(1937-10-01) Tired Hearts
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Summary: After another fight with Lucian, Briar works on her costume for Halloween then gets into a talk with Kaiden about unrequited feelings.
Date: October 1st, 1937
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room
Related: Anything having to do with the Hormonal Teen Angst that surrounds Ophelia, Hephaesta, Kaiden, and Briar.

Common Room Hogwarts Castle
Mon Oct 01, 1937 ((Mon Oct 01 21:56:28 2012)) (Hufflepuff House)

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and drizzling.

The Hufflepuff House common room is a cosy and welcoming place. The large,
earthy room is built in a circle, and rests almost entirely below ground.
Near the ceiling, about nine feet up, are round windows set at exterior
ground level so the grass and plants outside can be seen, with the Hogwarts
Greenhouse just beyond. The outdoors makes its way indoors as many nooks,
shelves and other surfaces house potted plants. Alternating rows of yellow
and black bricks make up the circular walls, giving the chamber a striped
The room's entrance is a round tunnel extending from the cask lid door. Gold
bricks with black mortar circle the doors that lead into the Girls and Boys
Dormitories, the Head of House Chambers, and the two rooms reserved for
Head Boy and Head Girl when they are Hufflepuffs. Cosy black-and-yellow
patterned sofas and chairs are mostly gathered about the elliptical
fireplace. Above the hearth is a portrait of Helga Hufflepuff toasting her
students with a two-handled golden cup. The frame is highly polished
honey-colored wood carved with a plethora of dancing, playful badgers. The
dancing badger carved wood theme continues on over to a curved buffet table
the Hogwarts House-elves keep stocked with enough drinks, snacks and treats
that could stuff an elephant.

Briar is sitting cross legged on a table before a pot of flowers that are yet
to bloom. On her lap is a costume that looks like soft thin brown leather,
she has a paint brush and is drawing red and blue and white shapes and
lines over it. She is singing to the flowers softly.

Kaiden walks out of the boys dormitory, a book held open in front of him. He's
biting his tongue softly as he reads the text, obviously having a hard time
of it. He hears the humming and a crease appears in his brow. Kaiden lowers
the book and looks at Briar, saying, "You're sitting on the table, Crock."

Briar looks up and looks like she's been crying. "Some firsties wanted the
chairs and I needed the room." She snaps just a little and then returns to
making her costume. "Sorry." Is a genuine apology for snapping at him.

Sympathetic Kaiden activate! The boy walks over to her and tilts his head to
her, saying, "Hey, now. What's wrong? Surely you can't be crying over
firsties." He peers down at the flowers and then looks to everything else
in the room for some sort of clue as to what could be the matter.

Briar takes a deep breath and shakes her head. "Nothing is wrong. I was an
idiot. Plain and simple. I'm paying the piper now. They deserve one
another. I don't want to talk about it Kay. Please?"

Briar should no better than to look sad in front of Kaiden. He sits down on the
edge of the table, making sure not to knock anything down, "Oh no, lass.
It's gonna get talked about. What's bothering you? Can't have the shining
light of Hufflepuff being down and out." He delivers a soft, playful tap to
her arm as he says this.

Briar smiles softly, Kaiden always knows how to make her smile. Which is sort
of one point of her problem. "Shining light huh? Maybe that's my problem.
I'm just a piece of tail to the bad boys, and the good boys don't even
register I exist." Her eyes flick to Kaiden when she talks about the good
boys that don't know she exist but quickly she rips them away to look back
down to her costume. A fat tear dropping out of her eye and landing on her
costume splashing and ruining one of her painted shapes.

Kaiden smirks faintly at her and wipes the trail from her face that the tear
left behind, "Well, at least you're a fine piece of tail, ey?" His eyes
jerk away from her as hers do from him, "Who's gone and hurt you Briar? You
want me to beat 'em up?"

Briar leans over to place a kiss on Kaiden's cheek, it's a lot longer than just
some friendly 'thank you for cheering me up' kiss should be, but not long
enough to be too obvious she's trying to get a point across. "No, I don't
want you to beat'm up. Like I said, it's as much my fault as it is his. I
shouldn't have ever given him the chance I did."

Kaiden smiles at the kiss and tilts his head to look over at her, "You sure? I
could pretend that they're a dark wizard and claim that it's just Auror
practice." He smirks, those green eyes of his dancing around her features.

Briar chuckles low but amused shaking her head. "That would sort of be against
the whole point of being an Auror…wouldn't it? Why do you want to be an
Auror anyways? To impress Ophelia? Cause you never seemed very gung-ho
about it til recently."

Kaiden shrugs and looks over at her, saying, "I don't know if it's for her,
really. She's definitely the one who brought it up in me, though." He
quirks his lips to the side and continues, "I guess…I guess I just want
to protect people, y'know? It's about the only thing I'm good at."

