(1937-09-30) Doughnut Seeking
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Summary: At the best of Laurence, Mabel and Hephaesta (and Llewellyn, too) have a friendly Quidditch-inspired competition, to the entertain of other patrons of the Three Broomsticks.
Date: 30 September, 1937
Location: Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade is crawling with Hogwarts students taking advantage of their off-campus weekend, and the Three Broomsticks is no exception. Many tables are filled with youngsters sipping butterbeer, laughing, and talking about the latest Quidditch event or hit song on the wizarding wireless.

The newest arrival among those young sprouts is a wavy-haired brunette Fourth Year, walking with a limp and a click, whirrrr, click, whirrr. She pauses after coming in, scanning the crowd for familiar faces, and frowning slightly when she finds none.

Okay, so maybe he should've rethought this stopping first in Hogsmeade before making his way to London plan. It just holds so many memories for him…its hard to resist following through with his plan to stay the weekend in the town. Laurence can be found a table by himself, a glass of orange juice on his table along with a small shot glass of cherries. He has a very thin piece of transparent paper he's lowering over another piece of paper, each piece of paper he is laying in place has a different part of a broom on it, rough sketches. He's currently lining a broom shaft up with various head possibilities, subtle shift of his fingers against the paper sliding various options in place. A dark brown bag rests beside him. He wears his usual grey Trenchcoat, dark green lenses of his glasses still in place and a dark grey fedora with a wider brim perhaps in his attempt to conceal his identity, who knows.

Mabel makes her way in the door, carrying a little shopping bag with a few goose-quills peeking out, setting a stout cross-country broom on a rack by the door, and sweeps her eyes around the room much as Hephesta does, looking for a spot. By way of greeting the girl, she says, idly, "I do hope there's a mulled cider, it's such a day for it."

Hephaesta glances to Mabel, surprised at being addressed. But the friendly comment brings a subdued smile to her face. "That sounds nice." She looks around for an empty table, and spots one right by Laurence's. "Um…I only see one table. We could…sit together?" Her offer extended, she gives the girl another smile and makes her way to the table. As curious as any Ravenclaw, her eyes drift to Laurence's pages as she passes by. Broomsticks! Her curiosity is suddenly through the roof. Forgetting her manners, she leans over, staring at the drawings. "I don't recognize that broom…" she muses aloud.

Laurence's eyebrow raises as he hears a familiar voice but he doesn't look up from his work as he gently pushes the top layer a couple of inches with the fingertips of one hand while he other guides a sheet of paper with a grip on it into place. "Hello Miss Mabel, ya can tell the person at the bar that the drinks that you and your friend order will be on me." He greets the young lady again with the volume of his voice modulated to carry his repressed scottish burr of an accent, but its still gentle and purring. Then he blinks as he sees a shadow cast on his sketches, head tilting as he sees Hephaesta and smiles softly. "I'd hope not lass, or I'd be worried about harpies in my brain stealin' ideas."

Mabel smiles there. "Oh, most kind of you, Mr. Toulson, this is Hephesta Mulciber." She adds to Hephesta, "Mr. Toulson's a broom-maker, you might perchance have heard of his work." She settles into a seat there. "While I'm a bit of a fan of brooms, myself, I can't say I know overmuch about the design of them."

Hephaesta cannot help a little giggle at Laurence's harpy comment. Mabel's introduction sends her eyes wide. "You designed that? It's beautiful." She looks down at the sketch again with a sense of awe. "You've even shaped the bristles for optimized aerodynamics. A lot of broommakers completely miss that." It's true. The science of physics is a concept lost on most wizards.

"And I'm a fan of licorice but I'd be damned if I could make a batch on me own without singing my own eyebrows off." Laurence offers quietly to Mabel. "The design is the soul, the crafting is the body…but without the breath of life those who use 'em or like 'em give 'em…they'd be useless." He then turns his attention back to Hephaesta, eyes looking her over and taking note of little details and he smiles softly. "Aye, its like expecting a bird to fly without their feathers arranged in a very special way." He tips his hat. "M' Laurence Toulson, Miss Mulciber…"

Mabel nods, half-showingly. "It's certainly a streamlined age, I should say," she says, not surprised that the young Ravenclaw would have an input on the engineering. "I do suppose that's much of the art of it, though."

