(1937-10-02) Book Loan
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Summary: Maudlin makes a trip to the London Library to drop off a book on loan from Hogwarts.
Date: October 2, 1937
Location: Wizarding Library
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Wizarding Library London
Tue Oct 02, 1937 ((Tue Oct 02 15:47:49 2012)) (D,4 NW - N)

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.

The Wizarding area of the Library is of course for wizards only and is hidden from muggle sight. Every imaginable book a wizard could want can be found here, or most likely acquired upon request. During the day many wizards mill about at the shelves or are seated at the available tables in the circular space in the center of the surrounding shelves that ladders and stairwells wind about for stories above the floor. A dome of iron and glass high above the stacks at the top of the tower of knowledge allows the day light in. Some windows can be found scattered amongst the shelves.

It's a cool, fair day in the streets of London, and it's about the same in the hidden wizarding wing of the London Library. Of course, it's always fair and cool in here, with the spells that are in place for the good of the thousands of books housed within the stone walls. Annie has already been to lunch and is back at work, stationed at the front desk, where she is checking a stack of books back in. There's a large ledger by her right hand, and as she opens a book to the back pages, she makes a quick note with a self-inking quill. Despite being tied up in her task, her eyes sweep the space frequently, in case anyone looks to need assistance.

The sound heels striking marble announce the arrival of Maudlin. She is a tall woman with blond hair that is hidden underneath a grey scarf. A long wool coat that is tailored to her hides her clothing and frame and gloves grace her hands. In one of her hands she holds briefcase of sorts and in her other hand she holds a Muggle literature novel which is title the "Jungle" marking her place in the book is a well-loved and tattered red ribbon. Her green eyes scan the library as if looking for something. Finally she moves towards the front desk.

Open book. Make notes. Close book and set aside. Open next book. Make notes. Close book and set aside. It's a bit tedious, but Annie never really tires of getting to see all the books coming and going. The next book catches her attention, and her motions stop for a moment as she flips it open to a middle page. Her finger runs across a page, and she suddenly snatches her hand back as the book slaps shut. A soft chuckle comes from the young witch. "Alright then, I'll note yeh as ticklish in future." The sound of heels nearing brings her attention up, and as Maudlin approaches there is a warm smile waiting. "Afternoon!" she chirps. "May I help yeh?"

"I am the one of the assistant librarians from Hogwarts, I was asked to deliver a book for an inter library loan." Maudlin says to Annie. Her accent is crisp and speaks of education and breeding. She lifts her briefcase up and places it neatly on the counter. But she does not open it yet. Instead she smiles back at Annie. "I have to say miss coming here in the summer, it is so beautiful and the smell brings back memories. Forgive me, I am Maudlin Huntington." She hold her hand out to her.

Annie's brows lift slightly at the woman's words, her smile growing a bit more broad. "Aye, I've had a note that someone would be by." Her own accent is more relaxed and broad, North London through and through. The offered hand is taken for a brief shake. "I'm Annie Taylor, pleased t'meet yeh." Annie cants her head slightly, "Yeh must be new? I'm only out of Hoggies a year and a half, and yeh weren't there when I was a library aide."

"I am new there, just recently hired. I am pleased to see you stuck it out. Many get little put out when they realize how hard these jobs are." Maudlin offers her warm smile in return that crinkles the corners of her eyes. "How are you liking your job here and have you been working here since graduation?" she asks her. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She takes out vine wood wand and waves it over the briefcase. There is a click and then she puts the wand away. Next she opens the briefcase and takes out a cloth wrapped book. "There you go my sweet child, now remember to be good for them as you will be returning home soon enough." Her fingers stroke the cloth covered book and she says one more thing to the book before she hands it over to Annie. "Now you be good for them none of your rabble and no rows with the others. This is Ms. Taylor and I am going to hand you over to her now." With that said she holds the book out to Annie.

Annie sets aside the book that had snapped shut on her, making extra room on the counter. "I've only been here for a few months now. Was startin' t' think that I'd never find anything here in London, and then poof… there's a job offer." The smile turns to more of a grin, and she confides, librarian to librarian, "There's a lot I knew that thought it would be all fussy books and excitement. I like the quiet moments with the books, myself." As the briefcase is opened, Annie looks with interest to what comes out. The other witch's words to the book are duly noted, and Annie takes the book with careful hands when it's offered. She addresses the book as well, "Yer in good hands an' I'll personally see t'yer safety." She's dealt with skittish books before.

"Thank you for taking care it. It can get a bit impish, but it is part of its charm." Another smile is offered. "Indeed they are and I agree with you, it is the quiet moments that are the best. There is a bonding that happens at that time. It is a time when you can feel the words that have been written in them, it is a Siren's call almost, or a sickness. I have not figured out which one yet. Then there is the research that allows you feed your hunger and their hunger. This job is perfect if you like research. Sorry, I get caught up in the moment. I am glad they hired you seem to make a good addition these hallowed halls."

Annie cradles the book gently, being mindful that it's likely out of it's comfort zone being away from Hogwarts, and she absently strokes the spine as her smile flashes at Maudlin once more. "I've always been somethin' of a bookworm, from the moment I learned A to Zed. All the magical places books can take yeh." This draws a soft laugh as she adds, "Course, then I had no idea what magic really was. But still, nothin' can match a good book." The compliment brings a light color to Annie's cheeks. "That's kind of yeh t' say, Miss Huntington, ta." Her brows lift again, a curious cast to her face. "Are yeh Ravenclaw as well? Seems many librarians are."

