(1937-09-28) Adventures in Dog Walking
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Summary: Claytons dog runs Josefa over; he offers to walk her home.
Date: September 28th, 1937
Location: Regent's Park, London
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Regent's Park London
Fri Sep 28, 1937 ((Fri Sep 28 23:28:16 2012)) (B,1)

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and raining.

The Regent's Park is mainly open parkland, reserved for pedestrian use. During the day the air is filled with the sound of music, laughter, and in general the sound of people enjoying a little slice of nature for the day. The park provides a wide range of facilities and amenities for people to enjoy including gardens, sports pitches, and children's playgrounds. One section of the park even boasts a lake with a heronry and a colony of waterfowl where people can take out rowboats for a spin, an especially popular activity with young couples.


He'd spent a mjority of the day moving into his new place across from the Natrix. Probably not the best place to have moved but it was easier to aquire the flat he did then search elsewhere. It had been raining most of the day that Clayton had been moving in his things and thus when the rain from earlier lessened to a drizzle and then sprinkle he decided it was good as time as any to take Luca for a walk. He's following casually after the large black and brown German Shepherd, free hand tucked comfortably into his leather jacket pocket. He lets his gaze peer into the surrounding shadows curiously as night falls in around the ever busy London, whistling a soft tune to himself as he strides through the park.

Josefa lives in the worst neighborhood in London.. Clerkenwell is definitely a step up. On her way home from work, she always cuts through this park. She's taken off her heeled boots to cross the grass, carrying her shoes in her hand. The grass is cold and slightly damp through her hose, but it beats sinking into the soggy ground and getting stuck; it's happened to her before.

Despite his being so alert the Fly Boy doesn't see the cat that goes taring through the bushes and across the park. Luca does. The year and half old dog was big enough that when he lunges rips the leash from Claytons relaxed fingers. The Manc man stumbles with a rather loud italian curse as the dog goes plunging after the feline with a loud bark. Clayton takes off after the dog and only after notices Josefa directly in the large dogs path, "Oye! Look out!" Luca pays no heed to the woman as the cat yowls, streaking across her path and Luca barreling in quick and close persuit.

Josefa turns just in time to see the dog come running straight for her. She screams, which may or may not be too strong a reaction for simply being bowled over by a dog. She lands flat on her back in the grass as Luca and the cat charge onward, barely a bump in the road. Theoretically, she's unhurt, but for some reason chooses to stay sprawled on the back with raindrops dribbling in her face.

"Merda," the man curses thickly as he closes the distance between him and the woman sprawled upon the ground. He runs a few feet by Josefa, calling with a sharp whistle, "Luca! Bloody…" he begins but hesitates and glances back at Josefa. "My apologies! I'm so so very sorry," he groans, hurrying back to the fallen woman's side. He leans down and over her, blocking the raindrops from falling on her face any longer, and offers a hand. Clayton offers her a sheepish yet roguishly crooked smile, "Anything hurt m'lady?"

Josefa looks bemused, lips pressed together. When a face appears in her field of vision she squints at it, and then recognizes it! "Oh! Clayton." She clears her throat and takes his hand with a wan smile, "I thought — no, never mind what I'd thought. Fancy running into you here. Well, I do believe it was your dog who ran into me, but it's really all the same."

"Josefa!" he exclaims cheerfully upon recognizing the woman. Clayton chuckles, scritching the back of his head thoughtfully, "And again, I'm terribly sorry. He's still young and doesn't listen very well." He helps her to her feet, peering amusedly down at her bare feet at that, "Um.. no shoes tonight Miss Josefa?" He flashes that trademark smile before shrugging, "I've spent all morning and afternoon unpacking, I owed Luca a long walk and we normally come this way. You normally come this way? Ya know, your not the first lady I've found strolling around in the dark," he frowns, "Rather dangerous." Clayton, always the gentleman. He stuffs his hands back into his jacket and smiles gently, "Care for a little company on your walk? I have to wait for Luca to resurface anyway.." he drawls, gaze shifting off into the shadows.

Josefa looks about and points to her shoes some couple feet away. "It's quite difficult to walk on grass with heels, especially when it's wet out." She stoops to pick her shoes up and clears her throat. "Oh, well! Congratulations, I suppose, on a new place." Running her hands over her skirt and coat, she tries to clean the dirt and grass now stuck to her, but gives it up as a bad job after a time. "I walk through here every night, actually, on my way home. Don't be concerned for me, my dear. I am… inordinately capable of caring for myself." Smiling at him, the young witch nods her head. "You're welcome to accompany me, if you'd care to."

A brow arches but Clayton simply shakes his head, "Maybe it's just me, but women were extremely less capable of themselves back home," he chuckles. Clayton wanders over and picks up her heels, carrying them back before offering for her to lead the way. He points to her clothes and winces, "I'll pay to have those dry cleaned. I feel terrible," Clayton drawls. He murmurs a thanks regarding his new place before wandering along side her at a reasonable pace. "I don't remember saying bye to you the other not, It all kind of muddles into the next memory," he comments, "I don't get out much if it wasn't obvious," he laughs.