Hephaesta bobs a lopsided curtsey to Laurence (click! whirrr…). "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Toulson. I think the way you describe brooms is…is so poetic." Yeah, she's starting to go a little fangirl here. "Um…may I sit?" Despite that Mabel has taken a seat there, she is still barely acquainted and at least attempts to remember her manner.

There's a pause as Laurence here's the click and the whirr and he tilts his head to the side as he pushes a chair out with a foot. "Well well, a young lady with manners…and I didn't even have to wink." He gives her a warm smile. "And I find the way you were able to spot the aerodynamic elements of the design quite attention catching. Sit sit…what will you have to drink?" Then he looks over to Mabel. "It is an age where people believe…you can walk on one side of the road or the other. Keep the aesthetics and scrap the functionality or make the brooms so fast that they forget all about the beauty of working the wood itself. Before long you get mass production and everybody and their mum 'as the same broom…and all the brooms have the same name."

Mabel nods, the two having been invited to sit, after all: she peels off her gloves and settles her gabardine robe about her, helpfully adding, "Miss Mulciber has a reputation as something of an inventor at school, I understand. At least I can tell when something has nice lines."

Hephaesta smiles, even blushing a little as she takes the offered seat. She gives Mabel an appreciative smile at the recognition for her work. A Ravenclaw loves to be acknowledged for her accomplishments. "I'm…growing a broom." Mistress of the Awkward Segue, here.

"A last name like Mulciber and a first name heralding to the name of great Hephaestus, I would've been surprised to hear she was anything but accomplished on one sort of craftwork or inventing things. And yes Mabel, you have an eye for nice things…I can tell by your broom and your robes." Laurence, takes a pencil from his bag and idly twirls it between his fingers before blinking and staring at Hephaesta for a moment, brow furrowing and then he does something rare when he public he takes off those sun glasses he uses to hide his eyes and he just has to stare. "…ya be growing a broom?" Those distinct eyes not unlike the eyes of a Husky dog just stare.

Mabel looks rather impressed there: not really knowing Hephesta well, she hadn't heard her talents extended in that direction. "Growing one, that's certainly something new." And, nodding to Laurence's general complement, says, "I do think I may just have to acquire one for Quidditch the old-fashioned-way, if I end up filling in. I do like my old Saugatuck, but it's not really suitable for that."

Hephaesta stares for a moment at those striking eyes, as if momentarily hypnotized. Finally, she blinks and nods. "Yes…?" she replies uncertainly. "Professor Beery had us all choose a plant to care for this year, for Herbology. I…I decided to get a small tree, and try to groom it to be a broom even for it was cut." The volume of her voice decreases as she speaks, her embarrassment rising at how silly she must sound to this experienced broom crafter. "I thought…I thought that it would be a better broom if…if it was raised to be one."

"Everybody who plays Quidditch should start on a broom that's shi-…well of poorer quality. Make them cocky blighters who flash their brooms over their talent eat their words." A wry smile goes here as Laurence just makes a few modifications to the broom he's designing, changing the paper layer that has the grip on it, bottom lip caught between two teeth before he nods and his full attention is on Hephaesta as she explains and he just nods slowly, gesturing towards one of the servers and whispering softly with her for a few moments before giving a nod and looking back to Hephaesta. "All brooms start as a tree…just like all great wizards and witches start as a baby, you raise the tree up right, give it what it needs…you'll have a broom that'll be your best friend." He carefully snags his shot glass of cherries and tilts it towards Hephaesta, offering her one and then Mabel in turn.

