(1937-10-02) A Game of Questions
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Summary: What turns out to be a first date for Cassius and Eden leads to one of their favourite pastimes: verbal fencing.
Date: 2 October, 1937
Location: Cafe Tasseo, Diagon Alley
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Café Tasseo, Diagon Alley

Named for the art of Tasseomancy (Tea Leaf Reading), the posh Café Tasseo offers complimentary tea leaf reading to its customers. The café has a sort of French elegance to it, but it is much less flagrant, which makes it pure British. The chairs are all padded dining chairs of mahogany and golden embossed fabric one would expect to find in a Louis XIV style without all the pomp of leaves and flanges, just smooth curvaceous lines of mahogany. The use of mahogany, gold and pristine white is throughout the spacious room.

The ceiling is a floral mosaic of white and gold with chandeliers and light fixtures dangling from the mosaic in appropriate places. The gold gilding continues into the walls, accenting raised relief panels on the columns between the windows. The panels share the floral motif of the ceiling, intricately crafted down to the last detail. The windows themselves are just as magnificently turned out; the top quarter is draped in gold shades, the bottom half covered by white sheers, allowing the patrons privacy yet letting ample light through the uncovered section of glass.

11:58 - Eden steps into the Café, her rich blue skirt matched with another blouse but in a powder blue is given a smoothing motion from her hand. Her dark hair has been sculpted back and she takes great care with it, fixing one of the coils and settling it into place as she adjusts her jacket now settled over her arm. With a few minutes to spare she takes the time to scout out the location, giving her attention to the rather elegant decor. "Not at all what I expected…" She whispers to herself, head tilting back to look at the floral mosaic on the ceiling. The soft click of her heels sound lightly amongst the murmurings of those around her and she turns, offering a smile to the couple she passes. A server makes her way over and greets Eden with a rich smile, "How many I serve you?" Eden hesitates. "Well I am waiting for someone, but a table for two." She asks lightly and is immediately shown across the room, nearing a table by the windows.

Cassius is a man of his word, it seems. At 11:59 and fourty seconds, the platinum-haired man comes into view, approaching the café. With five seconds to spare, he is stepping through the front door, removing a wide-brimmed hat and thin cloak. He is attired in typical fashion for him. A severe suit tailored to accentuate his long, narrow body; made of dark green material with silver serpentine patterns along the trim. His eyes scan the room, and soon find what he is looking for. She's early. Such eagerness brings a smile to his face. Or perhaps it isn't eagerness, but strategy. In either case, he seems satisifed.. "Eden, you came. I am so pleased you could make it."

Not even having the chance to sit as she hears Cassius' voice, she turns to find him there and smiles, nodding her head. "Ahh, yes. Of course. I never tend to turn down and invitation. I got us a table, I hope this shall do?" She motions to the two padded arm chairs and the small table between them as she looks to the server. "A list of your teas, please." She makes a motion of a manicured hand and remains standing to receive him as she says rather directly and extending her hand to him, "It is good to see you again." Her dark eyes search his face and she can not help but grin at his attire. "I rather like your suit."

Cassius nods approvingly at the table, and takes her hand with a light touch. As before, he lifts it to his lips, placing a soft kiss just above the knuckle. "Thank you, but I may as well be in rags sitting next to a woman of your radiance." He moves to pulled out a chair for her, seeing her settled before taking his own seat.

A rueful sort of look crosses Eden's features as he compliments her and she dips her head in thanks as fingers fan out a bit to brush his chin in the faintest of touches before she draws her hand back and moves to sit. "Thank you." her hands go to her skirt, smoothing it as she gets a glance around while shifting to find some more comfort. her gaze lifts to his, "This is a newer place, you shall have to recommend something to me."

Cassius hangs his cloak and hat on the back of his chair before sitting. "The fish here is spectacular. Though if you don't care for seafood, I've been told the glitterleaf salad is divine. But, really, it's the tea one comes for. Endless varieties. I've tried a new one on each visit, and I have yet to be disappointed."

