(1937-10-04) Repealment Rally
Details for Repealment Rally
Summary: Cassius Malfoy's rally in support of the repealment of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.
Date: 4 October, 1937
Location: Community Hall, Diagon Alley
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The community hall has been decorated with white draperies to give it a touch of class. Along the outer walls are a series of long tables, bedecked with numerous covered trays, bowls, and dishes, many of which steam through small vents in their lids. Most of the room is filled with several rows of chairs for attendees, all facing the stage. On the stage itself is a simple podium with a banner hanging down the front, bearing the word "REPEAL" and an image of a wand breaking through a chain. Standing at each exit are a pair of imposing wizards, their robes emblazoned with a rune for "guard." Four other such security wizards stand in front of the stage, facing the crowd.

The turnout to the rally was much better than expected, and the community hall is quickly becoming standing-room only. As more and more witches and wizards file in, there is much jockeying for seats and a decent view of the stage. The rally's speaker, Cassius Malfoy, has not yet appeared.

Members of the wizarding community have certainly come out for the evening.. and Niamh O'Shea is representing herself and her Apothecary. Anything that might mean some real changes, potentially, with the way she does business and with whom certainly does deserve a hearing. So, she's in attendance, seated on the end, her gaze searching the room for others, her neck craning..

The room might be classy: Frank Weasley is not. The punctual sort, the middle-aged man arrived early, and earned himself a seat for his troubles, but isn't likely to be keeping it: there's a very determined looking old lady in a gaudy fur stole bearing down on him, and he's already setting his shoulders in resignation, starting to rise with his hat deferentially in hand. A glance is shot towards where the standing crowd is gathering, to find the best route to join them.

Sloan wasn't really 'representing' any sanctioned body. mostly he was here for the liquir, shich he brought himself, So truly he was here because he was asked to be here, and he settles for that. Leaning against the back wall, he looks around watching the people filing in as he offers his 'virtually bottomless flask' to Keenan.

This evening Cooper IS NOT Cooper. She instead is a tall, buxom brunette with dark eyes and a perpetual smile to her face that makes one think she's coyly hiding a secret. She's dressed in a sensual black number, and dons expensive looking jewelry. Anyone who knows the -real- Cooper knows well that the woman doesn't swing her hips when she walks or even stands in an upright and dignified manner. But in this disguise that's what she does. And she peers about the room looking for an empty seat.

David is simply here for the comedic value of the whole thing. He shakes his head as he steps into the main room, sliding his hands into the pockets of his jacket. He's certainly not dressed like the majority of the people here, looking very much like the muggle-born that he truly is. He has a look around and says to himself, "Well, this oughta be worth a laugh."

Quiet and blending in with the crowd Maudlin tries to remain in the back where she can hear and see the events of tonight. She is dressed in a skirt and matching blazer and because she had come from work she has not yet changed out of her black robe. Her green eyes scan the crowd as she watches and listens to the flow of conversation around her.

Bobbie clomps into the community hall along with Valencia, arms pre-crossed and a pre-skeptical frown on her face. She doesn't even have to uncross her arms as she strides over to a chair, flops down, and crosses her legs. She must have practiced that look. She manages a chair that's sort of near the middle of the room, saving a seat next to her for the other witch. "What do you make of all this bother about the Secrecy act now?" she asks. Under her breath, though she's naturally kind of loud, so it probably carries some.

It would be unlike Magnus to miss such an important event - but unfortunately, the delicate nature of his profession prevents him from doing so. While others in the Internation Department might be able to come here, he maintains such a twisted set of personal alliances that he would be slitting his own throat if he showed up in the flesh. So instead of coming as Magnus, he's here as someone else - a dignified elderly man with salt-and-pepper hair, a thin moustache, and a sharp grey suit (this last, at least, is familiar). He's standing near 'Cooper', though not particularly near, and as the crowd begins to shuffle into their seats, he selects one and follows.

Keenan takes the flask from Sloan and kicks back a good swig, apparently needing the fortification. He crosses his arms over his chest and leans back, wearing comfortable robes in lieu of the bright green ones he usually wears at Mungo's. He scans the crowd, momentarily watching his sister look for someone, and then mutters something under his breath to Sloan.