Mabel ohs, Heph's idea rather made clearer. "Oh, well, that sounds well worth a try, at least. I doubt I'd have ever thought of it, but it stands to reason, now that you mention it." She nods to Laurence. "I've not been as dedicated as some to the sport as many, but do sometimes fill in. I've been planning on passing the old Comet I've been using for that on to one of my young cousins, though." She says, modestly, "Sometimes one needs what help from the broom one can get," and 'Oh, thank you's.'

Hephaesta's face lights up. Affirmation from a professional! "That's what I was thinking! Oh…and this boy, Kiefer, who is a genius at Herbology told me that I should talk to my tree, and that walnuts are very sensitive. But I figure that will also mean that a walnut broom will be very responsive…right?" Oh dear, is she sounding silly again? She meekly takes a cherry and pops it into her mouth to shut herself up.

"Perhaps…" Laurence replies to Mabel, tilting his head to the side as he takes a sip of his orange juice, rolling up the sheets he was working with and carefully slipping them into his bag. "But I do think passing down your broom is always a good thing to do…brooms like to be used, and loved." Then those eyes flick back over to Hephaesta as he considers the wood mentioned, eyes closing and lips moving as he mutters to himself in Greek softly and then he nods. "Walnut wood…it will be very responsive and will be able to weather things like strong winds and unexpected weather…there's also some belief that while it doesn't attract lightening or repel it, it does however withstand lightening strikes alot better than most woods and will work with its rider to avoid them. Speedy little buggers, but you have to have skill to ride them, and respect if you want to hit those speeds."
Eamon has disconnected.

Mabel nods, listening there to the more-expert discussion of broomcraft, adding, "It's always good for a broom to be weatherly, I think. Squalls tend to spring up where I often ride, it doesn't do to be blown too far off course."

Hephaesta nods safely, listening, giving Mabel a worried glance when she mentions getting blown around. "I'm a Seeker," her meekness gives way for a hint of pride. "I need that kind of speed and response time."

The woman Laurence had spoken to returns and what she brings to the table is a plate of powder sugar sprinkled donuts, probably jam or custard filled and Laurence turns to thank the server, gently catching her by the sash of her robes, tugging her closer and excuse him for a moment as he half-stands up to hand slipping to the back of her neck as kisses her softly, whispering something against her lips that leaves her blushing and bustling off.

Laurence settles back in his seat, eyeing the platter of goodies and looks between the two girls with a small smile. "Alright lasses, you say you play Quidditch? Then you have to have good reflexes, aye?" He tugs a wand from under his coat, its all whiteish and there are intricate carvings along the grip as he twirls his wand like a baton. "I'd be willing to help you all however I can with your broom woes and desires, if you're willing to take on a bit of a challenge."

Mabel tilts her head at the interestingly-phrased challenge, but the Gryffindor certainly has her interest piqued. "Well, I'll have to see. I've decided to drop Potions and stick to my strengths for the NEWTs, which means my marks should be good enough to play, if it's not too late, you see."

Hephaesta lifts her brow curiously (and maybe with a bit of worry). "What sort of challenge?" She eyes the doughnuts, her bemusement growing.

With her head in a book, only seeming to look up in order to avoid running into something or someone, Evelyn seems to have made her way into the Three Broomsticks without much problem. The only trick for her now would be finding a seat while still reading. Eventually, she gets herself to a table nearby to the table full of doughnuts and the people at it. She plops herself down in a seat and awaits the waiter to take her order.

Laurence isn't wearing his glasses so his eyes are on display for any and all to see, a flick of his wrist and a familiar utterance of words he has one…no two donuts levitating and he subtly gestures with his wand to sort have them hang like they are being dangled by strings. "You have to put your hands behind your back, can't grab it with your hands, only your mouth…when I used to do this, me Pa used to use pieces of burnt toast, but damn if it didn't make me better at seeking. For every donut you manage to snag, you get another month of free broom servicing and…well…who knows."

Gabrielle will sneak in, with a sketch book clutched to her chest.Gabby's dressed in her normal school outfit, with her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. She'll try to get to corner table to be able to people watch.