"Oh this does sound quite delightful," Eden admits with some enjoyment as she waits for the menu to be offered. "I think fish sounds lovely." She settles back into her seat and then adds in a softer voice as she glances out the window to her left. "I have yet to receive an invitation for your gathering. I was so hoping for one." She admits with a warm smile that curls her lips up again as dark eyes find his. "Or do I only warrant a lunch date?" There is a jest in her voice but one can see she is quite serious.

Cassius frowns and tut-tuts. "You have not? Blast the inter-office mail service. This is why I usually walk documents to and from departments myself. I suppose I shall tell you directly. Things have progressed more quickly than I'd hoped. The rally shall be two days hence, at the Community Hall just down the alley. We'll be holding it in the late afternoon, so that attendees can arrive after their work-day." He smirks with a touch of pride. "I'm holding it on a Thursday, you see, so that those who come can return to work on Friday with the event fresh in their minds. Then the week's end has but to do its work in spreading the word."

"And now we see how we met. Hand delivered tends to be better, can never trust cross traffic in that regards." Eden listens though, complete attention as to when and where as she lifts a brow. "How very clever of you. Is this information to spread by word of mouth or have you had other ways of relaying the rally to those interested?" The menus come and gratefully takes one with a smile for their server before she opens it and begins to peruse the contents therein. "I have been testing friends I have become close with again for their opinion…as ..lightly as I can."

Cassius chuckles, nodding in understanding. "Well, I've notified the Wizarding Wireless Network and the Daily Prophet. Whether they choose to cover the event is, of course, up to them. We'll also be distributing literature for attendees to take with them."

"Hmmm, are they to be reliable. After all, the ministry might very well try to dissuade them or pay them off from spreading news of the rally." She frowns and trails a nail along the edge of her lip. "I think perhaps creating your own paper, a small one with views from those wishing to repeal the act might be something to consider. This way it goes beyond just literature at the rally..or hopefully rallies." Eden studies him and then pauses a moment to look down at her menu lest she be caught without a decision.

Cassius's lips curl like the cat who just found the cream. "A newsletter. Eden, you are a genius." He gazes at her with a delighted gleam in his eyes. "Assuming I am not assassinated at the podium in two days, I daresay that our own publication will be not only beneficial, but essential." He tilts his head thoughtfully. "I believe I know the perfect Ravenclaw alumnus to head the project."

"I have been told that a time or two," Eden replies but seems to be enjoying the quiet moment of praise as she tilts her head, a nod of her head offered. "You will be just fine. If anyone tries to assassinate you, it means you are doing something right." A sharp show of teeth and she grins all the more, her foot shifting beneath the table to brush against the inside of his leg by happenstane. Or perhaps not. Her nails drum against the table and she laughs softly, "Oh do you now. I hope this person is reliable and trustworthy."

Cassius laughs. "I certainly hope they try! The sympathy it would generate for the cause would be worth the trouble all by itself." The brush of the leg earns an arched eyebrow, and a moment of silence to make it plain that he felt it. He could try to read her thoughts to know if it was deliberate…but the game is much more entertaining. So he just lets the discomforting quiet settle to give her a chance to react, merely nodding to confirm the reliability of the aforementioned Ravenclaw.

"As much as I would say that would be great…I would prefer that you are unharmed or remain safe. I can find otherwise to drum up sympathy other than your possible harm or demise," Eden says evenly and then delves into that silence with him. During it, she merely smiles knowingly and goes back to glancing over her menu, making soft sounds of interest before pressing her finger to one item, tapping the menu and setting it down. She looks across at him from over the list of teas and meets his gaze. "What are you having?" Check. Your turn.

Cassius the lack of discomfort in that empty space is all the confirmation he needs. He joins her perusal of the menu, sliding his finger down to a tea he hasn't tried yet. "This looks interesting. A pumpkin-pecan tea. How festive." He lifts his grey-green eyes to meet hers. Oh, the temptation to delve into that magnificent mind of hers. But that would take the fun out of it.

"I am trying their apple pie tea…" She says and then meets his gaze, dark eyes flickering between his as her smile grows in some amusement. "Yes, Cassius? Did you have a question?" Eden wonders, her lips drawing up in such a way to show her teeth as she leans over that table slightly. "So about this newsletter…would you care for me to start gathering sources before or after the rally?"

