(1937-09-30) Keeping Our Heads
Details for Keeping Our Heads
Summary: Gideon and Niamh are very wrapped up in each other, and trying very hard not to give in to their base desires as they build their relationship.
Date: 30 September, 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary, Diagon Alley
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MacDiarmarda Apothecary, Diagon Alley

The store's interior is packed full of goods, with barrels of Purple Toad Warts, Flobberworm Mucus, Leech Juice and other large quantities of potion ingredients on the floor. Jars containing Knotgrass, Aconite, Newt Eyes, Ground Scarab Beetles, as well as other herbs, roots, and brightly-colored powders line the walls. Bunches of feathers, fangs, and claws hang from the ceiling. The combination of smells coming from all these different ingredients combine to create an overall stench of bad eggs and rotten cabbages that permeates every corner of the store.

The sun's gone down on London, and the shop is officially closed on Sunday, but for the occasional important request. Those requests have been handled by owl for the last hundred-plus years, and by now, her customers know this to be true as well. Today's a day for Sunday dinners with mum and da, the family sitting 'round the table, telling stories of the week that's passed.

Nia's back from said dinner, having excused herself early. With looks exchanged with her mum, including a hint of a sly smile, the eldest daughter's gone from her parents' and back in the shop with simply a word of, 'Business has been good, mum.. da.. an' I have orders t'fill.' And it's not even a lie!

The gaslights are set down low, but the fireplace is lit and casting a healthy, warm glow to the room. It seems to be the perfect light in which Niamh likes to work. Nothing too bright to bring attention, and nothing too dim that she can't actually see what it is she's doing! At the worktable, she's seated on a tall stool, a pair of 'jeweler's glasses' is set upon her nose to magnify the work she's doing in hand; the sewing up of a little creature before tossing it into a solution. The removed bits are put aside in a small dish..

A rapping can be heard on the shop door. A desperate customer, perhaps. In truth, it is none other than Adamantus Gideon, tough-as-nails Hit Wizard. But this isn't a professional visit. He's come to see the woman who has been inching toward his heart.

Niamh looks up from her work and blinks, realizing that she's got the glasses on only when she rises and knocks into another chair. Hazel eyes roll as she sighs, pulling off the glasses, and once again, she starts across the room towards the door. The lock is undone, and upon opening it, the smile that had been directed at herself in exasperation quickly and easily turns to one of genuine warmth and welcome. "Come in.. come in with ye… I'll put the tea on." No matter what it is that's the reason for his darkening her doorstep, other than the fact he's asked to call on her.. "How've y'been this day? An' yesterday? All quiet?"

When the door opens, it's like a portal into another place — a tiny piece of Heaven, and there is his angel, smiling upon him. Without answering her questions, or asking permission, Gideon steps into her, curling an arm around her waist to pull her in for the kiss he's been wanting for two days now.

Niamh's breath is taken as the answers go unanswered, or rather, they're answered in a completely different manner than which she expected. Drawn into his arms, a hand moves to press against his chest in the embrace, and she returns the kiss, melting into him for that moment in which they're together. The hand, so briefly above his heart, moves to his face, a caress of the stubble-laden cheek. "No matter the days, then.. all is right, now," she whispers, her eyes searching his, her lips barely touching his at a break.

Gideon maneuvers into the shop, shutting the door, never letting their faces part. "Aye…all is right when I have you in my arms." Like a lovestruck teenager, he cannot stop kissing her. With her taste on his lips, her scent in his nose, her warmth against him, he is in the clouds.

And that.. that is probably, no.. no probably, that is the sweetest thing anyone's ever told her. At least the sweetest thing that she can honestly believe with her heart (!). Niamh presses a kiss again, her hand moving from his cheek to wrap around the back of his neck, rising upon tiptoes so he doesn't have to lean quite so much. It's dizzying, truly.. and when the other hand rises to enwrap him fully, it's as much for balance as it is out of passion. "Then there'll be naught wrong as long as I draw breath for ye."

Gideon groans with audible desire. Merlin, how this woman stirs him! He leans forward, pinning her against the wall. "We…really…need to stop…" He kisses her hungrily, desperate for her, and paying absolutely no heed to his own words.

