(1937-10-02) Flights of Fancy Broomshop Grand Opening
Details for Flights of Fancy Broomshop Grand Opening
Summary: Its the Grand Opening of the new custom broomshop in Diagon Alley, Flights of Fancy Broomshop. Friends, old and new and even a few celebrities show up to see what's what.
Date: Tue Oct 02, 1937
Location: Flights of Fancy Broomshop
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Flights of Fancy Broomshop
Diagon Alley

Stepping into a dream, the atmosphere in the room show room has polished white pine floors and soft creamy white carpets embroidered with exotic designs of gold, silver and black thread. when visitors look up, the ceiling has been bewitched to resemble the sky just above the clouds and there's a faint breeze in the room, cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, adding to the fantasy of being up there amongst the clouds. Seats are provided around tables, each table about the length of a broomstick and the seats cushioned like lounge chairs with soft white upholstry and they match the two couches in the waiting area near the entrance of the shop. Daily periodicals and Quidditch magazines can be found and are easily accessible along with some thicker books about the history of Quidditch and other broom related topics. Exotic and fragrant teas are offered to customers as they browse or sit in consultations.
The backdrop for the front desk are all images of modern day Quidditch players who have agreed to try, use, and model certain broom models that were made for them or their teams. There are also large sketches and drawings of brooms and the like framed and placed within strategic view, displaying the artist's talent and appreciation for the crafts that are for sale. The front desk is made from the same polished white pine that the floor is, a sturdy flat surface long enough to rest several brooms upon and wide enough to service and examine things as needed.
The broom displays are the stars of the room however, sorted by function and price…there are racing brooms, brooms made for families, even brooms made for young children to name a few. Pre-Made brooms can be found on display in various points in the room but the majority of brooms that are on display are samples of the base designs that customized brooms can and will be made from based on customer need or demand. Moving pictures and posters are framed and placed strategically on the walls between, beside or above displays showing images of Quidditch players in history and other notable flyers. There are desk displays with little Quidditch accessories and Momentos, the occasional pairs of gloves or goggles for sale along with some sort of baked good…cake or pie, sometimes even tarts and the like under a glass cover for customer access.

A nice little meeting to still his nerves was had between him and Eden…and that's all Laurence needed before excusing himself to go get cleaned up and dressed for the evening events, returning not long after in his suit and minus wood-dust. He's adjusting his cuffs and such before setting out some bottles of wine and making sure the tea is where it needs to be…so much to do before a grand opening! Really! Don't pay any attention to the little turtledove that flutters behind him and around his head and occasionally lands on his shoulder, scolding him in coo coo language.

This afternoon the shop is all laid out, platters of freshly cut cheese and fruit on various tables, along with cups of exotic teas (namely from india) and bottles of wine + wineglasses.

Giving a glance towards Laurence at his reappearance, Eden offers a smile. "Alright, where do you need me?" Dark eyes light with mirth upon seeing him still fidgeting with everything and with a sigh she moves to place her hand on his arms. "Just be yourself and everything will be alright," comes her offer of comfort before glancing towards the door. Her smile grows and she tilts her head, watching him for a moment or two before she draws her hand away and then draws out her wand. Whispering softly, she gives the celtic knot inscribe rowan wood a flick and swish. There are suddenly flickering gold motes, like little glow bugs that wink in and out of sight romantically so. "Sorry, do feel free to change it if you like." She offers.

A slight form slips into the shop from the alley beyond, and Annie looks around as she moves inside. It's not like she's got the money to spare for a custom made broom, or any broom actually, but after meeting Laurence and then hearing of the grand opening of his shop, she wanted to stop by for moral support. There's a half, bemused smile on her lips as she takes in the lovely space he's created. As she looks around her eyes fall upon the shop owner and his companion, and she steps their way with a brighter smile. "Mr. Toulson, evenin'," she greets cheerily, and the woman she doesn't know also gets a bright, "Alright?"

