(1937-09-28) Bookish Meddlers
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Summary: Students from three of the Houses congregate in the Library for preening, gossiping, steaming, meddling, bothering, and even a little bit of studying.
Date: 09/28/1937
Location: Library, Hogwarts
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Friday afternoon, directly after the last class of the day has let out. So obviously all the cool kids are… in the library, studying and doing homework. Which presumably explains why there's barely anyone in here, just a small scattering of hunched figures spread across the tables. You know: because only the cool kids are here.

Lois has, with her cousin Mabel, snagged one of the tables tucked in an alcove in the Care of Magical Beasts section. Theoretically the pair are studying: there's a trio of advanced Charms books stacked on the table, with parchment and quills at hand. What /Lois/, however, is /actually/ doing: powdering her nose, a small mirror levitated before her, while quietly talking. "- So I'm thinking we'll just have to tackle her discreetly. Aunt Edyth has filled her head with such /nonsense/, poor darling."

it's pretty well known that Gabrielle has gotten into trouble in the past with the librarians, so it's a little surprising to see her come in without even her normal stop at the desk to insure she does not have drawing material on her. She looks pretty horrible,blonde hair is pulled back in a rough pony tail, obvious lack of sleep. she has a quill and some parchment in her hands. She heads directly towards the muggles section.

A bundeled figure enters the library as quietly as she can manage. A scarf is wrapped around Celes's lower face and her shoulders are hunched. What is visible of her face is pinker than usual. More noticeably, there appears to be smoke or steam rising from her head. She looks around furtively before scurrying for one of the stacks.

Est Prince is not a regular at the library. Part of that is because he is biologically incapable of whispering, but also because he pays a sixth year to write his essays. So the sight of him hunched over a roll of parchment, deep in concentration is not only rare, it is downright laudable for meeting a minimum standard of a decent student.

Mabel nods to Lois, for her part fussing with nautical charts and navigational tools, a copy of "Contra Ventus: Weather Charms and The Prevaling Winds," by Ebullious Mizzen. She glances up, saying quietly, "Right enough, I do think: but perhaps a bit of a light touch is called for, at least at first. She's an intelligent girl, perhaps too much by half. I try not to be too direct. Already so worried about marrying well, I think what she needs is some breathing room." She smiles, "With a little help, of course."

A whistling might be heard through the closed library doors, a short time after the ladies enter. It stops immediately on the doors opening, and Dalaigh slips in; he's been in trouble before for forgetting himself and starting to whistle while studying. It's why he does rather a lot of his studying outdoors. He likes his thumbs and NOT being hung from them. His eyes cast about as he moves to the front desk, setting a book up to be returned.

"Sounds reasonable," agrees Lois, frowning at some tiny flaw in her complexion. Powder, powder. "I s'pose we could always talk to some of the older Ravenclaws about giving her a little… gentle guidance." Another frown, and the girl adds, quietly aggrieved, "She's been trying to /avoid/ me. Am I coming on to strong, do you think?" Powder, powder. Finally satisfied, Lois closes her compact with a muted 'click', then reaches up to retrieve the mirror.

Celes makes her way through the shelving, her path marked by a faint, raising cloud, thickening at points where she stops for any length of time. The girl emerges a few minutes later and sets the two books she's grabbed on a far table. Keeping her eyes down, she takes a seat.

Gabrielle sets her items down on the table closest to the Muggle Studies and will start looking at titles of books, head tilted to read them better. she's kinda got her arms wrapped around herself, almost like she's hugging herself.

As his blue eyes scan the room, Dale notes persons of interest. A couple of birds by CoMC. The odd cloud seeming to follow a younger student around garners a raised eyebrow. And then, oh it's a housemate! Dalaigh slips quietly over to where she sits, dropping uninvited into a chair at the table, and hissing across, "Alright, Gab?"

