(1937-09-30) Secrets, Lies, and Fatigue
Details for Secrets, Lies, and Fatigue
Summary: Clayton bumps into Elijah and Cooper in the park while walking his dog.
Date: September 30, 1937
Location: Regent's Park, London
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Regent's Park London
Sun Sep 30, 1937 ((Sun Sep 30 04:10:29 2012)) (B,1)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

The Regent's Park is mainly open parkland, reserved for pedestrian use. During the day the air is filled with the sound of music, laughter, and in general the sound of people enjoying a little slice of nature for the day. The park provides a wide range of facilities and amenities for people to enjoy including gardens, sports pitches, and children's playgrounds. One section of the park even boasts a lake with a heronry and a colony of waterfowl where people can take out rowboats for a spin, an especially popular activity with young couples.


It was late, not too late for those out on the town but late enough that Clayton wished he was still in bed. However his Shepherd Luca was very presistant when he wanted to go for a walk and so the Manc man gave in and in his groggy stroll ended up once again in Regent Park. A light jacket is worn, his right hand stuffed in a pocket while his left holds Luca's leash. Blinkly weary green eyes he removes his hand to run his fingers through blonde bed-head hair, a yawn shortly following. Clayton pauses to let Luca sniff, refusing to release custody of his leash unlike the other night. The dog gives a slight chuff into the shadows and Clayton responds with an irritates, "Hush." GrummbleSleepHead.

It's the perfect time to go for a walk. Well, that's at least what Elijah and Cooper are thinking. While some people might be wary about walking around London at night, the two highly-trained wizard law enforcement officials don't even give it a thought. Elijah looks over at her as he walks and says, "I think Gideon and I made some progress today. Think he might actually want to keep me around." Elijah's been ingesting clarity potions, so all of those insane little cobwebs that muddled up his head have since been cleaned out and he's walking and talking like a regular person. He's even dressed like one; a fine-cut black suit, a pair of loafers and hair that's actually been maintained.

Cooper looks as dowdy as always donning her gender ambiguous clothing as she shoves her cold hands in her pocket and walks along side the Inspector. "In general, -you= seem to be making progress," she grins, admiring his clothes, "But I won't lie and say Gideon's the easiest person to get along with. Do tell me more about your said progress." But her ears catch the movement of another. A dog in particular, and her eyes follow to a nearby owner. "Oh! Mr. Kable!" she calls to the man, waving her arm around like and idiot. And then obscuring her mouth so that Clayton can't see she mouths the word 'Muggle' to Elijah.

He's mere seconds away from forceabley retracting Luca from his investigations so he can make the trek back home when Coopers voice snags his attention. He'd noticed the two striding across the park though little concern was given in his sleepy state until it became known that one of them knew him. Clayton gives the woman a squinty eyed tired smile, not up to its normal crooked-par, "Miss Genevieve, always a pleasure. Sir," he nods politely to Elijah. The Shepherd wags his tail furiously in Coopers direction before pausing to sniff cautiously at Elijah, stuffing his nose where ever its allowed and then again not. "My apologies, he's rude. He ran your friend Josefa over the other night," Clayton mummbles around a yawn.

Elijah looks over at the woman and gives her a nod and a smile, "Got it." His smile will turn to Clayton and he'll over a handshake to the man, "Detective Elijah Lovegood, London Police." Despite his rather calm demeanor, Elijah will always have a bit of a penchant for the theatrical." Elijah smiles down at the dog and scratches it softly atop the head.

"You look fatigued Mr. Kable. Long day and you still have responsibilities?" Cooper gives a warm smile to the man, eyeing the dog admirably. Her brows raise at Elijah's introduction, thinking of how she's going to accommodate to this particular falsehood. "Yes we're colleagues of some sort. Except I work a bit more privately, I suppose," she explains with a shrug. But she snickers at the dog and says, "Did he really? I'm sure she enjoyed it though. He's a beautiful creature. What's his name?"

Clayton shakes Elijah's hand firmly before chuckling to Cooper, "She didn't seem to mind much." The Shepherd noses Elijah's hand before his tail returns to his normally blurry wave. "Luca," Clayton answers Cooper and when it's said Luca answers with a deep woof as if to say he aprooves. The man chuckles before shrugging, "He's my only family in town so I don't mind too much when he wakes me in the middle of the night for a walk." He feels like he had things to ask Cooper but between the fog of drinks from the other night and his lack of sleep induced groggyness the Fly Boy was in a bit of a haze. "It's good to see your not braving the streets by yourself again, though I doubt it is due to my worries," he jests, a slight grin given.