Mabel laughs a little at that, "Oh, why not," she says rather mirthfully, tucking her hair back, a little, and at a thought, arranges a scarf to catch the very-likely mess involved. "Though I suppose my money's on the Seeker."

Hephaesta blinks with no small amount of incredulity. "You want us to catch them in our mouths? I'll get powder all over my jumper."

Est enters the Three Broomsticks with one hand loosening the scarf around his neck. It's not that cold, for September, but it's chilly enough for Est to have bunded up. He's exchanged his school uniform for tailored wizard's robes in navy blue. The floating donuts have caught his attention and he steps away from the door to watch.

"Hmm, you know what Miss Mulciber, you are absolutely right…" Laurence looks like he's contemplating something, letting the donuts lower back down as he carefully shrugs out of his coat and he walks around the table to drape the long garment around Hephaesta's shoulder unless she moves. "Just button that up a bit. And if it makes you feel better…for every donut you catch…I have to eat one…" He tsks softly. "I think you'll out do me here though, me advanced age might have lowered my ability to partake in sweets…so if I'm sorely beaten, then you'll get to name your price." He grins and winks.

Mabel smiles. "Well, it sounds like a bit of fun," she smiles. "Being by no means an expert pastry-catcher, it should be safe enough."

"Seems impractical." Evelyn mutters, mostly to herself, being to shy to actually say things in a louder voice or to others most of the time. She flips a page in her book, glancing up only when a server comes. "I'll take a cup of tea, with a slice of lemon, one lump of sugar, and no cream. Thank you." Her eyes flick over to the table nearby with the doughnuts, recognizing at least one of her fellow classmates. For the moment, though, she just seems to shake her head.

Gabrielle finds a table and will open her sketch book as she looks around. She'll spot the group and raise her eyebrows and then shale her head. When a server comes by , Gabby will just shake her head no, and softly say,"I'm not getting anything, thank you."

Hephaesta looks a bit perplexed at first, but ultimately Laurence gets a grateful smile for protecting her clothing from the powder. "Well…okay. I'll try." This is going to be weird.

Laurence looks around, spotting Gabrielle. "Gabrielle, my Artistic little Angel, come…" He beckons her over with a hand. "I'm going to need somebody to feed me my lot of donuts…I'll also need some volunteers to be seconds, to help the others get their donuts with direction, after all Quidditch is a team sport." He laughs softly at the variety of different reactions he flicks that wand again, donuts levitating.

Mabel gives Hephaesta a mirthful wink, there. "I imagine it might be one way to motivate the teams, don't you think?" It appears the game at hand is… Bobbing for airborne donuts.

Est takes a seat at one of the small tables and orders a butterbeer and some food. He's well positioned to watch the action, and heckle.

Gabby will stand up, closing her sketch book, "what's going on?" She'll tilt her head and give a look to the floating pastries.

Hephaesta eyes one of the doughnuts hovering nearby, and when it dips low enough, she jumps to try to snag it in her teeth. The first try misses, but she spots another swoops in from her side. The young Seeker whirls to intercept…and has a mouthful of pastry!

"Quick and swift would be the way to get it." Evelyn says, pointing to one person at the table she'd know for certain, fellow Ravenclaw Hephaesta. She nearly smiles as her classmate gets it. This is, however, when her tea arrives. She bobs her head to the server. Squeezing the lemon lightly into her tea and then dropping it in, she begins to sip on it, taking a look at her book again.

The cool evening and her stomach rumbling is what drives Maudlin into the pub. Her blonde hair is covered with a grey scarf and her long wool coat hides her dress. In her hand she carries a book that has a well-loved frayed red ribbon being used as a book mark. She tucks the book under her arm as she steps into the establishment. She pauses for a moment just inside of the door to take a moment to remove her gloves scarf and coat. She places them over her arm. It is at that moment she takes the time to survey the common area.