Against the wall, she's got a hope of keeping her feet. A hope, at the very least. Nia's arms are wrapped about him, and with him pressed against her, she can feel how she simply folds in and fills in his form. He's so strong, so masculine, and she breathes the very scent of him in, allowing it to envelop her. His kisses are returned, her fingers playing at the small hairs at the back of his neck, "Aye.." but she doesn't want to.. and such advice is so easily given, but in the heat of passion, so easily cast aside. "I shouldn't invite ye upstairs .. for tea .." And her lips search his, exploring, echoing his desires, her words as breathy as his when given, ".. to speak of the day…"

Gideon's breath grows heavier, gasping for air between kisses. His hands roam, fingers teasing along the small of her back. "Aye…that would probably…be a bad idea." He tightens his arms around her, lifting her up off of the ground, turning toward the stairs.

"As bad a'one as any.." Nia squeaks as she's picked up, but she gives no argument; a man to carry her away? She can easily curl into his arms, the strength there is so.. alluring. A man.. a real man.. one solid, and .. she'll not complain to ascend the stairs, nor will she give caution to enter the flat. "I'll be a poor hostess if the kettle's not on.." is whispered against his throat, her lips finding the flesh there and tickling at it, nibbling.

Gideon walks her up the stairs, strong arms keeping her safely aloft. He does have to spare a few glances to mind the stairs, which unfortunately means breaking kisses. But it might be for the best, as it gives him enough presence of mind to set her down once they are in the apartment. "Ah…right. The tea." He's blushing! Nothing like a pretty girl to make the toughest of men into an awkward boy.

Being carried like that is simply.. breathtaking in the purest sense of the word. While he is forced to break the kisses, she can easily lay them upon his throat, taking in the scent and heat of his presence. Even if nothing transpires (!), the memory of this could easily bring such fond thoughts while lying horribly awake in the middle of the night. Tea?! Once on the landing, and the door is opened to her flat, she puts a hand out to steady herself, her face flush with the emotions that still cause her heart to pound.

"Aye," she whispers.. "Tea.. at the least.." Damn the tea! And he is so.. dashingly handsome, moreso with the blush that rises to his cheeks. That brings a smile to her lips, her eyes dancing with happiness and a touch of merry. "At the least.." is repeated.

Niamh's flat is cosily kept. It's not large; the footprint of the shop below, but in its modesty, there are all the feminine touches to be had. Overstuffed chairs topped with doilies in the sitting room, coffee table, side tables, and a desk adorn the sitting room. The kitchen is an efficiency; ice box, coal stove and a table that'll sit 4 comfortably. Towards the back, the WC and her single bedroom.

When Niamh goes into the kitchen, Gideon lingers behind, using the hanging of his coat as an excuse. Alone for a moment, he rubs a hand down his face. What are you doing, Adamantus? Dinnae rush this. Dinnae ruin it. She deserves respect. But…she wants you. It's obvious. No! She could be your future. Screw it up now, and you just prove that you're unworthy of her. Damn these little Gideons on his shoulders.

Niamh finds it hard to leave his side to make the damnable tea. Every step she takes away from him, she knows that there'll be a cooling of ardour, for better or worse for them. So very close, and if she sleeps alone again tonight, she's not entirely certain that she'll be able to .. quell those desires that he brings forth from her. Filling the kettle, she puts it on, casting a quick glance back to check on him. He's hanging up his coat, an action that brings another smile, brightening her face. He's not regretting and running. Always good. C'mon, Niamh.. will he see ye as *that sort* if ye give in to passions? But they're not children any longer, not looking for that roll in the hay and not remember his (or her!) name come the coming week. But will this be the sort of thing t'keep their passions, or to cool it, with nothing left to look forward to? Isn't that what her mum's always said?

"It's on.." is all Niamh manages, coming slowly from the kitchen area, her eyes fixed firmly upon Gideon. She gives him a smile, and licking suddenly dry lips, she offers after biting at her bottom lip, "I remember how ye like it."

Gideon smiles awkwardly at her as he struggles with his desires. But he's not going anywhere, regardless of what happens. He steps into the sitting area, making sure to take a seat where she can sit near him. "Thank you. So…ah…how have you been these last two days? I'm sorry that I've been away. There's been quite a lot of work to catch up on."

Niamh comes out to the sitting room proper and once Gideon is seated takes the spot beside him. Tucking up her feet, she leans on him, the contact gentle and .. genuine. "Well, I was visited by Inspector Lovegood.. an' he was in a bad way. I made a few potions for him and sent him off wi'the warnin' that if he drank more than one at a time, he'd need another to wake him from sleep.. an' that it'd be administered by a lovely lass." That last bit, she was teasing Eli.. but apparently it wasn't picked up on. "Beyond tha'.. a walk in the park t'other night, an' zoo. Met an odd man.. a critic for the Prophet." Beat. "An'.. I'm back from dinner with my mom and da.. every Sunday it's been since time immemorial."

