(1937-09-24) Trip Planning
Details for Trip Planning
Summary: Niamh plans for an herb harvesting trip, hoping a certain Hit Wizard will come along. Keenan finally gets to meet Gideon and begin vetting him.
Date: September 24, 1937
Location: Kilkenny Apothecary

Evening at the Apothecary. It's the time of night where the moonrise has brought Nia back to the shop in order to tend to the things that require attention at this particular time of night. The curtains are up fully to allow the moonlight into the building, and the proprietress has her vials and ampules out, taking essences and adding to others. This is the part of potions that isn't all that glamourous, but.. it does bring the bigger bucks as far as ingredients are concerned!

Speaking of… Nia's sent an owl out to Inspector Adamantus Gideon, informing him that she will be departing the city and heading south for a couple of days, at the most. Destination, Maidstone, Kent, around the grounds of Leeds Castle for her gardening. Along with the information is.. a couched invitation. It's something Gideon should recognize as it's quickly becoming a sort of 'code' between the pair. Never stick a neck out, but always seeming to know the other will pick up on the intent behind the words. So far.. neither has failed the other.

Nia's overnight back is packed and set to the side of the counter, on the floor.

There's a crack in the store room, and then Keenan's voice calling out. "Just me, Niamh," he calls out, and a moment later a light blooms softly that can be barely seen through the doorway. The light fades, and he walks out, his healer robes over one arm, and more casual ones wrapped around him for warmth. He's currently undoing the front to reveal the shirts slacks underneath. "Though ye were stayin' at Lindy's," his voice is tinged with curiosity of her being in the shop. "Can't be all that safe fer ye to be here in the middle of the night, all by yerself…" he trails off as he pretends to sneak up behind her.

The *crack* of the aether does garner Nia's attention, but the announcement of identity brings the captive breath forth again. "Don't make me sorry I didn't put somethin' up on arrivals," she calls out. She does get back to the task at hand, the dropper dripping a drop at a time into a mixture, and with each, there's a *poof* of smoke. Or steam? "I am," is the answer. "I still have work that needs be done. There's the gent for the polyjuice, an' it seems that there are a few potions that need replacin'." That is offered easily and conversationally- almost singsong in the lilt of Irish. Her wand is set to the side, and she gives it a meaningful glance, "I'm armed.. doan' make me catch yer feet again."

"Yeah, Sloan's been getting himself knocked around again, mate needs ta take it easy," Keenan replies with a grin as he walks up behind his sister to look over her shoulder. "I'm not supposed to be saying anything, but since I don't think he's yet fergiven me fer bein' a party ta draggin' him to a fancy, dressed up place, I may as well get all my sins out of the way." He winks at Niamh, and shakes his head at the threat. "Ye were always a hard one, Ni," is his plaintive plea to not be hurt.

Nia's eyes widen at the news of Sloan's continued injuries, and she exhales, her voice soft. "I worry 'bout him, Keen." A soft, barked laugh exits, and at the last *pffft* of essence into a muddied mixture, she looks up at her brother. "I think he went willin', thanks t'Lindy. So, ye still owe him." Poking at her brother with a finger, she finishes, "I've got things t'do. An', see that?" She points to her bag next. "Goin' t'Maidstone. I've got things comin' into bloom an' I need to harvest before it gets too cold." Or too wet. Or.. Here, her tones lower a little, "An', I've asked for a bit o'company.. if he'll come. It may be a bit t'ask of him, an' I don't know if he'll accept." He.

"Aaaahhh, yes. The Hit Wizard Gideon, I presume," Keenan drawls. "Tha whole reason ye're stayin' with Eddie an' leavin' me here on my lonesome. Are ye sure it's safe ta take him? I mean, what if he's followed an then it's just the two of ye in the gardens surrounded by Dark Wizards, hmmm?" He raises one eyebrow over a gleaming green eye. "Then what'll ye do? Ye'll be calling fer yer big brother, but I'll be too far away to help ye."

