(1937-09-23/24) Midnight Visitor
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Summary: Eddie's undercover goes awry and she gets some help from Keenan
Date: (1937-09-23 or 24)
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Hopefully Keenan got the message, because Eddie's not entirely certain she has another apparation in her. The fight caught her off guard. She'd been tracking the dark wizard for hours without being caught. To the meeting, but that's where things went wrong. Apparently, her veil wasn't quite good enough. Outnumbered and in darkness, Eddie was in trouble. Doing it unsanctioned because she doesn't dare accuse some high up people without knowing the truth? It was even more trouble. So, she just barely managed to get the hell out of there to the first place she knew could take her that wasn't Mungo's. Then a message sent with what last strength she has before she sinks down to the floor in the darkness, trying not to bleed over too many supplies. "…dammit, Keen… you better…be awake…"

There's the softly spoken 'lumos' and then the bluish light barely lights the room. "I am now, lass," Keenan says, quickly going to her side, he puts an arm around her back under her shoulders, supporting her as the secret door to his healing room opens. "Do I even want ta know what ye've been about?" he asks, helping her through and to the closest bed where he shifts and puts an arm under her knees to lift her and gently lay her down. Once there, he starts assessing her condition. "What'd ye get hit with?"

It looks like she's been hit with at least three or four curses. The most dramatic one would be the slashes that have opened up all across her torso and arms, black suit coat tattered and bloodied wounds clear beneath, though it's hard to see just how bad it is with her all in black. Another curse has turned her right foot around. Entirely around. Backwards. Those are the most clear injuries, though there might be others. She's not normally one to give into pain, and tonight it _hurts_. She leans against him, trying to limp on her still functional foot, but when he scoops her up it's just a quiet relief. "… You… you don't want to know. And I think they… they're working on new curses… fucking dark wizards… Don't know exactly what it is… "

"Well, Lindy-lass, it looks like all that time I spent figuring out how to separate a lass from her clothing's going to come in handy…" Keenan gives her a smile to encourage her to relax. "Why ye always have to go around wearin' black…" he makes a tsking sound as he carefully starts pulling away her clothing. "I'm gonna leave yer foot alone fer now. The bleedin's what's gotta be stopped sooner, rather than later." He seems adept at doing two, or three, things at once. Talking, disrobing her, assessing her condition. "They wouldn't be dark if they weren't tryin' t' find new ways to off ye. They can't be makin' it easy on ye.'

For once, Eddie doesn't actually protest him pawing at her clothing. She does smirk, though, ashen pale lips pulled into a familiar line that is normally far more red in colour. It's not the best of look on her. But then, it wouldn't do anyone too well. She hisses in pain as he begins to pull her jacket off, a black undershirt beneath, and matching bra. The slashes are… numerous. Over a dozen, at least, as if her skin just ripped itself open in an array of places. And the left side of her back is a greening purple mass of bruises. Thrown into a wall, perhaps? "If you take this long to take your date's clothing off, I understand why you don't get a second one…" She quips back to him huskily, trying not to let the pain get to her. "Things are… happening. I feel like for every dark wizard we catch, there's two more out there…"

"Oi, now!" Keenan replies good naturedly. "Now that's right down hurtful, an' here I'm trying ta help," shaking his head, he moves quickly to his cupboard, a quickly spoken word opening the doors and he takes down a couple of potions. "Nae, then. If ye're going to be a nice lass, I'll give ye tha nice tasting potion. Or, I have this special one I brewed with… well, ye don't want tae know." He doesn't comment, or bat an eye, at the number of slashes, or how much they bleed as he pours an antiseptic potion to clear away the blood and make sure nothing that's supposed to be inside of her is trying to get out.

