(1937-09-21) Quidditch: Practice Makes Perfect
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Summary: The Gryffindor Quidditch team gets together for it's first practice of the year.
Date: 1937-09-21
Location: Quidditch Pitch
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It is a fall day. The weather is cool and overcast.

The oval of the Hogwarts' Quidditch Pitch is regulation size at five-hundred feet long and one-hundred eighty feet wide, with a small central circle of approximately two feet in diameter. At each end there are three golden posts holding the hooped goals at different heights. Sixteen towers rise high around the pitch holding seats for hundreds of spectators. During official matches every other tower is decorated in a checkered flag pattern with the colors of the opposing teams and flags representing each of the four houses pop and snap in the wind at the top of the towers. The pitch's grass remains green and vibrant throughout the year, regardless of the season, except for the sandy patches around the scoring areas and at the inner circle where all the balls are released at the beginning of the game.

Wilfred swoops around towards the goal posts trying to weave back and forth through them. Passing through without a problem, he starts heading towards the other end.

Angelus is dressed in his Quidditch gear, carrying his broom as he approaches the field, plus his Quaffle under an arm. He looks around for anyone who might be around, and grins when he catches someone up in the air. He does lift a hand above his head in a wave, but he doesn't bother calling out. He mounts his good-quality broom and takes off, and once he's close, calls out, "Interested in helping out a younger 'mate get some practice in?"

His hair whipping by as he picks up speed, Wilfred flies quickly along the field until he notices another flyer approaching. Pulling up on the handle of his cleansweep broom, he slows down until Angelus comes up beside him. "Hey, you made the team this year as well, Angelus right? I'd love to practice out some things with you."

"Of course," Angelus answers, dipping his head in a nod. A faint smile twitches at his lips as he nods in answer to his name. "Angelus - or Gel," he supplies. He moves his shoulders in a casual shrug. "Whichever you prefer." He grins at the older housemate's answer. "That'd be great. I'm not sure I recall your name, sorry." He frowns briefly, but then swings the Quaffle around so that he can toss it - only as he slips it around it slips from his arm and starts to plummet. The boy starts to fly downward to grab it, but it's looking like he's not fast enough to grab it.

"Name's Wilfred." Wilfred says, smiling at the younger student as he swings the quaffle around. Wilfred is caught thinking about the younger student's family background, when he notices the Quaffle has been dropped. Taken by suprise, he fumbles a little bit as he drops down in a dive, rushing down alongside the other gryffindor.

Angelus slows actually, until he pulls up to hover, letting Wilfred go ahead and grab the Quaffle since he's going for it. The boy nods in response, and asks, "Mind Will?"

Noticing that Angelus is no longer diving down, and with a quick measure of the distance the the Quaffle and the ground, Wilfred decides to pull up and let the ball drop to the ground. "Don't mind at all Gel." He says, giving another glance down at the Quaffle, he hates not being able to succeed, even if it's just a dropped Quaffle while practicing. "Well, we'll have to get a bit better at this before the season starts, this is my first year on the team, you?"

Angelus watches Wilfred curiously to see if intends to grab the Quaffle, because if so the boy won't bother heading down himself and just wait. He's content to hover and wait, glancing to the three rings in contemplating before looking back down. "There's not much I could've done last year with a poor school broom." The youth lets out a sigh, shaking his head. "I'm not sure why they'd restrict first year students from bringing their own brooms." He shrugs lightly. "Unless they replace their brooms with something better." Angelus lets out a short chuckle. "It's probably a good idea to keep tabs on the other team members, too," he adds in thoughtfully. "You never what weaknesses you can find out. I know that the Slytherin Keeper can react pretty fast despite his lazy attitude."

Wilfred flies down at a slower speed to retrieve the Quaffle, of course Angelus wasn't on the team last year, he's only in his second year! He got too busy thinking about flying with the same skill as his younger housemate. Well, better to get that out of his mind, we're going to be failing all over each other as we practice I suppose. With those thought running through his head, Wilfred gets a hold of himself. Scooping up the Quaffle, he gently tosses it back up to Angelus.

Angelus grins as the Quaffle is tossed up to him, shifting a little in the air as he reaches out to catch it. He flies unhurriedly toward the hoops, stopping a little distance away, and aims a throw through the middle hoop (since there's no keeper). "How about we take turns as Keeper?" Gel suggests. "I can't say it's my best position, but it's something." He starts to fly toward the hoops to seize the Quaffle, though taking it easy in case Wilfred decides he wants to go for it first.

