(1937-10-01) Brotherly Forgiveness
Details for Brotherly Forgiveness
Summary: Ripley and Leander have a discussion which turns out to be less heated than expected.
Date: October 1, 1937
Location: Slytherin Boy's Dorm
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It's been a long weekend, and Leander looks strained - but, oddly, not entirely as morose as usual. He's sitting on his bunk, new robes purchased from Gladrags dangling off of his thin frame, with a stack of books piled up at his feet. One of said books is currently in his lap, and he's slowly turning the page and sipping from a cup of pumpkin juice, oblivious to anything around him; luckily there isn't much, as most students have better things to be doing, and there are only one or two other Slytherins present.

The door opens and in walks Ripley. He's got a pleasant smile on his face and the whistle that he usually presents comes right before his entrance. He looks to his brother and gives a bit of a nod, "Lea." He says and moves over to his area to pull off his robes and shake a bit of rain off of them.

The sound of his name (as well as the easily recognized voice) causes Leander to look up from his reading. He meets Ripley's gaze briefly, then nods to his twin. "Rip." Then, casually and almost dismissively, he looks back down at the book again and begins studying.

Ripley blows out a really low and deep breath as he flops down on his bunk, which happens to be next to Lea's. "Okay. What is wrong? What awful sin have I committed now? And if you say it's all about that wand business… Well, you pulled it out. And by the way… Did Theodore punch you?"

Leander stares down at his book through most of his brother's questioning, but eventually looks up with an exaggerated glare. "You left me completely dead in the water during that whole affair with Aria Sykes, Rip. Unless you've suddenly forgotten nearly punching me yourself." It's a clever way of evading that last question… an observant person might notice there's still a yellowish-purple coloration to the Slytherin boy's cheek, although it's fading fast.

Ripley lifts his brow to this. "I walk in and you have a wand on a prefect. It was a way of trying to save face. If I am disciplining you then they have less of a reason to take points." He rests his head in his hand a bit, "Besides, you have been getting really quick with the wand lately. Too quick. Was trying to shock your brain to calm down on it." He looks to the bruise, "Who did that? Ria said Theodore would have punched you and he did… Didn't he?" He frowns, "I'll teach him a lesson."

"Aria Sykes is dangerous business, Rip," Leander says, frowning. "You should stay away from her. As for my wand… I'll be careful," he promises with a slight sigh. His expression clouds over at the continued questioning over the bruise, and he just shakes his head. "Don't worry about that. I deserved it for being foolish." Before the conversation has a chance to move much further in this direction, he grins slightly and starts off with something he knows will result in a full-180 degree tilt: "Oh, by the way, Lois is my girlfriend now."

"Stay away from her? I like here. She and I went out on a non-date the other night and we plan to go on another." Ripley looks pretty proud of that himself. And then he gives a little nod about the wand business, "That's good news. Good." And then the final capper and his smile goes so wide as he reaches over and gives Lea a little pop in the shoulder, "Good on you, man!" He's beaming at his brother, "I knew you could!"

The news about Ria and Ripley brings causes Leander's lips to set into a deeper frown. There's an odd look behind his blank stare that almost looks like wheels turning, and he suddenly nods. "Fine." With that, he simply appears to give up on the situation altogether, and it's time to move on to lighter fare. He takes the punch to a shoulder with another grin. "Mad, isn't it? Well, I guess technically we haven't made it /really/ official, but…" He reaches up and scratches his head, reflecting on how bossy the Gryffindor girl was acting. "…somehow I feel it might be safe to assume."

Ripley is all smiles, "Did you kiss her? Have you ever snogged a girl before?" He asks and leans forward, "Come on, man. Make with the details!"

Leander shoots his brother an annoyed look, a flush rising up his face despite his stern countenance. "Rip, is snogging all you bloody think about?" He continues with the pissed-off-schoolteacher look briefly, then suddenly relents, smiling crookedly. "Yeah."

The pissed off school teacher look does nothing to stop Ripley. "It is all there is!" Ripley says and moves to jump up and onto his bed where he jumps about. "Aw, mate. I'm so happy for you." As he flops back down on the bed and looks to his brother.

"Thanks, Rip," Leander says awkwardly, bounced around unceremoniously. It's a sudden reminder of their days as small children before Hogwarts, and he chuckles in spite of himself. "Well, I'm not the only one with good news, then. What's this date you've got planned all about?"

Ripley gets a little goofy smile on his face, "Well. I bought her chocolates and flowers and asked her out to dinner. She said we couldn't call it a date but she went with me anyway." He flops down on the bed. "She's got this beautiful smile, Lea." He sighs a bit, "And she didn't send me to detention for asking her." Then he turns and looks to Lea, "But she said she'd go out again. A good sign. She's a tough one, though."

Leander listens carefully to all of this, a slight smile on his lips, but his eyes look guarded. Eventually, though, he slumps back on his bed, folding his hands over his chest. "Well, you're /you/, Rip. I'm sure eventually you'll win her over. And besides, you're a Slytherin… you're supposed to like a challenge." He grins, then mimics the punch to the arm on his twin. "I'm going to get some sleep. I'm tired."

Ripley looks to the punch and grins back, "Exactly. So why not go for the best?" He stands up and looks back to his brother, "You and me. We all right?"

A slight smirk crosses Leander's face. "Too right. Night, Rip."

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