A burst of green flame from the fireplace is accompanied by a fwooshing sound, and materializing from the fire is Gideon himself. He is in his usual longcoat and fedora, though his typical suit has been eschewed in favor of a flannel shirt and denim pants. In one hand, he's got a modest duffel bag stuffed full. As he doffs his hat, he greets Niamh with a muted smile, which falters a little at the sight of the other gentleman in the room. He clears his throat, nodding to both and waiting quietly for Niamh to introduce them.

"Then ye'll see the biggest fireball ever seen in England, an' the Excuse department'll have their hands full," Nia teases. "An'," and here, her tones settle into her usual, light, almost sing-song tones, "it sounds as if mayhaps there may be somethin' of a tr-" Besides, so far, there's never been a time when her brother's ever failed her! Why should now be any different?

The sound of the Floo brings Nia's hazel eyes around, and at the sight of the appearing Gideon brings a smile to her face. He's coming! There's a little bounce as she stands in place, keeping herself from moving forward and checking to make sure all is well. It looks it, though! A smile! She saw it! Her eyes are gleaming, and at the throat clearing, she steps forth from her spot. Granted, she still has to put everything away, but it won't ruin what she's got if it's not immediately done.

Now looking between the pair, her smile hasn't yet faltered. "Keen.. if I may introduce Inspector Adamantus Gideon.. an' Gideon, this is my brother, Keenan O'Shea. He's one of a few, but my dearest an' best." Hint. Be. Nice. Keenan. I called you my dearest.

Another set of eyes comes around at the sound of the floo, and look over the man standing there. He flicks a glance out of the corner of his eyes, which is followed by raised eyebrows at the little bounce. Once Niamh steps forward to make introductions, he follows, somewhat reluctantly, but he holds out a hand. "Evenin' Gideon. I think Niamh's tryin ta tell me ta play nice." His lips pull back enough to be considered a smile, but it's a reserved sort expression, eyes a bit shut off. "I imagine if ye know anythin' about Irish women, it's not me ye really need ta fear. But, I wouldn't be any sort of decent brother if I didn't promise ye loads of pain if ye hurt me gal." He pauses to glance sideways. "In fact, I'm pretty sure Niamh's expectin' it, and I know better than to disappoint her."

Gideon grips Keenan's hand in a firm shake, nodding once. "I expected no less, Mr. O'Shea," comes his rough Scottish brogue. "I'm gladdened to know she's got devoted family watching out for her." He turns to Niamh, spreading his arms and looking down at his attire. "I…hope this is alright. I've never gone herb gathering before."

Nia watches the pair size each other up, each after his own fashion, and she smiles.. pleased in the outcome. "There. Introductions done." Of course she fully expected Keenan's words, and she laughs now as she approaches Gideon, that bounce in her step. "An' ye didn't disappoint, Keen. I appreciate it, and live well in knowin' my world remains in order." She's teasing him, of course.. as only a little sister can.

Hazel eyes turn fully to Gideon, her attention on the .. other ginger. "Ye look great." And she means it! "It's perfect. An', we'll need t'leave soon before the moon sets too low for the good stuff." Nia turns back to her brother, "Did ye want to come, Keen? I'm sure yer eagle eyes'd find the good root runs."

"Hmmm, yes. Family, and a couple of Aurors as well," Keenan adds. "Well, I'll - " he breaks off when Niamh invites him to join them. He pauses for a moment, looking between the two, then he steps closer to Niamh to knuckle her fondly under the chin. "Niamh, lass, ye're killin' me, ye know that?" he asks her playfully. "Yeah, give me a tic ta slip upstairs an' get some appropriate clothing. You two… behave while Niamh finishes her potions, an' I'll be back down." With that, he picks up the healer robes he laid on a counter, and lets himself out the front door, his form seen through the front shop window as he heads to the outside entrance that keeps his flat marginally separate from the store.

Gideon arches an eyebrow at the order to behave. What, is he some lovesick teenager? He sets down his duffle and leans against a clear spot on the counter to stay out of Niamh's way. "So, this will be just the one night? How long will we be away?" Not that Gideon doesn't have the time. He's enjoying a little suspension after slapping that rookie Auror in the M.L.E. lounge. Commissioner Ogden was less than pleased.

