(1937-09-25) Cider and Broomsticks
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Summary: Magnus shops for a new broom, and is saved from purchasing a shoddy knock-off by Valencia just before the pair bump into Kogrod.
Date: September 25, 1937
Location: Diagon Alley
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Diagon Alley is the largest collection of Wizarding businesses in the United Kingdom so it is no wonder that people always come here for their shopping needs. Especially just before school starts this crooked little alleyway is filled to the brink with people, vendors and even a few charlatans.

At this central location of the alley is some of the more important buildings that deserve the central placement. The cobbled street itself continues to crook off to the northeast towards the northeastern area of Diagon Alley, as well as it continues back to the southwest towards the alley entrance and the Leaky Cauldron.

It's a chilly Autumn morning, and Magnus is appropriately dressed in a khaki peacoat and grey turtleneck sweater to ward off some of the cold. Luckily the drizzling weather has let off for now, although the tall, thin man is carrying an umbrella crooked under one arm just in case it decides to start up again. He's currently paused in from of a vendor selling Quidditch paraphernalia, and is taking especial interest in the brooms, although he looks a bit lost. The vendor, a stony-faced old fellow who looks as likely to bite as provide helpful chatter, has so far offered no help.

She'd kept to herself since her meeting with the Auror in the pub down the way. The fact that the thug she was after knew her and also informed her of his betting habits on her game had made Valencia value her alone time that much more. Feeling a little more confident in herself however, the woman decided today was as good as any for a nice walk. Her long black pin skirt hugs her hips as she strides, boots giving off a faint 'click' as she goes. Her white peacoat is hugged tightly with a gloved hand, and low hat pulled down to expose only some of her features as well as blonde ringletts. The Keeper of the Appleby Arrows had been keeping relatively to herself until passes the thin man staring curiously at the brooms nestled within the Quidditch odds and ends. Val' pauses before wandering up beside the man and pokes at a few things with mild amusement. The vendor gives a startled blink but nothing else as Valencia speaks, "Pardon, but you seem confused."

Magnus shoves a broom slightly to one side so that he can take a look at the one tucked beneath it. His frown deepens. After a moment he looks up at the vendor, and seems about ready to attempt to get some answers out of the man, but is distracted with Valencia's approach. His grey eyes take her in and he smiles, trying to decide whether the feeling that he's seen her before is accurate or just his imagination. "Ah, yes - I haven't bought a new broom in a few years, and I think it's about time for a new one, but I'm afraid my knowledge isn't quite up to date." The tall man extends a hand and allows his smile to widen just a bit. "You look like you know what you're about, though, madamoiselle. My name is Magnus."

She listens and offers a warm smile, her normally sarcastic wit on hold for the moment. His hand is taken in a small shake, "A pleasure Magnus," she drawls, a thick Irish accent evident, "Valencia." The vendor scoffs, his gruff demenour gone for a few moments to add, "Ya she betta know what she's about. That there is the Keeper to the Appleby Arrows." He squints his dark eyes at her expectantly; still offering no help to Magnus concerning his broom. Val' purses her lips, fixing the old man with a withering stare before she focuses on Magnus once more, clearing her throat and simply ignoring what was said, "I see.. Well ye surely need to be careful and have done your research. Certain individuals like to pedal knockoffs as high-end. See here.." she points a slender gloved finger to a broom beside the one Magnus had originally been looking at, "While it shares the same name as a decent brand, minus the spelling, it is made of cheaper material," she indicates the binding where one places their foot and where it was attached to the broom itself, "Any intense pressure here, and snap! It'll pop right off." The vendor suddenly becomes busy in a box beside his stand, attention anywhere but on them.

"The pleasure is all mine," Magnus says earnestly, looking quite grateful as Valencia explains the condition of the broom he'd been looking at to him. His brows arch a bit at the old man's insertion into the conversation, and his smile brightens again. "Ah! I knew you looked familiar, Valencia. It seems I've got luck on my side, this morning." He looks back down at the broom and shoves it disdainfully aside, risking a dour look that mirrors the Keeper's at the merchant. His face may be a bit more green than hers, considering the fact that he may well have just been saved from a very long and unpleasant tumble. "It seems I have you to thank for my well-being, then." He motions towards a cart not too far off where another merchant is selling hot cider and butterbeer. "Will you let me buy you a drink in repayment? Not a very even trade, I'll admit, but I'd like to do something for you, at the very least."