"Aye…that's the spirit lass…and they're off, Hephaesta Mulciber bein' as quick with her mouth as she is with her wit, snags a custard donut and scores, 5 points to Ravenclaw…" Laurence, asides to Gabby, "I need you to keep track of how many donuts they snag, cuz I'll have to eat one for every one that they catch…" Then he's quite busy making sure the donuts stay afloat. "Come now lassie, a Lion can catch a quick African antelope…a powdered donut shouldn't be a match for you, lets see the jam start drippin'…" He's of course encouraging Mabel.

Gabby will giggle slightly and nod. she'll pull out her sketch book, presumable to keep track and sit down. She'll smirk some, and her charcoal is moving a lot more than the number of donuts caught.

Mabel just smirks mirthfully… of course it's the powdered jelly one, eyebrows wag a little as with a little patience, she snatches up the thing fairly handily, though then, of course, seems a bit perplexed what to do with it now that she's got hold of it. She sets it back on the plate, minus one bite, and glances about at whatever small applause or teasing may result.

Hephaesta gives her fellow Ravenclaws a smile…well, what passes for a smile when one's face is stuffed with baked deliciousness. Taking a bite out of the doughnut, she sets it down on a napkin, then prepares for her next catch. She spends a moment watching the movement of the doughnuts. The trick is to anticipate the direction changes of the Snitch…er, doughnut. With a squeak of her leg brace, she lunges to the right, and has another in her teeth! She's better at this than she thought she'd be!

There is an amused look on Maudlin's face as she watches the antics of the floating donuts. She shakes her head a little bit as she starts to move towards a place where she can sit and place an order. Finding a seat she moves towards. Once there she places her coat on the back of the chair and then she takes seat and arranges her skirts about her. Someone then comes to bring a pint of her usual. She smiles at the server and then her attention is drawn to the students again. She has said nothing for the moment as she is watching.

"Five points to Gryffindor, the poor donut didn't even stand a chance…one moment its prepared to take its tea and the next its oozing raspberry jam." Laurence does make the donuts do some…naughty things, like bump against a player's nose and then bob away and the like from time to time but its the speed of the teenagers that really does it, smile spreading over his face as he watches Hephaesta snag another one. "Did ya see that! Another 5 points to Ravenclaw…How about a round of applause for the two, this looks like it'll be a fight indeed." He turns slightly to watch Maudlin, eyebrow raising as he smiles and winks, turning back to the students, making a couple of donuts do a figure eight flight pattern.

Gabrielle will shake her head, still smiling and ask Laurence," Will you be able to eat this many?" she's pretty intent of her book, glancing up anytime someone makes a noise.

Mabel seems to take a similar approach this time, though her somewhat patient approach results in a few donut-bounces about her face and hair in the process, she repeats the earlier process, and, after chewing her bite of the thing, and as soon as her mouth's not full, registers what Gabrielle says, "I suppose there'll be plenty of half-donuts for everyone, at this rate, at least."

Sipping on her tea, Evelyn glances between the catching of doughnuts and her book, seeming to not be able to decide between which of the two deserves her attention more.

"Neck to Neck…what ever will happen, they are both neck to neck…10 points for both Ravenclaw and Gryffindor houses, who'll be the first to make it to 20?" Laurence is at a table, standing up for now as he conducts game of…Donut Seeking, that is like bobbing for apples, just with powdered donuts that he keeps floating in the air. Mabel and Hephaesta both have their hands behind their back as they are attempt to snag donuts with their teeth. A platter of donuts is on their table and napkins with a couple of donuts that they've each managed to snag are on the table as well. "Last time I saw a game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, the Ravens took it when their seeker dangling from their legs caught the thing between her thighs. Now that's hard, trust me I know. So c'mon now…"

Hephaesta is definitely favoring her right leg, her left being less useful. On a broom, it's never an issue. But here, she has a bit of a disadvantage to compensate for. But it's a mental game to her, watching patterns, predicting movements, and trying vainly to apply the physics of aerodynamics to doughnuts. She lets a few bounce off of her face, instead focusing on one that Laurence seems to be keeping in reserve. A leg-legged jump, and SNAG! Another yummy catch for Hephaesta!