Niamh's smile lightens her face at her brother's words, and she looks so… positively pleased with herself. This is one of those times, however, when the siblings are getting along quite well. (Not that they're ever truly mad for more than a day or so..) "I'm behavin' as well as I aught," she offers defensively.

"I've got a little place t'stay. Just outside of Leeds.. m'friend 'Lizzie cottage. So, it shouldn't be too long," Niamh mentions to Gideon. "When we get there, I have t'take stock and see what's what. It'll all depend upon the order in which the bits are harvested. Some'll keep a day, two days. Some'll be dried immediately. Some need t'be processed immediately." Biting at her bottom lip, she begins to make her way back to her work area, and gets to work putting things away for her trip. "Can ye stay more than a day, if needed then?" Needed. Wanted.

Gideon ponders just a moment, then nods. "Aye, I'm sure that I could. I've got some time off." He lets a beat pass, before adding, "I'm sure you'll hear of it from Malfoy soon enough. I'm on suspension." Better to hear it from him than through the grapevine.

Nia's busy now, quickly setting stoppers on vials and bottles, transferring some mushy brownish green things into more 'permanant' holdings. She's listening, however, as evidenced by the sounds that come with each statement, beginning with the first. Her smile deepens, and there's a touch of a pinkening around her neck- he can stay longer! "Time off?" That stays her hand, and with the rest of the explanation, her brows rise. "Lindy's na'the type to carry tales, Gideon. I'm sure there was cause.." Beat. "For what'cha did t'make some'at mad at ye." See? Giving the man the benefit of the doubt, though it's quickly followed with, "What did ye do?"

Gideon sighs, his brow lifting in what might be a hint of contrition. "A couple of rookie Aurors were acting like hooligans in the lounge. So I slapped one of them." It's a matter-of-fact statement, with no real regret or pride in his tone. "He didn't report me, which tells me he got the message. But word got to Ogden anyhow. No great surprise."

Listening intently, there's that impish gleam that rises in her eyes, and she looks all as if she's made up her mind in the matter, and she nods once- matter-of-factly, and her tones echo. "Good. No doubt they more'n deserved it." And that's all she'll say. Turning about quickly now in a move that causes curls to take flight briefly, she begins to set the ingredients onto a back shelf, one after the other. When they're done, she begins her rounds of closing the curtains on the windows and turns up the gaslights slightly to compensate for the lack of moonlight now. "Done.. an' done. Now.. Keen'll either come wit' us, or he'll leave us be and claim an emergency later." There's that impish cast to her eyes again. She pauses, and looks to Gideon, her smile warm, and her voice lowers; words just for them in an empty room. "Thank ye for coming with me."

Gideon's smile manages to crack his face again, just enough to deepen the lines around his mouth. "Thank you for inviting me along. I…ah…" Here goes… "I enjoy spending time with you." Perhaps a minor admission to most, but a major leap for them.

There's a shadowy movement on the other side of the windows, and then the door opens again. This time Keenan enters wearing a thick sweater and wool hunting type pants. Sturdy boots and a knapsack over his shoulder. "Right," he says, looking at the two when he returns. "We stayin' at Lizzie's again? I was going to drop by and see Eddie tonight, make sure ye hadn't already turned her house inside out… or turned it into a laboratory."

It's a huge leap for them, and at the admission, Nia's heart skips the first couple of beats before it settles into a pitter-pat. The look on her face should really say it all, and she tries.. she really does.. to keep it a little more.. understated, but for the Irishwoman, well, she's a pretty easy read. "Me too." Makes it a bit easier all around, and though she may want to say a bit more, here comes Keenan's form and figure through the door.

She almost looks guilty of something, caught in the act when there isn't any act occuring! Nia drags her gaze from Gideon and clears her throat, reaching for her bag. "Aye.. Lizzie's." She laughs, the sound happy, and she simply can't help herself. "Ye really need t'stop by Lindy's jus' to check up on her, Keen." There's that.. I'll understand if ye don't make it to Lizzie's.. in that tone. "An' I haven't turned it into a lab. If anyt'ing, there are more magazines lyin' around to look at .. girly things that I might think I'd need." She glances at Gideon, a little.. guiltily before returning her attention to her brother. "We'll leave the light on for ye at Lizzie's. Ye come when ye can.. and not a moment before. Am I understood?"

