(1937-09-25) Leeds in Conversation
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Summary: Gideon, Niamh and Keenan take quiet moments, and after ditching Keen (sorry Keenan!), Gideon and Niamh take a stroll to watch the sun's rise.
Date: 25 September 1937
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Lizzie's cottage is quintessentially English, which of course includes the occasional piece of eccentric furniture or objet d'art. In this case, those objets happen to be wizard's items.. but so very well hidden in their true uses that the residence that lies firmly within Muggle territory is perfectly 'normal', as far as neighbors and friends are concerned. But, the cottage has always 'been on loan', as it were, to Nia, and of course Keenan, as the need arises. And, with the fact that not all herbs grow in London soil, she's found the 'need', or rather the convenient use of the land, at the very least.

Now within the cottage, back from the first foray into the area with the copse of trees, Niamh and Gideon's made their way back to the cottage, their voices low in conversation, tones tinged with a certain degree of warmth and comfort that may not have been completely there hours before? Now with the fire roaring in the fireplace, Nia's got a dressing gown on, a robe over that, slippers, and she's tucked into a chair, her feet up and under her. A brush is off to the side, having already done its job.. 50 strokes per side before she puts it up for the night. Morning. Sunrise isn't too far away in coming..

Gideon sits in a chair opposite Niamh, on the other side of the fire. He is strumming a guitar, singing a song of his homeland. A relaxed smile has softened his rough features, and every time he looks up from the guitar to Niamh, a glimpse of boyishness appears.

The flames in the fireplace burn green for a moment, and then Keenan ducks his head to step out. He looks about apprehensively, ready to close his eyes, but then he sees Niamh in a chair, and gives her a weary smile. "Mornin' lass. Had a devil of a time findin' Eddie," he says quietly. The sound of the guitar pings on consciousness, and he blinks once, turning around to see the player. "Mornin' Gideon," he says, quite a bit less warmly.

Nia sits up in her seat as she takes note of the colour change, and as Keenan appears, she watches the different expressions play upon his face in a parade. She leans back her chair, a glance given to the guitar-playing Gideon before she brings it back around to her brother, "Morning, Keen.. are ye alr- is she alright?" More's the point, apparently. "Ye look beat. Can I get ye some tea?" As she asks that question, she's untucking herself and making to rise to do just that.. put the kettle on. "I'm sure we'll all have a cup before we turn in." No sleep yet for anyone, apparently!

Gideon breaks off the song, setting the guitar aside and giving Keenan a nod of greeting. "Mr. O'Shea." He rises and gestures to the seat by the fire. "Please, relax." He meanders over toward the stove to see if he can lend a hand with the tea.

Keenan shakes his head to Niamh, banishing the lines of worry as he pulls her into a hug once she's upright. "Eddie's fine. Just stayin' late at the Ministry with Sloan workin' on something. Ignoring her Healer's suggestions to stop burnin' the candle at both ends." The offer of tea is given a welcome groan, and he sinks down on the couch, kicking off his shoes so he can sprawl across. "Ye're after bein' a saint, Niamh. I'll find out why later," he repeats an often uttered tease to his sibling as she goes to heat the water.

The hug from her brother is cheerfully and easily returned, and once ended, she remains a moment longer to look into those eyes of his, studying him. "So, ye'll be minding your orders, aye?" Burning that pesky candle himself, he is! "She needs t'relax.. and keepin' an eye on me isn't relaxin', as much as all of you believe it t'be." Letting him flop onto the cough, she grins and glances at Gideon when he makes his silent offer to help with the tea. "Ye know me, Keen.. a saint in woman's clothing. Just mention me next time ye are having a brew with his Holiness. T'remind him."

Nia's more than happy to have Gideon's help with the tea, and she gives the man a smile that reaches those hazel eyes of hers. On her feet, she heads directly towards the kitchen, which isn't far from the living room. It is a cottage, after all. The kettle is located, and she points to a cabinet, "Tea's there," at least that's where she'd put it the last time she'd found it and put it away. And when she replaces it.. and.. such. Once everything is on, however, she 'sneaks' quietly to Gideon's side and puts a hand on his forearm in order to lift herself on her toes to try and steal a kiss, even if it is a brief peck, before coming back into the living room proper.

"So far, we've collected a good amount. T'morrow night, it's off to the Castle we go.. but with all we've done, Gideon's been kind enough to play for me, an' sing. He's got a marvelous tenor.. an' I find myself flown away to points ne'er seen by my eyes."