The drink is brought for her and Maudlin still watching picks up her drink and takes a sip she offers a wink to Laurence as she says. "Poor MacCurry, she will never live that down but she only tried to out do herself." She says this to the server who nods. "Oh Bridget, can you wrap up something for Hobbes my dear. Fish if you have it? It is that or I will be reminded how I am negleting him."

Llewellyn walks into the pub, takes one look around, and does what any number of boys might do in his situation: he pulls a chair over, stands on it, and reaches up to grab one of the donuts with his hand. "How come you're doing it the hard way?" he asks, glancing over at Hephaesta as he climbs back down again.

Mabel is saying, "Nice one, Mulciber!" and, trying to do one better, hops in the air and ends up with a glazed donut involved in her scarf. Might have been impressive if it was a Snitch, however, that's not what it is.

Gabby laughs out loud at Llewellyn's grab, and she keeps doing whatever it is she's doing in her sketchbook.

"Ravenclaw leads, 15 to 10…teeth to teeth, its still anybody's game." The commentary continues as Laurence actually sets a couple of donus spinning as they bob and he hears the name MacCurry, looking up to stare over at Maudlin, those distinctive eyes just staring for a moment before he just grins and turns back to the game. He does eyes Llewellyn for a moment as he stands up and grabs a donut. "Because they are playin' by the rules Laddie…" A flick of a wrist sends another donut towards Llewellyn's face/general area unless he catches it but its all in good natured…attitude, really. "ONE more catch and Ravenclaw wins…" And there are only two donuts floating now, spinning and floating.

Finishing her tea and leaving a coin on the table, Evelyn stands, taking her book. Looking at the nearby table once more, shaking her head, she moves to leave.

Mabel does manage to stoop and catch the scarf-involved donut with the side of her mouth,

Bridget goes to get the fish and when she brings it back she sets the wrapped package on the table for Maudlin. Maudlin eyes it for a moment and then puts money down on the table. She has forgotten to finish her drink or order dinner. Instead she rises from where she was seated and she puts put her grey scarf over her head and puts her gloves on before she slips into her long wool coat. Next she picks up the package and her book. She is lost in thought as she makes her way from pub. The students forgotten for the moment.

Llewellyn smirks at Laurence. "Hey, I came in late, I should get a handic—" Oh, but suddenly he's being targeted! It takes another quick assist from the chair as he hops back up, but he catches the donut in the 'standard' fashion, sitting down and trying a bite while he sets the first one aside for later.

Hephaesta is a little off-balance from her jump, keeping her braced leg off the ground until she's more stable. The extended leg causes her to sort of spin in place like a Cossack, whirling her in time to see the doughtnut that was flying toward the back of her head. Craning her neck, she chomps. There is a whirl of wavy brown hair, and for a moment she looks like she'll topple to the floor. But she bends her good knee, lowering her bad leg enough to scrap the floor and act as a brake. Physics! As the flurry of movement settles, the pastry can be seen dangling from her teeth, her face spattered with powdered sugar.

Gabrielle starts to stand up to catch Heph, but stops and sits down when it's clear she's not going to topple. she'll go back to her sketch book, and keep watching everyone.

Its a bit messy, yes but Laurence laughs softly, shaking his head and looking around with a mirthful grin. "Annd…with an amazing feat of magical physics, luck, and talent Miss Mulciber snags the donut with style! 20 points, Ravenclaw wins!" He watches Bridget leave with a hint of concern flickering in his eyes before he's looking back to the students, glancing towards Llewellyn as he's caught a donut and he laughs softly. "Well done lassies, well done indeed…and Mister…dun tell me ya be a seeker too?"

Mabel giggles and applauds again. "Smashing!" she compliments. "It does seem the Lions may get a run for our money this year."