Wilfred follows up behind Angelus, flying towards the hoops. "Sounds like a capital idea. I'll take my turn as keeper first" he says, positioning himself in front of the goal posts with a pleasent look towards Angelus as his young housemate grabs the Quaffle on the way down. He'll need more practice than me anyway, and I'll drop it less often than if he plays keeper Wilfred thinks. "Ok, come at me when you're ready."

After snatching the Quaffle out of the air, Angelus flies around the hoops. "Sounds good," he says in response to Wilfred stepping up to Keeper first. He flashes a brief grin before he lines up for a shot. He shoots, but his aim is a little off.

As he walks out onto the Pitch, Christmas looks up and smirks softly as he mounts his broom like it was an extension of his body. He begins to lift into the air in one fluid motion and says, "Nice to see someone else besides myself on the field." He gives the pair a wave, "Alright?" asks the young man.

Wilfred dashes off to the side as he catches the wide throw. "Gel, you're not going to get a goal if it's not headed through the hoop, even if there isn't a keeper guarding it!" Wilfred says, tossing the Quaffle back at Angelus and heading back towards the hoops. Glancing towards the ground, he raises an arm to wave at Christmas as he walks onto the field.

Angelus smirks as he lifts a brow. "I'll try better next time," he replies smugly. He reaches out, and with a light shift on his broom, catches the Quaffle. But before the youth takes another shot, he catches sight of another, and he grins. "Looks like the person who should practice as Keeper heard a calling. You in?" He calls out to Christmas. "Angelus," he also adds in his name. "Or Gel, if you'd like." Mainly he introduces himself to get one in return.
*to be better

"As the teams newest Keeper. I love the pratice man." As he moves to the three rings he floats their a moment and says, "Christmas." He chuckles, "Yes like the holiday. Most call me Chris." His eyes fall on Wilfred and the young man nods in acknowledge, "How goes the praticing?"

Wilfred flies around to the other side of Christmas to give him the spot of Keeper. "Practice is going swell. We sure needed it though, started out all crummy with dropping the Quaffle every throw. But we're warmed up now, good to have an actually keeper to practice with."

Angelus dips his head toward Christmas in response to his introduction. A weak smile twitches lightly against his mouth before he turns his gaze back to Wilfred. "Go ahead and take the first shot," he says, lobbing the Quaffle toward him.

Catching the Quaffle nimbly in his hand, Wilfred flys off to one side and chucks the Quaffle at the left-hand goal. The Quaffle sails through the air, headed directly at the targeted hoop.

The young man blinks at the young mans speed he moves just as quickly and is able to flip himself with his broom just in time to block the Quaffle yet in the flip he is unable to catch it getting slammed in the head it. He wobbles on his broom and shakes his head violently and begins to laugh, "Nice chuck." He shakes off the stars looking towards Wilfred.

Christmas begins to fly for the Quaffle but stops and says, "Come on Gel. Give it a toss!"

Angelus watches Wilfred take his shot and the nice save from Christmas. "Nice one," he offers to both, grinning. When the Quaffle starts to fall, the youth decides to dart after it. He falters a second when he notices Christmas go for it, but then finishes his zip to snatch it up at his call. Flying back up and facing the hoops, but pulls his arm back to shoot, but it well doesn't get very far. "I'd have to say it's a lack of having a hot girl cheering me on."

Wilfred flies down to the ground to take a break on a bench. After a bit he walks out of the pitch.

Christmas is able to do a 360 degree spin and is able to block the Quaffle with his shoulder but can't grab the "ball" in time. It begins to drop towards the ground again. Christmas smirks softly and says, "Sweet. Your quick man."

Angelus dips down on his broom to pluck the Quaffle back up. A soft sigh escapes him as he shakes his head, but he just shrugs off his not so good shots. He flies back into position and aims again for the hoops, shooting it toward the hoop that he wants at least.

Christmas is able to float upward towards the goal and catches the Quaffle. "Why the long face man? You are quick. I think swish left and try throwing right to fool the Keeper. It will cause them to think you are going one way and might make them move in that direction."

Angelus casually moves his shoulders in response, grinning to Chirstmas. "Or you don't shoot at all and pass instead," he adds in. When he inches forward on his broom, he lifts an arm just a little too late to catch the Quaffle and instead stoops down to grab it out of the air. He shakes his head lightly before he casts a glance over at the hoops and the older housemate again. His shot again veers slightly from the intended hoop.

Christmas moves to grab the Quaffle and cuddle it against his chest in one quick grab. He looks over at Angelus and says, "I think that your doing awesome but I need to get a drink of water and I left my water bottle in my room. I will be back in a few if that is ok man?"

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