Linc Palancher, Beater for the Appleby Arrows, Playboy, Model, Philanthropist and famous for that 'Palancher Grin', is taking a moment outside of the shop to pose and wave to the cameras and the fans. One arm slung around his lovely if unlikely for his usual taste in women's date for the night. The down to earth Winged Horse Breeder and Trainer, Sophronia Prewett, has been dressed to the nines for the public event. Dressed in a long flowing evening dress that's all the fashion at the moment in Arrows colours of blue and silver sequins. While Linc is in Arrows blue pinstriped silver suit-robes. He leans over to sign just one more autograph and kiss one more fangirl to make her night before he opens up the door to the shop and gestures for his beautiful companion to enter.

"They are beautiful…thank you." Laurence replies softly to Eden with a smile, happy to have a friend and as he turns to start playing host, Annie makes her entrance and he's spreading his arms as he approaches the young woman. "Miss Taylor! Don't you look lovely, welcome, welcome to the shop…I am so happy to see you." He turns to Eden and gestures between the two. "Eden, this is Annie Taylor…she comforted my wounded spirit after I fell to her feet after groping a hag, a long story with a sad plot but such a redeeming ending. Annie Taylor…this is a good friend of mine…Eden Eibon, smarter than I'll ever be and as beautiful as the gardens her name reflects." He winks and flashes a grin to both women before looking up as attention is drawn to the young man who enters and his beautiful companion and he blinks several times. "…well well well…a touch o' celebrity to my humble shop…"

Phronsie has been learning to smile a little more when she's standing next to Linc, her shoulders not as stiff as they were the first few times she was seen with him. The arm closest to him sometimes moves to go around him, but loose enough to let him go when he leans forward to work the crowd, and she seems comfortable letting that arm fall to her side when he does. She even manages a chuckle when the fangirls squeals after her kiss before entering the door he holds open for her. At the sight of the brooms arrayed before her, her eyes light up, almost like a child at Christmas. The expression transforms her usually dour features, giving some idea of what attraction she holds for the famous Quidditch Player.

"I am glad you like them," Eden replies and then is turning to look towards the woman Laurence greets. "Larry is a bit of a worry wort…has the new business jitters," she says softly in a conspiratol tone before offering her hand. Dressed in a fitted red number with plunging heart neckline, she grins, her lips nearly as red as her dress. "It is a pleasure. Do you mind if I call you Annie? Please call me Eden," she offers and then shifts on her feet, looking to the door as she lifts a brow and tilts her head. Her wand is slid away and she smiles. "Well well.." She notes the colors worn. "You will have to tell me about how you two met, I am sure its quite as amazing as he says."

Annie's smile is directed to Eden at the introduction, and she takes the woman's hand in a warm shake. "It's a pleasure, an' yes, please do just call me Annie." Her eyes slide briefly over Eden's beautiful dress, before her attention is pulled toward the door and the entrance of Linc and Phronsie. A slight frown creases her brow as she notes them also dressed so elegantly, and she glances quickly down at her own simple frock and somewhat dowdy coat. She's just off work and didn't think it would be such a fancy affair. But, her face clears and her attention is back on Laurence with smile in place. "I just thought I'd pop by to wish yeh the best again with the shop." And the smile strengthens a bit more at Eden's words, a soft laugh coming. "I'm afraid it was just me being clumsy and Mr. Toulson being a gentleman and taking the brunt of it."

Apparently the Pro Beater isn't the only one to know brooms, and Sophie quite forgets her manners as she wanders along a display of brooms, running her hand lightly on the shaft of one, and over the bristles,- instead of going forward immediately to greet the host of the party.

Linc looks much like his companion. Like a little boy standing before a magnificent Christmas tree piled with presents. When the door behind them closes he gives Phronsie's temple a soft kiss. It seems to be a little encouraging 'another entrance accomplished' act and he rubs a hand over her bared back thanks to the plunge of the dress. "Remind me why I can't buy him out? That I must be a good boy and share with others."

Phronsie chuckles. "As long as you only buy one of each, you can still be a good boy that's sharing the rest… although I suppose you'll have to restrict yourself on the one of a kind custom ones," she surmises, as she approaches the cases that hold just such brooms.

"First names already, goodness me…now dun be sharin' tales and braidin' hair and talking about me…unless its of course about my natural charm, and in which case I'm flattered ladies." A twinkle in Laurence's ice blue eyes before the broom maker it turning to snag a couple of glasses off of a table and filling them carefully ala gripping the stems and balancing them as he does so, offering the glasses to the women. "Thank you for comin' Miss Annie, yer sparklin' personality is always soothin' to the soul. Here, have a glass…look around. Gossip some more about me." He leans in. "Be sure to mention me hair, I washed it…so it lacks dust and grease tonight." He raises his voice to greet Linc and Phronsie.