Fortunately, the slashes are not viciously deep. If they were? She probably wouldn't have made it back. They weren't meant to kill, but to cause pain. Torture. Probably a very effective method of keeping someone in agony without killing them too quickly, but it means she's not in danger of bleeding out on his table either. Eddie's head sinks back, shutting ice eyes against the sting of that potion, but she doesn't cry out or complain. She's stronger than that. "I'm always nice… give me the good stuff, Keen, come on… Bloody hell, I'm dying here and you're threatening to feed me pig intestines or something…" She grumbles between breaths shallowly held against the pain.

Keenan chuckles as he finally has a clearer picture of her injuries. "I must say, ye have a way with words," he teases, moving to the head of the bed to help her sit up. "This'll help dull tha pain fer ye," he promises. Lifting the vial to her lips, Keenan lets her have a shot of what bears an incredible resemblance to good, strong whiskey. The kind he and Sloan drink when they're out carousing. "Now, lay still, an' this all be over in a minute. As if ye haven't heard that one before…" he mutters the last with a grin tugging at the corner of his lips. His sleep tousled hair falls along his cheek to half hide the expression and slightly muffle the last.

The vial is drank with a quick, desperate sort of gulp, like she'd be taking a shot of that whiskey indeed. Her nose wrinkles a touch, but even that seems to hurt right now. Eddie just sinks against the grasp of his arm while he holds her there, half bare body almost ice cold beneath all that sticky blood. Exhausted, a bit scared, in pain, she isn't exactly her good old independent self. And he's one of her best friend, if not the best. "I…I'm sorry, Keen…I didn't want to wake you up but… I… I didn't know where to go." She murmurs sickly, sinking back down to the be as he lets her go. His jest gets a bit of a smirk again, but she's also feeling the temptation of sleep as that slow numbing slips through her body. "Funny. I don't… take men to bed… with speed records…" She drowsily responds.

The skin isn't going to feel cold for much longer. "Hey, now, Lass. Don't ye be fallin' asleep on me. My poor ego can't stand up to that sorta treatment," Keenan laments. He shrugs and his wand starts to draw across the air above her wounds, dragging the skin back together, and heating the seam to kill any infection. It's not a searing heat, but she will feel it as he goes. "Nah, ye know better 'n' ta be apologizin' ta me. Less ye're apologizing fer gettin' my hopes up that ye'd finally seen the light an' come crawlin' to me door to profess yer undying love."

Well, that's one way to keep a lady awake. She doesn't twitch too hard, though she does a moment or two as he's starting, and as he changes between the different wounds. It's not really painful, but simply strange. Almost ticklish? Her body doesn't quite know how to relax. She takes in a deep breath, trying to keep herself awake still as she finally gets used to what he's doing. "The moment… I did that, Keenan, you wouldn't want me any more. You like the chase more than the catch, I do think… Besides…you're my best friend, dammit…" She mutters slowly, still feeling half drunk on blood loss and pain potion, her tongue far more loose in these moments than she'd be even in their wildest of nights drinking. At least he's not still asking her about what she was doing

Keenan chuckles. "Whatever made ye think I like tha chase, Lindy-lass? Ye should know me better than that…" he turns a little to see some of the cuts better. "It's tha lure. Throwin' out the hook with a wink, then reelin' them in. I'm gettin' too old ta be chasin' anyone around, wastin' precious energy." He glances to her face, to see how she's holding up, then with a nod of satisfaction, he continues on down towards her stomach, and pulls together a nasty gash along her waistline.

OOC Note, Keenan sincerely apologizes for the song reference. It was late, I was giddy.

There are a few other scars along her skin, probably injuries he's almost all exclusively treated. The life of an Auror isn't an easy one, though these injuries aren't so deep or so old to leave any sort of markings, really. As he looks to her face, she's got her eyes shut again, adrenaline now completely worn off being that she's somewhere safe and under the protective hands of a man she trusts more than almost anyone in the world. She's conscious enough to still be talking, at least, a faint smile gracing her pale mouth again. "I see you flirt with other women. You do like the chase. And… bloody hell, Keen, I don't know. At this point, it'd be like taking home my brother… "