Briar can't help it, she rolls her eyes, "It is not the only thing you're good
at. If you think you have to change and go to idiotic extremes to be with a
girl, than she doesn't know or want the real you. You can protect people
without being an Auror. Just be you Kaiden. That should be enough." It
sounds like that would be enough for her. But she shrugs and tries to get
back to costume making. "What are you going to be for the Halloween Feast?"

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Yeah, but I want to be an Auror. There's
something so romantic about it, y'know? And who knows, maybe that really is
me under all this lazy." He smiles a bit broader at her and shrugs, "Dunno,
haven't figured it out yet. What about you?"

Briar looks at him like he was crazy. "Romantic? Do you even know what Auror's
do?" She shakes her head, "If it's what you want to do. Then of course go
for it. I just wanted to make sure you weren't trying to be something
you're not to impress some girl. Me? I'm going to open up a Florist shop.
Do both sides of things. Muggle and Wizarding." She's known what she wanted
to be since she was a lil sprout. The knowledge of the Wizarding World
existing only added onto her dream. "The Briar Patch, what do you think of
the name? It's a work in progress, has been since I was six."

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Aye. Hunting down baddies and such. Bloody good
fun." Good ol' dumb Kaiden. He tilts his head as he listens to her and the
smile eventually reaches his eyes, leading him to say, "That's a pretty
great name. Your name's Briar and some plants have briars. Never would've
thought of that myself."

Briar smiles looking like she's feeling a bit better and she nods her head.
"Maybe you could do some card designs for me…if you're not tooo busy
'hunting down baddies and such'." She chortles and then gets to trying to
fix the messed up shape her tear created. "I don't have a partner, this
costume really needs a partner to go along with it. But I bet you and
Ophelia are going to be going as something together. You are going to be
doing the whole date thing with her right? Some people are." Her voice is
going to the sad bitter side again.

Kaiden bites his lip as he looks at her and tilts his head, trying to figure
out what she's going to be just by looking at the bunch of fabric. Nope, no
idea. He tilts his head a little and says, "Maybe. I'm sure she wouldn't be
offended if you desperately needed a partner, though. She knows she can't
stop me from helping people."

Briar gives a disgruntled little chuff of air. "Well I don't want any charity."
Again she's gone a touch bitter, he's only proving her earlier point. "I
/don't/ desperately need anyone. I'm fine on my own."

Kaiden smacks her slightly on the leg and says, "Now, you know that's not what
I meant, Briar." He beams brightly at her. Oh, c'mon, Crocker, you can't
stay mad at a face like that.

Briar wants to punch a face like that! Dammit, she wants to be mad at him. She
wants to beat him over the head and tell him that he's a big idiot and she
likes him anyways! "Well that's how it felt like. I don't want you to go as
my partner because you're doing me a favor." Subtitles: I want you
to go with me because you want to go with me you big LUG!

Kaiden rests his hand on hers and keeps that big, dumb grin on his face,
"Y'know, Briar, if I were blessed with any sort of deductive reasoning
skills, I'd say that you liiike me." Ladies and gentlemen, Kaiden Sykes,
future Auror.

Briar looks up from her costume and just stares at Kaiden blankly. "Kaiden,
focus on your passion for art." Is her way of saying he's going to be the
worst Auror ever. But she says it with love.

Kaiden beams brightly at her and stands up, pointing at her, "You totally do,
don't you!?" He waves a dismissive hand and says, "Oh sod art, I'm already
good enough at that already. Life's about taking on the things you're not
quite good at. For me that covers a lot of things."

Briar just looks back down to her costume and just starts crying again.
Silently, no sobbing for her, but those tears are back the moment he points
at her and then waves dismissibly. Muttering darkly, "Add how to treat a
girl onto that list." (Idiot!)

Kaiden sits back down on the table and returns to the quiet, comforting person
he's supposed to be. He leans over and kisses her softly on the cheek, his
lips pulling a bit of the saltwater away with them. He lifts her head up
with a hand and says, "Hey…I'm sorry. That was dumb of me."

Briar nods and turns her face so she's looking into his, her nose nearly
brushing his. "You can be pretty dumb when it comes to girls. I thought
maybe me 'fainting' all over you during the Pirate War might have gotten
the point across. You really need things beaten into you sometimes." Her
voice is a whisper. "You really never realized?"

Kaiden keeps his face dangerously close to hers, saying, "No, it never occured
to me. I thought you kinda loathed me, being the Prefect that you are and
me being the lazy troublemaker." His lips curve into a grin.

Briar smirks and doesn't pull away, she's not afraid of intimacy at all.
"You're a saint in comparison to the other fellas. You try to be a bad boy
troublemaker, but really you're just a sweetheart with a goofy streak."