Elijah crosses his arms and looks between the two, resting his eyes on Clayton for a bit, saying, "You're out of uniform." Elijah's observation knows no bounds. He won't take the time to explain how he figured it out unless he's asked of course. He looks back to Cooper and figures out twenty ways she could see through that lie of hers if he didn't know her, but goes along with it.

Cooper laughs delightfully when the dog woofs in reply. "How wonderful!" she says crouching to give the dog affectionate pets behind the ears. "A very Italian name. Not a coincidence?" But answering his latter question she says to Clayton, "Well you see, I took your advice this time and brought a friend along with me. I hope I did well by youthen Mr. Kable." She gestures to Elijah when she says friend. However, Cooper quirks a brow at the Inspector's correct guess and with a confused almost weirded out look she asks her co-worker, "How the heck did you…?" She has an idea but she can never be to sure with him.

He beams a grin, seeming slightly more awake then when he first saw them and glances down to the black and tan dog, "Not a coincidence indeed." When she explains that she did in fact take his advice the man nods his head greatfully, "Just fine, I can sleep easier at night now knowing your safe in your late night stalking of London's finer areas." Clayton laughs good-naturedly before he blinkds in Elijahs direction, mouth opening just a fraction. He doesn't hesitate long however before nodding, "Yes sir, I've no orders yet to dress out for. Yet; as your companion and I discussed a previous night, it's inevitable. Flying Officer Clayton Kable, at your service Inspector."

Elijah looks over at Cooper and says, "He's from out of town and he doesn't have anyone here but Luca. He's not a vagabond, as he's fairly well dressed. His eyes are also a light green. Light colored eyes are often saught out in pilots, as they can see further distances easier. Capable of taking in more light and such. It was only a hop, skip and a jump, really. Though, he could've been a great many things, I decided to guess he was military." He nods to Clayton and says, "An admirable service."

"You sound like you could be my father," Cooper gives Clayton a teasing smirk. "But I will try my best to go accompanied whenever I can. For the sake of your sleep, then." Still on her knees petting the dog, she looks at Elijah with her jaw dropped slightly as he reveals his thought process. Biting her lip anxiously, he almost frowns at the hitwizard giving him a 'Oh come on can't you be just somehwhat normal for once?' look. Cooper actually -enjoys- Claytons company! "Is that even -true-? Light colored eyes? I think you're making it up," she questions his logic and then gives the muggle an apologetic look, "I guess there's a reason London police hired him, hmmm?"

Luca Mrrrs softly as Cooper feeds him attention, completely content to spend the rest of the night and early morning hours being petted. Clayton smirks, "Well my sleep thanks you m'lady." He watches the glances exchanged between friends before he tilts his head admiringly in Elijah's direction, "He's good. I'm extremely impressed.." The Manc man quirks a corner of his lips before allowing a yawn to wiggle thru his defenses once again. "As much as I enjoy time spent in your presence Miss Genevieve, and it was indeed a pleasure to meet you Inspector Lovegood, I must retire for the night. Hopefully I'll see you soon?" He nods a polite leave to Elijah before throwing Cooper a quick wink+smile combo. He tugs the Shepherd who's reluctant to leave the woman's grasp before turning and moving slowly back across the park and towards home.

Elijah looks back at Cooper as if to say 'What?' and shakes his head at her as he regards the eaving Clayton, "And you too, sir. Have a good evening." He clasps his hands behind his back and looks over to Cooper, "You have a weakness for the soldiers then, Miss Cooper?"

Cooper turns red and pouts at Elijah, completely denying his last question, "What are you insinutating?" But she then awws a bit when Clayton announces that dog and master must take their leave. She gives Luca few kissy sounds before standing to her normal upright position, and rejoining the heights of the rest of the adults. Sorta. She's rather tiny. "You get some rest, Mr. Kable. And be safe, it's just as dangerous for yourself to be walking alone too you know," she grins and waves off to the man. And when he's gone and out of sight she'll nudge Elijah to the side rather roughly with her elbow.

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