There's a sputter and a choked laugh. "When ye're sayin' it that way, ye make me feel dirty ta even see ye as a desirable woman," Keenan replies. "All right, well, those should heal better 'n some of these scars I'm seein'. Specially if ye remember to rub the salve on 'em that I'm going to be givin' ye. Now, fer yer foot." He moves down to the end of the bed, then looks up. "Sorry, lass, but I'm goin' ta have ta be wakin' ye up, now." Then, before she can think about what he just said, he twirls his wand rapidly in a motion that reverses the curse, but also has the effect of feeling like he's just pulled her foot away from her body and then put it back in place. Once it's where it belongs, though… she can even wiggle her toes just fine.

Really, she's just about asleep. Maybe that's the reason he did it that way? He wanted to be certain she didn't pass out before she was well enough to rest? "Mm… salve…yes.." Eddie mutters lowly, not really hearing him, but just repeating the words. Sleep will be a lovely thing. and then her foot is not on her body for a second, or so it feels, before it's jerked back into place and popped back on the joint proper. She screams. Top of her lungs cursing to the gods, "FUCKING HELL!" She hisses at him, sitting up dead straight and taking a swing on sheer instinct to hit something that hurts that much. Even if he's trying to help her.

Keenan hasn't been a healer all these years to not anticipate her move, and he's standing well away from the edge of the bed, well out of her range to smack, kick, or bite him. "Now that's the Lindy I know an' love," he grins at her, although there's a sympathetic echo to her pain in his eyes. He pushes the messy red strands from his forehead, some of which seem to be clinging to his skin in a sheen of sweat. "Now, ye have a choice, and I'm not taking no fer an answer. Ye can sleep the rest of the night out here on one of the medicine cots, or ye can use tha bed in my spare room upstairs."

At least she's awake now, yes? Or, mostly so. Sitting up straight, still, naked from the waist up and not really caring about it, most of her skin still covered with blood, though the wounds are all knit, Eddie doesn't exactly look the seductress she often can be. Blue gray eyes stare across into his handsome gaze, a pale frown pulling at her mouth as she realizes she almost took him out. "…Sorry… sorry. Shoulda warned me, you bastard." She grumbles huskily to him. Bloodied hand then reaches out, carefully combing fingertips through his sweat glistening hair. Despite how casual he's being, she seems to realize how much this has taken out of him. "Up…up stairs… will be fine. Are you okay?"

Keenan nods, and pulls out a robe from a closet. Generic, black, and large enough that she can cross it in front of her. "I'll go draw a bath, ye'll want ta wash before ye sleep. Don't ye be worrying yer pretty little head about me. Just take a minute ta compose yerself. Then, if ye feel like apparating up, ye go ahead. Or else go out the ftont an' use the stairs." He gives her a cheeky grin. "I'll give ye a fine sleeping draught so ye can sleep comfortably. An' then in the morning, we're going to have a wee bit of a talk. About a certain Hitwizard named Gideon."

The robe is drowsily pulled on, the thought of even doing magic, for the moment, making her a touch nauseated. "Walking…is fine. And I appreciate… everything, Keenan. Thank you." She leans over, pressing a cool kiss to his cheek before she slips herself shakily off the bed. At least, though it looked bad for a moment, everything was mostly minor. She flexes her toes and tests her weight on that foot before fully standing. Her brow arches about Gideon, though, a curious smile touching her lips. "…Alright, Keenan. In the morning. I owe you, after all, for being good and not stealing a grope while you had your chance." She winks at him before heading for the stairs and up.


Already dressed with his healer robes on the back of his chair, Keenan sits at the table with his breakfast and The Prophet in front of him. His hair is smoothed back where it's supposed to be, and he wears his regular growth of stubble along his jawline. If being woken up in the middle of the night to patch up one of his best friends disturbed his sleep at all, it certainly isn't apparent as he sips at his coffee. "Toad in the Hole in the oven, if ye're hungry," he says lightly when Eddie appears.'