Est lifts his head, social senses tingling. He casts about, and spots Gabrielle. "Hey Evans!" A chorus of shhh'ing makes him duck his head in apology. "Hey Evans," he tries again, in a carrying stage whisper that is only marginally more quiet than the last.

Mabel tilts her head to her cousin. "You? Oh, I expect much of that may come from Aunt Lilian's ideas. Grandmother still seems to hold out some hope for Mummy, I suppose. Youthful indiscretion, some posh like that. Or, well, who knows, really. There's no sense doing exactly what Aunt Edyth will have told the girl to avoid us all for. I just don't want to see her hurt before she really finds her own way." She glances up a little as someone mentions Gabrielle, keeping her voice in a hush, distracted a moment as the puffing clouds on her chart have kept moving. She takes up an equally-confusing-looking slide rule, and looks over to her preening cousin. "I think we ought to see if she's tempted to actually be a child while she can, already trying to be the little lady." Mabel's one to talk: though fanciful, she'd been prone to do just the same, in her own way.

Gabrielle will look over and open her mouth, in what one would assume to be a greeting to Dale, when Est makes his presence known. Gabby will visible cringe,tightening her grip around her midsection and give a soft "Prince" in his direction in hopes that will be enough.

Celes hunches down as much as possible as she reads, not removing the scarf wrapped around the lower part of her face, as if cold. Steam continues to raise from her head as she opens the first of her looks 'a history of pre-history'.

"Grandmother can go roll a /hoop/." Lois's nose wrinkles in disgust. "But I think you're right, Mabel. It just annoys me - and Leona might be in Ravenclaw with her, but she's useless at this sort of thing, so there's no hope of getting her to h - hm." Celes, and her cloud, attract her attention. Prefect Senses… tingling. "'Cuse me, coz." Pausing only to join in the chorus of 'ssh's at Est - plus the addition of a small scowl - she rises from her seat and steers course towards the First Year.

The fairly loud first greeting from Est draws Dalaigh's attention. Gabrielle's reaction to it keeps Dalaigh's attention. One dark brow raises as he watches the girl seem to draw more into herself as she returns the barest of greetings. The young gypsy leans forward, his voice hissing again with it's Irish lilt. "'E botherin' ya, Gab? Jus' say t'word an' I'll 'ave somethin' t'say about it."

Est considers that an opening. He abandons his "study materials" to join Gabrielle and Dalaigh. "How's it going, alright? Hullo," Est says, giving a little nod to Dale. He's not whispering, but it's a raspy sort of speaking that still carries well enough to be heard by any one within 500 meters.

Feeling eyes on her, imagined or real, Celes strives to sink farther down in her chair and seems to be trying to pull her head into her torso like a turtle. The effort to disappear makes her posture so awkward that it makes her stand out more. She peers out over the cover of her book momentarily at the increase in volume of the room.

Mabel gets one of those winning smiles, as though contemplating the chances of actually inducing their grandmother into a hoop-rolling contest or some such, tapping the chart with her wand to move an animated model of a wizarding galleon, following her cousin with her eyes, and hrming, before looking over to Gabby and the boys, with a slight wave, and then back. "Early cold season this year, it does seem." she murmurs to herself.

Gabrielle will look over, a little surprised at what Dale said and whisper back with a little smile, "No…it's ok. That'll just make him worse." She'll turn back to the book shelf, and then consciously unwrap her arms and straighten her back, like she's trying to steel herself before Storm Est shows up….and then he does. "Do you need something Prince?" She's trying to sound neutral…trying anyway.

"Prince, shove a sock in it. This is a library!" Hissed warning aside, Lois doesn't even give Est the courtesy of more than a five-second narrow-eyed stare and a 'I'm /watching/ you' gesture, and she doesn't stop walking while she's doing it. She's got a different target in mind. Like magic the scowl has vanished the moment she's within two feet of Celes, a sympathetic smile taking its place. "Pepperup, huh? You feeling alright, Celes?"

