(1937-09-25) Yes, begging! It always works!
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Summary: Four Students working on School Work
Date: 1937-09-25
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts
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It is around or just past the dinner bell, most of the school is most likely downstairs eating or just finished eating. A frustrated 5th year is sitting at a table by himself with a very large book in front of him. He has his quill out and he is copying information from a book. Chris clearly does not look pleased but is determined to finish this assignment.

Wilfred dashes into the room, then, giving a a glance towards Mrs. Patil, slows down to a quick walk. "S's S's, here we go" he says as he walks down the numerous aisles. He pushes his Quidditch robes to the side as he walks down the aisle, and has the appearence of having exercised recently.

With dinner finished - which is priority one, of course - Arian has just remembered that he has a paper due for Herbology. A long one. Which he hasn't started writing yet. In a blur of black robes, he flies into the library and dashes down the aisles toward an open table. It's just as he's passing Chris's table that he trips on his own robes and falls flat on his face. Nice.

Kaiden is sitting quietly at one of the tables pouring over some textbooks on Astronomy. Seems Ophelia's been cracking the whip and forcing the lad to study. He groans and lays his head down in the book, looking quite defeated.

The sound of movement causes Chris to stop writting and he smiles towards Wilfred. The 5th year is about to nod to his team mate when Arian's fall causes him to turn his attention on the young man. Christmas stands up and rushes over to the kid and whispers, "Ouch mate, that look like it hurt. Are you ok?" He grouches down to become level with him offering a hand to the boy.

Wilfred runs his finger along the titles of books as he makes his way down the aisle. He stops as he reaches the section of titles that begin with the word 'Star'. Pausing for a moment, he pulls down a medium sized book labeled 'Stars and Space: a Summary'. Taking a quick glance at the inside, he shuts it again and moves at a quick pace towards one of the many tables.

A low grumble can be heard from Arian as he lays there for a moment with his face on the floor. It sounds like a few curse words, but, whatever it is, it's pretty much inaudible. When Chris leans down to offer a hand, Arian rolls over and accepts the help gladly. "Thanks," he says as he stands to dust himself off. "I guess it's a good thing I wasn't carrying any scissors with me…" He's also fortunate the librarian didn't see him, but he doesn't mention that. Instead, he moves over to a table across from Chris and pulls out a piece of parchment, which, thanks to his fall, is covered in spilled ink.

Kaiden looks up and over at Arian, saying, "You alright, bud?" He sits back up and rubs at his face before looking down at his watch with a sigh. "Astronomy is just the worst." He grumbles a bit and starts idly flipping through the pages of the textbook.

As he smiles softly, "Its cool man." He takes out his wand and says, "Let me help you with that." Chris points his wand at the parchment and speaks the spell and the ink begins to pull itself from the parchment and float into a ball. With his attention on the ink, Christmas picks up the ink well and begins to wave his wand slowly as the ball begins to unravel into the ink well. When the last drop of ink returns into the ink well, Christmas beams at Arian.

As he reappears from the aisle, Wilfred catches Kaiden talking about Astronomy. "Ya, it's a crummy subject isn't it? I've got my paper on star classification tonight." He falls into a seat at a table across and one over from Kaiden.

Arian watches as Chris cleans up his papers, and when the older boy has finished, offers a smile. "Thanks, mate. I didn't have any more parchment, so I needed that one." At the sound of Kaiden's voice, Arian turns. "I'm fine," he says with a nod. A thought crosses his mind, and he stands to approach the boy. So much for that paper. "So… how're things going with… um.. you know…" he says in a hushed voice. Smooth..

Christmas sets the ink well down and says, "No worries." As he stuffs his hands into his pocket, Christmas cocks an eyebrow at the sudden "mysterious" tone. He cocks his head to side and begins to listen to see what happens next.

Kaiden looks over at Wilfred and says, "Aye? Well, I'm getting ready for the NEWTs. I know they're a year off, but Ophelia decided it would probably be a good idea for me to get an early start. Kind of a slow learner." He sighs, stopping on a page about Jupiter and reading a bit. He looks up at Arian and brushes some hair out of his face, "What do you mean? Like…me and Ophe?"

Wilfred opens his book quickly, sets it down on the table next to him, and turns to 'an introduction to stars' and pulls out a peice of parchment that has half a paragraph written down on it. As he reaches over to a quill and inkwell that's set on the table he says to Kaiden, "Starting on NEWTs already? Well, Ophelia would be one to push that. I don't think I'm even going to -try- astronomy at NEWT level."

"I am confused." Chris shrugs and moves back to his table and sits down. He sets his wand inside his robes and sets the book back in his lap watching the younger students for a moment. His face showing him to be deep in thought as he watches the scene unfold.