Setting down his now-half-donut, Llewellyn brushes the sugar off his hands and applauds politely, nodding to Hephaesta - look alive, your fifteen minutes are ticking! - before returning his attention to Laurence. "All right, I won't," he answers, in a tone that promptly gives the lie to its own words.

Lost in thought Maudlin heads out the door and into the cool coming night.

Hephaesta grins, squinting against the powder in her eyes as she fumbles for a napkin. Her limp is a bit more pronounced. Undoubtedly, this exercise was a strain on her leg. But she seems undeterred, looking rather proud of her accomplishment. "You did really well, Mabel. You too, Llew! Even if you accidentally cheated." She giggles, adding to Laurence. "He's the Slytherin Seeker, and he's my cousin." Not that the last was relevant, but perhaps that was meant as a show of solidarity?

Laurence smiles and offers napkins to the people who participated and he actually removes his fedora to perch it on Hephaesta's head should she allows it, lowering his wand and giving a round of applause for all the participants. "Well, ya passed the test…are you alright Miss Mulciber?" He does have to ask with some concern before looking back to Llewellyn. "I can tell you're as talented as your cousin and vice versa…nice to meet you, I'm Laurence Toulson." He twirls his wand. "Alright, Miss Gabrielle, how many donuts do I have to eat?"

Gabrielle will answer, "6" without looking up. She'l lstill be doing something in her book.

Hephaesta gives Laurence a nod that she's alright, smiling to hide the winces of pain as she re-takes her seat. She giggles, flashing a smile at Gabrielle. "Six? You're going to throw up, Mr. Toulson."

Mabel laughs, tidying up her face and hair half-absently. and winks over to Gabrielle. "Well, perhaps he can have some help, unless the broom-master's art takes that much of energy."

Wait a minute. Toulson? Broom-master? "Llewellyn Blishwick," the cousin introduces himself in turn. "And if you do survive this bet," he teases, "I might need to visit your shop some time. My broom was top of the line… thirty years ago."

Gabrielle will smile, "Well, I'm on staff as counter for the official. So I can take on soem of the responsibility. " she'll put her left hand out, as she's still concentrating ,eyes down and drawing with her right hand.

Hephaesta giggles at Gabrielle. "I think that's fair. Hey, what are you drawing?" Clearly it hasn't escaped her that there is more happening on Gabby's pad than sketching.

"Thank you Miss Gabrielle." Laurence has to smile as he slumps back down in his chair, eyebrows raising as he carefully selects six donuts to put on a napkin in front of him." He looks between the other students before looking back to the donuts. "I can do this. I hope…oh goodness, mustn't let the folks down…" A pause as he responds to Llewellyn. "Well yes, you've won some broom servicing sessions actually." Then back to donuts, he selects a delicious custard donut and shoves half of it into his mouth before biting down and chewing slowly.

Mabel smiles, working on finishing one of those bitten donuts, and passes an unbitten half of another to Gabrielle. "I'm sure it'll be a fine thing. And to spread the word. "Good afternoon, Blishwick."

Gabrielle makes a non committal noise at Hesp, and will , not even looking at the type , bite into the donut that Mabel hands her.

Hephaesta finally finishes wiping her face clean (or as cleans as she can manage without a mirror) and takes the fedora off of her head with a little giggle. "Mr. Toulson? Since my current broom is fine…maybe…maybe you could help me with my new one, instead?"

"I have? Well, that was easy enough." Llewellyn returns Laurence's smile for a moment, then nods to Mabel. "Hawker." And then he gestures toward Hephaesta's face: "Hey, you missed a bit over— No, a little further down." See, he's helping!

Laurence's cheek bulges out with donut as he chews and is working on donut three, giving a little nod as he holds up a thumbs up at Hephaesta's comment and he grunts softly, he'd talk but his mouth is filled with custard and donut mash.

