(1937-09-24) Embarrassing Failure in Slytherin Commons
Details for Embarrassing Failure in Slytherin Commons
Summary: Soliel has probably the most embarrassing thing that's ever happen to her in her whole life - happen right in front of the coolest 7th year Slytherin that she has a crush on. Warning: Teen Angst!
Date: September 24th, 1937
Location: Slytherin Common Room
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Tonight, Balthazar is standing in front of one of the portals, watching the Giant Squid swim by. He's got his hands clasped quietly behind his back, and a pensive look on his face. As the Squid passes by the window on another pass, the seventh-year student leans in a bit closer, studying the large eye as it drifts past the glass.

Soleil was trying to sneak up behind Balty so she can reach around him and poke at him making suction cuppy sounds. But instead she trips over a ripple in the carpet, lets out a shriek as she flops over onto a chair that bangs and clatters as it hits and tips on a table that has someone's card castle carefully stacked on it and she tumbles backwards feet over head, skirt flipping, scarf flapping around her face and cards scattering to cover her sprawled out very inelegantly on the floor, one leg still up in the air. Her sock having been snagged on the table. Both hands lift up to cover her scarf hidden face and her shoulders bounce in what can either be sobbing or choked silent laughter.

Normally not one to miss an opportunity to laugh at the misery and misfortune of others, in this particular instance that was a particularly nasty fall. The tall Slytherin turns from the portal window and moves the few steps over to where Sunny has tumbled. "Are you alright?" Balthazar asks, bending down to try and help her extricate herself. He even manages to blush a bit at the fact that her skirt has flipped up.

It's the breeze from his coming to her aide that makes her realize…her bum is a bit colder on the stone floor than it should be and the hands covering her face zip down like lightning bolts to right her skirts and with his help is able to unsnag her sock from the table. She sits up immediately but keeps the scarf covering over her face. A weak little nod is given in answer. Her voice muffled by the scarf is mortified personified, "Killing Curse me now…please." Sunny is anything but sunny right now. A little sniffle behind the scarf indicates perhaps that she's in fact sobbing and not laughing after all.

When the giggling from the other students in the Common Room reaches a fever pitch, there is a stiffening of his back and a harsh glare from the seventh year over at the group of them. "Bloody hell, shut up!" he says, and moves as if he is about to stand up and head that way. That causes them to quickly become very interested in their spellbooks, the fireplace, and pretty much anything /except/ Balthazar and Sunny over on the floor. Then, Lestrange turns his attention back to Sunny and moves a hand to lower the scarf from her face. "Hey," he says, much more quietly. "It's okay."

Soleil peeks up at him with blotchy eyes for a split second before she realizes that he's seeing her all sobby face and she meeps and lifts the scarf back up. "Don't look, I'm horrid. You're probably going to ask Ria to the dance now, instead. I understand, you must think I'm a big clutz who's going to trip and stomp on your feet!" Every teenage girl should get a medal for over reaction when a handsome boy is involved in anything slightly embarrassing.

Quietly, and just for her ears alone, Balthazar leans in and murmurs, "I much prefer girls who can still look pretty even when they're upside down. I doubt Ria would do so well." Now, he stands up and extends a hand to help Soleil up from her tumbled position on the floor. As he waits for her to rise, he turns back to the group of very not-paying-attention fourth and fifth years, and says in his most authoritative voice, "No one saw -anything-, you hear? The first one I find that says they did will see me about it, personally." His edict delivered, he turns back to helping the girl up off of the floor.

Soleil gets up relatively easy despite her head being ducked down bashfully from such a compliment. As he delivers the edict she steps to hide behind him a little bit, her hand left in his from the helping up if he doesn't do anything about it. "I don't know if that's going to make thing better or worse." She whispers to him tugging at his hand to try to pull him away from all of the other students back to the window.

A last glare is given at everyone, and then he turns to the window, not taking his hand out of hers yet. "I was thinking about the Squid, how I've been here for seven years and I've never really looked at it," Balthazar tells her, his free hand gesturing to the dim shape of the cephalopod swimming out in the lake. "How's your classes?" he asks, nerves causing him to stick one disjointed thought on the end of the previous one.

Soleil squints a little bit at him, unsure of if he's nervous, she leans in to whisper, "Balty…you're acting like you're the one that just toppled over in front of everyone. Is there something the matter?" But to keep up appearances she smiles and shrugs a little. "Classes are classes, Vanishment in Transfiguration is abhorrently horrific…" She touches again on her dislike of much of what transfiguration magic does.

Avoiding the topic of whether anything is the matter with him, he tenses the hand holding hers just a bit, giving it a light squeeze. "I could totally help you in Transfigurations. Vanishments are easy, once you learn the trick to them." Confidence restored by being back on familiar ground, aka boasting about his skill in that particular area, Balthazar then shifts his eyes left, then right, then leans in and murmurs to her, "We're still holding hands." Then, his eyes drop to where their hands are lightly intertwined,hanging easily between them.

Soleil goes from pulling faces about how easy he boasts Transfigurations is, "For you mayhaps." She grumples but is still in better spirits than she was. When he brings up that they are still holding hands her eyes playfully flare wide. "Stop the press!" She giggles and then whispers back to him all conspiratorial. "It'll be good practice for when we dance. Hand holding is sort of an essential part of dancing."

The hand is given another quick squeeze before he does let it go. He swallows, both audibly and visibly, and then shifts his attention to the door to the Guys' dormitory. "Well, um…good night, Sunny. And be careful. And..yeah. See you tomorrow. I'll teach you Vanishments after my Charms class." And as if he had said 'Evanesco' on himself, the long legs of the Slytherin seventh-year student take Balthazar away from the window, the cute girl, and up to bed.

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