Still slightly limping, her foot is going to take a few days to really feel normal again, Eddie comes slightly unsteadily into the room. The blood loss and shock of it all isn't horribly overwhelming, but her ribs still ache and her body is Not Happy with her right now. Even her blonde hair is a matted mess, having passed out in bed with it damp from the bath she took. At least she's not covered in blood, any more. She's also tightly hugged beneath the robe he gave her, shivering just a bit for lack of proper clothing otherwise. She looks, needless to say, half miserable. Food and coffee will help. She gives him a still slightly pale smile as she heads over to the coffee pot. "…Sounds good. I… I'm sorry again. Really hated bothering you last night."

"Careful there, ye keep apologizing, and I'm going to have ta give ye something to apologize for," Keenan warns good naturedly. He watches her for a moment, then he gets up and goes to his cabinet. "Here, this is one of Niamh's, but don't tell her," he winks to Eddie. "Does wonders fer tha bruisin' and swellin'. It'll soothe yer aches so when ye go to work yer boss won't take one look at ye and ask what bit ye last night." He nods to the jar on the counter. "And the salve ta keep ye from scarring too badly. That's Niamh's too."'

She cocks a brow as she sees the potions, but knowing they are Niamh's makes her smile. She trusts the woman's potions more than anyone else in the world, undoubtedly. She pours the one drinkable one down her throat before even the coffee, so hopefully she'll be ready to move and get out of here by the time breakfast is over. The salve is brought to the table and set next to her hand so she won't forget it. "I won't tell her, but you know she'll notice things are missing. That girl's got a sharper mind than most of us put together." Eddie is only half teasing when she says that. She then sinks down into a chair across from him, happy to be back off her feet, hugging her robe to her with one hand and nursing her coffee with the other.

Reaching into the oven, Keenan pulls out the Toad in the Hole and puts it on a plate, which he lays in front of Eddie. "That actually wasn't a suggestion. Ye keep taking these potions on an empty stomach an' ye'll be sicker n' a toad." He takes his seat again, sipping his coffee and finishing his own breakfast. "Aye, she's sharper 'n most. She knows I've been pilferin' her stores. It's an unspoken sibling thing." He folds his paper and sets it to the side. "Speakin' of siblings and Niamh," he adds quietly. "Tell me about this Hit Wizard Gideon's that got her runnin' to yer place to hide out."'

The offer of the toad in the hole does make her stomach swim a bit uncertainly. Maybe she should be eating something. Eddie reaches her fingertips up and draws the bread down onto her plate before attacking it with a fork. She eats neatly and properly, even this time of the morning and in this condition. Her family trained her well in many areas. The question of Niamh's new interest draws a bit of a sigh, but she doesn't protest. She's happy to change the subject from herself to the other woman. The question of Gideon makes her frown a bit deeper. "He's… he's good at what he does. Bloody great. One of the best we've got. But… he likes to get into danger. Likes to go up against dangerous men. Organized crime, so to speak. Not just dark wizards, but muggle or worse. And he chases them down. It's like he's got some sort of grudge against them… And they him. You want me to pull his file?"

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph," Keenan mutters. "Nia can sure pick 'em. An' she's surprised they killed his? In Ireland, if ye really want ta get to a man who's pissin' in yer water, ye go after his family." He leans back. "Not sayin' it doesn't need ta be done, but if he's that open about huntin' down these blokes, he's puttin' a target on everyone that comes close to him. Even Sloan takes more care to hide his tracks than that…" he rubs the back of his neck.'

A dark smirk crosses Eddie's pale mouth as she sighs and dips her head. She nods in agreement to that comment, "Yes. You are correct about all those things. The man walks a dangerous life, has paid for it once already, and still hasn't learned his lesson. At the same moment, he's gotten a bit smarter. That's why Niamh's going to move into my place. She can stay as long as she likes, the house is big and empty. I've got wards up. I'll protect her. And… really… Do you think you can stop her from getting all mad over him anyway?" Eddie asks with a cocked brow, a fond amusement in her features about dear Niamh.