"Indeed I am, Ravenclaw calls to those who are bookish and introverted it would seem though we do have some extraverts and others. We are an interesting house. I think it normally calls to those that love to learn and put that learning above all else. Perhaps the fates have something to do with it." The laugh causes Maudlin to grin. "I have to admit I read a lot of Muggle literature and History. Fascinates me to no end, it is a guilty pleasure and those books are easier to sneak around London, I do not need to worry about them taking exception to something." She laughs. "So Ravenclaw, do you have any of your own research you are working on?"

"I wonder if you know our Klio then, she was Ravenclaw as well. She's my supervisor here." Annie pauses a moment, thinking. "Her married name is Thompson, and I've actually no idea what she was back in school. Funny how yeh don't really think of that if yeh don't really need to." The talk of reading Muggle literature brings a thought to Annie. "Have yeh ever read the mysteries by Dorothy Frost? She's written children's books too; we had them at school before I went away to Hogwarts. She writes Muggle, but I've found out she's really a squib." And then her head shakes, "No, I've no projects or any research t' do. Are yeh working on anything?"

"I am always working on something." Maudlin tells her in response to her question about research. She then changes the subject to the other Librarian that was brought up. "I cannot say that I have." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "Perhaps when I come back for the book, you and I can have lunch and you can invite her to come with us. That way I can meet her and we all can chat. Or if you and her are in Hogsmead, I live off of cottage way. I am always thrilled to be able to entertain as I do not do it that often. We could do a book exchange of muggle literature as it will keep the cost down for us."

The mention of Hogsmeade brings surprise to Annie's face, followed by delight. "G'wan now, really? I'm at the end of Cottage Way, in number 7. I've been staying there, watching the house for the grandparents of a school friend while they're away in America. Cor, what a small world it is." She's yet to meet a lot of the Hogsmeade locals, spending so much of her time in London working, so it's no wonder that Annie didn't recognize Maudlin. She nods eagerly to the suggestion, "Aye, havin' lunch all together would be lovely. Klio's out right now, or I'd call her t' come up."

"Excellent, I am at Cottage way number 1, Aster Cottage. Feel free to stop by at any time. I always have a kettle on. That is grand that you are staying there. I really do not know anyone in Hogsmead who is not faculty. It would be grand to meet others. I apologize if I come off too strong but I just moved there recently and I am used to being with my family. It is different to be away from them." Maudlin tells her. "But it was time. So what do you do for fun in London or Hogsmead for that matter?"

Annie laughs, "Too strong? Cor, not a bit. It's lovely to meet someone so nearby." The mention of family only marginally shows on her face as a quick falter of her smile, before it's back to it's beaming brightness. "There's a brilliant soda shop in Diagon Alley, they have the most interesting fizzy drinks. There's also a new cafe where they read tea leaves, but that one's a bit posh. My boyfriend took me there for our first 'fancy' date." She wrinkles her nose in good humor, "We had more fun listenin' t' a table nearby, but it's a lovely place. And there's always someone t' talk to at the Leaky Cauldron, of course, and the Three Broomsticks up t' home."

"Who is your boyfriend, I should see if I can seek out the soda shop. That could be fun, I will pass on the tea leaf reading. I take it you were not impressed?" Maudlin says to her. "I am a nosey, but it comes part in parcel. Blame curiosity." She adds. "Yes, I go to the Three Broomsticks on occasion for dinner. I normally do not cook for myself." She confesses. "Lets just say I am rather fond toast and tea in the evening." She smiles again.

The stars all but jump from Annie's eyes at the inquiry after her boyfriend. Clearly she's entirely smitten, and it might even be obvious that the whole boyfriend thing is new to her. "His name is Tim Moody. He's a photographer for the Daily Prophet, and he works for his own pleasure on the side." She practially puffs up from her pride as she speaks of Tim. "We'll have yeh over for dinner one evenin' soon. I do hate t' cook for just myself."

"So tell me how you met him." Maudlin inquires with another smile as she sees those stars in Annie's eyes. "Was it here at the library and what was your first date? Is he courting you?" The questions seem to pour from Maudlin as she talks. She also appears to be enjoying the adult conversation.

Annie is a rather quiet girl normally, but she could chatter on about Tim for hours. "I was taking a book to one of our regular patrons. She was ill, so I thought I'd pop by. And then… Tim was just there. Like a gust of wind blew him right into my life." She can't help but smile at the memory. "Right on a street in London, and don't yeh know that he's a wizard. It's like it was meant t' be." She sighs, taking a dreamy pause. "It was a while before our first date, an' I actually, sort of, asked him. He's a bit shy, Tim is. But it was at that soda shop in Diagon."

"I take you both enjoyed yourselves and went out again?" Maudlin asks. "Now here is a question for you do you think the fates had a hand in it? Do you think it was serendipity or something that was predestined?" Oh she is all but beaming when she asks this question. Her eyes are bright and there is an eagerness and curiosity to them.

"We've been seein' each other about a month now, an' just made it all official a bit over a week ago." The question of fate brings a thoughtful pause, and Annie frowns lightly as she thinks about it. "I almost think it musta been. What are the odds that the man I bump into on the street will turn out to be a wizard, and he'll be so sweet t' me?"

"So you would say that it is fate then?" Maudlin offers her another smile before she closes up her briefcase. "On that note I must bid you goodbye I have a few errands to run in London before I head out. I hope rest of your day is lovey and I hope to see you again. It has been a pleasure talking to you Ms. Taylor."

Annie grins, "Aye, I think it was fate." She is still petting the book lightly, and she nods to Maudlin's words. "I'm sure yeh'll see me again, Miss Huntington. And I'll see that the book is taken good care of until we return it to yeh. I hope yeh have a wonderful day." The words couldn't be said with more sincerity, and as Maudlin takes her leave, Annie carefully carries the book she brought to the back room.

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