(1937-09-25) A Place to Snog
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Summary: Kiefer and Gabrielle try to get some gardening done until they catch a Slytherin pair in the middle of a questionable activity.
Date: September 25, 1937
Location: Greenhouses
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Green Houses Hogwarts
Tue Sep 25, 1937 ((Tue Sep 25 01:51:55 2012)) (G,5)

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and drizzling.

On the side of the castle are the greenhouses where the Herbology classes are taught. Set all in a row the three greenhouses have statues of long, serpentine dragons running along the peaked roofs and are made entirely out of glass. They are home to many exotic and magical plants including some that are extremely rare, difficult to cultivate and maintain, or even dangerous. Greenhouse One is used specifically to teach first year Herbology and because of this it contains no dangerous plants of any kind. Greenhouse two is a multipurpose greenhouse. At times it is used for classes but mostly it's used by the faculty and staff to grow ingredients necessary for classes other than Herbology or even herbs and spices for the kitchens. Greenhouse three on the other hand is used for advanced Herbology classes and houses dangerous and hard to cultivate plants like Venemous Tentaculas, fully grown Mandrakes, and Devil's Snares.

The greenhouses seem warmer than ususal. Maybe it's because of the humidity in the air outside. Kiefer, though, seems very cool and unsweaty thanks to a certain charm taught to him recently, and as he works amist a bunch of flowering plants, he looks very at ease. His hands are gloved and a yellow handkerchief has been tied around his forehead, though like the rest of him, it looks very dry. Long curls of hair is pulled back into a haphazard ponytail, and he looks to be repotting some mundane, yet very healty looking plants. He humms to himself.

Gabrielle will come in quietly, while she's not dressed for any heavy gardening, she does have a pair of small clippers and gloves.She does not have her sketchbook with her(which is abnormal).She'll pause for a moment when she realizes she's not alone, and then will smile in Kiefer's direction and make her way over towards the more dry plants."

"You're all good. You're all good," says Kiefer with a small smilet othe plants he's tending to, transferring a very rooty one to a new larger pot. He starts to fill in the empty spaces with earth, using a spade, then looks over as he hears someone else arrive. He knows her. The one that ran away from him at the lake. "Oh wow, have you come to garden?" He smirks. "Well. Not garden I suppose. Gardening takes place in a garden. This is a greenhouse. Have you come to greenhouse?"

Gabrielle will stop and chew her bottom lip for a moment," A little. Professor Beery lets me have a few clippings in exchange for some weeding." She'll smile again, "what are you doing?….besides green housing."

Theodore enters the greenhouse, holding the door open for Ria. He's wearing his Slytherin grey sweats with the green stripe and matching hoodie. He slips inside, finishing whatever he was saying to Ria as he come in. "…so as long as no one sees us get some, they won't be able to pin it on us." He looks around, and then begins looking at the little label cards on the different pots, furrowing his brow at each one.

Kiefer seems to beam in reply to her words, lifting a hand to idly swipe away an unruly lock of hair that has escaped the meager hold of his ponytail band. "Weeding? Always needs to be done. I like doin' it myself. Kind of relaxing, and in the end, everything looks nice. Plants are happy. Sort of a win win. Unless you weed the wrong type of weed. The kind that can bite back." He grins, settled amongst many pots of varying sizes. Some empty, some newly repotted with flowering plants. "What is your name? I knew it. Maybe. And I'm only here to repot and think. I think best when repotting. It's sort of like re-braining for me. Or re-energizing." He glances to the greenhouse entrance as others arrive. "Hi!"

Gabby will nod, "Gabrielle Evans,5th year.Yeah, I get that. I feel that way when I draw.Everything else kinda falls away, and I can think….but to be honest, I kinda like weeding too." She'll smile shyly and look up at the new arrivals …and start to frown when she hears what is said.

"Just be sure you don't leave any traces of anything around. No obvious foot prints or loose threads from your clothes," Ria says as she walks through the doorway. Her out robes are worn over a casual autumn dress, and like Theodore she too starts peering at labels. Of course she's putting gardening gloves as she does this, and when the voice of another boy greets them, she looks up and then gives her housemate a quick nudge to the side. "Ahem," she says roughly and replies with a distant, "Good day."

Theodore looks up at the nudge, "Oh. Heh. Hi." He pushes a smile to his face. "Lovely night… We were just…" He looks at Ria, then back at Keifer. Then he just takes Ria's hand, "…hoping to snog out here." Smile.