"I'd know that smile and that trim figure anywhere Mister Palancher…easy now, you'll have all the wimmen aflutter and havin' conniptions before they even step foot in the shop. Welcome to Flights of Fancy!" The greeting is given and he looks to Phronise as well. "Do take time to introduce me to your effervescent companion, from how her eye wanders I can tell she has good taste."

Bobbie clomps into the broom shop. As much as one can 'clomp' in heels, at least. It's a clicky, non-quiet sort of entrance that might scuff a non-magical floor. She crosses her arms along her chest and takes a long look around the place. Less little girl at Christmas than critic in search of flaws. She doesn't seem to find any immediately, though. She idles just past the doorway for a second, taking it all in.

Linc playfully puts on a whiney childish sound that he's learned to improve thanks to Briony. "But it's the custom ones I waaaant." He winks and drops the act and then is turning to aim the full glory of the Palancher grin at Laurence. He leads Phronsie over and soon as Larry's hand is free reaches to grasp it and give it a shake. "This is Sophie Prewett. She tells me that I have to be a good boy and not wipe out your entire stock all in one night. Awesome store, I'm sure you don't have the mind to discuss commissions right this moment. But I have a little girl that's just getting to the right age. Was hoping you could make her a custom broom." The clickety clomp of Bobbie draws his attention and he grins and waves a greeting to his new team-mate. "Bobbie, come meet The Man of The Hour."

Annie can't help but laugh at Laurence's light tease as she reaches for the wine glass he offers. She's not much of a drinker, but she's unfailingly polite. "I did think it looks extra nice," she quips in return. Her attention turns again the the quidditch star and his companion, looking so wonderful, and she takes a sip of the wine, rather hiding behind the glass, as she takes in Bobbie's arrival as well. A glance at the door seems to be a bit calculating, but she wouldn't leave quite so soon after arriving. Still, it seems a bit of her boyfriend's shyness may have rubbed off on her.

Raising an eyebrow to Linc as he whines, Sophie's expression is suitably reproving, but she can't repress the sparkle in her eyes. "I thought we left Briony with your mom tonight to escape the whining," she teases him in a low undertone before she's being introduced. She holds her hand out to Laurence. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Toulson. You do have some absolutely wonderful brooms here." She finishes her greeting to the owner, so she doesn't turn to offer Bobbie a small, friendly smile that is almost tentative in its overture to Linc's new teammate until after her name is spoken.

"Well thank you kindly Miss Prewett for you words of wisdom." Laurence turns his attention to shaking Linc's hand and flashing a grin. "Touslon…Laurence Toulson, Master Broom Maker and as you've guessed, owner of this new shop. No…no trouble at all, I'd love to make a custom broom for your little girl…just be sure to snag a work order parchment before you go, a few questions to answer and we'll talk further on this ever so special commission." He's moving to take Sophie's hand in turn, shaking it before gently brushing a thumb over her knuckles with a small smile. "Thank you for coming, do please have a drink or a nibble, have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me." He glances over towards Bobbie and smiles in a welcoming fashion. "Come in, come in…I'm sure nobody here bites unless you ask." He looks back towards Annie and Eden with an expression of innocence before winking.

"Oi there, Palancher," Bobbie offers to Linc. It's not the warmest of greetings, but it's friendly enough. She even grins, just a little. If she's still, perhaps, a bit awkward around her new team, his greeting seems to put her at ease. She stops glaring at the brooms on display like she's looking for cracks, at least. She click-clomps herself over. Sophie is eyed but, when the other woman smiles, she smiles back. It's a sharper expression, but it's friendly-ish. It's Laurence, however, who soon commands the full attention of her hazel eyes. "Man of the Hour?" Her smile crooks. "This your place, then? Nice spread, got to admit."

There are quite a number of celebrities showing up tonight, and Annie can just place the faces as quidditch players. Now Jack, he would be in heaven here, surely. Annie frowns slightly, pulling a paper from the pocket of her jacket and looking down at it, then up toward the two athletes. She seems to be debating something internally, and having quite the argument with herself over it. But she holds her place off to the side of the action quietly, and her smile returns as Laurence is complimented on his shop.