Josefa has one of those conspiratorial smiles just for Clayton. "I suspect there are plenty of less capable girls in London…you just seem to be meeting all of my friends lately." At the offer for dry cleaning she blushes, "That's quite alright, really. Not necessary at all." Nothing a flick of her wand won't fix, at any rate. Her lips quirk again as he mentions what a blur the night became. "You were..occupied," she tells him kindly. "And I'm not much of one for good byes, anyway."

Clayton chuckles good naturedly at her words, "I suppose I have been." He glances again behind and around them searching for the large dog in the bushes. He returns his attention to Josefa however with a quirked grin, "Yes, 'occupied' could be one word for it," he snickers as he walks along. "I enjoyed our dance however. Hope I didn't upset anyone who has eyes for you. You were there originally with flowers in your hand after all," he drawls. He casts a curious sidelong glance at the woman before blinking with satisfaction as Luca come lumbering back in their direction, tongue lolling cheerfully and leash dragging the ground behind.

"I do not think you upset anyone… the man singing when we danced…he's the one who sent the flowers. I think he got the message…" And if he didn't, Josefa will make it clearer the next time. "It would seem Luca has claimed satisfaction from the pussy cat."

He 'Ohs' softly when she answers him and nods his head, "I see." The happy shepherd wanders up and completely bypasses his owner to sniff curiously at Josefa. He snuffles around her hands and feet and then the heels in Claytons hands before woofing cheerfully, tail a furry blur behind him. "He likes you," Clayton observes, a small smile tweaking the corners of his mouth. He glances up, the clouds parting briefly to show only a few twinkling stars in the fogginess of the London sky. A night bird sings in a tree across the park from them, taking flight soon after, and Luca falls in line with the walking pair; occasionally moving farther ahead or dropping behind but never any more.

Josefa pauses in her walking to reach out a hand and offer it to the happy shepherd. "Hello, sir," she greets him with a smile. Once the dog's had a good sniff she sets off again at a walk. "So may I ask you a question, Clayton? why did you join the Royal Air Force?"

Clayton watches in amusement as Josefa and Luca interact, Luca was after all his best friend. The man quirks a brow when Josefa finally speaks and at the question he stares ahead, lips pursing thoughtfully. "My father, William Kable, was a serviceman, and my grandfather and so on," he drawls. He scritches at his hair as he normally does when feeling slightly self-conscious. "My older brother was next in line and when it was his turn, he enlisted. Aldo was killed a month before World War I ended." The man glances down, swinging Josefa's heels as he walks and shrugs with a small chuckle, "I left for London and enlisted as soon as I could. I guess It's jut my way of 'dealing'."

Josefa glances sideways at Clayton. "Your father's father, you say?" Her eyebrows knit and then she smiles. "That's quite interesting." She and Clayton are crossing the park. It's been raining, but the rain has slacked to a light dribble now. Jo is barefoot, covered in grass and dirt as if she fell onto her back. Clayton has her shoes, and a large German shepherd lopes near them, adventuring off to see things before coming back, his leash dragging on the ground with him.

Clayton nods his head at her question. Little did he know that his fathers father was a different kind of serviceman. He chuckles faintly, "I suppose it's a little interesting," Clayton murmurs modestly. "I still think I have big shoes to fill in the least," he adds upon short reflection. He fixes green eyes on her curiously shortly after however, "What is it that you do Miss Josefa?" he questions innocently, "If I may ask." Clayton adds hurriedly in politeness. Luca, his large Shepherd bounces off into the bushes once more before coming back, tongue still lolling but more leaves and twigs stuck in his fur then before. The man groans softly, "Guess he's getting a bath."

Josefa has been waiting for this question. Luckily, she's got more than enough skill points in bullshitting. "I work in social services," which is a perfectly acceptable thing for a young woman to do. "Specifically, I work with children." She watches Luca return with even more debris in his fur. "Well, that makes two of us then."

Clayton nods his head as he listens, "That's very honorable," he murmurs gently. "You seem like a good figure for children," he muses with a soft smile. The man tilts his head in Luca's direction and sighs before laughing back at Josefa, "Well, I'd rather bathe you then him." Blink, "I mean. That's not what I meant! I just mean that It's less desirable to bathe Luca.. not that I desire to bathe you!" His hands are up now, heels included, and face scarlet red. "I should just… stop talking.." he mumbles, facing ahead once more and now thoroughly embarrassed.

"I'm honored you think so," replies Josefa with a light smile. His bold statement and subsequent attempt at trying to cover it up draw a delighted laugh from her, rather than ire. "Oh my. Well. I suppose if you /really/ wanted to bathe me instead…" An eyebrow quirks flirtatiously up at him, and then she laughs again. "You're cute when you blush. Don't stop talking. It would make this a very awkward walk."

The man blink a few times, cutting his glance over to her again and smiling sheepishly. It vanishes in a somewhat innocent jaw open expression at her comment before he recovers and clears his throat, "I think if that happened I'd completely forget about Luca." He throws her a wink, that crooked smile unfolding across his face. At her comment about him being cute when he blushes Clayton laughs brightly, "Oh! I see. I'm cute when I've completely made a fool of myself in front of a beautiful lady, and blush when my fumbling for words does nothing but dig myself a deeper hole?" He questions curiously, "I'm ok with that. As long as you'll help me climb my way out," Clayton jests.

