(1937-09-29) Falcon Punch!
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Summary: Theodore delivers a super-effective blow to Leander.
Date: September 29, 1937
Location: Slytherin Boy's Dormitory
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Even the Boy's Dormitory has the same low ceilinged, dungeon-like atmosphere. Ancient four poster beds that creak and moan even empty at times are spaced out quite a bit and antique tapestry, many of which depict adventures of Slytherins of old hang on the walls as well as hang in the spaces between the beds to add all the more privacy. Merlin, a Slytherin House Alumni, is depicted more often than not on these tapestries. Within these tapestry cubicles besides the bed is a writing desk, low dresser and above each desk a display case and shelves are mounted for the resident's achievements to be displayed. Silver lanterns provide cool illumination.

Theodore is sitting on his bunk. He's wearing his quiditch workout sweats and sneakers, but he's shirtless, as he tends to be around the dorms and common rooms. His left leg is bouncing nervously, and his arms are folded over his chest.

Leander walks into the dormitory slowly, abandoning a huge stack of books on his bed before he sits down and clasps his hands to his forehead. He doesn't pay much heed to anyone else in the room just yet, seemingly lost in his thoughts. The Sixth Year remains in this position for several seconds before sitting back up and grabbing one of the books, which he flips open and sets on his lap. It's at this point that he notices Theodore; he examines his classmate, then nods politely to him.

Theodore watches Leander closely as he moves his books around. He tilts his head just a little, and he stands. "Hey," he says quietly, taking a few steps towards Leander. "Which one are you? You two look so much alike…"

Leander begins browsing his book, but his head goes up to study Theodore again when the other boy stands. His hand twitches towards his waist, and an odd look crosses his face. "I'm Leander," he states plainly.

Theodore nods, "Okay." He furrows his brow a little, "You hear about Ria? Crazy what happened to her arm, huh?" he says with a little smirk.

"It was highly unfortunate," Leander responds in even tones, fully focused on the other boy at this point. He off-handedly shoves the book from his lap, sending it tumbling to rest with its pages open on the bed. "Why do you ask?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Theodore=fighting Vs Leander=awareness
< Theodore: Great Success Leander: Success
< Net Result: Theodore wins - Solid Victory

Theodore tilts his head a bit, "It WAS highly unfotunate." And then he balls his fist and throws all his weight into punching Leander right on the cheek. It's a jock punch, thrown hard and with some experience, his face twisting into a bit of a snarl as he takes the swing. He scowls as soon as he strikes, "Leave her alone," he says, sternly.

Yeah, Leander's not a jock. He's not even that solidly built, for that matter, and he's not quick enough to get out of the way. The force of the blow sends him sprawling back on the bed, and his hand goes up to his face as his cheek starts to swell immediately. "/Idiot/," he hisses, his hand going to wand immediately. Through sheer force of will, he doesn't yank it out and hex his classmate. "You think Sykes will be happy with you when you lose another fifty points for Slytherin because of brawling?" His dark eyes flare, and his hand remains dangerously close to his wand, twitching. "Back away."

Theodore scowls, "If I lose 50 points, YOU lose 50 points." He shrugs, "So, maybe you should just agree to stay away from Ria and we can just keep this between us. No point loss necessary."

<FS3> Ripley rolls Awareness: Great Success.

Ripley makes his way into the doorway to hear the very last of the converasation but not the punch, "Stay away from Ria?" His brow is ip and he crosses his arms against his chest as he looks to his brother, "What's going on?" He asks and makes his way in a little further and looks to the wand in Leander's hand, "Careful." He speaks and reaches out to push it down .

"Back off, Dupont," Leander repeats, his tone sharp and threatening. "I have no quarrel with you, and I have no intentions of bothering Miss Sykes, as long as she doesn't do anything dangerous around me." He stares at the other boy, then his head snaps around at Ripley's approach. Shit. His cheek is still swelling up, and he stands, stuffing his wand back firmly into its holster and turning so that his twin can't see that side of his face. "Stay away from me, Rip." And, with that, he high-tails it out of the dormitory, robes flapping around his polished black shoes.

Theodore turns his head and follows Leander off with his glare, remaining where he stands, his fist still clenched. Looking at Ripley, he shrugs, "Nuthin's goin' on here." He turns, and moves back to his bunk.

Ripley watches as Leander goes off and then back to Theodore, "What about Ria?" He asks, those arms still folded across his chest, "What about her?"

Theodore shrugs, "He broke her arm. I told him to stay away from her." He lifts his brow a little, "I don't think that's unfair."

Ripley stands tall and keeps those arms folded, "Do you know how it happened? And are you allowed to speak for her?"

Theodore tilts his head, "Your brother broke a housemate's arm. A girls arm." He shakes his head, "Asking him to steer clear of her is the least any of us can do. I would have thought you'd agree." He stands, grabbing his shirt. "I'm late for my run."

Ripley lifts a brow, "They were practicing. I don't think it was on purpose." He then waves Theo off, "Go on then, run."

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