(1937-09-25) Tea and Company
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Summary: Mabel puts the kettle on, and the Gryffindors have tea.
Date: 09/25/1937
Location: Gryffindor Common Room
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Mabel nods, sniffing at the teapot, and, hrmphing thoughtfully, nudges the kettle to swing over the fireplace so as to not interrupt the conversation, "I do suppose it's much easier when you've felt it out, and aren't so much thinking of what Professor Viridian will be thinking of it."

Wilfred nods, "Yes, my thoughts exactly." Sitting back down in his chair, Wilfred goes back to trying to animate his manakin, usually succeeding in making it take a few steps.

Lois is preceded through the portal out into the corridor by… a powder puff. Specifically, the powder puff she is currently levitating with her wand, her other hand holding out the compact. This is not an unusual sight, with her; the Sixth Year has always been just a tich on the vain side. Dab, dab, dab, and, satisfied, she lets the puff drop neatly back down onto the compact, closing it with a snap. "I /hope/ that's tea I'm smelling," she says.

Mabel hrms, as her cousin comes in the door, not teasing about the makeup, as there's times she can use Lois' expertise, herself, and just a little wryly tapping the mug she brought down with the rowan wand in her hand. "Geminio." She smiles, airily, as the one mug becomes two, "Plenty for everyone, of course."

Amelia is kneeling on one of the overstuffed armchairs, leaning over the back bothering a cat with a school tie. Not her cat (but it is her tie), but enough of the critters lounge around the common room at any given moment.

Eamon comes down the stairs from the Boys Common carrying his D.A.D.A. book. He glances around the common room and says, "Oh, is there tea?" A winning smile is given as he gravitates towards the older girls, trying to swing a companionable arm around Mabel and Lois. "Hello, ladies."

<FS3> Wilfred rolls Charms: Great Success.

Wilfred, giving up on his attempts to animate his wooden manikin for the moment, stares at it for a moment, then recites "Wingardium Leviosa" and the manikin starts floating in the air. Why is this spell so much easier, it controls the object just as much as the other? He knows the difference is the amount of practice put in, but this one is alot more fun at the moment. He directs the manikin over to the teapot and positions it as if it were sniffing the tea.

"Lovely." Beaming, Lois sidesteps Amelia's chair, slowing (though not altogether stopping) to smile at the younger girl. "Want to join us, McKinney?" Stepping deftly around the cat and towards Mabel, she's just in time to be in position for Eamon's arm 'round her shoulder. "It /is/ tea." she confirms, eyeing the arm with dry amusement, but not bothering to shake him off.

Mabel laughs, a bit, repeating the cup-duplicating process until there are enough for company, and giving the younger students an encouraging look to show they're welcome to partake. "Of course it's tea. Mummy sent this with her last owl: it's supposed to be quite good."

"Tea, dames, what more could a boy ask for?" What, indeed? Eamon has been like this since third year, so by now most every girl fourth year and above has been the subject of (and thus is ready for or used to) this sort of behavior. "Well then, Hawkes, I'll glady take a cuppa, and compliments to yer mum."

Wilfred directs his manikin back to himself then stuffs it into his bag which lies on the floor nearby. Running a hand through his hair to keep it pushed to one side, he gets up from his chair. "Tea you say? That's swell, my grandma makes tea every day back home. I usually hear butterbeer talked about around here but, nothing is the same as good British tea."

"Butterbeer's a treat, and so's pumpkin juice," Lois says, taking a cup and holding it in both hands. "But there's nothing like tea." To Mabel she adds, "That was sweet of Aunt Madeline to send to you, by the by. /My/ mother," her mouth quirks, "won't stop sending anything but those awful health drinks that taste like hay." Slipping away from Eamon to settle herself into a seat, the teenager's eyes flick towards Wilfred's disappearing manikin. "Charms homework?" she asks. "How's everyone getting in classes so far, by the by?"

Mabel gives a wry smile toward Wilfred, "Just what she's always wanted," but adds, again pointing her wand to speed up the water boiling, "My Daddy says it's best to stock up, if it's this sort you like: there's been a spot of trouble in China and all. There's always India, of course, but some from further East could turn out hard to come by." A pause. "Potions is already murder, as usual, but I'll manage, I'm sure, Lois."

"If ye need some help with yer charms homework, Wilfred, I'm a fair hand at it," offers Eamon in his thick Manx accent. When Lois extracts himself he spares a moment to look wounded. "Ah, Lois, my heart. At least Mabel still loves me. Right, Mabel?" he verifies with the ginger-haired girl.

Wilfred directs an amused smile toward Eamon as Lois slips away, then gives a mental start as he is addressed. "Yes well, Mabel has been pretty good help, thanks for the offer though." Still smiling, he turns to face Mabel, "Mind if I use one of your mugs?"

Lois rolls her eyes pointedly at Eamon over her half-raised teacup. "How large a harem do you /need/, MacCaille?" Settling herself more comfortably into her chair, she crosses her ankles, ladylike, and takes a sip. "Funny, I've never thought about it that way, Mabel - that Muggle business far away might affect the price of tea in England!" Absently, she adds, "Add me to those who can help you with your Charms homework, Wilfred, though I'm sure Mabel's got it covered."

Mabel nods, as she goes to retrieve the kettle and pour the boiling water over the leaves, "Of course, just don't try dispelling them while the tea's hot," she says, adding, in good jest, "And don't think too much of it, you mug," and looks to Lois, saying, "Well, you know Daddy knows all about these things, and wars, well, they can disrupt the shipping. There's always the caravans, I suppose."