"Yeah, yeah, her," says Arian, still keeping his voice low. "How, uh… how are things going between the two of you?" He's trying to act all cool about asking. It's not like he looks suspicious at all. With a quick glance around, he lowers his voice more. "I gave your sister the poem, but I'm not sure she liked it very much. Has… she mentioned it at all?"

Kaiden looks over at Wilfred and says, "Aye. She's quite the one for perfection, isn't she?" He closes the book and regards Arian, saying, "Oh, well she's my girlfriend now, so that's pretty nice." He smirks at the boy and says, "Yeah, she said something about that. I heard you were writing them anonymously and getting Gabrielle's help. That's no good at all, Arian."

Wilfred sighs and starts scribbling away on his parchment. Boys talk about girls, girls talk about boys, I just need to finish this paper then run down to get some supper. As he's thiking, he's busy turning pages and writing lines."Wait isn't Gabrielle that cute girl with the pretty…" His mouth snaps shut when he realizes he says that a bit loudly. He sees Wilfred and closes his own book to move towards his table. "Hey Wilfred." Chris stands by his table saying in hushed tones, "You were praticing? How did it go mate? I was going to head the pitch in the morning to get some pratice in myself."

When Kaiden reveals that he knows how Arian was working, Arian's face goes white. "Wha.. what do you mean?" he stammers. "What was I supposed to do then? I thought that would work!" He needs more information! "You know, you could put in a good word for me. I did as much for you." As for Chris' comment, Arian turns and narrows his eyes at the boy. "You think Gabby is cute?" he asks.

Kaiden looks over at Chris with a smirk, "Looks like somebody's in love with the artist girl. You should buy her some colored pencils or something." He scribbles some notes down on a paper and raises an eyebrow at Arian, "Nah, man. It's gotta come from the heart. Can't have someone else writing your poems for you."

Wilfred looks up from his rapidly growing report and says to Chris, "Practice is going all right, mainly practing flying maneuvers. I'd forgotten, or I should say I've put off, this paper till now." He looks down to give a wary glance at his parchment, "Proffesor Lunet-" he begins again, until he notices attention has drifted towards the other conversaion. "Well, you can always find a good peom, memorize it, then recite it to her."

As he turns his attention to Arian and his reaction, Chris cocks an eyebrow and says, "Yeah man. I said she is cute. I did not want to marry her. She is a sweet smile." He shrugs and looks back at Wil, "Aye man. I hope its coming along. I can show you a few of mine if you'd like one day. I would love to see what tricks you have up your sleeve. Anything to give me an advantage when we play against Slytherin."

"But… but.." Arian sputters at Kaiden. "I didn't have her write them for me! I just had her draw a picture to go with the poem!" Wilfred begins offering advice now, and the Ravenclaw boy suddenly goes red. Well, he should've known better than to start discussing this in a public setting. "I don't want to memorize a poem, though…" Chris gets an odd look. "Sorry, I was only asking. I'm friends with her so I thought I could help. But if you don't want my assistance then…" He shrugs.

Kaiden smirks at Christmas, "Aye, a pretty smile you'd like to see under a veil one day." He snickers to himself, continuing to jot down notes. He peers at Arian and says, "Well, she's not the kind for secret admirers. Just tell her you like her or something. I don't know." He shrugs.

Wilfred inwardly chuckles at Arian's reaction. 'I hope I never act like this' he thinks. Outwardly, he gives a polite smile and then looks back down at his book with a faint frown and restarts his scribbling.

Christmas shrugs and says, "Thanks but I need to focus on my OWLS. Girls are the last thing on my mind this year. Quidditch and OWLS are all I need to think about…" He looks at Kaiden and smirks, "Even if her smile would look behind a…" He blinks and asks, "A what? Oh nevermind." Christmas begins to walk back to his table.

Arian frowns. "That's fine," he says with a mischevious grin. "But I can't promise that I won't accidentally let it slip that you mentioned her…" Bwahaha! He then turns back to Kaiden, who, apparently, wants to see Arian be eaten alive. "Are you kidding me? If I walked up and said something like that I might as well throw myself off the highest tower in Hogwarts!" He clasps his hands together in a pleading manner. "Please, can't you at least SAY something nice about me to her?" Yes, begging! It always works!

Looking up from his paper which has grown considerably longer over this time, Wilferd says, "I try to avoid her as much as possible." With that he slides the quill and inkstand back to the middle of the table and slips his parchment back in his robes.
Christmas smirks softly, "Well I will keep that in mind." He looks at Kaiden and shrugs, "Yet your sister would give him a run for his money." He looks at Arian and smiles, "Make sure you buckle in mate. It will be a bumpy ride…" He chuckles and picks up his books and begins to walk away, "I need to get some dinner before its all gone." He gives the three a wave.

Wilfred sticks his book under his arm and gets up from from his chair. "I don't know about you two, but I'm still planning on getting some supper." With that, he walks over towards the front desk, drops off his book (you're always supposed to let the librarian put books back), then follows Christmas out the door.

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