Taking the class of wine from Laurence, she laughs brightly. Eden shakes her head, watching Laurence mingle with a sort of pride - possibly. Glancing to Annie next to her, the woman in red sips at her wine. "So what do you do, Annie?" The question is asked lightly, curiously even before she draws another pull from her drink. Her eyes flicker to all those that slip into the shop, "It seems to be going rather well." Her fingers idly brush over the outside of the glass, tracing a faint pattern.

Phronsie smiles back to Larry. "You have put on a very nice party, the sparkles are a nice touch. More subtle than the flashing lights most other places use," she tells him. She turns to Linc and gives him a kiss near his ear, with a whispered offer to get them drinks so that he can do his mingling. Then she gives a dip of her head to Bobbie before moving towards the wine, and Annie.

The paper is held lightly in her hand as Annie looks to Eden at her question. The smile returns, "I work over at the Library of London, I'm an assistant librarian. I do hope to move up in ranks eventually, but it's a lovely quiet job." She pauses, glancing again to the quidditch players, then back to Eden. "And you?" Eden certainly doesn't look like any mild mannered librarian. Phronsie's movement catches her eye, and Annie looks over and directs her warm smile at the glamourously dressed witch.

The shop owner smiles softly as he nods to Phronsie. "Well the sparkles weren't my doing, something all you need is a woman's touch to…make things come together best." A fond look goes towards Eden before he's responding to Bobbie. "My place, my home, my prison when there are rush deliveries to be made…in any event, a pleasure to meet you…statuesque in a warrior goddess type of a way and with a keen eye, I'm sure you'll tell me if anything is out of place. Thank you ever so much for coming." Laurence drawls softly in that repressed scottish burr, smooth and purrish are his words and he just turns to gesture to a few displays. "Do help yourself, even feel free to fondle or feel up any broomsticks that tickle your fancy…I'm sure they will enjoy it." He turns slightly to make sure things are still running smoothly, and to get a glass of wine to offer Bobbie. "Enjoy yourself please."

"Toulson, you said?" Bobbie continues to kind of stare at Laurence, hazel eyes narrow. A flicker of surprise registers there, giving way to puzzlement. Though, whatever she's thinking, all she immediately asks the shop owner is, "Are the drinks free?" She gestures a thumb toward the wine. She's very interested in the prospect free wine. Laurence's characterization of her does prompt a laugh. "Statuesque? Never heard that one before, but I guess that's a compliment. Name's Bobbie Riggs, in case introductions are necessary and all that rot."

"Librarian, oh I think we might get along. It has been some time since I visited the library but I have not been back long," Eden intones and tilts her head, letting her wine glass dip down as she catches Laurence's gaze and she smiles in kind to him before looking to Annie. "Me? Well I am an Obliviator for the Ministry. I have been working abroad only to receive word that I was to return and taking over a position with a Reversal Squad. I do miss being out and about, but it is always nice to be home again. Something about familiar soil and all that. Trying to find a good enough place in London to call my own."

"Bobbie…Riggs, yes, I knew I recognized you. After all, I never forget a pretty face…and yes, all the wine, tea and fruit and cheese are free. Help yourself please!" Then Laurence is making his way towards the front of the shop. "Excuse me, everybody, can I please have your attention?" He stands towards the front of the shop.

"I want to welcome you all to Flights of Fancy, a place to get your custom brooms made, your current brooms repaired, or if you want to donate any used brooms to a good cause. Also, thank you for coming tonight, it means alot to be welcomed into ya community like this, I know I'm new here but I've a wealth of experience I'd like to share with every single one of you."

He points to a wall with a corkboard on it. "I want you to direct your attention to the wall there where wish lists are pinned and where donated brooms are given to families, children and individuals who can't afford their own. They are upgraded and modified to be as safe and functional as possible. So if you have a broom that you aren't using, bring it in and you'll get store credit for repairs and maintenance or even a discount on a custom broom of your own. After all, every person deserves a chance to fly…no matter how rich or poor they are."