Valencia chuckles gently, "No one should risk a fall like tha', trust me." She gives him a quick wink before shooting the vendor another sour glance. At the others offer she nods her head, "That would be nice," she drawls softly, a faint smile evident. "Ye don't owe me sir, I couldn't live with meself if I'd let anyone buy one of those brooms. The least I could do," she chuckles. She follows him over to the other merchant, indicating a hot cider with a small smile. Its taken with a small sigh of delight, the warmness on her fingers feeling fantastic. "So, Magnus, simply out for a stroll to purchase a broom?" she questions curiously.

Magnus nods in strong agreement, although he chuckles at her reply. "Nonsense. You may well have just saved me the expense of a lengthy hospital visit. Or a funeral, I daresay." He grins, feeling a little less ill-at-ease now that he doesn't have to worry about it any longer. Following suit, he picks out a cider and then pays the vendor for the both of them. Though he's wearing leather gloves, he still cups his hands around the warm drink for a moment before taking a tentative sip. "Well, for the most part, yes. Whitehall is in recess today - I work with the government there - and so when I woke up this morning, I thought it would be better to keep warm by moving about than to sit around and feel the chill. And you, Valencia? Anything in particular you came to look for?"
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Valencia listens curiously, head tilted slightly to one side as she listens. The woman blinks before shrugging a slight shoulder. "I've been slightly under the weather lately, spending some time at home when not in practice. I figured a nice walk would clear me head and spirits." She offers a friendly smile afterwards, "And behold, I've made me a new friend in the process. I believe today has been a win afterall." She dips her head to passing children who point and squeal to their parents of her but for the most part her attention is soully focused on the man before her. She doesn't mention her brush with Eddie at the pub, after all 'it never happened' so instead sticks with a walk for her health story.

"Time spent out in the air is often the best cure for such things," Magnus says convivially. He takes another slow sip of the cider, letting his body absorb the warmth, then grins at the Quidditch star. "Well said! I'm quite glad I decided to get out of the house, this morning, Miss - Huntley, correct?" He's not a huge Quidditch buff, but he knows at least enough about the sport to keep tabs on the more promising players. It's an easy source of discussion, which he likes. "Oh - perhaps I could solicit your advice on which broom I /should/ buy. I really do need one; the old one's fraying at the ends and is starting to wobble quite a bit when it gets too much altitude."

The woman's features bloom a smile as she nods her head, "But of course. I would love to help." Valencia nods her head in agreement however, "You are correct. But please, just Valencia, or Val." The woman takes a sip of her own cider, a small sigh coming from her as the warmth fills her. Cider was definitely one of her favorites thats for sure. She begins to wander down the road slowly, pointing a slender gloved hand briefly to a store along the way, "They are normally known for their honest sales of brooms and other wares."

"Excellent," Magnus quips, grinning, and makes to follow Valencia as she starts off down the street. "Valencia it is, then. A beautiful name, by the way. Is there Spanish ancestry down the line somewhere, or did your parents just fancy it?" She certainly doesn't /look/ very Spanish, with the blonde hair and pale eyes. He watches her for a second, then turns his attention to the store that she points out and nods. "I see. Do they offer posters of famous Quidditch players?" His grin turns a bit rogueish.

Valencia hmms softly as she ponders this, "I do not believe so. Me mother is Irish born and very aware of other cultures, she is the one who named me," she chuckles faintly, "But thankye." As they approach the store she peers curiously at it before sliding her gaze back towards the man at her side with an impish grin, "I'm not entirely sure, but I'm sure if they do ye c'n find one to yer liking." She points idly in the stores direction, "Shall we? I still have a little time, perhaps I can help ye find something to yer liking."

Magnus nods at the woman's explanation, and peers at the store contemplatively. "That would be perfect, Valencia. As long as I'm not imposing on your time, too much. I imagine a woman like you must be quite busy." He grins, holding out his arm so that she can slip hers through it, should she so prefer (if she doesn't, he'll just chuckle wryly) - and then starts towards the little Quidditch supply store, 'Bronwin's Broomery'. Once they get to the door he holds it open for her, shifting his cider to his other hand and taking the opportunity to have another drink of the stuff before it loses its warmth.