"Many questions," he murmurs with that cheshire grin of his, but leaves it at that. "So, yes, about the newsletter, if you are excited about it, I suggest you begin immediately. I have no doubt about how industrious you are, nor of your proficiency with the written word. I can only imagine how it has improved since our school days."

A brow rises at his admittance and Eden lets a smile curl her lips further, matching his own grin nearly in depth. Her head tilts and she studies him from her perch at the other side of the table as she slowly lowers the tea list. "You flatter me, but I will do what I can. I would like to have a synopsis of your speech so that I may add it to distribute the newsletter the friday after the rally. I also would like to know anyone else whom might wish to add their views or offering debates. I have yet to meet another that shares our ..sentiments." She settles in then, leaning closer to him across the table. "Ask a question." She prompts him.

Cassius nods, mentally checking off her list of wants. "You have already received a synopsis of the speech, in my office evening last. The rest…I would like to see your genuine reaction as much as anyone else's. More so, truth be told. I should be able to provide you with some names of individuals to speak to. But you'll understand if it is short. Many do not wish to be outed until the movement has gained traction." When the server comes for their order, he takes the liberty of placing the orders himself, requesting for her the apple pie tea and a fish filet dish that he had the last time he came. He tucks a silver Sickle into the man's hand to encourage swift service. With the server gone, he laces his fingers together on the table before him, turning his attention back to Eden. "A game of questions, then? Hm…what are the rules?" That's a lot of power to put in her hands, but it's a test as much as anything else.

"Very well, I will be glad to give you a reaction, as genuine as it can be." Eden studies his face, and gives a nod, faint sigh leaving her lips. "I understand..but if they truly believe, then the time to act is now, not wait in shadows. Strength is lost in darkness." Her lips press together and some of her mirth is lost until they move onto the game and she rests one elbow on the table and then her chin on her hand. "Rules? I didn't realize that a game of questions required…rules. But hmmmmm, nothing overly personal. At least not yet. I don't feel like sharing anything over intimate with you …at this time." She admits and then shakes her head. "If we are to trust each other, I suppose I can't ask you to adhere to anything else. Ask."

Cassius nods, noting the rules and sifting through the many questions he might ask. "Nothing over personal. That eliminates a great deal. But, as you wish. You shall have to tell me if the questions become too personal." He tilts his head, thinking a moment longer. "I suppose we shall start with the simple, then. How did you come to be an Obliviator? I admit that I would not have predicted that path for you."

"Oh such a simple question you could have asked without a game, I am somewhat disappointed," Eden says with a mixture of mirth. "I was actually going to be working with magical creatures, detaining and disposing. I found it was..not quite what I had hoped. In either case, it was my performance in Charms that led to my recommendation to the Oblivators Office and here I am." She makes a motion with her free hand and then studies him. "Ask." It seems she is passing on her turn or believes to know enough already. Who can say?

Cassius shakes his head, smirking. "Oh no. It is your turn, dear Eden. I shall impose no restriction on the sort of question you may ask, but know that I shall assume, from your question, what I may ask next in terms of depth and personal nature."

A curious curl of her lips and she sits back, drawing her chin from her hand as she tilts her head to study him. "Very well…" Eden relents and taps her fingers to the table, nails clicking lightly before she nods. "Tell me, do the rest of your family agree with your views and support them?"

Cassius shakes his head. "Not precisely. In fact, many of my family find my pity for the Muggles distasteful. I've swayed a few of them, but we Malfoys tend to be set in our ways. I simply have an alternative interpretation of our ways. Despite this, the end result should still appease us all, so I have considerable support from them." Satisifed with his answer, he lauches into his own question. "The same question, as uncreative as that may be. Where does the venerable House of Eibon stand on the matter of repealment?"

A nod of her head in understanding, Eden looks thoughtful and then smiles all the more. "I think most of Eibon would agree, though I have had little time in finding otu as much as I would like." She admits and then tilts her head, consdiering that. "Noalan, my brother, is likely of the same mind as is his eldest son. As for my second brother…I can not say to be sure. I think we may be a House divided. But I am sure I can update you on..leanings as I seek that information myself." Her turn. Dark eyes considering him with a new weight and she asks smoothly enough, "Does your significant other, feel the same way?" She wonders.

