(1937-09-29) Artful Kiddies
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Summary: A broom maker returns to Hogsmeade after many years away, Hogswarts Students are enjoying a Hogsmeade weekend, and it all comes down to butterbeer, brooms, artistic talent, and a drunk rich kid who bring them all together.
Date: Sat Sep 29, 1937
Location: Hogsmeade
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Three Broomsticks Pub

Despite the obvious patina of age, The Three Broomsticks has a warm, inviting ambiance. This character the pub has attained is, no doubt, thanks to the years it has been steeped in the environment of this particular village. Just one evidence of the village's influence on the pub can be seen in the dark paneling inside the building. The wood was once the outer walls of the home that housed Hogsmeade's founding family. Put to good use once again after the founding family bequeathed it to the pub, the paneling has served the pub just as well as it once served Hogsmeade's founders. The Three Broomsticks has flourished under its current proprietor and is always open and ready for a customer or visitor.
The dark wood surface of the floor glows with a polished sheen from much cleaning, and exposed ceiling rafters, which appear to be original, cross the ceiling in tidy squares. Wood tables of varying sizes litter the room, and matching chairs are scattered among them. Several secluded booths fill up the space along one wall. A flavorfully aged mahogany bar takes up most of the space near the back wall with a series of mirrors and shelves of varying heights hanging behind it. Those shelves behind the bar are lined with memorabilia depicting the life and people of the village as well as items which are special mementos to the pub's owner.

Gabby and Mabel have just come in, Mabel has mentioned it's good to get out every once in a while, and Gabby is looking around like she hasn't been here in ages.

Being the obnoxiously pretty rich kid that he is, Kaiden absolutely /loves/ Hogsmeade weekends. He's currently sitting at a table by himself with a few mugs of beer sitting in front of him, all but one of them empty. He's humming happily as he lays his head over the back of the chair.

Its like stepping back in time and being slapped with a fish that screams how old you are. There's a somewhat tall man who enters the establishment, he wears his grey trenchcoat on accounting of the freezing weather, tugging off gloves as he enters and keeping his head bowed, a grey fedora styled hat with a wide brim worn with a pair of round sunglass with dark green lenses. A little shimmy/shiver and he's tucking his gloves away in the messenger bag that hangs about hip level and he turns slightly, looking around and smiling slowly to himself. This is Laurence.

Mabel is settling to a table with Gabrielle, nodding to one of the innkeepers, as she takes a table with Gabrielle "Yes, two butterbeers, I think, thank you," she says, peeling off a pair of gloves.

Gabrielle will turn to Mabel, obviously catching what was said, and snap her mouth shut, like she was going to argue, then changed her mind. She'll shrug of her worn coat, and she has oversized thick grey sweater, same one from last night, that kinda hides her figure. As she sits,"So…do you know if anyone else is coming here, or is this a normal stop off on the rounds of Hogsmeade?"She's smiling, obviously trying to enjoy herself.

Kaiden is in a state of drunken bliss as he swings his hand back and forth, obviously to keep the timing of his song right, "Tim Finnegan lived in Watlin Street…a gentle Irishman might odd…with a brogue he spoke both rich and sweet…*mumble mumble mumble*"

Mabel looks over at Kaiden's outburst, and back to Gabby, "Oh, it really is. It's a bit of time out of the professors' eyes. Though," A glance back toward Kaiden. Again back toward Gabrielle, "One still has to be in at night, it wouldn't be wise to dip into the hooch so much."

Laurence makes his way to the bar, leaning a bit and smiling to the innkeeper as he quietly orders firewhiskey. "C'mon now luv…I'm sure you have a few, hm?" And it appears the 'few' he was asking for were a few cherries which he gets in a little shot glass and he accepts his full glass of firewhiskey with a murmured thanks before he turns to look around and he drifts towards Kaiden's table, eyeing the drunk young man and the glasses with a soft snort. "DID he now…now that's interestin' innit? So I'm assuming sense you're singing sonnets about Timmy, he must be your beloved beau…" The man's voice is smooth and low and it has faint hints of a scottish burr, but its more of a purr as he enunciates. He whistles sharply and settles down in the chair at the table as he sits down his drinks and just watches the young man from behind green lenses.

Gabrielle will glance over at Kaiden and nod to Mabel, "Yeah, I don't think that's going to be…"And she'll trail off as the unknown gentleman sits down with Kaiden She'll stand up sharply, "Come on!" and will grab Mabel by the arm and start walking towards Kaiden's table.

Kaiden snickers at Laurence and shakes his head, "Nooooooo. My love's name is Ophelia. She's just..the greatest thing in the world." He smiles warmly and takes another swig from his mug, sighing happily. His eyebrows furrow as Gabrielle marches over towards him, saying, "Hey, Gabby!"

