(1937-09-27) Does It Go Boom?
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Summary: Ripley tries to ask Ria to the dance, but he only ends up with detention.
Date: September 27, 1937
Location: Slytherin Girl's Dormitory
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Girls Dormitory Hogwarts Castle
Thu Sep 27, 1937 ((Thu Sep 27 05:29:27 2012)) (Slytherin House)

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and fair.

Even the Girl's Dormitory has the same low ceilinged, dungeon-like atmosphere. Ancient four poster beds that creak and moan even empty at times are spaced out quite a bit and antique tapestry, many of which depict adventures of Slytherins of old hang on the walls as well as hang in the spaces between the beds to add all the more privacy. Merlin, a Slytherin House Alumni, is depicted more often than not on these tapestries. Within these tapestry cubicles besides the bed is a writing desk, low dresser and above each desk a display case and shelves are mounted for the resident's achievements to be displayed. Silver lanterns provide cool illumination.

<FS3> Ripley rolls Stealth: Success.

Ripley had worked his way into the girl's dorm with some bit of succees. He managed to dodge the girl's coming out and time it just right as to when the dorm would be empty enough to sneak within. He looks about, trying to find some kind of notification of whose bed is whose and he finds the one he wishes. It's Ria's. He stands there for a moment and then reaches into his robe to pull something out and place it on the bed. He looks about once again and then bolts for the door.

<FS3> Ria rolls Awareness: Great Success.

He almost makes it. Had he perhaps shaved a second off he would have been okay, but just as he's about completely escape, Ria steps into the doorway leaning against the frame. "Mr. Fox," she says looking unamused at him with her arms crossed, "Unless you're thinking about switching your gender any time soon, I don't think you're allowed to be in here." And from the corner of her eye she spots something unfamiliar on her bed. "Oh did you leave me an early Christmas gift?" she asks, noting the speck on her otherwise immaculately made bed. So this is what they mean when they say she keeps a close eye on her things.

Ripley sucks in a breath just as soon as he sees her and turns beet red just as he puts on the brakes to keep from running into her. "Ah. No. Not allowed in here at all. Not at all." He speaks and turns to look at her. His hand goes up to play with his hair a little, trying to push it down a bit and keep it from flying away. "I ah.." He stammers, "I was…" And then he takes in a deep breath, "… Sawaflowerandthoughtyoumightlikeititwasgonnabeasecret."


Ria quirks her brow at Ripley's rush of last words and replies with irritation, "Oh Merlin's beard, you sound like a dumb clot who doesn't know how use his lungs. You need to annunciate between words, Ripley. It's called human communication. You're not a feral child." Of course, she understood him the first time, but some say she takes joy out of making people feel miserable. Her sharp green eyes narrow at the flower on the bed that he left her before the flit back at Ripley. "What's that do?" she asks referring to the flower and assuming it's loaded to poison her or something. He seems sincere enough, but she can never be too sure.

Ripley gets the most misunderstanding face for a moment when she calls him down. The kind of face a dog gets when he hears a noise he can't figure out. "He starts to speaks and then she asks what it does. He pauses for a moment and thinks. "Um. Well. It smells good. Stays alive for a few days if you put it in water… And blooms in the moonlight." He says, matter of factly.

"No that's not what I mean. I mean what have you done to it? Will it leave a stain on my nose when I smell it? Does it contain a noxious scent that will make my clothes stink for days? May it'll make my face swell," Ria interrogates him ruthlessly as she goes through the possibilities. Hmmm, seems like she's experienced these mishaps before. At end she adds, "And if it -wasn't- you, who sent you to deliver it?"

Ripley blinks a little bit and looks sideways a bit and takes a step back from her, "Ria." He begins to state quite simply. "A pretty girl should have a pretty flower." He says and then just kinda shrugs. "I thought it would be a nice surprise." And then he swallows a bit and then does his best to stand up straight, "I just wanted to give you something. Nothing is going to explode or get on your nose or anything."

Okay. He's got her stumped. Ria taps her foot in thought as she looks to the flower and back at Ripley again. She's grown rather familiar with the Fox boy's smooth words and she hmmms quietly in the back of her throat thinking of what areas she hasn't covered. "Alright Fox," she says, her chin turned up a bit to look at the taller boy. "I'm all ears. What do you need from me? You only had to ask to begin."

"Really?" Ripley begins and gets a little bit of a smile, "Just have to ask, huh?" He takes in a deep breath and pushes his hands into the pockets of his robe. "A kiss." He states and looks to her with the kind of look like, 'You asked'. And then he waits to see what comes.

Ria gives Ripley that flat unamused look again, her eyes narrowing in deep thought. The only thing that could be going through her mind right now is the many ways he could possibly rip this boy apart. "I'll give you a choice. You can either sit through three days of detention," she says. She never takes points away from fellow snakes if she can help it. "Or I can rush out to the common room now with tears in my eyes, crying about how you sexually harassed me in the girl's dormitories. After which, you will be subject to consequences set by the headmaster. That might include expulsion." The cold words are delivered, but wonderfully followed by a cute smile and a batting of her lashes. "Which choice sounds more appealing to you, Ripley?" she asks cutely.

Ripley listens and clears his throat and takes in a deep breath as he considers. "Actually. I would rather you let me take you to the dance." He says and looks to her and gives her a little smile, "Or we can fight it out on the Quidditch field and take it out on our opponents. Because I would really like to stay fit until I make the team." He then gives her back a smile, "See. Ria. You got moxy. Loads of it. I like that. I like the fact that any time in the world I could get my guts ripped out. Makes it a lot more interesting. Now, you can hurt me, get me expelled… Or you can go to the dance, play Quidditch and we can be one hell of a couple." He shrugs, "What do you think?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ripley=persuasion Vs Ria=mind
< Ripley: Success Ria: Failure
< Net Result: Ripley wins - Marginal Victory

Ria narrows her eyes skeptically still at his offer. Instinct tells her it's a trick, but she can't figure out how. However, her senses tell her that he might really be serious. So she takes a minute to consider his offer before replying, "First, I -don't- play quidditch. I leave it to those who like to wallow in their own perspiration. Second, your welcome." This is in reply to the moxy compliment. "Third, Lucian beat you to the punch unfortunately We agreed it would be convenient for him and I to go since we have Slug Club activities on the same day." She gives him a smile that's mostly mocking, but if he notices it's a little apologetic, which is the most anyone's gotten out of Ria. "So you'll have to catch me the next social event, Mr. Fox. It's a shame, you would have been most entertaining to me. But just so you know, I'll expect chocolates for the next invitation."

Ripley gives a bit of a smile to all of this until he hears that someone else beat him to the dance question. He frowns a bit and then shrugs his shoulders as he looks to her, "Then I guess you will just have to miss out." He states and grins a little bit more as he looks at her, "Chocolates. I can handle that. Next time I go to Hogsmead." And then he ponders a moment, "Anything else you want?"

Ria rolls her eyes and smirks before looking Ripley square in the eye and saying, "Your soul." Is she joking? Is she not? He'll have to see! "Now -get- before I have to give you more detention days," she says heading over to her bed to put the flower in a jar or something. She's still very much serious about the detention. Though he'll pleasantly find that she's knocked it down to two days instead of three.

Ripley heads for the door and then looks back to Ria once more, "Still didn't give me that kiss." He says and grins wide to her before he slips out of the door and over to his own dorm.

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