jackson? Hm..not too farfetched. "We eat from those tabletops," he says with a point to his foot on the table, though the words are said in more of a matter of fact way rather than chastising. After a wave to Idrissa, he heads over to the Hufflepuff table to snag some goods, unable to ignore his grumbling belly.

Jackson continues to stand on the chair and the table until the door slams, at which point Jackson takes his foot off, falls into his chair with a sudden drop, and then falls out it promptly to the right in fits of laughter. Negativity and Jackson? Not exactly. He didn't pick this fight. He stops laughing after a minute, raising himself up and draping his arms across the table to look towards Kiefer with a nod, "Yes, ya do. Don't I always take care of the shoe prints when I'm on top of the table?" He does. He then looks towards Josie at this point, "Firearms? No, a git like that means swords. It's a ruddy shame. He's a good quiditch player." He shrugs his shoulders, adding, "Don't ask me how. I've never quite puzzled out the physics of playing quiditch with the broomstick up your arse."

With her bag bulging at her side, holding onto the strap that crosses in front, Artemis comes into the Great Hall. She walks slowly, not quite heading in a direction of a table as her gaze drifts from the Hufflepuff table to the Slytherin table, biting her lip in thought as her gaze searches.
Idrissa waves after Kiefer as the other moves on towards his table. She closes the few books in front of her, picking up her things in the process. Hearing Jackson she blinks and glances towards him a moment, a soft ah escapes her. "I… Don't think that's possible… Why would you say such a thing?" She finally pipes up. Its sorta hard /not/ to hear that bit about the broomstick!

"You do," calls Kiefer, lifting a hand in a sort of wave to Jackson. He does clean up after himself, he'll give him that. But now Kiefer tucks into his food, quieting his growly stomach. "I think," he pipes up between bits of food, elevating his voice to be heard, "it is sarcasm." A pause. "I hope. If not…it'd be rather uncomfortable." He shudders at the thought.

Josie giggles again at Jackson's words. She doesn't say anything, though. After a few moments, though, she seems to decide to go somewhere else. She picks up her books and gives a wave to Jackson and Kiefer, hurrying out.

Kiefer, "He's got it right." He laughs again, gathering up his bags, "This'll be a damned sight interesting." With that, he walks towards the door and then out it.

Jackson stands up from his spot on the floor, where he had been draping himself over the table, "Right then. Sarcasm." He gestures towards Kiefer, "He's got it right." He laughs again, gathering up his bags, "This'll be a damned sight interesting." With that, he walks towards the door and then out it.

Idrissa peers at the ones leaving and ahs a moment. A slight shake of her head is seen and she clears her throat. "Right.." Is about all she offers to it before she goes about getting herself something to eat before she has to get back to studying it seems.

Sarcasm. Stuff of champions. Kiefer can grin at both Jackson and Idrissa, but he has nothing further to say. Eat, eat, chomp! Soon it'll be back to the greenhouse and good thing he knows where his earmuffs are…

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