Mabel seems to have been just working up a polite 'This is beneath our notice' sort of facial expression when Gabby fairly drags her toward the two. She defaults to attempting some composure while the two fellows say, …odd things.

Laurence is quiet as he continues to watch Kaiden with some concern but it doesn't keep him from turning his attention to the two young women who approach the table. He just takes a sip of his whiskey and gestures towards Kaiden. "I'm gonna go out on a limb…Hogwarts?"

Gabrielle will smile at Kaiden , "Hi Kaiden! Having fun?" she'll motion towards the empty glasses and sits down, between Kaiden and Laurence. She'll try to give mabel a discreet look, but it probably just comes across as a weird look.

Kaiden smiles at Laurence and says, "Aye, sir! Hogwarts indeed!" He looks back over to Gabrielle and says, "Oh, hey Gabby!" Did he just repeat himself? "He smiles brightly at her, saying, "Lemme get you something! I have money! What do you want?" He idly flags down someone to come take their orders.

Mabel nods to Kaiden, "Good of you: actually, we have some of those on the way, Sykes. But we'll join you, if you like." She peers a bit to make sure he's all right, then nods to Laurence, defaulting to the 'little lady' approach about the odd, rather tall individual. "It's so, though: we'll see him right, Mr….?"

Laurence hms softly and picks up his glass of whiskey and his little glass of cherries, nodding politely to the young women when Mabel talks about seeing to their school mate and he nods to Kaiden as well. "Just Laurence…Good school, stay out of trouble, hm?" He lifts his glass in a bit of a salute before getting to his feet and moving to another table, to allow the students to interact. He settles back down in a corner, slumping comfortably against the wall and sipping his drink.

Gabrielle answers, "You don't need…" ss he waves the waitress over.She'll then nod an ok, and look to Laurence as he walks to the other table. Glancing at Mabel and shaking her head with a shrug, she'll look at Kaiden, "Why are you here by yourself?"

Kaiden looks over at Laurence, saying, "Why you leavin'?" He just shrugs and his eyes return to Gabby, saying, "Oh…I don't know, really. I could've sworn I had somebody here with me." He peers around, scratching his head.

"Not leaving!" Laurence's voice is a bit louder, even if he's not shouting, just modulating the volume to carry it would seem. "Just relocating…far be it for me to get in the way of progress." He gestures towards the two girls before popping a cherry into his mouth and chewing slowly before giving Kaiden the thumbs up. And yes, he leaves those glasses on for now.

Gabrielle will raise her eyebrows at Kaiden's look around. The waitress will bring over the two Girls Butterbeers and take Kaiden's order. As this is happening, Gabby will look over to Laurence and shake her head no, when he gives the thumbs up.

Kaiden waves the waitress off and shakes his head, "No thanks, love. I think it's time for me to start sobering up a bit." He smiles charmingly at the woman and returns his eyes to Gabby, saying, "How have you been, Gabs? Things going alright for you?"

Laurence adjusts his hat and tosses the rest of his drink back, exhaling shakily before carefully pouring the rest of his cherries into a folded napkin which is stashed in his pocket. He carefully gets to his feet, leaving the money for the drink on the table with a little extra and he heads for the door.

Gabrielle will look down at her butterbeer, and run a finger around the rim. She'll smile softly as she gets froth on her finger, "Things are going exactly how they always are for me."And she'll look up and smile."But, I have a buttebeer,"Lifting the mug up some, "and am going to enjoy it while I do!"she'll stick her finger in her mouth and pull it out with a pop, and raise her glass the rest of the way, "To surviving my OWLs, in some way shape or form!"

Kaiden chuckles at her and raises his empty glass with a cheer, "To the OWLs!" He sets the glass back down and smiles across at her, "Oh, they're not that hard, really. Even I passed them!"

East High Street

This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the eastern portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be. All of the buildings along High Street are very acute when it comes to their roofs. Each roof outfitted with one or more extremely tall brick chimneys that sometimes are twice the height as the actual building.

Outside of the Three Broomsticks, Laurence stands idly lighting a clove cigarette, standing out of the direct path of entrance and there's that brief glow of the match in the dim light and then the soft exhale that sends smoke wisping about. He takes a drag off the cigarette and looks up towards the sky as he exhales another cloud of smoke, lashes lowered and the glasses with the dark green lenses are still worn.