Cassius chuckles, "A clever choice of words. Two questions in one. I should expect no less of you." Such fun, this dueling of the minds with a worthy opponent! "I have no significant other to feel one way or the other." Now his question. "Does my status as a bachelor matter to you?"

"I do try at times, Cassius." Eden admits with a soft laugh. A nod of her head is given to his response and then at his own question, she laughs, "Hmmmmm that is a double sided question in some regards." She moves her finger across her lips and then replies, "No…and yes." Pause. "No because in the scheme of our views, we need each other single or not. As for otherwise, yes. It does. Now it is my turn to ask a similar question to you as the one you have given me. Does my own lack of partner matter to you?" Her dark eyes find his and there is a rather mirth filled curl of her lips. Waiting.

There is a pause as the tea is brought to the table, leaving her question hanging in the air, unanswered. Cassius (probably deliberately) makes a bit of small talk with the server, causing him to loiter for a few minutes before being dismissed. Finally, he sits back and regards her. "Now then…your question. Yes, it matters to me. You are a very attractive woman, and I am speaking as much about your mind as I am about your appearance. I would be a dimwitted fool not to take interest in your romantic status." He slides easily into bluntness, when it suits him.

Eden can wait him out with the best of them, even if her fingers tap restlessly to the table as she toys with her tea. Her eyes find his when he finally settles back and she gazes at him pointedly. When he does answer, her smile grows just a bit, finger lifting to brush along the edge of her lips before she nods. She sighs, drawing a breath inwardly as she looks down to her tea, smile fading. "Well that is good to hear.." She says in a sort of nonchalant way before she lifts her tea and looks over it at him. "Because I was truly wondering if this was all business or if I should consider it a first date."

Cassius lifts his tea in a sort of toast to her. "With people like us, the distinction becomes less clear. Work and pleasure are so frequently the same. Am I right?" He sips his tea, humming appreciatively at the taste. Setting down the cup, he rather boldly lays an arm across the table, resting his hand on her wrist, his thumb giving the back of her hand a stroke. "But if you wish to label it, then yes. This is a first date. I should very much like a second. An evening coffee, after the rally. I think that we'll both need it by then." He has a way of simply stating when and where they shall meet, rather than asking.

Eden finally allows herself to try the apple pie tea and she lets it linger on her tongue before swallowing. The smell gives her a sort of warm, cozy feel and so when his hand finds hers and she is in the midst of a second sip, she is caught quite off-guard. A move that she distinctly had not planned for in their exchange. Dark eyes flicker to his hand there, lingering before she sets her tea down on its saucer and then reaches her othe rhand out to brush the back of her hand over his, keeping his gaze as she nods her head, "I think you may be right. I have not..grown accustomed to coffee yet but perhaps you can break me of my slight aversion with a good recommendation." She smiles brilliantly for him as her hand turns, gliding fingerpads against his wrist and then brushing over his knuckles as she starts to withdraw it.

Cassius pulls his hand back when she withdraws, mirth playing on his lips. "Ah, yes. It's an acquired taste. A vice I've taken to for long nights working, when tea simply isn't strong enough. But there are variations to make it less bitter, such as adding cream and chocolate. It's quite delicious, in fact."

"I will take your word for it then and attempt to indulge in it once more. It truly is bitter, at least that which I tasted." Eden relents and then hesitates, motioning him on as she lifts her tea. "Did you have another question? Or did you think those were going to too personal for my personal rule?" A dark brow lofts at him over her tea before she takes a sip.
Eden has partially disconnected.

Cassius chortles softly, leaning back in his seat. "Oh, I feel we're chipping merrily away at the rule. However, the food is coming, and I'd like to leave some mysteries for our second date."

There is a rueful soft laugh as she keeps her tea in hand, eyeing the food before returning her attention to him. She sighs, "Oh very well. As you wish." She makes a motion of her hand. The tea is replaced to is saucer and their meal is accented by soft conversation, exchanged between bites. A tea reading will be asked of for both, Eden insisting.

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