Dalaigh gives Gabrielle a somewhat dubious look as she reassures him, but she still doesn't exactly look pleased when Est joins their table. He gives the other boy a measuring look, nodding a greeting. Dale then slips a hand into a pocket of his robes. As he's withdrawing the hand a moment later, a ball slips out and bounces next to him. "Ah bugger all," he mutters quietly, making a swipe for the orb with one hand. Apparently there's some sort of enchantment to it, as it evades his grip and bounces away, between some of the stacks of books. Dale's face clouds with anger at that cheeky little thing, and he gets up and hurries after it, trying not to draw anyone's attention. He disappears down the stacks in pursuit, a few colourful Irish Gaelic curses that he learned from Colton trailing quietly behind him.

Celes face turns crimson in embarrassment when she sees the older student approaching. Not just any student either, on of her prefects. "Y, yes, I." She stammers through her scarf. Reluctantly she pulls it down and releases a fresh cloud of steam from her ears, "I am. I am now at least." She insists, "I'm sorry, I was wondering if I should avoid the library. I'm sorry if I damaged any books. I tried to cover it." She rambles, guilt making her talkative.

Gabrielle gives a look as her savior disappears out of sight. She'll turn back to the books and pull out a rather thick, boring looking book titled," Muggle Currency and it's Uses" and will sit down at the table and open the book with a sigh.

Lois merely smiles consolingly at Celes' discomfort, pulling out a chair at the Firstie's table and taking a seat. "Stay away from the more delicate books, that's all. Most of the things you Firsties read are charmed against all kinds of troubles, y'know." In an especially low voice, the older girl adds, with a grin: "I had a jammy-fingers tendency when I was younger, is how I know." Sitting back in her seat, she flicks a glance at the departing Dalaigh, and back towards Mabel, then returns her attention to Celes. "Just start feeling under the weather today?"

Est beams at Lois when she calls him out, raising a hand in greeting. Hi prefect, nothing unruly or obnoxious here, move along, have a pleasant day. Returning his attention to Gabrielle, he pauses with his mouth open. A flicker of doubt crosses his face, and his voice is softer for once. Still in the upper range of acceptable for libraries, but he is at least no longer shouting like his conversation partner is at the other end of a quidditch pitch. "Well, no, nothing in particular. Just seein' how you're doing." He cranes his neck to get a look at the book she's reading. "What's that for? Um, Muggle studies?"

Mabel lets her cousin tend to the self-conscious junior Gryffindor, looking up from the moving nautical chart and books to glance over to Gabrielle to be sure she's not actually being bothered. She dips a quill and, flipping some pages, starts making some brief notes in a leather-bound blank book of her own.

Celes silently nods in acknowledgment to most of what Lois says, having to fight the urge to stick her fingers in her ears. She does smile at the mention of 'jammy-fingers'. "Ya, professor Merrythought caught me coughing. I told her I didn't mind a little cold, but she insists since I would spread it all over the castle."

Gabrielle will look up, eyebrows raise in disbelief. Upon closer examination, she has dark circles under her eyes, like she hasn't slept much. She'll look back down at the book,pausing for a moment before answering, "I had a weird dream last night. Just checking into something."

"Merrythought's a dear," murmurs Lois, nodding approval at the professor. "Don't worry so much about the steam, or try so hard to hide it. I know it's conspicuous, but you should see the Great Hall in the middle of February." She grins. "Like flying over Bristol, with all the smokestacks!" The prefect takes a brief moment to give Gabrielle and Est a careful look, gauging for trouble, before adding, a trifle distractedly: "But if you're worried about it, Madam Patel will let you check that out and read in the common room, no doubt."

Mabel muses a little, before getting up and making her way Gabrielle's way, with a quiet nod of greeting for the two there, and at least pretending to peruse some titles, queries, "Dreams of Muggle fortunes, is it, Gabrielle?"