Gabrielle will softly open the door, and slink out, looking almost relieved to get out of the Three Broomsticks. She'll give a sigh of relief and tighten her worn coat around her, she'll scan the street and see Laurence standing there, she'll debate for a moment, then make her way over,"Sir?I'm sorry I interupted your conversation, it's just Kaiden's kinda dumb on his good days, and likes to flash his money around….and drunk, who knows what he'd do."She'll look up at him, hoping she's not being insulting.

Laurence is quietly puffing away when suddenly there's a small person beside him and he has to turn slightly to look at Gabrielle, eyebrow raising as he listens closely and then his lips curve in a small smile. "Kaiden then…the name of the the drunk boy singin' 'bout his Timmy?" He shrugs a shoulder, cigarette gripped between two fingers as he flicks a bit of ash off. "Dun worry, flash your money around long enough while swimming through beer and well…you end up drowning in your own wealth." He intones solemnly before chuckling softly. "Its good that you're lookin' out for him…is he a housemate?"

Gabrielle will roll her eyes, "Merlin no! He's….of interest to someone in my house, so feel responsible." She'll shrug, "And just because he's an idiot, doesn't mean I want him hurt." She'll shove her hands into her jacket pockets as she glances at his assorted jewelry, "That's…interesting." she'll motion with her head at a necklace.

Laurence ahhs softly. "Then you'll be either a black birdie or maybe a lion? Possibly a Hufflepuff, but didn't see you pay too much close attention to all the drinks and such." He exhales another wispy cloud of smoke before looking down to his chest and his necklaces, ahhing as hooks a thumb under one of the leather cords, sliding the finger down to the feather on it. "Yeah…got mugged by a sea hawk while eating a kabob, bloody bird was relentless so I ended up giving it my food and I took a few feathers in return…"

Gabrielle will raise her eyes, "Well, that's the first time anyone's ever actually thought I /was/ a Ravenclaw," she'll smile, "But yes, I am. Gabrielle Evans, 5th year." she'll lean in to look closer at the necklace, "Neat! So…are you a sailor?" She'll look a little sceptic at the idea, and will actually look him up and down.

"You can always tell a Ravenclaw…" He lets the cigarette dangle between his lips as he pushes his coat sleeve up and rolls his shirt sleeve up a bit so he can show Gabrielle the Raven he has tattooed there, it's a small tattoo on the inside of his right wrist. Then Laurence pushes the sleeve back down and quickly removes the cigarette from between his lips so he can exhales the smoke. "Hm? Sailor? Nah…I've been on boats though, salty messes though…lots of water and burning eyes, men that smell like cheese." He makes an exaggerated 'ew' face. "Then there's those cots where you have to sleep so close to others you can count the toe hair of the person beside you." He sighs dramatically before coughing and shaking his head. "Not a sailor, but I've seen many a sea."

Gabby smiles, obviously happy with the connection she has with this interesting gentleman. "Oh wow." Laugh at his discription and then she looks a little bit confused, "If you're not a sailor, what are you?" she'll tilt her head.

Laurence looks thoughtful, tilting his head to the side. "I'm…" He tries to find a word. "Well you're a Ravenclaw, give me three words for complicated, exotic and or…special?"

Gabby'll frown slightly and then her face will light up, "Oh! Are you an art dealer?" She looks ecstatic at the idea, and will actually take a step towards Laurence.

Smoke curls from his nostrils as he flicks a bit of ash to the side, an amused grin. "Somethin' like that lassie…" Laurence idly brushes something from his chin with the back of his hand before he flicks a card from up his sleeve, offering it to the girl. "I deal with art and I live with art…because art can only find a form when its being used." The card is a soft grey color and there's a broomstick on the card that changes colors 'Every Broom Speaks To Its Rider' 'Laurence Toulson - Broom Maker' is what the card says and he gives a little nod. "And what of you wee one, are you an artist?"

Gabby face will fall slightly as she looks at the card, And then she'll smile brightly again, "So, kinda like how wands are specific to the wizard?" and she'll nod, "Well, I don't know if I'd say I'm an artist yet, but I'd like to be."

Laurence gives a little nod to Gabby. "Yes…kinda like that. I make 'em, I paint 'em….I customize them for who they will belong to." He shrugs a shoulder and then gestures towards various buildings in the area with a sweep of his hand. Then he looks back to Gabby. "You pay attention to detail and you lit up like a sunbeam when art was mentioned. You don't become an artist, you're born an artist darling…its what you do with your gift that will shape who you'll be."