Now, of course, is her turn for the questions, "Are ye caught up yet? Workin' the weekend isn't good for the soul, unless it's the loose ends you are tyin' up."

Gideon curls an arm around her, welcoming the feel of her against him. "Ah…I'm used to working the weekends. I…usually have naught else to do." But perhaps he's now realized that can change. "I did know about the potions, though. Lovegood told me. He…dinnae seem much like himself. At least not the Lovegood I know. His hair was combed."

Niamh leans her head against his shoulder, moving into his protective and affectionate embrace. Her smile is in response both to his words and actions, a soft chuff of air given as a chuckle, "Ye can always tell me 'Niamh, crime doesn't take a day off'.. an' I'll be content in it as long as I hear ye poundin' on m'door to be let in at some point." Rolling her head up, she kisses at the underside of his jaw, "Sunday, Tuesday, Friday.. doesn't matter much as long as there's a time for ye to stop and take a deep breath of fresh air." Figuratively if not literally.

"As for yer partner, aye.. a bit of clarity potion mixed with the sleeping draught, like one I'd given ye.. but these.. these are made specifically for him." There's a gentle warning couched there. The observation that the man actually had combed his hair? That elicits a giggle and she nods, her expression turning sad for a moment, "Ye should have seen him.. he was near tears searchin' for himself. I couldn't ha'turned him away for all the gold galleons of the world. Not him.. not then. An' now, I'm happy t'hear that he's doin' well with it."

"It was probably for the good, then. Something has been eating him up, lately. A case that won't let go of him." Gideon is no stranger to that kind of obsession, but the mania that accompanies it with Elijah is a whole new animal. "I'm sure you've helped him. We had a talk as well, he and I. We've come to an understanding about our partnership. Aye, I'll call him my partner now."

Nia's not privy to the comings and goings of a good number of Gideon's acquaintances, and the assumption that Inspector Lovegood is Gideon's partner is, well.. apparently a little off. "Aye.. like a man drowning. He could see it an' do nothing as he couldn't swim and there were naught on shore t'throw him that life saver.. or knew how to." She's not leveling any accusations to Gideon. It's just how she's picturing the transaction.

A smile returns to her face, and she cants her head, "Did he know where ye went for the few days off? I'm glad ye had a talk with him.. particularly now that ye can call him a 'partner'. It means I won't worry quite so much about ye?"

She has to extricate herself from his embrace to go get the water for the tea; the kettle begins to sing, and she's got to pull it from the burner. "I will be right back.. I swear it."

Gideon nods and waits for her return to continue. "My absence never came up. I think I distracted him with my questions. But it ended in a good place. He may be a looney now and then, but the man is bloody brilliant…and a good Hit Wizard. So dinnae you worry. He's got my back, and I've got his."

Niamh comes back with two cups filled with steaming water and tea-leaves, and sets them down on the coffee table. The kettle is off the burner so it won't whistle. She retakes her seat beside Gideon, watching the opportunity for that passion play depart. But, in its stead is a comfortable, companionable .. company. With a man that she finds irresistable. Not bad.. but there'll be hell to pay later! "I won't worry… overmuch, then." And that's the long and short of it. "An' I'm glad things are turnin' towards the right for ye." From the sound of it, finally. "It'll make things easier for ye now."

Gideon takes the tea with a grateful nod, sipping down that liquid relaxation. This helps to settle his…youthful desires. Of course, the angel curled up beside him is doing nothing to calm them. "What about you? Any interesting stories, aside from Lovegood's visit? I'd wager you get some odd ones in here."

Dammit! Niamh's eyes gleam, however, and her tea is untouched. It's a reason to be upstairs, and it's a reasonable one. But, the pair have begun their relationship with words, that delicate dance, and she can't help but to shift and look up at his face from her vantage point. "I've gotten requests for polyjuice. It's more than legal, mind.. an' it takes a bit longer than a month to do it properly." Beat. "Adamantus.. would ye think less of me if I told ye that.. ye make my heart skip a beat when I'm near ye? An' that there's little that'd have me resist your advances? Neither of us are .. like libertines.. but there are certain things that.. need t'be addressed."