Clearly, Annie's interest is piqued when Eden tells her own profession, but before she can start with the questions Laurence is asking for attention, and he does get it from Annie. Something of a wistful looks passes through her eyes as he concludes his welcome; she's not been on a broom herself since Hogwarts. But maybe one day she'll have a Toulson broom. His speech inspires a smattering of applause, and she tries to join in without splashing the wine out of the glass she holds.

Pausing as she picks up her wine, Sophie listens to Laurence, and joins the polite applause after, leaving her glass on the table for the moment. Then she turns with her glass, and gives another tentative smile of greetng to the two women. Although she is dressed fancy, and has naturally good posture, there is a quality to her smile and her glance that hints she's not quite the accomplished socialite.

"Damn fine of you!" Bobbie calls to Laurence before heading over to do some free drinking. She gulps her first swallow of wine in a decidedly unladylike fashion. The second one she takes, to toast the owner's little speech, is more moderate.

Lifting her wine to that, Eden lets out a whistle instead of clapping, putting fingers to her lips to do so. The smile from Sophie is returned with a bright one of her own. A dip of her head is offered and she lets her gaze settle on Annie once more. "Do you fly? I tend to …stay away if I can. I am not very good I fear though Larry is intent that I try again. I am not certain I have the ability to do so…a little bit of flight fright, if you will." SHe says and smiles a bit more, sipping at her wine.

"Thank you…Thank you all." Laurence nods and smiles to folks a they clap or whistle and he lifts his glass in a slight toast. "Second, I'd like to let everybody here know that there's a glass bowl being passed around, just write your name on the piece of paper and put it in the bowl, I'll be doing a drawing in a few where the winning name will indeed get a custom made broom of course and small line of brooms named after them to be sold for the month of October." And a glass bowl is indeed being passed around amongst the people who are gathered.

Sophie gets a welcoming smile from Annie, and Eden gets a brief shake of Annie's head. "Not since Hogwarts I haven't. I rather miss it. It took me a bit to get used to it, but if yeh fall off, just get right back on. It only hurts for a little while." The words are light and obviously joking. But really, it stops hurting eventually.

After seeing that her smile is returned, Sophie turns around as the owner continues speaking. At the mention of the glass bowl going around, and the prize of the line of brooms, her eyes go to Linc. An expression of hope flits across her face, and then she schools it to polite curiosity again. She returns her attention to the conversation of the two women, but doesn't enter uninvited.

Bobbie continues to sip-sip-sip as Laurence goes on, though the prize drawing does perk her interest. She scribbles her name down on an available slip and tosses it in the bowl when it comes past.

Annie nearly misses the part about the bowl going around, but she quickly scribbles her name onto a paper and gets it in just as the bowl is almost out of her reach. "Cor," she says softly to Eden, "nearly missed."

Phronsie has also put her name on a slip of paper, and slipped it in unobtrusively along with others as it passes her.

Eden also manages to get her name in there, but looks a tad uncertain. "Not sure what I would do with a broom if I won it. It would collect dust." She admits, "Though they are lovely…I just. Yes, likely a little uncertain of my own well being on one still." A nervous laugh and the dark haired woman in red begins to sip at her wine once more.

Laurence works on drinking hiw wine and watching people as the bowl eventually makes it back to him at the front of the shop and he sorts through up, ruffling through them all before he closes his eyes and carefully selects a piece of paper. "Now…lets see…the winner of the raffle is…ahh, now isn't this a pretty thing…Miss Annie Taylor, give her a round of applause everyone."

Bobbie swears under her breath when her name isn't called, but she's not so sour grapes about it that she doesn't join in the clapping. She even whistles. Which is perhaps less about being celebratory than being loud, but it fits in.

Annie doesn't win things; she figures her one great moment of luck was that scarf that brought her Tim. So she's not really paying attention to the drawing, instead looking at the quidditch players again as if working up courage. The sound of her name snaps her to attention, and she looks around, then realizes what just happened. Her surprise is evident. "I won?" Her delight is also plain to see, and she steps toward Laurence with a beaming smile. "Cor, Mr. Toulson, I can't even thank yeh enough. This is brilliant."

Phronsie gives a little flick of her wand so that her glass can float next to her as she claps for Annie, watching her reaction, and smiling in response.