Kiefer is not lost. He most assuredly is not! He's just aimlessly wandering. Aimlessly wandering in hopes that he aimlessly wanders in the general direction of the Three Broomsticks… It's not like this is his first time here. Oh no! He's been…at some point. Not the first weekend, cuz he was busy. Last year? He's…sure he wasn't /always/ working on some project and opting to stay back at the quieter castles where interruptions are few. Sigh. The tall teen pushes his hands into the pockets of the jacket he wears over his sweater. With a cap on his head, he moves at a meandering pace, glancing at shop windows, eyeing tempting offers behind the glass. He eventually turns a corner and…behold! His expression brightens upon spying the 'Sticks, and he heads that way, spotting a familiar and not so familiar face the closer he gets.

Gabrielle is far to focus on the man in front of her to notice anyone, unfortunately. she'll blush at the compliment and look down, "Well, I guess all I have to do is survive the next two years, then I can go do what I want….Do you think,I mean, if it's not weird, that I could get your opinion on some my stuff? My aunts say I'm good, but they want me to be a healer or something…."She doesn't sound pleased with this idea.

Laurence squints a bit as he notices Kiefer approaching and he looks back to Gabrielle with a small nod. "Two more years hunh? Well don't rush through 'em…trust me, you'll miss them when their gone." Then he blinks and takes another drag off his cigarette before nodding slowly to Gabrielle. "I wouldn't mind at all, you make some drawings of stuff that flies and I'll even put a few up in my shop when its finished."

Kiefer's eyes glance to the Broomsticks, but once he's closer to the two conversing people, he can't help but slow. Nosy? Inquisitive? Hey, maybe he's just stopping because he sees a friend! Or acquaintance. Whatever. His eyes follow the gray of the cigarette smoke as its exhaled, lifting, lifting til its gone. "Hello," he offers to them both once his eyes have lowered again, stopping first upon the unfamiliar wo- no.. strike that. The unfamiliar man to linger a moment, before turning to Gabrielle to smile. "Happy Hogsmeade weekend."

Gabrielle looks down at her arm , "No, I'm pretty sure I won't miss it." And her head will snap back up to look at Laurence, "Really? Oh!I can do that!" She'll turn to smile at Kiefer, "I have to do some brooms!" She sounds super excited! she'll actually grab ahold of Kiefer's sleeve and tug on it slightly.

Laurence looks to Gabrielle with a fond expression before he nods politely to Kiefer in a greeting and then back to Gabrielle. "Aye, just send me an owl. If you do have a two year plan, might as well start showin' stuff." He's standing outside of the Broomsticks, smoking a clove cigarette and talking to Gabrielle and now Kiefer as well. He's still wearing that hat with the wider brim and the glasses with the dark green rims.

Blink. Wait.. what. "Brooms?" /oNw/ Kiefer looks confused. Totally miffed! Why is she so excited about brooms? He can see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, and even feel it! Likely because of the sleeve tugging. "Erm…I have brroms that you can…uh…do." He has no clue what that means, but hey, if it makes a friend happy, have at it! "We've plenty of brooms at home. Straw brooms. Thick bristled. Pretty good sweepers. I could ask my mother if she could send one," he offers, though he sounds a bit unsure. "…May I ask why you need a broom? And what two year plan?"

Still smiling, Gabrielle'll turn back to Laurence, "I will! You'll get it /way/ before 2 years, don't worry!" Still grinning , almost giggling, "Laurence , if he likes my art, is going to hang it! In his Broom shop!" she'll still have ahold of Kiefer's sleeve, and will hold up a business card with he other hand. she seems to not have heard the second question."

Mabel ducks out of the Three Broomsticks, coming on up to where Gabrielle and the tall fellow are, excusing herself with a "Terribly sorry, couldn't get away." She looks between the two.

Laurence offers a hand to Kiefer. "Where are my manners young man, my apologies. The name's Laurence Toulson, master broom maker and former Hogwarts student…don't mind me, when I see flickers of potential I just get to fanning the flames." He smiles a bit as he flicks ash to the side with the hand that still holds the cigarette." He looks to Mabel when she makes her appearance. "Don't be sorry, for now you're here…" A pause. "But unless ya be heading somewhere warm or back to Hogwarts, /why/ are ya all flocking outside? I'm rather grateful for the company but won't be fittin' for you wee lads and lassies to be gettin' sniffly."

"So .. you don't need a broom then?" questions Kiefer to Gabrielle as she clarifies things. Sort of. A mental note is made to forget the mental note he made about owling his mother for a broom. His brows lift a little as Gabrielle continues though, and his attention shifts to Laurence as he speaks. Oh, now he's really starting to understand! A look of dawning touches his face. "Ooh. I see now. A master broom maker?" he smirks to Gabrielle. "It'd be an honor to have your art shown in his shop. Good luck," he offers. "I was heading inside," is said to Laurence. "Was. Oh, sorry. My name's Kiefer. Kiefer Vaughn."