There are several moments of silence as Gideon just breathes. Such forwardness catches him entirely off-guard. "Niamh…I could never think less of you. No…I…Hades, woman, your heart skips a beat?" He laughs softly. "I am trying very hard to…ah…restrain myself. I think you are a truly amazing woman, and I want to show you the respect you deserve."

See now, that puts her in a position, though the confession that his heart skips that beat like hers? It brings a smile to her face and she leans into his embrace, her head pressed on his shoulder. But.. how can she answer that? That no, she doesn't want the respect that he thinks she should have.. because she's found that he's caused an itch that only he can reach to scratch? "Oh.." is what is managed, "I do find that it gets difficult to define that line, is all.. an' I wanted ye t'be sure that, well.." his advances won't be spurned. She pauses, and exhales softly, "An' .. don't listen t'me."

Gideon frowns, shaking his head. He reaches to cup her cheek, "I'll always listen to you. You're a wise woman. I dinnae want you to be nervous about speaking your mind to me." He leans over to place a soft kiss on her lips. "I'm nae the sort of man that expects a woman to be silent and service me. I want a partner…not a servant."

Niamh allows her face to be lifted, and she closes her eyes at the kiss. She takes a deep breath and it hitches as she lets it out. "I speak my mind, Adamantus.. an' it's a line that I walk when I want to tell ye that .. I think about ye. A lot.." There's that moment when her smile quirks, "There's naught but honesty that comes from me when tellin' ye my thoughts." Shifting her position a little to face him, her head dips, the smile still ghosting there, warm and affectionate. Just for him. "I liked the greetin' I got downstairs. Even before the door was closed.. an' I don't mind the world seein'."

Gideon continues to stroke her cheek. "I had little doubt that you liked it." He smirks impishly. "Niamh, you're all I think about when I'm not buried in work. From the moment I clock out until the moment I fall asleep…and often after, in my dreams. You're inside me now. I think I've told you before, I can see a future with you. I want to try to build that future, and…honestly, I'm afraid of rushing thing and ruining that."

Niamh leans in to Gideon's hand, and raises hers to his, shifting it so she can press her lips to the palm of his hand. Her voice is quiet, just for them. "I'd like to make myself home in there," she offers, playing with the idea of her being 'inside him now'. "An'.. I'm tryin' not to have you wonder if ye've made the best choice in the matter. I'd love to have ye over to my mum and da's for Sunday dinner, but.." that'd mean a seriousness that she's not certain he's willing to allow for. "… an' it's not because I'm ashamed of ye. Mum would love ye. Da would.. well.. he's a good man. A carpenter.. a man whose hands were his life." A muggle. "We're both afraid of it, Adamantus.. an' I don't want the fear to keep us from going where it might.. an' might be good for us."

"Well, Keenan hasn't forbidden you to see me yet, has he? So that's a good sign." Gideon smiles, stroking the hair on the side of her head. "I would be honoured to meet your parents, when you're ready. As for us, let us try to keep our heads for now. It is nae that I dinnae want to…you're nearly irresistible, bonnie lass that you are."

Keep our heads for now.. and Niamh does everything she can not to groan; so many nights. He's given her quite a bit, however.. there's negotiation and concessions all around. "Nay, he hasn't. Keen's of the opinion that his sister can set herself up for what comes.. an' he'll pick up the pieces should it come t'that. I think he's just gotten tired of it all, that bein' his harsh words t'ye before." Picking up pieces, that is. "I've assured him I'm a big girl.. an' his own words to me, 'Ye sure can pick 'em..'." She offers Gideon a bright smile, "I think I've come into a charmed life now." Now that he's come into her life!

But.. that bit of keeping their heads rears its head again. Niamh exhales now, and it's a good natured expression, "You're nigh on irresistible yourself, Adamantus Gideon.. ye have the nerve to be fit, an' smell like a man. Ye have a lovely voice, and your smile.. it's quick to come, looking my way." It's all she can do not to throw herself at him. "If it's waiting we're to do, I'll not go shopping with Eddie.. because that whole idea would t'be to make me irresistible.. to the fullest of the word."

Gideon inhales deeply through his nostrils, pondering those possibilities. "I dinnae say you should nae try to be irresistible to me. Just dinnae blame me when I fail to resist you." He grins broadly, leaning in again, "Like right now…I cannae resist your lips." Nor does he try.

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