(1937-09-25) Perspectives
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Summary: Edwarlinda and her brother, Cassius, meet for lunch at Café Tasseo.
Date: September 25, 1937
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Café Tasseo, a highly reputable wizarding café (with complimentary tea leaf readings) on Craeft Alley, is to play host this afternoon to two of the Malfoy clan. Sitting at an outside table, as it is an unusually sunny day, Cassius Malfoy sits patiently, reading over a menu as he awaits the arrival of his sister.

Edwarlinda is as pale as her brother and enjoys having that porcelain perfect skin, so she's got a large, oval hat on today. Quite flat, goodness knows what is actually keeping it on her head, perched sideways, but keeping her face and hair from the sun. It matches her deep emerald suit with flashing gold buttons that has, as all her clothing, been tailored to fit almost skin tight. She's still only slightly limping, though she does her best to hide it as she walks mostly smoothly over to his table, having handed her Auror's robes off to be hung up by one of the staff. She smiles wide as she sees him. "Cassius?" And she doesn't even sit until she leans over to give a quick, warm kiss to his cheek.

Cassius smiles up at his sister, rising for the kiss and a light embrace. "Edwarlinda, you look ravishing. Don't tell me you have a date after our little lunch." He smiles, moving to pull out her seat for her. Even as a young boy, Cassius was always well-mannered. For his own part, his shares some fashion tastes with her, preferring suits tailored to his form (though not exactly skin tight) that accentuate his height and slender build. As usual, he wears a high collar decorated in a scaled pattern, declaring his affiliation with the Malfoy family and those that celebrate Salazar Slytherin.

The older woman doesn't generally have an affinity for Gryffindor colours, perhaps because it's not her family's nature, but the brightness of her own strange house always somewhat translates into her clothing. She smiles a bit wider, a blush coming to Eddie's cheeks as he comments on her. "No, no… No date. Too much work to really worry about things like that." Even if she's aging. Even if she's far past the age she should have married. "Back to the office after this, as usual. But it's good to see you, little Cassius…" She always called him that. Even now that he's taller than her and always will be. She chuckles huskily and sinks down into the seat he offers her. "Besides, most men are idiots and wouldn't know a proper woman if they saw one." Perhaps she's a bit frustrated with courting matters. "And yourself? Found a lady yet?"

Cassius tucks her chair in before taking his own and offering her a menu. "I confess, my gender is notoriously hopeless when it comes to yours." His eyes sparkle impishly. "I fear I am much like yourself when it comes to balancing work and romance. I find I have little time to pursue the latter, so the former becomes my mistress."

Edwarlinda accepts the menu smoothly, red lips still well and decorated with a warm smile. She always looks forward to these lunches. She folds the menu open and browses casually beneath heavy lashes. Despite being closer to 40 than 30, she's still quite the handsome woman and probably always will be. She crosses her legs beneath the table and actually takes a breath to relax for one moment. "And how is work going? Should I ask? Anything you can even talk about ? We work in the same bloody building and I never see you."

Cassius chuckles, "Yes, well, news from the dungeon is scarce, I'll grant you. Naturally, all the chatter lately has been about the happenings on the continent. The Muggles seem to be heading directly toward complete disaster, and everyone is in a tizzy over Gellert Grindelwald's reform campaign. Honestly, some days I feel like I'd hand over my wand for a chance at another juicy trial."

The commentary about Grindelwald draws a glimmer of worried interest to her pale features. Eddie sets down her menu and sits just a bit straighter in her seat, even as she pulls out an elegant silver case inscribed with a fancy M and pops it open to reveal the long, slim muggle cigarettes she's grown fond of smoking. Any time her mind is getting ready to think, she needs one of them these days. "…How is the campaign going? I've only read a few of the platforms but… well… It seems quite the change. Everyone back at the office seems so bloody quiet over it all. Though…" She flashes a grin, "I might have a juicy case for you soon."

Cassius grins broadly at his sister in a you do love me expression. "I look forward to hearing about it. As for the campaign, it's been very interesting. Grindelwald's ideas may seem revolutionary — and I suppose they are — but one cannot simply dismiss them as many have tried to do. People are listening…and perhaps with good reason. The Muggles are on the brink of plunging this world into chaos, and we'll be caught in that of we don't change ourselves."

The smile is reflected in an expression of 'Of course I do', but she doesn't dare voice that. They're having a proper lunch. Eddie grins widely and slips her long stick of a cigarette between her lips. Her wand is taken up and a spark given to the end of her cigarette as she breathes in deeply. His commentary, though, brings her smile to slightly falter. "I…I don't know if it is all the muggles, Cass… so much as their government. They have no more control over the people in charge than we do, you know? His ideas are just rather… Extreme. They could become dangerous, Cassius, very quickly. That's my only concern. I do agree something may have to be done…"

"Any idea can become dangerous, Lin." Cassius has always refused to call her Eddie, preferring a more feminine nickname for her. "That's no reason to fear it. Fear, itself, is the problem. Fear is what drove us into hiding and let the Muggles push the Earth to the precipice it's teetering on now. Don't you think it's time we took a hand in our own fates? We have as much right to survive as Muggles do, and a greater responsibility to protect this world."

Edwarlinda's gray blue eyes watch his handsome features, considering the logic of his words, though it worries her. She takes another drag of her cigarette, letting silence linger between them for several heartbeats. "You are right. We do have a greater responsibility to protect this world. We have…greater gifts than them. But they have numbers. Land… I do not think we can stop their mistakes. They'll just have to learn from them. And, mean time, there are things we can learn from them as well…" She sighs deeply, going for her cigarette again, expression falling a touch distant. Finally, she asks, "Have you… attended any of his meetings? Gotten an invitation?"