Gideon is not about to deny the lovely Niamh a quick kiss…but definitely a quick one. Just where Keenan stands and how he'll react to this blooming relationship is still uncertain. Following her out, he remains standing for a moment, thinking like a detective as he examines where each of them sits in proximity to each other, trying to decipher the social dynamic, and where he fits into it. "My rumbling isn't half as grand as your sister's voice. She hadn't told me before that she could sing."

"Aye, sings like an angel, our Niamh," Keenan agrees sleepily. He leans back into the corner of the couch, letting himself sink into the ridiculously overstuffed furniture that Lizzie keeps there. "I thought all Scots were basses," he adds, his eyes starting to close.

Nia walks towards the fireplace and sits down on the floor before it, her legs tucking up as she sits to the side. "I thought I'd surprise ye with my best imitation of a croaking toad," she teases. "After all. I was goin' to spring it on ye at the pub, but who'd have known what your mates'd say." After all, it's the rare woman that walks in the door to begin with. One who comes with Gideon and sings? Is it the Second Coming already? Look at the time!

"He's a lovely tenor, Keen. I haven't gotten the courage up to sing one o'my favourites, though." The Croppy Boy. A song of Irish Revolution that still could land any God Fearing Irishman in gaol. Even in this 'enlightened' time. "An' if you're gonna be falling asleep on that couch, let me get your blankets now, and a muscle relaxing potion for the morrow, as you're gonna be quite sore.."

Gideon takes his chair once again, picking up the guitar. "What song is that, Niamh?" He begins to play something soft and soothing. A lullaby of sorts, to aid Keenan in his rest. The lilting notes suggest rolling hills, the calm of early morning, a gentle breeze or brook.

"Mmmph, save something for tomorrow," Keenan suggests as he opens his eyes at the possible advent of tea. "I'm not needing potions, thank you very much." He shifts, and opens his eyes a little wider. Wide awake, he is. "I'm sure he's a lovely everything," he grumbles in true brother disgruntlement. "I'm not falling asleep." His eyes droop a little again.

As Gideon begins to strum once again, she begins to humm in anticipation of his fingers, the chords he plays, and finds her way. She leans on her hand, and is warmed by the fire's glow, and softly she begins to sing, "T'was early, early in the spring, the birds did whistle, and sweet did sing, changing their notes from tree to tree; and the song they sang was: Old Ireland free…" She keeps her eyes on Gideon, listening to his strums, and easily finds her place, whether or not he knows the song, she trusts that he's more than capable of finding the chords. And, she also happens to know that Keen knows the song as well as he; a song they'd all been sung to sleep with.

Gideon is no master guitarist, but he's experienced enough to pick up basic chords and harmony. After a few fumbles, he manages to follow along with the song. Oooooh…that song. He doesn't really know it, but the lyrics are certainly risque in merry ol' England. But…English…fuck 'em. The Scotsman plays right along in celebration of Irish independence.

"It was early early in the night,/ The yeoman cavalry gave me a fright / The yeoman cavalry was my downfall / And I was taken by Lord Cornwall," Keenan's baritone is a little husky with sleep as he joins Niamh. Despite his earlier protestation that he was /not/ going to fall asleep, he shifts and his eyes close. He sinks down, his knees bending slightly, and one of the overstuffed pillow is now somehow being hugged to his chest.

Gideon's reaction to the song brings a smile to Nia's face, and she doesn't sing the next verse, but rather, simply hums it as she points to the slowly falling into slumbers Keenan. From the hum to a softly sung line or two, "…My own first cousin did me betray, And for one bare guinea swore my life away…" and again.. she settles back into humming. But she lowers her voice even more so her brother would find it difficult to discern the guitar or her voice, and she begins to shuffle slightly such that she's a little closer to Gideon.

Gideon keeps the strumming soft and somber, to more easily lull Keenan. He gives Niamh an amused smile. "He's bloody knackered," he whispers between verses.

Nia nods her head and stops her scooting for a moment, humming softly, and again bringing up a couple of lines to keep her brother from rising from his slumbers too soon. "…I forsook the red, and the orange too.. I did forsake them and did deny, I chose the green an' for it I'll die.." Her eyes gleam with the same amusement that is held within Gideon's eyes, though now she should come to her brother's defense, "It was a lullaby mum and da would sing for us.. only makes sense he'd fall asleep to it.."


Nia was dressed in her dressing gown, and after a brilliant idea, in her mind anyway, she's gotten to her feet and into her room to change into some casual clothes. Skirt, blouse, and a jacket, and she's out again. A walk, and as the sun is going to rise soon.. how did a walk sound?

With a hand held out encouragingly, the cottage is left behind, not far behind mind, but.. a short distance anyway, and upon a small rise, the beginnings of the colours of the day show themselves in the eastern sky.