"I'm stronger than I look," replies Josefa cheerfully. "Consider me your go-to girl when it comes to climbing out of ditches." Tracking the dog with her eyes, Jo adds, "We mustn't forget about Luca. That would be a shame. He's a fine pup."

Clayton 's blush fades, though only slightly, as he directs his gaze to Luca and then back to Josefa, "Well I'm sure Luca wouldn't mind sharing his suds if your willing?" He throws her a wink before they draw closer to the edge of the park. He peers around curiously before focusing once again on her, "Which way do you need to go? I don't mind escorting you to your door if you'd like? Capable or not, It's not in my nature to let a lady trek alone through the dark," he drawls honestly, "I'd worry about you."

Josefa chuckles in amusement. "And suddenly you're very bold," she teases. "My shoes?" she adds, nodding to them now that they've reached pavement. "East, and south a little. Are you familiar with Hoxton?" Perhaps he's heard of that borough… It comes with its own gang! Delightful. "You needn't worry at any rate. I was quite sincere about being able to handle myself."

He smirks faintly, "I'm nervous. Not bold. There's a difference," he laughs. Clayton blinks before he 'Ohs' and hands her her heels, "My apologies." He whistles Luca over, glad he obeys now, and reaches down to grasp his leash. The man nods his head at her question, "Vaguely yes." The Fly Boy stuffs his hands, including the one with Luca's leash, into his jacket pockets and beams her an innocent smile, "Lead the way m'lady." He was going to see her safely home, as was his honorable duty as a gentleman.

Josefa sets her shoes on the ground and stuffs one foot and then the other into them. Now properly attired again (and a few inches taller, which puts her now securely into 'average' height) she sets off. "Why are you nervous?" she asks curiously, taking them eastward.

The question makes Clayton blink, green eyes searching. "I uh.. well.." he searches for the words as he follows along side her, that hand rising to scritch at his jawline. "Well, because your a very pretty woman, and I don't have the best track record at dealing with beautiful women. I normally trip over my own tongue and make a fool of myself. So I'm apologizing in advance if I offend you." Clayton offers her a sheepish grin and slight shrug of his shoulder.

"Well, we're even… as I do not have a great track record with attractive men… But I'm hard to offend. So relax." Josefa smiles over at him, glances both ways, and then crosses a street.

Clayton nods his head gratefully as he follows her across the street. "That's good to know," he murmurs cheerfully. Clayton walks quietly for a long while, Luca leading a few paces ahead. The shepherd turns alert ears to the things around him, every once in awhile veering off to the left or right to sniff and or investigate something. "Well maybe if your not otherwise engaged sometime in the future you'd like to join me for a drink, or dinner… or coffee.. or something," he drawls casually, "As friends an such." Eyes stay focused ahead, a small grin settled on his lips.

Josefa considers that and arches an eyebrow. "As friends?" she repeats teasingly. "Because if you want to go out as friends that is certainly one thing…but if you're asking me on a date, that would be another thing entirely."

The man coughs awkwardly before grinning, "Well, would it be proper to ask you on a date when I've just met you? I don't want to cross any lines," he murmurs, "And I'm kind of going out on a limb here… I mean my dog did trample you, the least I could do is buy you a nice dinner to make up for it since you won't let me pay for your dry cleaning," he laughs gently. They turn down a street where a few more people are located, some wandering down the sidewalk close by.

Josefa hums thoughtfully, letting the silence stretch for a few extra moments. "I can't cook to save my life, quite literally, so I'm not going to turn down a meal. I'm not making you pay for my dry cleaning because my job provides free dry cleaning. It's a perk of working where I work."

Clayton lets an excited smile grace his features before he reels it in and simply smirks gently. "Okay then. It's a date. Um," he searches his pockets quickly before recovering the shredded paper of the back of a letter from the military - obviously nothing important - and a pen. He pauses to write on a knee before handing it to her, "You can get in contact with me there. Just let me know whenever is good for you, I uh, have a pretty free schedule." Considering he's not shipped off to war; yet. He glances down the street curiously after, gesturing with a hand, "Any of these yours?"

Josefa looks down the road and ohs. "No, it's a ways, I'm afraid." She takes the paper and smiles. "It's late though, I'm not going to drag you all over London. Thank you for walking me this far."

The man hesitates though against his better judgement nods his head in agreement. He had to start trusting these women who were fully capable of taking care of themselves. Clayton rocks on his heels faintly and gives her a smile, "Well.. it was a pleasure Miss Josefa. And again, I'm sorry about Luca. I hope to hear from you sometime soon." He waves a hand awkwardly while Luca woofs, tail wagging cheerfully as he tries to lick at Josefa's hands before shes out of range.

Josefa chuckles and lifts a hand. "Good night, Clayton," she replies softly, tucking the paper into her purse and heads off down the road, heels clicking lightly on the pavement.

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