Regulus managed to arrive early enough to have grabbed a seat, but has since given it away to an elderly witch and relocated to a fair viewpoint in the corner near the stage with a couple co-workers from the Department from Magical Accidents and Catastrophes nearby. He listens occassionally to their uncertain chatter, but for the most part, it is to the slightly older woman at his side that he speaks. "Cassius is a lawyer, so perhaps this will be about the finer points of the law. If he wishes to draw support though, I suspect he will be more inclined to draw them in, make it clear that this effects not just us, but our children, and their children," he observes to Melania.

Anything that could effect the way business is done in their world is a sure draw for Veruca, and there is no doubt the information she gets here will be discussed at length with her employer tomorrow. He may even be in the crowd, but she is here alone, on the outskirts of those gathered, taking in the throng with a calculating gaze. Some familiar faces get nods of greeting, several favored with her rather cool smile, and one or two hold her gaze for longer.

There was a special person in Laurence's life who just happened to leave certain articles on his front desk so he had to show up. Wearing a soft grey suit minus a tie and he has his leather messenger bag bumping against his hip as he makes his way into the community hall, running his fingers through his hair and looking around with a slow blink and a shake of his head. He does make it further into the room before he catches the sight of one of the Repeal signs and he eyes the exit.

Melania, dressed demurely as compared to usual in a simple, fitted black dress and coat with only a few deep red accents, nods to Regulus. Her eyes remain on the stage, glancing every so often at the nearest entrances Cassius might use. "Cassius is a Malfoy." She responds with some mild amusement, "He'll say whatever he thinks he needs to say to get a reaction out of us."

Donner can't claim and high motive for attendance at the rally, but there's no quidditch game and everything else on the wireless has been slashed to broadcast the rally, so attendance in person is the best of a meager offering of amusements for the evening. Donner lurks in the back, deep plum robes a welcome change from St Mungo's chartreuse.

Valencia follows Bobbie in, a little more graceful, and has not really a scowl but a rather curious frown on her features. Blonde curls bounce as she settles beside the other Quidditch player and Val' blinks hazel-green eyes, "Hmm?" she questions, Bobbie's own question having wiggled into Valencia's momentary scanning of all those present. The Appleby Arrow's Keeper shrugs a shoulder idly to the woman next to her, "I'm not sure yet. Give me a few minutes of the speech," the Irish woman drawls.

Gideon lingers near the edge of the room, keeping a low profile. The security here seems to be fairly tight, but the Hit Wizard is always concerned when large crowds form. Add a highly controversial political figure to the mix, and it's a potential recipe for trouble.

Taking his flask back, Sloan nods to Keenan taking a pull of his own before he replies. in kind. speaking softly in Gaelic. Sloan was wearing slacks, a White T-shirt, leather belt and suspenders, along with workboots. He really looked like a muggle more than a wizard. The hawthorne Wand tucked in his belt being the only indication that he was indeed a Wizard.

David moves over to have a seat in one of the rows towards the back. He sits down and fishes a notepad and a pencil out of his pocket and looking around himself. As long as he keeps his mouth shut, nobody should recognize him. One of the perks of being a radio star who has not yet been killed by video.

Back stage, Eddie's dressed in a sweeping, dark emerald suit with a high collar around the back of her throat that sweeps down into a revealing front. Her hair is elaborately done and she looks ever bit the Malfoy. She looks over to Eden as they wait, brows lofting, a sweet smile touching her crimson lips. "You must be…Eden is it? I've heard so much. I'm Eddie, Cassius' sister. It's so, so good to meet you…" She lies smooth as silk, barely knowing anything of the woman. She also offers her hand for a warm shake and pulls the woman in for a proper air cheek kiss.

As usual, Monty /is/ part of the comedy value of being here. Barely even aware of what this Cassius fellow is proposing - much less why - his attention is instead directed toward one of the steaming vents. "I do hope I'm not the only one keeping an eye on this," he muses out loud, addressing whomever happens to be nearby. "If you ask me, it looks rather dangerous."

Ah.. and there's the ginger. Niamh's gaze flickers around to land upon her brother and Sloan.. and she scowls prettily where once she had a warm smile for the Hit Wizard. Partners in crime with a bottle between them. Of course. A soft 'tsck' sounds from her in warning, perhaps to get their attention, and she shakes her head.