Laurence smiles softly to himself, glass set aside with the glass bowl as he claps for Annie himself. "Well Miss Taylor, I suppose we'll be seeing alot more of each other, it would be an honor to have a lady of your status astraddle a broomstick I've worked with me own hands." That smile shifts into something a tad more mature before he coughs and clears his throat. "Alright! That's all the words I have for now, thank you all for coming and just enjoy yourselves for the rest of the evening. Remember, here at Flights of Fancy, I want to make your fantasies into reality."

"Nice digs, Mister Toulson!" Bobbie calls to Laurence. There might be a hint, just a hint, of quizzical sarcasm in the way she says his name. But she sounds sincere enough. she starts to edge out of the crowd, but she will grab another drink before she goes. She is all about the free drinks.

Annie, bless her little heart, is oblivious to any double entendre in the words, and just couldn't look happier. "It's my honor to have one of yer brooms, sir, truly." She glances over at a movement, and sees Bobbie looking as if she's edging toward the door. Alright then, it's time to move. She says a hasty, "Will yeh excuse me just a moment?" and before he can reply she's sidling toward Bobbie, getting out the piece of paper from her pocket again. As she approaches the woman, she smiles shyly. "Excuse me, I'm sorry t' bother yeh, miss, an' I hate t' be rude, but I wondered if you might sign your autograph on my paper for a friend of mine? He's a great quidditch fan, and I know he'd be so happy t' have it."

Laurence slips to the background for a bit to wander around and greet folks, pour wine and being charming and all.

"Eh?" Bobbie does turn around when Annie trails her. And actually breaks into a broad, toothy grin when she's asked for an autograph. "Oh! For cert. You're the girl who one the thingy, right? That's a nice get, a custom broom. I'm thinking of having my own redone, but I want to see how it flies in the first couple games this year while I break in the new team. I've…err…transferred to the Arrows this year." She looks sorry to have brought up her 'transfer' and quickly moves on, rummaging in her handbag to reclaim her pen. "What's your friend's name?"

Eden congratulates Annie before she quickly sneaks off to speak with the escaping Quidditch player. Now alone, she shifts to move over and get out of the way, finishing off her glass of wine as quickly as she can. Wetting her lips, she takes a moment to fix her hair, fingers smoothing over the soft locks before she seems more composed. Her head tilts and she turns back around, giving a glance over those within the shop and then finally makes her way over to look at Laurence's handiwork. Fingers brush over a broom and she considers it, a shiver running up her spine before drawing her hand away.

Annie looks relieved at the friendly reception Bobbie gives her, "Aye, that's me. Isn't that just the most amazing thing? Not only will I get to be on a broom again, but a custom one made by Mr. Toulson." She holds out the paper, "My friend's name is Jack. I'm afraid I'm not the follower of quidditch like he is. I wish I'd have known some players would be here tonight, I'd have made him come with me."

"Alright, then. 'Here's to Jack, don't take any rogue quaffles, Cheers, Bobbie Riggs.'" She signs her name with exaggerated loops on the bs and gs. "Had to come take a look at the new broomer in town. Anyhow, cheers." And off she goes.

Laurence waves to Bobbie as she makes her way out and then his attention turns to Eden, watching her with a fond smile on his face and he looks back to looking over the other women, nodding slowly to himself and rubbing his hands together. Yes, this is going well indeed and he runs his fingers through his hair before pouring himself another glass of wine.

Annie calls after the departing Bobbie, "Ta!" She looks to the paper, very pleased indeed. "Cor, Jack'll love this." And since she's made it this far, "Now t' see if I can get that Palancher bloke to sign as well. Jack'll be right chuffed." Her courage on a high, she has a word with the dashing Beater, and comes away with his name scrawled on the paper as well. She waits a few more minutes, watching Laurence make his rounds, and decides to slip out quietly, and stop back tomorrow to thank him again, when he's not got so many important people to talk to. If Eden happens to notice, she'll get a happy wave before Annie slips off to head home for the evening.

So as things wind down for the Grand Opening event, Laurence is left saying goodbye to individuals, lots of hand shaking, cheek kissing and flattering words to men and women alike before he finally closes the door and leans against it, staring at the counter and blinking. "Now that…I think that went alright." Excuse him while he slides to a seated position while leaning against the front door and runs his fingers through his hair as he exhales. That went well indeed.