"Really? I'm great at dreams!" With effort, Est reins in his enthusiasm. "Ah, if you wanted to tell me, I could maybe tell you what it means. Course, not all dreams mean stuff, sometimes they're just dreams not Dreams, and then you don't have to worry because they don't mean anything." Est narrows his eyes, it's not quite a shrewd look, Est is not subtle enough for that, but he is noticing Clues and Putting Pieces Together.

Even if the books are probably stacked magically most of the time, it does make good work for a student that needs it. At least, Gage is supposed to be stacking books the mundane way, but he kind of got distracted. A book that just happened to fall into his hand (oh yes, just 'fell' right into his hands) is now opened and his head is bowed as he reads. "Are you still working in there?" One of the librarian's assistances steps towards to shelves to check. The question draws the boy back out of the book, and remembering his task, quickly picks up the stack of books that he had set down, coming out of the shelves and around the front of another, starting to stack the pile of books in the new section.

Gabrielle looks between Mabel and Est, "No…it wasn't like that." and she'll close the book. "Not a Dream, just a dream."And she'll start to stand up, looking a little nervous.

With Celes settled (and steaming) over her reading, Lois takes her leave from the First Year's table, smiling good-naturedly. It's a smile that rapidly vanishes once she catches a glance of Gabrielle's expression: the prefect's brows furrow, and she immediately makes tracks in Mabel, Est, and Gabrielle's direction. "Something up?"

Mabel ohs, to Lois, saying, "I don't …think so, Lois? " She has a glance to Gabrielle, to see if she's all right, whatever's on her mind. Then has a thought, looks up, and says, "Ah, I for Iberia, not P for Portugal." A book drifts out of its shelf and down where she can take hold of it. To Gabby she says, "Well, I wouldn't be surprised, either way, it's not like there aren't some worries in that regard."

A line appears between Est's eyes and he clenches his jaw - an irritated look, though it's direct towards himself not Gabrielle. "Wait, no, don't leave," Est pleads. He casts a helpless and confused look towards Lois.

Gabrielle looks even more nervous with everyone's eyes on her.she shakes her head, "No, everything's fine, Lois." She'll turn to Mabel, clearly confused, "What?" and will glance down at the book, clearly torn between getting out of this situation, and getting her answers….and then she'll slowly sink back into her seat, her Ravenclaw-ness winning out.

The Ravenclaw girl gets a long, contemplative look from Lois, who is evidently not entirely sure she buys it - especially with that helpless look from Est to raise her eyebrows. But, with a small shrug, the prefect chooses to roll with it. "Worries in what regard, Mabel?" Taking a few steps away (to give Gabrielle some space to breathe), the prefect casts a weather eye over the library. Gage, bookstacking, briefly catches her attention.

Mabel indicates Gabrielle's book. "Something to do with a dream about Muggle money, I gather?" She gives Gabby a questioning glance, then shifts the one cradled in her own arm, to fuss in blazer pockets, "I've usually got a few kinds, just in case, doesn't mean much here, of course, just an old traveller's habit. She ahs, and takes out a little purse with a billfold, "They use paper, as well as coins, believe it or not. Care to take a look?"

Est slumps back in his chair, wearing a dangerously introspective look. He stands up suddenly, once again wearing his customary magnamonious smile. "Good day friends, I'm afraid I must be on my merry. Evans, I do hope you have a more restful night." He strides purposefully out of the library, whatever he was "studying" long forgotten at another table (truthfully, Est forgot about it as soon as it left his line of sight).

The book almost completely forgotten, Gabby will turn towards Mabel,obviously interested, "Why would they use paper?that's weird." Gabby will look to watch Est leave, but not make any effort to say anything to him. She'll roll her eyes and go back to looking at the money Mabel's showing her.

"Goodbye, Prince. Behave yourself, alright?" Lois watches the Hufflepuff leave, before shooting Mabel an amused look. "You and your Muggle Studies things… 'Cuse me, you two. I really ought to be getting back to my books. See you around, Gabrielle!" With a parting smile, the Sixth Year pivots on a heel and starts back towards her former table, and the books that lie in wait.

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