Left and right and left and right. That's the way Cooper's artificial hips swing when she walks her way over to Gideon. "Adamantus," the curvaceous brunette gives the man a predatory sort of smile when she greets him. She even holds a hand out for him to kiss the back of. And then she leans in to his ear to whisper something only he can hear, leave the ginger with a wink and quirks a brow at Niamh when she gives Gideon the 'tsck' sound. Wiggling her fingers at Gideon, she simply walks toward the front and takes a seat in a row reserved for special guests.

With her hair pulled back, and a rather costly, if simple set of robes adorning her petite figure, Sophie presents a less glamorous figure than at the grand opening for Flights of Fancy. Her appearance is more quiet class as she takes a seat near the edge and near the front, quietly blending in and pretty much lost in the bustle of other people entering and mingling. The fact that her father and younger brother have snagged seats front and center is hardly surprising, but she makes no effort to approach them.

Even the Minister for Magic, Titania Gambol has arrived with several of the upper echelons of the Ministry, in fact she is on the arm of Chief Gordon Worthington, who's acting as her escort for the event. Titania proves she is Minister for a reason as she greets those attending she passes with proper airs. Shrewd but also approachable the Minister makes her way right to the very front of the assembly.

Tim Moody, Photojournalist for the Prophet had a front row seat but he quickly relinquishes it to the Minister, for a price that is, he quickly gets a shot of her in the forefront, a banner for the rally captured in the background. Once the shot that will be Front Page tomorrow is gotten he quickly backs up before Worthington recognizes him and hides behind his camera as he mills about taking pictures of the event.

Cassius smiles over at Eden and his sister, letting himself be momentarily distracted while an assistant holds up a scroll containing his speech. He silently reads it for the last time, mouthing the words as he tugs on his jacket and cloak.'

Seat sacrificed, Frank leaves the elderly victor to settle in and enjoy her spoils. There's a few seats open here and there, but he makes no effort to get at them: he's got functioning feet, right? His path to an open gap puts him in time to hear Monty's comments re: the steaming food dishes, and the translator pauses in his path to give the other man an incredulous look. "…What?"
Maudlin gives you a cookie.

For such a big story, there's definitely going to be a big presence from the Daily Prophet; among those there, besides the aforementioned Tim Moody, is the business writer, Kogrod the goblin, who's been tasked with reporting on the rally from a business viewpoint. The reunification of the Muggle and magical worlds would definitely cause an upheaval in the business of both worlds, and the goblin wonders if those who are proposing such changes really know what they're getting into. Nonetheless he has a scroll before him and quill at the ready as he waits for the event to begin.

"Well, if nothing else, they certainly know how to make a statement. His sister, for example… I wonder if she is here." Regulus peers about absently as if the words alone might summon Edwarlinda, then pauses as he catches sight of Veruca. He smiles in recognition, the gesture genuine and warm, and he gives the woman a nod. After holding her gaze for a moment, he turns back to Melania, murmuring further, idly about what might or might not be said tonight.

The greeting brings the dark gaze from its hidden study of the crowd when Eden turns to look up at Eddie. Her smile warms, red painted lips drawing back to show a bit of teeth as she takes the hand, "Really, you have heard about me? I only just recently caught up with your brother. The two of you must be close." Her hand is firm and the kiss is returned briefly as she pulls back to look at the elder Malfoy. "Why I see the resemblance. It is a pleasure to meet you." For her part, Eden is dressed in a deep maroon full skirted dress complete with gold flickering motes like willow-wisps in her hair, along her belt and at the bows on her red shoes. "We will have to talk afterwards, I have so many questions." A glance given towards the aforementioned Cassius. "You do like to share, do you not?" A mischievous look crosses her features, a grin taking the smile off her lips and making it something more.

Royce sits a chair or two down the row from Bobbie, slid low in it, legs sprawled out before him, just barely tucked into the space allotted between his seat and the one in front of him. His dark suit looks expensive, but his tie has been tugged loose enough to be crooked, and the hat he twirls absently on a fingertip keeps just barely missing the lit end of the cigarette he's got stuck to the corner of his lips. He seems bored, but looks over as the two Appleby players show up beside him, watching them find their seats, and then reaching over to tap Bobbie on the shoulder.