Gabby will grin at Mabel and make a high pitched happy noise, and tell Kiefer, "I know!" She'll grin and then realize she has ahold of Kiefer's jacket and will drop her hand, although the smile doesn't leave her face.

Mabel hrms, seeming just unsure the general thrust of the conversation, as she glances over to Gabrielle, but gives a smile to Gabrielle, and affirms, "She's a very good hand at drawing, if I do say," she says, and notes, "I've heard the name, Mr. Toulson. What brings you aroung Hogsmeade? A new line of sport brooms, perhaps?"

Laurence mmhms softly before peering at the sky. "Nice to meet you Mr Kiefer, Miss Gabrielle, Miss Mabel." He fixes his gaze on each student as he says their name before taking one last puff off his cigarette and letting it drop to the ground, grinding it out with the heel of his boot. "M' opening a shop soon, we'll see where it'll be but its a bit of a secret just now…you three can keep secrets can't ya not?" He has to ask, looking from person to person. "There'll be brooms and opportunities galore for those who pay close attention to their schoolin' a strive to be productive witches and wizards."

Kiefer doesn't seem to have minded the holding of his sleeve. It doesn't seem as if he took any notice to it, in fact! But what he does see is how excited Gabrielle is about all of this. Hopefully it goes the way she planned! He looks to Mabel now, only noticing her arrival now, and the other girl is offered a friendly smile and a, "Hello" from him. But a curious look is now given to Laurence. "Why a secret?" he questions. "Wouldn't you want everyone to know? Y'know … to build excitement?" In regards to what Laurence said last, he nods. Be productive!

Gabby's smile will fade some, but not completely, and her left hand will almost unconsciously go to her right forearm. She'll nod, but not say anything.

Mabel nods, gathering that someone must have mentioned her name, specifying, "Hawker, Mabel Hawker," she introduces properly, then nods concedingly to Kiefer. "But I'd agree, alll other things being equal, it's no time for secrecy, if you're to be opening a shop. Rumor has it there's a new Comet model coming out soon, and there's a certain number of us waiting to see what they come up with before a purchase." She might include herself in that category, for whatever reason.

"Well aren't the best secrets the secrets that folks don't know are secrets?" Laurence has to ask before he gives a little shake of his head. "Psh, Comets…decent brooms but named after things that might streak fast across the cry but don't really go anywhere do they? I don't expect you all to keep it a secret, in fact, you can feel free to tell those who you wanna 'bout a broom maker who's finally come to town." Then he looks back to Gabrielle. "Alright then, no need to dawdle out here freezin' ya pinky toes off."

"I don't know much about brooms," Kiefer admits, though he doesn't sound ashamed to say so. "I don't own my own. I'll use a school one for Quidditch. Whichever those are." Comets. Cupids. He knows now difference! "Maybe when your shop is open, on another Hogsmeade weekend, we can all stop by and see what you have. And then, you can teach me a thing or two or .. three about broomsticks." A smirk. "We'll spread the word. You'll have business in no time. Once you have a business, that is." His hands are stuffed further into his pockets. "I'll be heading in then," he says, glancing to the two girls. "I've a taste for something warm."

Gabrielle will smile again, "Ok, I'll send you an owl as soon as I can!" she'll offer her hand for a shake, "It was very wonderful to meet you!" She'll look at Kiefer for a moment, then Mabel as she's who she came with, "Do you want to go back in?"

Mabel nods to Gabrielle and Kiefer in turn, nodding, and having another look Laurence's way, before saying, "Do let's. I'd thought you might have dashed off, but it's nice enough inside."

Laurence thumbs the side of his nose and gives the children…well the teenagers a smile as he's following a middle-aged witch who passes by with his eyes but he's discreet, looking back to his companions. "Go on in, talk, get the butterbeer in before ya have to go back to school." Two more cards slide into his hand from up his sleeve and he offers one to Mabel and one to Kiefer before shaking Gabrielle's hand with a soft squeeze. "Take care."

Kiefer smirks again as he watches Laurence, though blinks as the girls eem willing to go inside with him. "Really?" How nice of them! His grin broadens now. Butterbeer with friends does sound better than butterbeer alone… even if Mabel isn't exactly a friend. But who knows! She may be. The offered card is taken and eyed before its slipped into the pocket of his jacket. "Thanks, an' good luck again," he offers with a wave of his hand before he steps to the door and pushes it open. Ladies first and all that!

Gabby waves, and then will walk through the door.

Laurence watches the students head in, after all they have a taste for something warm. He adjusts his coat, making his way across the street and heading towards the Candy Shop where the older witch entered. He…however, has a taste for something sweet.

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