(1937-09-29) Slytherin Scheming
Details for Slytherin Scheming
Summary: Yet another one of the men in Ria's life confronts Leander about hurting her…but this encounter goes a little differently.
Date: 29 September, 1937
Location: Deeper Dungeons, Hogwarts
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Deeper Dungeons, Hogwarts Castle

Once past the Potions classroom the dungeon passages quickly start twisting and turning, doubling back on themselves and in general becoming confusing enough that someone without an intimate knowledge of their workings tends to end up right back where they started. As if the complexity was not enough the dungeon passageways are ill lit by guttering torches as well as being eternally chill. At the bottom edge of some of the walls found in the dungeon are carved with slithering depictions of snakes stretched out along the floor. In one dead end the snakes are carved up the corners of and edges of the dead end. On the flat of the dead end wall which there is a bas-relief of a man in medieval robs with a point goatee and a bald head. Most of the mans features have long been worn down. Dewy condensation glitters on his stony bald head.

It wasn't much trouble for Lucian to learn when Leander is usually heading back to the Slytherin common room after returning from Hogsmeade. He has a fair number of young groupies in the Dueling Club that feed him information when he needs it. In this case, his instructions were clear: Tell me when Leander's coming back to the castle. So, having gotten word from the Fourth Year, Terrence Tottswallow, he lingers in one of the side-passages of the labyrinth, just off of the route students usually take to get to the Slytherin dungeon.

Predictably, Leander comes down the passage precisely as expected, being punctual to a fault. He goes at a brisk pace, carrying a paper bag containing new robes he's just purchased from Gladrags. One of the dark-haired boys cheeks has a fading, purplish bruised; on top of that, his nose is also a bit swollen and his upper lip looks as if he's recently wiped blood off of it. Perhaps that helps to explain why he's moving at such a harried rate; he needs to head to the bathroom to clean himself up a bit.

Lucian casually steps out directly into Leander's path, arms crossed with a friendly smile on his face. "Hey there, Fox. Ouch, nasty bumps you've collected. Did you fall down the Grand Stairway, or something?" His tone suggests that he doesn't believe that suggestion for a moment.

Leander stops in his tracks when Lucian makes his presence known. He looks suddenly wary, but also resigned, somehow, and lets out a slight sigh. "Hello, Proudmore." After listening to the Prefect's obviously insincere questions, he lifts a hand to his face and touches his cheek gingerly. "Something like that."

"That must have hurt. I wonder if that's even close to what Ria felt." Lucian gives a beat for that to sink in. "We need to talk." He nods his head toward the side corridor he came from.

Though Leander's expression remains blank and his gaze cautious, a flush creeps up his cheeks. "I don't feel proud of hurting Aria Sykes or getting her into trouble. That was never my intention," he says in clipped tones. But he steps down the corridor nonetheless.

Lucian follows after him, his arms still crossed. "I know, Fox. But the fact is, you did hurt her, and you cost her a lot. Now, I'm not stupid. I realize she made her choice and was just as much a part of it as you were. But you got off easy. She's at risk of losing something very important to her. So, the way I see it, you owe her, and you owe your entire house."

Leander continues down the corridor slowly, stopping after some distance and glancing back to see how far down the Prefect plans on leading him. He nods at Lucian's words, his expression still guarded. "Yes, I agree. What are you proposing?" Once he's finished speaking, he turns and begins pacing slowly forward again, listening to the sound of Lucian's footfalls to determine when he should stop.

Lucian continues to coax him on, getting well away from the pain pathway through the labyrinth. "Ria has enough trouble to deal with right now. What she doesn't need is your meathead brother pawing at her. For her sake…and his…get him to back off."

Once he's moved on a little further, Leander turns slightly again, shooting the Prefect a look that could mean anything… but is probably suspicion. It's always hard to tell with his slate-blank face, though. Eventually, he turns back and continues onwards. "Ripley is, as you say, thickheaded when he wants to be. But getting him away from Sykes isn't necessarily something I object to."

Lucian finally uncrosses his arms, spreading his hands. "Perfect. So we're in agreement. You'll be doing them both a favour. Pull it off, and in return I'll make you look good to the house, so they can get past this and leave you alone."

Leander stands silently for a moment, weighing this, then nods to Lucian slowly. "Very well." He doesn't extend a hand to the other Slytherin, but allows a thin smile to form on his lips. "And we never had this conversation, of course."

Lucian gives Leander a baffled look. "What conversation?" The false confusion gives way to a smirk, and a bow of his head as he turns and walks back the way he came.

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