Smiling faintly from her spot as Laurence presses the door closed and slides to the floor, Eden shakes her head and moves over to join him, little motes of gold light still flickering for the moment. She looks out the window from the shop and then draws closer before slowly dropping to the floor next to him, going to her knees and then slightly leaning against her hip with her shoulder to the door. "It went more than alright, it was spectacular." Her smile glows, lips parting to show a line teeth as she reaches a hand out to give his arm a squeeze.

Laurence watches Eden with lowered lashes as he smiles slowly as he sees the curtains closing and wraps an arm around Eden's shoulder to tug her closer if allowed. "Do ya think? Spot 'o luck to have all those big shots make their way in and I think there were a few parents with their kids doing the 'mummy can I, mummy can I pleeeease' thing so I'll acquiese to your better judgment. If you say it was spectacular then it was spectacular." A soft smile and a shake of his head. "Thank you…I said it before and I'll say it again…it helped. To have somebody there."

Eden does not move from his grasp, allowing herself to be pulled in closer as she leans in to him to stay upright, hand reaching down to steady herself slightly before she gets comfortable. "Yes, I think very much so, Larry. You did beautifully, remarkably, splendid!" She reiterates with some more panache. "You shall be selling to all the Arrows soon enough. Do you remember Hadrian? You should convince him to sport your broom for the Arrows. He's their current Seeker. I could talk to him if you like. I just saw him the other night in Hyde Park!" But then she sobers some, her voice softening. "Larry you have never needed anyone..you were always so sure and strong. You are now too. You did this all on your own."

He's too tired to move, really. He's had a full day and evening so he just slips out that pale wand of his and with a flick of his wrist and a soft murmur he's levitating and summoning one of the plates of fresh fruit, letting it rest in front of him and his nose does wrinkle a bit. "Hadrian? As in Hadrian Higgs?" He has to clarify this before he chuckles softly and offers the woman a grape. Laurence just gives a tiny nod. "Small world isn't it? I remember…elbows and competition, aye. He's good." Then he ducks his head sheepishly at the statements about strength and things being done on his own and he can only sigh softly. "I have always needed everybody…Eden, I've just always been afraid to show that I do." A wistful twist of his lips.

Reaching out to hold the plate for him, Eden tilts her head and nods, "Yes, very small world considering how few of us are magically inclined." She admits and then is studying him. Her smile grows warmer at his confession and she gives a shake of her head. She takes the grap and then watches him, head tilting again as she sighs, "Well then I am glad I could be here for you..more than you realize." Her smile grows ever more present, ever more certain and she leans in to place a kiss on his cheek. "You did so beautifully. I can not say it enough. Now come, you get some rest. I will clean up. You have your shop to see to tomorrow."

Laurence picks a grape of his own and pops it in his mouth with a throaty chuckle. "And I am glad you never completely gave up on me, hm?" He then has to take a moment. "Oi, okay okay…getting up now." And he does get to his feet, struggling about a bit before dusting off his pants and offering a hand up to Eden. "Well if you insist, but you must let me make it up to you eventually…I'll just have to think of the right way."

Taking his hand, she holds the plate in her other and draws up, carefully to her heeled feet and smiles at him. "Consider this a payback for all you did for me while at school. For what I could not 'thank you' for enough. Considering that I don't even considering this scratchign the surface, you have nothing to make up for." Eden releases his hand gently and reaches out to smooth his top with a brush of fingers. "Go on now..to bed with you. I can lock up before I go."

Now if that doesn't melt the heart, Laurence does look a bit gobsmacked for a couple of seconds before he swallows and offers a tiny bow. "That's what knight do, care for the maidens." He winks and turns to head for the stairs, pausing to issue a coo like whistle that gets the little turtle dove who had been hiding under and behind the desk flutter to his shoulder. "If…a strange owl who looks at you like you're wasting their time shows up, just hand her a biscuit and ignore her birdy chittering, she's got such a potty mouth for an owl…" He gives a word of warning. "Eden?" He hesitates before just offering once more softly. "Thank you…" Then up he goes with a muffled curse. "Lisma, that was mah ear yah daft christmas ornament…"

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