Kaiden looks down at the table with a grin before those shimmering green eyes
return to her face, "Crap, it looks like you've found me out. But…goofy?
I didn't think I was goofy. I always thought it was more along the lines of
'charmingly befuddled'."

Briar smiles softly and nods his head, "Yes, Charmingly befuddled is precisely
the way I would put it…" Her face doesn't move. "A charmingly befuddled
boy would be a perfect Peter Pan…to my Tiger Lily." He holds up the dress
more so he can get a better sense that yes, she's doing a whimsical take on
what The Indians from Peter Pan's Neverland would look like. "But you have
Ophelia…" She points out in a tone that is asking 'what about Ophelia?'

Oh, crap. It's come to that point. He bites his lip and looks back down at the
table, looking more than a little confused, "Bollocks…" He sighs, the
little cog working their hardest inside of his head.

Briar takes a deep breath and smiles though it looks very sad in truth. "I'm
done being the second choice Kaiden. I don't think I can take it again.
I've got Jack to fall back on if you choose Ophelia, we're not steady or
anything, just friends with benefits. I didn't want it to be like this. I
didn't want you to feel pressured. You asked though. I was content to
continue to be interested in every single guy that had no interest in me
back. So please, just don't pretend to like me just to save my feelings. I
can handle it."

Kaiden hangs his head, returning that same sad smile, "I really do like you,
Briar…but I've made a commitment. Never made one of those before." He
sighs and looks back up at her, leaning in to brush his lips softly against
hers before saying, "Maybe in another life."

Briar slides her paint covered fingers up smearing the paint on his lips when
she blocks them from his. "You can't say you've made a commitment and then
kiss me. It doesn't work like that. And if you think that you and Ophelia
are going to last long enough that I won't have another chance in this life
time. You really are thick. Everyone and their mother is in love with
Ophelia, you just got to her first. You have NEWTs to focus on, Auror
NEWTs, if you think you're going to be able to juggle those and a
girlfriend in another House a year /younger/ than you. Who has you jumping
through a bunch of hoops to prove you're worthy of her… Enjoy." She looks
back down at her costume. "Just leave me alone."

Kaiden hangs his head and listens to her lecture, nodding as she speaks. He
wipes the paint from his mouth and sighs, "Yeah, sorry." He stands up from
the table and endures her diatribe before turning and starting to walk
away. His head remains lowered and slides his hands into his pockets,
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Crock."

Briar sighs and reaches over to try to snag Kaiden before he walks away from
the table she's sitting on top of to work on a costume with a pot of yet to
bloom flowers by her. "I'm sorry. That was me just being angry. I just want
the best for you is all. I do want you to be happy. I'm sorry."

Kaiden stops as he's pulled and looks over his shoulder at her, "Let go of me.
You think you can tell me that Ophelia and I won't last and that's she's
/making/ me become a better person and things will be just peachy?" He bats
her hand away and shakes his head, "That is /not/ okay, Crocker."

Briar scowls, "I said I was sorry! You think that it's okay to mess about like
you just did? I never said that, what I said is that I think you're kidding
yourself that this is going to last and last. You're a kid and she's even
more so a kid. She's making you become a better person? What bullshit. You
don't need to be a better person than you are. The fact that she's got you
convinced of that is proof enough to me that you're making a mistake. I
swear, you're just like him! Chugging along conciously making the worser
choice, for some idiotic reason. You both don't realize that you've stepped
in a steaming pile. Actually, no, you do realize it, you just pretend to
love it and try to make it seem like it's the latest fashion. Forgive me
for trying to open your eyes to show you that it's not."

Kaiden essentially growls at her in response, saying, "She's not /making/ me do
anything! I'm choosing to improve /myself/! She's just decided to be
supportive and help me along. Unlike other who would see me 'concentrating
on my art'!" He grabs a chair with one hand and tosses it across the room,
making sure that he doesn't hurt anybody with it. He glares at the prefect
and waits for her response.

Briar eyes go wide when he gets violent and throws a chair, "Five points from
Hufflepuff! You know what!? Maybe I was completely wrong about you. I try
to tell you that I care about you, that the person who you've been all
these years isn't something horrible that needs to be changed. That I was
just worried that you were doing it for her and not for you. But when you
tell me that it's what you want I say I'll support you on it just didn't
get through your thick skull did it!? Forgive me for supporting and loving
the you that I've known all these years and be concerned for my friend when
he suddenly really starts acting strange the second someone that doesn't
know him besides the fact that he's cute tells him he needs to change! What
am I supposed to think!?"

Kaiden rests his hands on his hips and hangs his head, shouting, "I'm tired!"
He basically slumps down to the floor, before moving to sit on his behind.
"My brain is all over the place with studying…and…and dealing with
Hephaesta…and Ria's arm being broken…and I'm just tired!" He pulls his
legs up and rests his head on his knees.