Gideon decides that now is a good time to check the contents of his duffle. Yes, indeed. It has nothing to do with the subtext taking place between the siblings. No, just a great time to say nothing, pretend he's not listening, and taken inventory.

There's a long look from Keenan to Niamh, and then to the Hit Wizard busily inventorying a pack that he knows darn well the contents. "Aye, Niamh. Poor Lindy had no idea what she agreed to have ye stay with her. I may not even be welcome any more, depending on the havoc ye've wrought, young lady," he finally says. "Maybe I'll take her some of yer potions, she may need 'em by the time ye be through with her."

Doesn't this get Nia's back straight, her brows rising into her hairline. "Me? Makin' it so that you're not welcome darkening her doorstep?" Her voice rises in tone as the words fall out. "Me? Loosin' the dogs o' war and cryin' havoc?" She shakes her head and narrows her eyes, "Aye, ye take the potions a'fore I hit ye with 'em.. an' then ye'll need more o' the healin' ones than the head-achey ones." Hangover potions with the added cherry for flavour. "An' make sure ye take the powders for her drinks.." She huffs prettily and scowls, "We were havin' a lovely time.. what, talkin' over our drinks about this, that and the other things. It's been a good while since I'd had the chance t'do such. So, if you think sittin' in and girl-talkin' will make ye unwelcome? Would I ever do that t'ye?" Now, of course, by the end, there's the distinct impression that she may very well.. if she hadn't before!

She looks towards Gideon as he makes himself busy, and huffs a soft breath. "Right.. we should probably go now, before the sun's rise."

Gideon arches an eyebrow at the sudden turn in the siblings' conversation. But it's none of his business, so he stays out of it. He gives Niamh a affirmative nod when she's ready to go, closing up his bag.

As it sounds like Keenan won't be joining them right away, he approaches the man and offers another handshake. "I hope we'll be seeing you soon. I look forward to getting to know you better." Just what ever wizard running an illegal clinic wants to hear from a Hit Wizard. Right?

Keenan chuckles. "And maybe I'll take a couple a those potions to help the swellin' from where yer last batch of potions exploded and sent one of her walls tumblin' down on her," he teases his sibling, and the undeterred smile in the face of her indignation is infuriating as only an older brother can be. He takes the hand offered by Gideon and nods. "Aye, I'm looking forward t' gettin t'know ye lots better," he assures the man.

Nia takes a deep breath.. and stares at her brother a moment before she chuffs another breath. She looks to Gideon and nods her head. "She's got the Floo.. So, if ye follow me, she's on 29 Wheeler Street, Maidstone." It's also a way to remind Keelan of the address, just in case. She looks to the pair of men and takes up her bag, digging into her pocket for some powder.. and straightens before spinning around again. Her wand! On the counter! Grabbing it quickly, she pockets it before stepping to the fireplace with her shop. "See ye both soon." One, sooner than the other, but.. the idea is there. With a *pfft* of the powder, Nia steps in and gives the address in an easy, familiar tone.. and off she goes.

Gideon always keeps a satchel of Floo powder on hand, just in case. But he pauses at the hearth, looking back at Keenan. "I'd best nae keep her waiting long. If there's anything else you'd like to say to only me, now's your chance."

Keenan is still smiling at Niamh as she chuffs at him, and is of half a mind to pick up the wand she almost forgets, but then she's back for it, so he contents himself with smothering a laugh. As Gideon pauses, he gives a shake to his head. "Nah, lad. Lindy'n'Sloan and I'll be watchin' over Niamh till the day we die, an' I'm sure ye don't need me to elaborate on that." With a whistle, he turns and loads the potions that his sister left behind into his knapsack.

Gideon nods curtly. There is little doubt that he understands precisely what Keenan means. He expects a certain degree of caution about him. He's got more than his share of it about himself. He tosses the Floo powder and ducks into the fireplace, clearly stating: "29 Wheeler Street, Maidstone." In a green flash, he is gone.

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