Celes slowly emerges from the female tower, hearing the sounds from the commons all the way up in her room. Despite the noise made by all the talking, she tiptoes down and tries to insinuate herself into the common room without disturbing anyone. She takes an unobtrusive seat on the floor next to the fire and pulls out a roll of parchment to read over.

Eamon grabs his chest as if Lois has stabbed him straight in the heart. "A harem? All me girls are special to me, like delicate blossoms in a beautiful garden cultivated by yers truly."

"Pull the other one," Lois tells Eamon, mouth twitching. "It's got bells on." She falls silent for a moment after, nodding thoughtfully at Mabel's explanation of the source of her knowledge. She doesn't speak, however, until Celes's movements catch the corner of her eye. Lowering her cup, the prefect gives the girl one of the warm, matronly smiles she reserves for the younger students. "Hello, Dashur. Want some tea?"

Wilfred smirks at Eamon, "I'll bet that's what the Arab's say to thier harem's as well." Then turning back to Lois, "Thanks, but what I really need help with is my Quidditch, I'm gonna be facing alot of people bigger than me out there."

Eamon pouts mockingly at them all. "Yer all so cruel. I'm only tryin' to spread the love around. Is that a crime?" He will release Mabel from the weight of his toned arm to get himself a cup of tea, finally, sipping it daintily, probably just to be funny. "Thank you, Hawkes, it's a fine cuppa tea." Determined to help Wilfred in some way, he perks. "Quidditch, eh? Well, I dinna try out for the team, but I'm quite handy with a broom." And he's certainly got 'bigger' down.

Celes looks up, her cheeks turning pink, "Um, sure, thank you very much, uh…" Her cheeks proceed form pink to red, "I'm so sorry, but I don't remember your name." She says, putting her parchment down. "You can call me Celes though."

Smiling at Eamon, Wilfred replies to his comment on Quidditch "Well, it's not so much riding the broom that I'm worried about, or holding on to the Quaffle even. It's more of the danger of, well, getting knocked off. I havn

Merely flicking a hand in mock-dismissal at her fellow prefect, Lois shoots an apologetic look towards Wilfred. "Sorry, can't help you there - I haven't touched a broomstick since I got my apparate license, and I've never been able to play Quidditch worth beans. Don't care to, either." Gesturing Celes closer with a cheerful expression, the older girl says, "Lois, or Pym - I'll answer to either. It's a chore and a half learning loads of new names, isn't it?"

Smiling at Eamon, Wilfred replies to his comment on Quidditch "Well, it's not so much riding the broom that I'm worried about, or holding on to the Quaffle even. It's more of the danger of, well, getting knocked off. I havn't played with other people very often you see.." picking up one of the mugs that has been filled, he sips the tea, hiding a faint blush.

Mabel smiles, "Well, that's what the Beaters are up there for, isn't it?" She pours out some tea, finally, and offers the sugarbowl. "Don't tell me you need a witch's protection up there, this year, though, then I'll be needing help with my manicure."

Celes lets out a little sigh of relief, and gets up smiling in a way to keep her teeth from showing too much. "More overwhelming than anything. I never thought the magic would be the easier thing to get use to than the more mundane 'new school' issues." She edges over to take a seat near the older students, "What does Apparating feel like? I can't imagine it could be as thrilling as flying."

Lois considers Wilfred's plight carefully. "Well," she finally says, reassuringly, "people /hardly ever/ die playing Quidditch, you know - especially the school matches. Maybe you should ask if you can participate in some of the practices with the team, see if you can't get a feel for it." The joining Celes is given a warm smile. "It's /not/ thrilling. Tingles a bit, and takes loads of concentration, but that's all. But it's fast." To Mabel she adds, as an afterthought, "Manicure, manicure… That reminds me, I have an issue of Well-Dressed Witch to loan you. They've the new fall colors in there."

Wilfred nods as Lois talks, then brings up a mug to sip it some more. Turning to the side, e sits down on a comftorable chair to finish the mug.

Mabel gives a bit of a lidded smile with her eyes, "Well, I'm sure that may improve Mummy's opinion of my progress in school," she says, with a look toward Celes. "I've always thought that getting there is half the fun, myself."

Celes nods, and falls quiet. Not wanting to interrupt anyone, and feeling out of place. When she's directly spoken to, however, she does respond, "It is, unless you're in a hurry I guess. If you could travel instantly, then you could spend more time flying for fun then poof over at the last minute."

"That's it, exactly." Another warm smile for Celes from Lois - with a subtle undertone of 'don't worry, you'll fit in in no time'. "Well, minus the more-time-on-a-broom part. I swear I'm the only one in the House who prefers her feet on the ground." With a final sip of her tea, the Sixth Year glances at her watch, then moves to set the cup down out of the way. "Sorry, everyone - the Domestics Club has a meeting in half an hour, and I was going to going to go early so I could talk to Madam Patil. Catch you all later?"

Mabel indicates the tea, as evidence of Gryffindor domesticity. For what it's worth. "Well, toodles for now, coz, We'll …keep the home fires burning." She offers Celes the sugar bowl, at that thought.

"Ya, I'd best get going as well, will need to work on my astronomy chart that's due tomorrow." Wilfred says, his face in a slight grimace as he thinks about it. He walks back up to where Mabel is standing and sets his empty mug down next ot some others. "Thanks for the tea Mabel! My granny will be glad to hear I'm not getting dehydrated."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Lois says, in parting. With that, and a quick smile, the teenager bustles away.

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