Briar puts aside the costume and moves over to where Kaiden's balled up on the
floor. She's silent and calm and moves to wrap her arms around him and just
hug him and give him someone to lean on.

Kaiden buries his face into his knees as the moisture begins to well up in his
eyes, "I…I don't want to hurt her. She's amazing, but I know I'll just
hold her back." He sniffles a bit, leaning into Briar. "I don't know what
to do."

Briar runs her fingers through Kaiden's hair and places a soft kiss on the top
of his head. "Just because you're not boyfriend and girlfriend doesn't mean
that you can't be apart of her life. You aren't holding her back. Don't you
know how great a fella you are? But being with her because you don't know
what to do or how to do it isn't fair. To either of you. She's got people
that love her just the way she is, and you do too. All of these flaming
hoops you're both trying to jump through is silly. She'll be a lot less
hurt if you handle things now than if you draw things out."

Kaiden nods slowly, still not looking up at her, "I know…" He breathes in
staggeredly and says, "Yeah…I need to take care of it. Can't be leading
her on." He finally looks back up, his cheeks stained with tears.

Briar mimics what he did to her earlier and leans in to place a kiss on his
cheeks over the trails to kiss them away. "I'm sorry." She wishes more than
anything that she could just wave her wand and make everyone feel better,
but there's not spell in the world that cures or even relieves teenage
hormones and relationship angst. "Don't do anything you don't want to do.
That's the moral of my story. You know?" She really is trying to make it
clear that if he wants to be with Ophelia and that it feels right to stick
with it. That she just feels it's her duty as his friend (the fact that
she's interested him aside) to point out that this "relationship" is
hurting everyone involved and that's a lot of people!

Kaiden nuzzles his head against her softly and says, "Having the feelings of
this many people on me is just killing me, Crock. I'm like Atlas, holding
up the Heavens. It's not fair." He sighs and says, "I've got to break up
with her."

Briar squeezes him in a hug and moves to sit at a better angle so she can just
hold him and cuddle him quietly. "If you need me.." Is whispered in a
genuine offer to be a shoulder to cry on any time he wants it or needs it.

Kaiden sighs once more, but a little ghost of a smile can be seen on his lips.
He nods to her and turns his head to regard her, saying, "Thanks, Briar."
He looks away again and nuzzles his head softly against hers, feeling a
little bit better about what's about to hit the fan.

Briar rakes her fingers through his hair again and goes to just cuddling him
with a nod. "That's what real friends are for, to smack you around and kiss
the bruises afterwards." She smirks and gives him a big bear hug like

Kaiden chuckles softly and turns to look at her, "Oh, really? Well, I'll make
sure you smack me in designated areas next time." Those green eyes once
again dance over her face, with that happiness they'd been missing now
fully restored.

Briar nods and kisses his cheek and gives his hair a big ruffle, "Now get up
off your butt and go fix that chair you threw ya big Ape." She points to
the chair that did land with a breaky crack sound. Her lips still curled up
in an affectionate smile. "Then are you going to go see about a redhead?"
She does /not/ say Ginger. Briar only will abandon her American lingo for
British lingo when it has to do with curses and naughty things.

Kaiden stands up from the floor and offers her a hand to help her up, "Dunno.
If I fix it, do we still lose five points?" He grins cheekily at her and
will walk over to attempt to put the chair back together before eventually
giving up because he's not a giant, strapping carpenter from Mississippi.
"Yeah, I imagine I should get on that right away."

Briar rolls her eyes and comes over and reaches to pull his wand out of where
she knows he usually keeps it. "I thought I was the muggleborn." She
teases the pure-blood and guides him through the motions of the 'Reparo'
spell to fix the chair. She won't do it for him, but she will help tutor
and guide him through the process.

Kaiden laughs slightly and says, "Oh, shush. You know I don't like putting
forth effort. Even if I have the magic there to make it easier." He takes
his wand from Briar and pays close attention as she shows him the steps to
the spell, "So…just a flick of the wrist, then?" He bites his tongue as
he concentrates, following her instructions and murmuring, "Reparo" as he
flicks his wand towards the chair.

Briar grimaces when the chair just falls apart more. "It's more of a whirl
honey." She comes up behind him and takes him by the wrist with her chin on
his shoulder. This isn't exactly new behavior from her, just perhaps a new
light has been shed on it. "Like this." She whirls his hand to show him
how. "If you want to be an Auror, you best learn how to clean up your mess

Kaiden 'ah's in slight comprehension and says, "A whirl, then." He nods and smiles a bit as her head rests on his shoulder. He follows the same exact steps as before, but substitutes a flick for a whirl this time and speaking the incantation as he does so.

Briar ducks behind Kaiden when the chair goes from slightly broken to falling completely apart with a loud crack. "A whirl Kaid, not a whirlwind." She pulls out her wand and puts the chair back to the slightly broken state it was in. "Try again, gently."

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