(1937-10-04) Dancing in the Street
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Summary: Cassius and Eden's attempt at a second date turns into a pleasant nighttime stroll down Diagon Alley.
Date: 4 October, 1937
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The dark windows of the businesses that they pass speaks of their earlier endeavors to find somewhere open at such a late hour. The cool crisp air cuts in along Eden's peacoat and she shivers a moment, moving slowly along with Cassius as she eyes the closed shops. Pantyhose were not a good idea, her legs chilled. "I suddenly wish I had worn a proper cloak and not my muggle coat….always prepared. I am on call this evening for the Reversal Squad so I guess I really had no choice." Her eyes lift to him then, her smile returning as her breath mists the air. "Penny for your thoughts?" She uses the muggle expression with a mirthful tone, her shoulder pressing into his lightly as her other hand, gloved, lifts to his upper arm and takes hold. "Well thoughts other than what your next move is."

Cassius has donned a heavier cloak, much more suitable against the cold than the light material he usually drapes himself with. But in the presence of a shivering lady, the cloak comes off, and he drapes it over her shoulders to provide her additional warmth. He eagerly welcomes her hands back where they were, enjoying the feel or her clinging to him. "I confess, my mind is awash with thoughts of strategy for the movement. Goodness, do you realize that's what we are now? A movement? People were excited. Galvanized."

The cloak does help and she lets out a pleased sigh for the residual warmth granted her with it. Eden's smile glows and she laughs softly, giving him a long look. "Did you think otherwise? A movement…we are change, Cassius. Things will change..everything does. Even in our world where time can be…maneuvered around." She looks out and one hand motions, "Imagine, muggles on Diagon Alley. Wizards and Witches running for parliament…to help bring about laws that will help soothe the primal souls of those without magic." There is a thrill in her voice. "I am just sorry to see that some do not understand what this means."

Cassius sighs and nods. "As am I. But nobody accepts change easily. Nobody alive knows what life is like without secrecy. It's only natural that they would be afraid." He spares a glance at her, and for a flicker of a moment, there is a boyish smile. "But enough about repealment for now. The rest of the evening is for you and me. Tell me one of your favourite things. Anything at all. Food, colour, music, flower…anything."

That light smile of his, it softens her own and she smirks at his bidding and she looks back out down the darkened street as they meander together. Eden tilts her head, "Red…red is my new favorite color I think…and I do so love tulips. They remind so much of spring. I think it is the scent. As for music, big band." A curl of a smile brightens across her lips. "Tell me Cassius, do you like to dance?" SHe muses a little, glancing over at him.

In response, Cassius steps away, turning on his heel, then bows, offering his hand in the way a man might when asking a lady to dance.

The nonverbal bow and offering of his hand gains him a raised eyebrow and amused look. Eden's eyes speak though, reporting back in silence that she is quite pleased by this. Her chin lifts and she curtsies gracefully, grasping at the cloak to bring it to her hips and keep it from touching the ground. A gloved hand lifts to his and upon rising she steps in slightly towards him, belying a certain grace. "How kind of you, Mister Malfoy."

Cassius takes her hand, first lifting it to his lips, then grasping it in his own. He curls an around around her waist, boldly pressing it to the small of her back. With an uttered bum-bum-bum, bum-bum-bum beat, he begins to waltz with her in the dream. "It so happens that I very much enjoy dancing, to answer your question." He grins that cheshire grin at he leads her over the cobbles.

Amusement lights her face and Eden lets out a soft laugh as her left hand lifts to rest where his neck joins shoulder, forearm resting along the rest of the perch there. Her head tilts and she hmmmms, eyes lidding a little as she gracefully follows his steps, feet brushing his at times with how close she places her feet. "A surprise in and of itself and not a bad one, Mister Malfoy. You are rather smooth on your feet. Do you practice dancing as much as you do your law and giving speeches that leave witches and wizards alike hanging on your every word?" A question and a compliment rolled into one.

Cassius chuckles, clearly enjoying the praise. "I fear not. But I can manage myself in the ballroom, at the very least. Any gentleman must at least know how to waltz. Now, I am only assuming by your question and your grace that you also enjoy dancing. I trust I'm not torturing you right now?" He grins teasingly.

"I fear I am in utter agony and am barely able to master the ability to speak with your actions." That sarcastic comment comes complete with a soft laugh and she admits to her love of dance with a simple nod of her head. "I love all sorts of dancing, I am not a pro..but the basics I can do and would care to learn others. I find it a beautiful and subtle way to communicate with your partner." Eden's dark eyes find his and she then asks softly, "So tell me then, other then dancing, what do you like to do?"