Mabel nods, and suggests, to Hephesta "I'm sure it'd be worthwhile just to see a master at work." She ohs, to Blishwick, "Ah, thank you," and fusses in a pocket for a celluloid compact, peering in the mirror and brushing away the powdered sugar, then shaking out her scarf, a bit. "And I hope Gabrielle isn't making too silly a drawing from life over there," she winks.

Hephaesta beams happily at the thought that a real broom-maker will help her make her own personal broomstick! "It's going to be the best broom ever. Thank you, Mr. Toulson." And now, it's time to stuff her own face with the remainder of one of her doughnuts.

Oh, well, Llew was actually trying to point out a bit of sugar left on Phae's face, not Mabel's. But that's okay, it can wait till she's finished eating. "Well, let's hope the best broom has the best broom rider, right?" Yay rivalry!

Gabrielle will stuff her mouth, closing her eyes for a moment, enjoying the donut. and will make another noise of acknowlegment towarsd everyone, but is still drawing

Laurence finishes actually the sixth donut and…is not gagging! But damn if he isn't full, finishing up his orange juice as he takes a deep breath and holds his stomach. "Mm, yes." A firm nod as he carefully counts out some money and sets down on the table, moving around the table to carefully retrieve his coat, kneeling down a bit to speak softly to Hephaesta. "Hephaesta, Miss Mulciber…look at me."

Hephaesta has been commanded! She sits up at attention, meeting Laurence's gaze with a nod to affirm that she's listening.

"Hephaestus was an amazing god, even though he was shriveled of foot. He constructed all the thrones of the gods in the palace of the gods, he was married to the most beautiful of all the goddesses and he worked with Athena who was one of the wisest to help mortals learn their crafts and arts. Although he went through so much in his life, his name lives on in people like you. Like us." Laurence meets Hephaesta's eyes with those unnaturally blue eyes. "I'm not just going to help you build your broom." He leans forward to whisper. "I'm going to give you wings to fly." He then backs up to snag his bag and toss it over his shoulder, clearing his throat as he addresses all the students. "Ya gonna be alright? Before long it'll be time to head back to hogwarts, but thank ya for your company!"

Gabby will look up and smile, "Ill send the package soon!" she'll wave and go back to the book while shoving the remanded of the donut in her mouth.

Mabel smiles up and gives a wave, "Oh, we'll be fine and so good to see you again, Mr. Toulson.

Hephaesta nods slowly as Laurence speaks. She knows the tales of Hephaestus, so often repeated to her by her father, the brilliant Vulcanio Mulciber. But the passion with which Laurence relates the legend is uplifting. Then he's getting up to leave. "Wh-…Mr. Toulson? I don't understand."

Laurence looks to Hephaesta and smiles softly. "You will, wee one, you will. Your craft'll free your heart and your heart'll guide your craft." Then he flicks three cards out from his sleeve, letting them settle down on the table, fanned out like a fan as he winks and slips his glasses back on. "If ya need me, just send me an owl." Then he's heading for the exit.

The card is a soft grey color and there's a broomstick on the card that changes colors 'Every Broom Speaks To Its Rider' 'Laurence Toulson - Broom Maker'

Gabby will continue to draw and not show anyone what she's drawing.when she's done, she'll smile at everyone and excuse herself. "I'll see you all later!" and get up and skip out, happily.

Hephaesta scrambles to snatch up one of the cards, as if fearful it will be taken from her before she can make her move. (That one was for you, Kaiden.) She reads the words and smiles, and cradles the card to her. "Goodbye, Mr. Toulson!"

Llewellyn watches quietly as Laurence makes his speech, looking back to Hephaesta afterward and shaking his head. "I don't understand it either," he offers. "But it sounds real pretty, doesn't it?"

Mabel smiles over to Llewellyn, "I suspect there may be a bit of an apprenticeship in the works, he did seem very impressed with Mulciber, after all. Or, well, he's just being very poetic, indeed," she adds, taking up a cup of something like cider or pumpkin juice.

Hephaesta's face positively glows. "An apprenticeship? Do you think…would he?" For a girl just starting to study broom lore, it would be a dream come true.

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