"Right!" Kiefer snaps (well…tries to, but snapping fingers while wearing gardening gloves is like, impossible) and nods to Gabby. "I knew this. We have courses together, and you draw very well. Kiefer Vaughn. Fifth year. I'm usually in the middle of a class or somewhere. Possibly front. Depending on the class." He grins at her, nodding again before looking back at the two Slytherfolk. Erp. Snog? Mirth disappears. "Please don't," he says with a slow shake of his head. "The 'traps don't like it, and it took me weeks to get them out of a mood and withery-like. I think they witnessed something awful. And oots tend to be broken. Pots with plants. And broken potted plants are never happy." Utter seriousness! "Plus," a nod to Ria, "she's a prefect. Not good conduct on her part. For you," said to Theodore, "not so bad probably."

Gabby will smile,it's hard to tell if it's genuine or not, "Oh! Well! I bet if they snogged near some germinating plants it would be fine!Don't let us stop you. We're just doing some Green Housing."She'll shrug, "Just act like we're not here!"

Never trust a man to come up with a good lie! Ria's eyes widen in surprise when Theo grasps her hand, "Huh?" But her face quickly turns red with a mix of embarrassment and fury at his excuse, "Wha-?!" She cuts herself short before she says too much and simply lives with it. It's already been said so she confirms it with a dry but reluctant, "Yes. Snogging." But the things both Kiefer and Gabrielle say only make her turn redder and make her shoulder hunch even lower to hide from such a mortifying situation. With irritation she snaps at Kiefer, "If we're going to snog the last thing on our minds are your -silly- plants." And then to Gabby she also snarks, "And we -can't- do it with you two in here!" She may not be crazy about this lie but heck she's trying to go with it.

Theodore nods, rolling his eyes a little at the other two, in agreement with Ria, "Forget it," he offers to Ria, releasing her hand. He sighs, and he looks at Kiefer and Gabrielle. "Oh, sorry. I just realized, you two must be out here to snog too." He smirks, "Sorry."

Brown eyes drift to Gabriella, with a vague smirk following that. "Oh, they're not mine," Kiefer assures Ria, shaking his head a bit. "Would be grand to claim all these though," he says as he rises from his seated position amongst happilyy potted plants, idly brushing off his trousers. "But definitely not silly. Very useful, I've learned since bein' here. Even the mundane ones. Did you know daisy's roots are used in shrinking solutions? And their petals can be infused in tea. S'pretty calming. Good to brew before exams. And no, the taste isn't at all flowery." His gaze now flits to Theodore, and in answer he shakes his head once. "No, not at all. Gabrielle jus' arrived a little before you. An' she's here to green house. I'm repotting. This isn't an ideal place for any sort of snogging, in my opinion. Insects, for once. Irritated plants, second. And me. I'm usually here, so .. right. Not ideal. I'd choose to snog in a place much nicer, if I were to." A pause. "I'd be irrited, really, if I were brought here for that. Too hot, thirdly. And body heat rises an' all and…then you'd be sweaty. Not too attractive."

Gabby will roll her eyes, although she does blush a little, "Obviously.It's why we're wearing our snogging gloves. And standing at the appropriate snogging distance." She'll glance at Kiefer and try to catch his eye so he doesn't freak more than he is. "You can call me Gabby is we're going to start snogging." She'll then laugh at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. "If you're not going to snog, maybe you'd like to help weed? There's a lot of interesting plants if you just look around." she'll be looking at Theodore with the last sentance.

Ria keeps opening and closing her mouth every few seconds to try and interject between Kiefer's sentences with a 'but' 'uhm' or 'well', but he simply keeps going on and on. Toward the end you can tell she's given up judging by the resentful look on her face, and once he's finishes she replies sarcastically, "Thank you for all that -stimulating- advise. I'll be sure to remember that when I need to shrink something. Or if I'm evaluating a place to -suck- face." However she nods in silent understanding to Theo when their mission has been thwarted and begins pulling off her gloves finger by finger. The invitation to weed is met with a slight look of horror from Ria and she replies, "Gods, no. But I have no problem with observing. She -is- right Teddy. Perhaps we'll learn something useful if we help out." Like perhaps what they came for!

Theodore glances at Ria, giving her a quick shrug of sorry about the fake story of their snogging, and then laughs a little, "I don't weed." He looks at Ria, "Sorry. I don't." Then he looks over at the other two, "Artie. Artie's fella." He nods a quick, departing nod to them, and then leans over and just gives Ria a peck on the forehead. "Night, doll." And then he quickly steps out the door.

Kiefer is not freaking out. He's educating! Total difference. And see? Ria totally gets it. "You're welcome," he says with a genuine looking smile, either not reading her resentful look, or … choosing to fight fire with sunshine! Or something like that. One never knows when one may need a shrinking solution. "I like Gabrielle over Gabby," he notes to his fifth year comrade just as he glances back to the Slytherin pair. What's this? They would like to help? He perks! "Grand! There's a bit of hairy bittercress creepin' near the 'traps that can be pulled. They're in a good mood though. Recently fed, too. I think. Likely won't take a snap at you," he says, gesturing towards a row of venus flytrap looking plants .. though these are a bit larger than the norm, and no less fierce looking. Though by Kiefer's happy look, one would think he's offering for her to pet a puppy. He dampens a bit at Theodore's retreating. Aw.

