(1937-10-04) Radios & Frenemies
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Summary: Est and Gabrielle have an peaceful interaction that doesn't end with one of them storming off in a huff
Date: 4 October, 1937
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Club Room Hogwarts Castle
Fri Oct 05, 1937 ((Fri Oct 05 02:42:04 2012)) (Ground Floor - N. Corridor)

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.


Est has experienced many times over the inadvisability of poking something with your wand, especially when it is himself doing the prodding. But in the name of science! and hope! and really wanting to hear radio programs! Est has lugged a wireless set into the club room and is trying to remember how he managed to tune it the last time. A smooth adult voice (definitely NOT Est's, as it does not immediately put one in mind of a talking squirrel) giving a rousing speech amongst static comes in and out of focus before being sharply cut off with a BANG!

Gabrielle walks in and is obviously surprised, not only by who's in the room, but the loud nose coming from the radio. She has several books in her arms and what appears to be a cookie with a bite already taken out on it on top of them.Her blonde hair is loose, with a lock that is falling into her eyes.Even with the immediate, "Oh god , it's you" look she gives Est, there's something different about her, she seems…happier, like something has been lifted from her shoulders."Prince." She'll not some all the way in, maybe because it's him, maybe she's afraid whatever he's doing is going to explode….

"Hey Evans!" Est says, typically overeager as he picks himself up from the floor. A thin stream of smoke reaches up from the radio set. He follows her gaze to the radio and rushes to add, "Oh, don't worry, it's fine. Well, mostly. I think. Anyway, that sort of thing just happens sometimes. Oh, look! There's knobs!" Est leans his elbows on the table to fiddle with the knobs on the front and sound returns. Beaming with victory, he turns to Gabrielle and says, "Do you have any interest in politics? You'll want to hear this, some guy's going off on a screed against the Statute of Secrecy."

there's an obvious battle going on in Gabby's head. If she stays, she could hear the rally, or at least something about it, but if she goes, she won't be in potential danger of an exploding radio…and then there's Est…She'll let out a soft sigh and slip the rest of the way into the room.she'll sit down as far away as possible from the radio and ask, "Are you even supposed to have one of those?"as she takes another bite from her cookie.

Est looks up and to the left, biting the tip of his tongue. "Well-ll-ll, no one's confiscated it yet. And really, you think I'm subtle enough to keep anything from the faculty for long?" Est laughs. He fusses with the radio a little more, getting a clearer sound and turning up the volume a notch. He almost moves it closer, but on second thought maybe Gabrielle has the right idea. Est joins her at the end of the table to listen, slightly closer because like a gentleman he'll take the explosion if the radio does blow up. After about ten seconds, however, Est is bored with the sound of someone else's voice and asks, "So, you're looking well. Did you ever figure out the money thing?"

Gabby will smirk at his admission, and her eyebrows will go up slightly as he sits down. She'll narrow her yes when he compliments her, and she'll pause for a moment, like she's trying to find his angle, "Thanks…I'm…doing better than I have in a long time. It was just a curiosity, really, the money. If something should ever happen, I'd like to know that I wouldn't be stuck like I was in the dream….It really didn't /mean/ anything." She'll take another bite of her cookie and tilt her head to look at Est.

Est positively glows at having exchanged a set of sentences with Gabrielle without either one of them storming out of the room. "Excellent! Everything's a lot more fun when there's nothing hanging over your head, isn't it? Course, there's always someone trying to suck the fun out of everything, like Malfoy over there," he jerks his head to indicate the man speaking on the radio. It's a stirring but propagandozed piece, laced with phrases like "For the Greater Good" and "birth-given duty." Est leans back in the chair and laces his fingers behind his head. "Poor man has too much on his mind to worry about."

Gabrielle will snort softly, "yeah…I guess." She's a little weirded out that they're not fighting either."I have enough to worry about, I don't need all that too," she'll motion towards the radio and shake her head."Sometimes I think people /want/ to be upset about something, just to be upset." She'll reach over and tug the loose lock behind her ear.

"Exactly," Est says, leaning forward and pointing a finger at Gabrielle. "If you're breathing, you're winning, and that's cause enough to celebrate."

Gabrielle will look down at the finger being pointed at her, "That's….not always true.Being alive isn't the same thing as living." She'll place her hands in her lap, a little more somber than she was.

Est makes a humming noise and leans back with his arms crossed, considering. After a moment he licks his finger and draws an invisible tally mark in the air. "Point," he says, "but I will offer the counter point that it's still better than the alternative. There's always hope." The last is given with some inkling that they might not be talking completely hypothetically here.

Gabby will lean forward slightly, her left hand unconsciously going over her right forearm, "Well, sure there's hope…but you can't just expect it to fall in your lap, you have to take it, or it never happens." And as soon as the words leave Gabby's mouth, she pales slightly, like something slipped.The lock of hair falls out from behind her ear again.

"Well, yeah, but it's /there/." Est furrows his brow. It makes him look angry, but it's just what his face does when trying to turn his feelings in to words. "It's… there." He runs a hand through his hair and huffs. "Well, I dunno. But it's a good thing, I can say that with certainty."

Gabrielle will pause again, and watch him to make sure he's not puling anything, "Yeah…hope is. "she'll look down at her arm for a moment, "It's nice to have." and she'll move her left hand and reach over for her sketch book."Do you mind?I have a ton to catch up on." Her sketch book looks like it's seen better days. It actually looks like it's been dropped, or beaten on.

"Of course," Est says, "lemme turn this down." The speech has ended and been replaced with a popular jazz number. "Um, can I - what happened to it?" He's seen the way she carries the sketchbook and can't imagine she'd let it come to harm willingly.

there's a moment where Gabby freezes, again almost scared, and then she'll visibly relax when it's clear you're referring to he sketch book, "Oh…uh….It fell through the bleachers when the whole Theo thing happened."She'll kinda caress the cover slightly, "It looks worse than it is. I only lost a few pages."

"That's too bad," Est says. Her fear doesn't seem out of place to him, it confirms that she cares about the sketchbook. He does grin at the thought of Theodore. "What was that about? Where'd that broom come from?"

She'll relax a bit more,"He said his dad.It was really weird, I've never seen anything like that before…."Gabby will shrug and open her book,"I"m just glad he's ok." she'll flip through to a page with some owl sketches.they almost look like anatomy drawing, like she's studying how their wings work.(she has sketching at 7, for a skill reference)

Est chuckles. "Do you think it was on purpose? Or a manufacturing error? It's still odd- bloody hell!" Est -never- swears, the English language is far too fine and expressive a thing for vulgar words. "You're really good. No, I mean, like /really/ /good/." He crosses to stand behind Gabrielle so he can see the drawings right side up. "It's like looking at a real bird."

Gabby will start to answer and jerk up in surprise at Est's language choice, She'll cringe as she walks behind her, bringing his voice that much closer to her ear."Thanks…I'm trying to work this out. I have two different Owls to do…"

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