"Hm," Cassius ponders aloud. "I enjoy reading, enjoying a drink with good company, attending the opera…but I suppose my real passion hobby is the cello. There is something so powerful about a cello's voice. It's like no other instrument, if you ask me."

Interest flares up in her dark eyes and she peers him at him curiously. "You play the cello? This, this I would like to hear very much," Eden admits, her smile growing as she shakes her head in her surprise. "You shock me, Cassius. Surprising me as you do, I am intrigued. I wonder why I never knew such things in school or are all these..newer hobbies?" She continues to move with im, easily following his lead.

Cassius nods solemnly in affirmation. "I've played since I was a boy. But I never brought it with me to Hogwarts. My father forbade it. It was for the best, really. It gave me time to focus on my studies. But after school I picked it up again in earnest. It soothes me."

Eden slows slightly in the dance, that smile a permanent thing on her face as she says with quiet conviction. "Then you shall play for me, in celebration after we release the newsletter." Its near a command, but sounding like an insistent prod on her part. "I did also want to learn to play the violin…I just never seemed to put aside the time for it with my studies and the like. There are many things I wish were different before graduating and leaving London."

Cassius inclines his head obediently, apparently willing to acquiesce to her demand. "We all have regrets, Eden. But we must never become slaves to them. Regrets exist only to remind us to seize future opportunities, and to take chances. I would much rather live in regret for trying and failing, than for never having tried to succeed in the first place."

"Poetic, even when there is only one person listening," Eden intones and then considers the night past him, the dark shops that look on during their waltz. "But you are right..of course. The question is, should I allow the past to help dictate my choices. A sort of wisdom perhaps in that." Her smile returns and she gives his left hand a squeeze that has her right still. "All this sombering talk. And all my fault."

Cassius laughs. "Oh, I think I can find it in my heart to forgive you. I find the conversation interesting. Yes, of course the past should serve as a compass to the future, but not a map. It can give us a bearing, but the future is always unexplored territory, no matter how familiar it may seem." He suddenly steps forward, bending at the knee to dip her.

The arm at his shoulder tightens as she feels gravity drag her down with him and there is a momentary look of fright that crosses her face, a surprise that has her heart leaping to her throat. Eden makes a light sound that catches in her throat before she catches her breath. Her hand has moved in the interim to the back of his neck. "Yes…very unexpected…" She attempts a smile, one that is still patterened by the mild surprise that remains with her. Unable to pull at his cloak around her, it pools to the ground below her.

Cassius makes certain that his face passes within an inch of hers, their noses even briefly brushing, then finally stands her upright again. "Forgive me. That could have been more graceful. It was my juvenile attempt to surprise you." Though apologetic in word, his grin suggests otherwise.

Eden's eyes widen just a fraction more as he presses closer and so when he draws her back upright, she is left with a racing pulse. This causes a quick fix of her hair and averted eyes briefly. A short laugh and she draws a long breath, "Junvenile or not, you were successful.." She says, trying to ease out of that unexpected moment. Eyeing his grin, she gives him a sidelong glance. "One must be careful around you, Mister Malfoy. Even though I knew this before…it has become to my attention once again."

Cassius sighs, giving her a not-so-guilty smile. "If I were safe, I would probably be living in regret, and we've already gone over that. But please, call me Cassius. I think we're well past 'Mr. Malfoy.'" He steps to her side, once again offering his arm to continue their walk.

A delighted smile draws across her lips and Eden then dips her head, "Very well, Cassius," she quips back. "Do lead on. And if you are cold, let me know. I have this exquisite cloak." The hand now linked this his, lifts to brush at her shoulder so she can fix it back into place and smooth the lines from the fabric. "It is rather warm."

"Not at all. The dance was invigorating, and warmed me." There is something playful, and ambiguously naughty, about how he says that. But he doesn't let it linger. "I suppose I should be getting you home soon. It's quite late, and we both must return to work tomorrow morning."

Eden is silent in the regards of his warmth but does sigh, "Ah yes, work. I have field training with Regulus Black tomorrow." Something in the way she says that sounds a little sour but her smile returns as she looks forward, a sardonic grin taking her lips. "I think I shall keep the cloak. I rather adore it."

Cassius blinks in astonishment. Apparently it's her turn to surprise him. But he chuckles and nods. "Clearly, you were meant to have it. Keep it. A gift." He path he's guides her on has taken them back the way they came, to begin the journey to the respective homes to rest. Tomorrow will be a big day, after all. Many tongues will be wagging in the workplace about the highly controversial rally the night before, and that is an opportunity to stimulate discussion that cannot be missed.

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