Gideon is like a different person out here. It took a while, but gradually he was able to shed his hardened exterior, and just relax. The country air is good for him, it seems. He strolls along, hand-in-hand with Niamh, an easy smile resting on his lips. "Thank you. For all of this, I mean," he gestures around to the scenic landscape beginning to appear in the first rays of morning.

It's a wonderful thing in Nia's book, Gideon relaxing, and finding a moment of peace. Hand in hand, it's a warm and natural feeling to her, and it's been a little long in her book. Not very lucky, she. "What?" she teases. "I couldn't leave without givin' ye a chance to make a grand escape, too. I think I've thanked ye a few times for giving that Auror a whack. If I'd have known, I'd have asked ye to whack him one for me, too." Still, she gives his hand a gentle squeeze. "I should thank ye for showing me this side of Inspector Adamantus Gideon. It's a pleasure to make his acquaintance." She turns to stand before him, looking up into his face, and she reaches to touch him, to trace the lines there. "They've gone for a bit.. those lines of worry.. an' I like that."

Gideon chuckles softly. "Aye…well, this isn't the Inspector, I suppose. I dinnae ken I often get a chance to put the badge aside. I should send Wicks and Ogden flowers." He actually laughs aloud at his little joke. Mirth! What a treat!

"An' that's the way I like it. I don't want the Inspector when we step out.. though I know he's in there," and she points to his chest in gesture. Nia smiles as she looks up again, hazel eyes gleaming. "An' ye should. Though, we shouldn't encourage such behavior. I think it'd be enough if ye were civil to them on your return. That'd make them wonder more?" She presses her lips together before she laughs softly, "Almost makes me not want to bring ye back to the city."

Gideon snorts, but in a playful tone. "Civil…aye. That would have them worried." He stops, reaches to take her arms and turn her toward him. He has a forceful way about him, but it isn't out of anger or something dark. He is simply a man of action, who doesn't mince words when he wants someting…and right now he wants her lips. He wants to kiss this wonderful woman that has been his sanctuary of sanity in an insane world.

Nia laughs at his agreement, happy in the thought. As he takes hold of her and brings her to him, there's the moment where she's very aware of the sheer.. masculiness of him, the strength. She gasps softly, but certainly not with any concern, and rises to her feet to meet those lips again. Her arms wrap about him, draping over the back of his neck, and she's falling into him. It's enough to make her dizzy, giddy with the rush of blood that her beating heart pumps through.

Gideon kisses her with a gentleness that belies his gruff masculinity. It is exploratory, as the leaves of their budding romance are still opening. So he keeps his passion on a leash, letting things develop, nurturing this seed carefully, in the hope that they may one day reap a bountiful harvest. (All of this herbological work seems to have taken over his thoughts.)

The gentleness there just serves to make her even more weak in the knees. She's right.. the man that holds her so steadily in his arms is a man of the purest definition; not a boy playing at manhood, and she responds so easily to the kiss, the beginnings of what she hopes will be a journey of discovery. The break, when it happens, leaves her breathless, and she has to find herself as she looks deeply into those blues. "You're enough to make a girl weak in the knee, Adamantus Gideon.. an' this one doesn't mind the help to stay upright."

Gideon smiles broadly. Again, it comes easily, naturally. That's how she makes him feel — natural — because she exudes it. Like a spirit of nature given flesh (and such lovely, curvy flesh…ahem). "And you have a way of making a man's heart thump so loud he cannae hear himself think."

If her heart hadn't taken wing before with his taking her into his arms, it'd be in flight now, certainly, at the sight of the broad, happy smile. That's exactly what Niamh likes to see; it warms her core, right down to her very toes, making them curl in the process. "It'd be a dangerous thing t'say 'Then let's not think'," she whispers. "A dangerous thing indeed." But she wants him to kiss her again, to steal her breath from her. "But, can I take the chance an' ask for another kiss?"

"Ooooh, aye…nae thinkin' could lead to…ah. Heh." He actually blushes a little. Quick! Cover it with the kiss! He dips his head again, pressing his lips to hers. She tastes like sunshine, is all he can think.

The sun is beginning its rise as the couple stands upon the ground's swell, giving the earth the benefit of its light. The shadows are fast disappearing with each passing minute, and.. Niamh simply is surrounded by the warmth, the gentleness and the strength of the man that holds her. Her smile quirks, and it's a fairly knowing cast in her eyes as he blushes at the thought of the two of them… and she can feel the reddening of her own cheeks, her throat, at the very thought. Blushing like schoolkids! and isn't it wonderful? She lifts to her toes again, her arms wrapped about him, and falls into that kiss again.. that delightful embrace. At the break of it, she can't help an impish, mischievious giggle; the kiss was intoxicating! "Keen'll be so vexed when he realizes we put him t'sleep." On purpose, isn't mentioned aloud, of course. "Swear that we'll deny it to our last breath. Or," and she pauses, "I'll take the blame an' be seen a vixen in his eyes. He'll recover well enough."