Gabrielle will smile at Kiefer," Really? most people think it's too long." she'll look at Ria, "You may need better gloves for the Hairy Bitterness.Even if they are in a good mood!" She'll smile, but be giving Ria a look.

"I mean, I wouldn't want you to run your pretty gloves. Does Theodore like them too?Is that why you chose here?"

Ria frowns at her supposed partner in crime with a 'Where are you going?' face. And then after the unexpected kiss to the forehead, her shoulders seem to shrink with more while she turns into a completely red tomato. But before she can collect herself to say anymore, Theodore's gone and she's left with other two. Now that she's been ditched, she protests to Kiefer by crossing her arms and saying, "No. I -don't- touch hairy bittercress. I don't touch hairy -anything-." But when Gabby chimes in, Ria's eyes widen despite the pout to her lips. She's knows that look the Ravenclaw girl is giving her. She's knows it all to well, because it's the same look she gives when she's blackmailing someone too. So with a reluctant and heavy sigh, she delicately puts the gloves back over her perfectly manicured fingers and says, "Alright….what am I doing then?"

Ooh, Gabby has the magic touch! Or look. Or whatever it is. /Whatever/ it is, Kiefer is impressed. It's not often that anyone really agrees to do any sort of herbology work while not in class! Even in class, it's like pulling teeth. But somehow, she has gotten Ria to agree! "Brilliant. It's easy." He moves to rummage for a spade and comes up with two. One he hands to Ria, the other for Gabrielle. "The weed's no problem. See how it's sort of a circle?" He moves nearer to the flytraps and weeds that grow near the. "Ignore the parts that reach out. The roots are right in the center. You can dig'm up a little, or just pull it out from the center. Grab and pull, but it takes some yanking. Jus'…er, be careful with the 'traps. If you use the spade and stab at /their/ roots, they won't be happy with you."

Gabrielle will walk up and start pulling, she's not particularly gifted with plants, but doesn't kill them by looking at them either. She doesn't seem to mind getting a little dirty.

Ria gingerly takes the spade in her hands slowly saunters her way over to the venus fly traps. God, if there's one thing she can't stand more than potions, it's herbology. And just before she's about to begin weeding she pauses and looks in horror at Kiefer. "Wait…what do you mean they won't be happy with me? What will they do? And then what do I do in return?"

Erp. He's said too much! Now if he could only open others' eyes to the wonderfulness that are these beefed up flytraps. If he can get them to see past those teethlike protrusions that make them seem more like fangs than anything else. Then truly, /truly/ they would see a gentle, misunderstood, beautiful plant! "Urm.." Kiefer glances to Gabby, then Ria again, plastering on a grin. "The gloves will help, if they bite. If they bite," he stresses. No guarantee! And that's if they bite at the hand. "And if they do … they aren't lethal. No poisons or anything. Only lethal to insects and very small creatures. They are carnivorous, after all. But IF they clamp down on you? Jus'…There's a spot behind them, right at the base of their stem. Just reach around, rub, it and they'll open right up." No big deal at all! "They're my project this year. They're very nice, once you get to know them."

As apposed to a few minutes ago when she was beet red, Ria's face is completely drained of it color when Kiefer explains the possibilities. And her sharp greens look to Gabrielle who seems to be able to read that look of hers. "Yes. I'll do that," she says to the girl and starts heading to the ginger, all the while muttering death threats to Kiefer under her breath. Something along the lines of "Thick skulled clot trying to bloody kill me with his carnivorous plants. Oh how I'd love to take this spade and shove it deep into -his- roots."

"They've many uses in potions and healing," Kiefer says, though he drops his voice soon after. "None've which I'll tell you of right now. I don't like speakin' of it in front of them." And ah, why is Ria looking so … vampiric? So pale and sickly! He glances from older girl to the slightly younger fifth year as Gabrielle offers poor Ria an out. Ginger? "Oh, well .. maybe another time?" he calls to her hopefully, completely missing all of her quietly mumbled words. "Ah. Non importa," said, apparently to the plants. "Un altra volta." He grins a little, not one to stay discouraged for long. "You help her, Gabrielle. There's more to be done there than here anyway." And he gets busy doing the weeding himself, only inspiring a few random twitches from the less than friendly looking plants. Rawr.

Gabby will nod, slightly relieved herself to not have to deal with the scary plants.She'll go about weeding, and after about an hour, she'll take the clippings of the plant, Dragon's Kiss (known for it's healing abilities for skin problems and burns-kinda like Aloe) and leave.

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