"She's Irish, Lindy. Ye can't talk her out of anything," Keenan glowers at his friend. "Not sayin' I'm goin' ta try, but I wouldn't be her brother if I didn't worry about her, an' wish she'd pick a nice bloke who owns a book store or somethin' like that won't be bringin' her to the attention of most of the hardened criminals in this city." He drains his coffee and takes his mostly eaten breakfast to the sink along with the empty cup. "An' I wish it hadn't forced Niamh to really think about what I do downstairs. Until he came along, she didn't have ta think about some of the people that pass through down there."'

A sigh escapes her lips and Eddie takes a few more bites of her breakfast, no matter how uncertain her stomach is feeling about it. She crosses her legs slowly beneath the robe, getting a bit more into being herself now that the pain is mostly faded and she's got some food in her. It helps after a night like last night. "Niamh would have realized after a while anyway, you know. You use her potions, when you need. People come through at all hours. She knows, sometimes, it might be me down there. Other times? It probably won't be. She's a smart girl. Woman. She's a woman, Keen. We both need to remember that. She's as grown up as the rest of us now and we have to… on occasion, treat her that way." Eddie's husky voice explains with equal parts love for the girl, and the hesitance of a woman who does consider Niamh a little sister still.

Keenan nods. "It also puts her in a tough spot, though. Ye know as well as I do a bloke like this Gideon would have my license taken away, or arrested fer helping these people. She knew, she just didn't have ta think about it, ye ken?" He shakes his head. He comes around behind Eddie to place his hands on her shoulders. "I know ye'll take good care of her. I don't worry about that. It's the necessity of the situation that bothers me." He leans down to kiss the top of Eddie's head. "Now, ye finish up that food, put on some of that salve, and off home with ye. I'm sure ye have somewhere besides my kitchen t'be." He gives her a wink and heads over to his Robes. "I'm finished with the paper if ye want to take it with ye."'

Pale blue eyes shut a she feels Keenan's warm hands on her shoulders. Safety. He feels like home and safety. Her head sinks back, resting against his stomach for a few moments as she savours the last minutes of quiet and peace of her day. It's days like this that she's half tempted to just live on her money and sleep it off for a week. But Dark Wizards don't sleep, and neither will she. "I will take care of her, and I know it's a bloody mess. But… we just do what we can to make her happy. On all levels. You know that. Neither of us could tell her no." She then sighs and sits up straighter. "I should be going, actually. Have a lunch meeting I need to head to and change up for. But… this stays between us, right? Niamh doesn't need to worry and hell, I don't know what Sloan would do."

Keenan chuckles. "Aye, I may be dumb at times but daft I am not," he tells her, letting her lean against him for as long as she likes. "I was never able ta tell her 'no' when we were wee ones, and that's not likely to change." He raises an eyebrow as he pulls on his robes. "Sloan would want ta know why ye're keepin' all tha fun fer yerself." Mystery solved. "Don't eat anything too heavy at lunch, and if ye need another potion, let me know. I'll drop by tonight to check on ye."'

"Sloan would probably get all over protective and masculinely cranky, somehow. And yes, he'd want in on the case, and I don't even know if it's a real case yet." Torn to shreds by a group of dark wizards and Eddie doesn't know if it's a case? Some days she is strange. She then sighs and stands, finishing off her coffee before scooping up the slave. "It'll all be fine. Thanks again, Keen… You know where to owl if you need me." She leans over to briefly kiss his cheek before grabbing at her wand and readying to apparate. "Oh. I'm borrowing this robe. Just toss the suit."

"Now that will something t'explain to Niamh," Keenan tells Eddie when she decides to take his robe. "I know it's probably useless ta say, but try an' take it easy a couple days? I hate havin' ta do things twice." He gives her a wink, and then he takes the more mundane way to work, walking out his door and down the stairs.'

Those words just get a laugh and no agreement, either way. The sound of the crack of Eddie's apparating out happens a heartbeat later.

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