Gideon chuckles, then nods. "As you wish. I swear that I will lie to his face that I deliberately tried to put him to sleep." He grins, a touch of mischief in his own eyes. For the time, he holds her there, arms around her, fingers laced at the small of her back. It's been too long since he's held a woman like this. There have been dalliances — a man gets lonely, after all. But they were always a vain hope of finding…this. Some sliver of the man he was before Lyla's death always tried to thrive again. But only now has that sliver begun to grow again. "I should like to call on you, Niamh. I want to see you…exclusively."

Her fingers play with the fuzz at the back of his neck as they lie there, and she laughs at the mischief held within those blues of his. It is such a wonderful sight to see, and her nose wrinkles in pleasure of the promise now extricated. Not that difficult, certainly! She's happy in the position, being held suchly, and she's got no inclination of leaving his grasp anytime soon. "I should like that a great deal, Adamantus Gideon. Exclusively. An', I'll have ye know, I'm not a girl of high tastes. It's not required of ye to wine and dine me. All I want is to see ye smile.. and if it's directed at me, all's the better. The sound of your laugh sets the world a-right."

Gideon's heart leaps like a teenager. She said yes! He expected she would, but hearing the worlds is sheer elation. "I'm glad to hear it. I'm nae very good at fancy dinners. But I hope you'll forgive me if I try now and then, anyhow."

They say that Englishmen are the masters of understatement? They've never heard a Scotsman, then.. at least from what she can hear tucked away in those tones. Nia laughs, the sound unable to be kept in, and she nods her assent. "Fair enough, then. I'll find it in me somewhere to forgive ye for a fancy dinner or two. But I don't want ye makin' it a habit, alright? It's all I can do to get the dirt from under my fingernails on a good day. An', be warned, to find a dress for such a thing would require me to go shopping with Lindy." And lord only knows what sort of dress they'd walk out with for the night's events!

Gideon smirks, "Is that so bad? Shopping with a Malfoy? Or is it just a matter of nae having enough closet space for her purchases?"

"She's not just any Malfoy.. she's probably the most.. fashionable one of the lot. Who knows what sort of dress we'll emerge with that she's convinced me to buy?" Nia giggles and gives him a playful, pre-emptive swat on the shoulder before she returns her hand to drape about his neck. "Have ye seen her at all? Ye can't tell me she's not a knockout, what with her sense of style." Beat. "An' the swat was for knowing that ye must have seen her about and think her beautiful."

Gideon chortles, not minding the swat. "I'll nae deny it. She's quite beautiful. But I'm more interested in how you'll look in that dress she'll choose for you."

"I know you're not dead," Nia agrees, her eyes still bright with the events of the last .. well .. sunrise. "An' I don't ever want ye to be. It'd mean that ye can't appreciate life.. but that was a good word, and I'll congratulate you on that properly." She lifts up briefly and closes her eyes as she lays a light kiss against his lips. It's a quick brush, but a gesture she simply.. can't resist. "The day'll be a good one now, an' the next after that," she begins, "though now, does this mean that when I keep the shop open later, ye'll be darkening my doorstep a bit more for tea?" And it means she may not have to wait for Fridays to see him?

Gideon nods solemnly, returning the little kiss when it comes to him, and following to steal yet another. "Aye. You can count on it." His hand come up to brush a bit of hair from her face; an excuse to touch her cheek and feel that soft skin. "The boys at the Dog were askin' about you. I think you've made a good impression on them."

Nia's eyes close at the second kiss, and her lips linger before she reopens them slowly, her smile warm and bright upon her face still. Can she ever stop smiling? Not when she's got him with her! Leaning into the hand that caresses her face, she chuckles softly, "Ye can tell 'em that I'm there for ye only.." If she can take the moment to flatter herself, of course! "An' the moment that ye think that it's no longer the place for the likes of me, I'll not go." Understanding, isn't she? "An' I'll not put up argument on it."

Gideon sighs contentedly. "You're a fine woman, Niamh O'Shea. But as far as I'm concerned, you're always welcome. The boys seem to like you, and as long as you can drink with 'em and put up with some crass humour, I doubt they'll change their minds."