Cassius smiles, pleased that she seems to understand. "They have numbers, but what does that matter? As you said, it is governments that guide the fate of the world. Yet our government sits idle and watches as the first fires are lit that will scorch the Earth. All of the Ministries are standing back and hoping this storm will pass us by. But I think we are foolish to believe this is going to be like past conflicts. The Muggles already nearly plunged us all into another Dark Age, mere decades ago. Now they're at it again, and we want to shutter our eyes and hope it won't affect us?" He shakes his head, frowning. "Grindelwald wants a better world, and so do I. I've not received any sort of invitation, of course. I am but one man among thousands. But there are many rallies forming independently around the continent." He observes her quietly for a brief, discerning moment. "I intend to hold one of my own, very soon. I'd like for you to be there."

Silence lingers for several long, slightly hard moments. Eddie's arctic eyes study him fully, trying to decide exactly how she feels about it all, but her mind just doesn't yet have enough information. Finally, a slight smile pulls at her red lips and she reaches her free hand across the table to take one of his. "Of course, Cassius… Of course I'd come. We all want the same thing. To make this world better. Safer. To try and avert disaster. Whatever I can help do for you or him to avert that? If course I will. We're in this together." She promises gently, looking a bit more relaxed now that the decision has been made. "Now, we should order. All this talk of politics means we'll go back to the office starving…" She half laughs as she lets his hand go.

Cassius squeezes her hand affectionately, his thumb rubbing along her smooth skin. "You're a peach. Thank you. I'll let you know as soon as I have a venue set. But you're right. Enough about politics for now. I'm rather famished." He picks up his menu, glancing over it again. "I'm told the fish here is excellent." When a server comes to fill bring them tea, he places their orders. With the waiter gone, he turns his attention back to Eddie. "So tell me about this case you may be sending my way. Lately, it has been nothing but clear cut in-and-out trials. No fire at all."

The question draws her eyes around the area, ensuring who is anywhere near them and making certain she doesn't actually recognize anyone. This probably wasn't the best of places to be having sensitive conversations, but at least there is enough white noise outside she's not overly worried about it. Gray eyes finally cast upon him again and she sits up a bit straighter, her body taking on that tense, working guise more than a leisurely lunch. "I've… started noticing some organization among a few of my cases. I think Dark Wizards are starting to get more… Well, they're getting into teams, possibly? Cells? I think I've uncovered the beginnings of one, at least…" And then she moves in closer, forgetting her cigarette a moment. "…and I think a higher up official in the ministry is involved."

Cassius's eyes widen with muted excitement. "Oh, that is delicious. A scandal like that will make headlines, for sure. Just be careful. Bringing down a powerful Ministry wizard will have far-reaching repercussions, which you may not be immune to if you are the arresting Auror." He may be the little brother, but he can be fiercely protective of his siblings. He might disagree and lock antlers with them occasionally, but those that would threaten the Malfoys usually find they face a united front.

Edwarlinda gives a small sigh and nods in agreement. "Yes, yes, hells, I know. That's why I've had to walk around on bloody eggshells for weeks now until I know anything for certain. Can't use half the supplies in the office, can't get down to St. Mungo's if something goes wrong. It's a bloody mess. But if my suspicions are correct, I can't afford not to follow up either. So… just keep your head low and ready. If this goes through, I… I want you on the case. I know you'll do a proper job of it. You haven't been bought off. I trust you." She tries to catch his eyes entirely as she says that, ensuring he understands just how important this is. "And you'd be in as much danger as I, if you take the case."

Cassius nods gravely, but his voice takes a cautionary tone. "That depends entirely on which side of the case I'm on." He's expertly argued his fair share of defenses, as well as prosecutions. "Of course, until it comes to trial, I have no side, and I could function as legal counsel, if you're trying to find a loophole to snare him or her in." He gives her a conspiratorial grin. He absolutely delights in dancing through the law.

Edwarlinda's nose flares with a touch of a quick breath as she considers exactly what he's offering. Another way to take the man on, in case she can't do it by force. She narrows her eyes at him, nodding slowly. "If… if my research this week comes to naught, I'll have you start… Looking into things, alright? And I'd hope you'd be on the prosecution. Pull what strings you can. This is a highly dangerous man, we need to get him put away. If… if he's doing it at all." She sighs and sinks back once again, shaking her head. "Maybe I'm being paranoid." And, finally, their food does come.

Cassius smiles pleasantly to the waiter, pressing a silver Sickle into the man's hand as a little incentive to keep up the good service. "Maybe. But that's your job, isn't it?" He teases. "Look, if he's using Ministry resources at all to do what he's doing, there will be records of it…or a suspicious lack of records. I can more easily access those without looking all that unusual. The Wizengamot makes document requisitions daily. You tell me what you need, and I'll see it done."

"Give me a few days, and I'll have you a list. Thank you, Cass… Thank you. I don't know if I hope that this is nothing, or if I hope that I'm right. And you tell me when that rally is, yes? I'm looking forward to hearing what is said. Maybe… maybe we do have a chance to make things better. Both of us." Eddie states with a warmer smile, finally relaxing despite the dangerous tone of the conversation. Things would be fine. Surely fine. She then scoops up her fork and begins diving into the food. She was hungry. She still mostly eats like a lady, but she's not quite as delicate as when they were growing up.

Cassius smiles happily at his sister. "You'll be the first to know. I'm glad we're finally working together." Yes, and what a formidable pair these Malfoy siblings make.

And the rest of lunch is spent in more relaxing conversation, food enjoyed, and drinks, the siblings quite content as if they didn't grow up ten years apart from each other.

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