She gives him a coy look before taking his offered arm and approaching the store. "I'm only as busy as I allow myself to be," she muses as they near the door of the store. She gives a polite nod as he holds it open, sipping her own cider as she steps inside. The woman breaths deeply, a wide grin splitting her lips. The store had a somewhat muggy feel, warm but not too warm. The smell of equipment was promenant, leather and wood. She gives the store owner a friendly nod and bob of her head before moving down a row of shelving to locate the brooms. Lost in her own world the woman falls silent as she begins to trifle through the various hanging brooms. "Here now," she muses, "This one.." she indicates with a finger, "The materials used for this broom, while not totally high-end, are suiteable for your every day flight," she explains. "Unlike this one," she points to another, "Is made for speed and manuverablity, this one is made to get from point A to point B. It rides straight and true but it created for level flight. It doesn't accelerate as quickly as the other, but will last longer for it is more thickly made; much better for longer flight as well as distance."

As it happens, Kogrod is in the store, perusing some of the merchandise of various Quidditch teams. He glances toward Magnus and Valencia as they enter, giving them a nod. "Good day, Mr. Troy," he adds in recognition of Magnus, before returning to his examination of the items.

Arching a brow at that rather enigmatic statement, the tall, wiry diplomat waits until Valencia is inside, then follows her, letting the door shut itself behind him. He pauses in the entryway for a moment, looking around appreciatively. This may not be his favorite type of store, but there's something here that any Wizard or Witch could enjoy; something about the oil-and-leather scent seems to be the equivalent of what Muggles would call 'new car smell', and who doesn't like that? He follows the Quidditch player over to the broom racks and listens carefully. "Ah - the last is likely the best for me, then. I suspect I'll be taking long trips to the continent on it, and I don't typically engage in high-speed chases…" He grins, reaching out to set a hand on the broomshaft, then peers over his shoulder when he hears his name. "Hullo, Kogrod. You're a Quidditch fan, I take it?" It seems a bit jarring, but he's heard of stranger things.

Valencia chuckles when Magnus speaks and nods her head approvingly as he chooses a broom to his liking. Valencia's own was the opposite; a fast sleek model built to move, twist and dive. The woman folds her hands around her cider after a long thoughtful sip. She's about to turn away to investigate more when the voice catches her attention and she peers around to the goblin sorting through the wares. As the two speak to each other Valencia offers him a polite bob of her head, hat not as low as before to show more of her features then she'd planned when first coming on her walk. She falls quiet as the two converse, taking to finishing her cider idly instead of interupting the two.

"I… do follow it, yes," Kogrod says to Magnus. "However, my business here is on behalf of someone I'm hoping to interview… he was looking for a bit of memorabilia from one of his favorite teams but was too busy to come here to get it, but as I work in the Alley, it was easy for me," he explains. "And that was the condition for the interview. It's not a gift, of course, the money's all strictly his…"

"Ah, I see. That seems more fitting," Magnus replies to the goblin, his lips curling up a bit at the corners. Admittedly, Kogrod struck him as a rather business-like individual, so he would have been surprised if he'd been here browsing for personal pleasure. The wizard motions to the witch at his side, turning now so that he can face both of them and make introductions. "This is Kogrod, a respectable and knowledgeable goblin. Kogrod, this is my friend Valencia." His voice lowers just a little when he names the latter; considering their environs, he doesn't want to put her in the awkard position of being swarmed by a flock of fans. He leaves out her surname for similar reasons.

The woman gives her head a polite nod, blonde ringletts bouncing, "A pleasure to meet you Kogrod." She gives a genuine smile thought it faulters a little as she notices a clock not to far, its hands reading out the time. Drat. Valencia turns her attention back to Magnus, a small frown present, "I do apologize Magnus but there is something I need to attend to that I forgot completely about." The woman brushes a hand lightly against his arm in farewell, "I appreciate the cider and hope ye enjoy your new purchase. Perhaps I will see you again soon." With that, as well as a farewell nod to Kogrod, Valencia moves to head out the door. She snugs her hat back down and pulls her white peacoat warmly around her once more before she moves out into the crisp air and down the street.

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