"It's all in what ye want, as far as the pub is concerned. I'm not one to run to one at day's end. I'm a homebody, workin' on my trade, and keepin' the light lit for Keen. His hours at Mungos concern me at times." But, she's more than happy to step out to one at the side of a handsome ginger. Nia brings a hand around to stroke his cheek, feeling the bristle of the scruff, "I'll drink with ye, and they'll be a second consideration. They're your mates, and a man should have something all his own." Just like ladies! "As long as I'm not stared at as if I've got a handful of heads, or such, I'll be fine there. An' if they throw a dart in my direction, I'll not stay my hand in response." She's in good humour about it all; she can take teasing, and she'll easily give it in return.

Gideon chuckles. "Aye, then they'll like you just fine. But since you're concerned, how about we keep your visits to Fridays, then? That's when we're most like to get non-regulars comin' in anyhow." A woman that insists a man has time to drink with his mates? Were he an impulsive man (romantically), he'd propose on the spot.

"That's fine. Friday night is a good night to step out and enjoy the evening. Week's end, and it's a good way t'say good-bye to it." It almost sounds as if she's hoping that the Inspector will hang up his fedora and trench for the weekend and join the human race? "We can find aught else t'do other days when there's time for us." Nia is being realistic; she's more than aware, thanks to her friends, that to work for the MLE means .. flexibity is the order of the day. There will be times when she won't be able to see him, much to her chagrin. And it may mean days. Her hand remains where it is, stroking his cheek, playing with the lines of his face, those lines that have seem to fade, if only for the time being.

Gideon inhales deeply, nodding. "Aye, we'll find time. But…I trust you ken how much of my time work demands. It's unpredictable." Her strokes her cheek affectionately, "It will never be easy. I can never promise I'm coming home. I know you're strong, and you're willing to face these risks. But it needs to be said…ugly as the truth is."

Nia's gaze doesn't move from his face, that handsome, rugged visage. "I know how your time is.. an' I know there'll be times when I'll not hear from ye. The best I can do is t'do what I've been. Keep the light on for ye at the shop, an' hope ye find yer way to it when ye can, an' when ye need. I'll not be a shrew and demand. We're both older than that.. and spent too much time alone. I've gained a promise from ye, an' I'll not think otherwise." No accusations of stepping out! She smiles warmly and moves her thumb across his cheek, "All's in yer hands."

Gideon wraps his arms around her fully again. "Aye…that you are." In his hands, and he seems rather pleased at the idea. "I must ask, though, lassie. What is it you're looking for? In the long term, that is. I'll say for myself that…if I'm to see a woman, it is because I am looking for someone to share my life with. I cannae say for certain that's you, but I wouldn't ask to see you exclusively if I dinnae think it could be."

Nia's breath catches in her throat, and there's a long moment when she simply.. can't answer the questions. Her mind begins running at a thousand miles a second, and she feels for a moment as if she'll faint. Her knees wobble a bit, and there's a moment when her muscles tense to keep her on her feet. Her mouth opens a little to catch a breath, and she tries to keep her tones.. even, even if there's a little more air there that comes with them. "I'd not like t'be a spinster, an' with my luck thus far, there's been naught who'd ask such a question like that, even. I can tell ye," and here, her accent becomes a great deal more evident as her heart falls into the words, "I've despaired in meeting someone who'd even consider such a thing. But, ye.. I'd like a try, t'show m'self at the least that I'm good enough. An' I'm not a fickle sort.. always lookin' around for the next greatest. I'd like t'try, and see only ye, an' if there's aught there that can be built upon, then we see?" But please.. don't break my heart.

"I'll never understand how you could have poor luck in love. Nae a woman such as you." Gideon makes his point with another soft kiss. "You are one of the kindest, most understanding, most beautiful women I've ever known. I will try to be worthy of you."

"It's always somethin', ye know that. Day's not right, evening's not right.. somethin' in the air.. an' I decided t'lock myself away in the shop. An' ye know who comes to the shop? Those on the cusp of dyin', I'll tell ye." Here, Nia's trying to make light of her plight, her tones soft in the morning's air. She accepts the kiss, her eyes closing for the heartbeat that their lips meet before they're reopened. "I'll not demand a thing of ye, Adamantus.. just what you're willin', but that bit, I'll hold to."

Now, though, Nia can feel the beginnings of the warmth of the sun's rays, and she exhales in a soft breath. "We should be back soon, before Keen wakes. An' we've got no sleep at all. Not that I'd trade the night for any in the world."

Gideon gives her a light squeeze, smiling in agreement. No more words are needed. They understand each other, and the difficult path ahead. But the hard road doesn't seem as challenging when you have someone to walk it with you. He slips his hand into hers, and they make their way back to the cottage for a welcome, and well-deserved rest.

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