With a slight sigh, Magnus notes that there appears to be a serious deficit of seating. Bad enough when he can't find a seat normally, but when he's forced to stand around unnecessarily in this twenty-years-older body… grumbling, the ambassador tugs his suit jacket tighter around his chest and makes his way towards the outskirts of the throng of wizards and witches, his (currently blue) eyes searching the crowd. There are a number of people here he knows, but he makes no move to address any of them.

David begins scribbling down stuff in his notebook about the various types of people that's he's seeing. He doesn't really know any of them by name, as most of the time he's either drinking or sitting alone in a recording booth. He offers a friendly smile and a wave to everyone that's kind enough to do the same to him.

Keenan coughs, and pass his hand over his stubbly jaw, rubbing under his nose to hide the smile that Sloan's comment brings to him. He elbows Sloan and nods over to Gideon when Cooper makes her moves towards the Hit Wizard, watching curiously, then shifting his eyes to his little sister's reaction.

Donner raises his eyebrows in surprise at the sight of his cousin, though on reflection he shouldn't be surpised to see her here. He shifts his weight uncomfortably and takes two short steps forward, weighing the relative politeness of greeting his relatives and the rudeness of avoiding them and being found out to be avoiding them.

The woman's response draws an earnest smile from Eddie, eyes lighting up just a bit more and not simply in that polite way. For a Malfoy, Eddie seems actually quite full of warmth and passion. She squeezes Eden's hand before tenderly letting go, "Yes, goodness yes, we will catch up after this, I promise. I've someone for him to meet too! And you look… stunning. Your hair is just… Well, yes. Stunning. It's so nice to meet someone appropriate for my little brother." And with those gracious words, Eddie practically flits over to Cassius' side, as gracefully strong as one can be in spike heels and silk stockings. She interrupts him with the assistant and leans over, kissing his cheek, "You are going to be phenomenal. I love you. It will be great." She whispers against his ear before squeezing his shoulders and pulling away. Elder sister prerogatives.

Bobbie nods to Valencia, albeit a little absently, and replies, "Aye, guess we'll see." She's busy gawking at the crowd herself, though she tries not to be too obvious about it. Still, the sight of the Minister for Magic working the crowd makes her stare. "Better be interesting, whatever this Malfoy bloke says. He's got near every high-to-do witch and wizard in England packed in this place…What?" That less-than-polite acknowledgement is barked at whoever taps her on the shoulder. It's pre-snipping, and she looks almost sorry when she turns around and spots Royce. "Donovan? Bloody hell! I thought you were in…umm…Japan? Or Laos or…I dunno. One of them sorts of places."

Glancing about with her brother-in-law, Melania notices a few familiar faces herself. Her smile, by contrast to Regulus', is more calculating than warm. "I do hope this doesn't turn into some riot," she comments with mild worry, "All these… well." In such close quarters, she doesn't dare say what she'd like about the bloodlines that have been allowed in. "Who knows how they will all react. And I promised Orion we'd read the next chapter of his book tonight… "

Oh, look, Monty does have an audience after all! Of one, but still. "This here, see?" He points a finger back toward the steam as it rises up through the air. "I've seen smoke before, and this is no normal variety. It's supposed to have some color to it, hasn't it now? Not this pure white stuff."

Perhaps all of the Ministries Law Enforcement have been called out. A young hit wizard with an almost boyish face has found himself a place along the wall near the front. His teeth stand out against his tanned skin, his dark eyes gleam as he smiles to something said to him by a little, old witch who pats his arm with a blue veined hand. After listening to her a little longer, he offers the arm she pats, and leads her towards the chairs, being a shield through the crush of people until he finds her chair. Of course, now he has lost his coveted spot along the wall, but that doesn't seem to bother Inacio too much as he looks for a new vantage point.

There is a warming to Veruca's smile that is seldom seen, and her head inclines at the familiar face of Regulus Black. She's not exactly surprised to see her old housemate, but it has been quite a number of years. Her eyes move on, taking in the odd ginger here and there, some faces she recognizes from the covers of Quidditch magazines, her unrecognizable cousin… quite the assortment of wizarding society, indeed.

Raising an eyebrow at Niamh's clearing her throat, Sloan Salutes her with the small leather wrapped glass flask and takes another drink. Though it's not his usual Going to war with himself drinking. it's a social drink and he's behaving for the most part.

A middle-aged, portly wizard steps up to the podium, speaking into the horn-shaped device atop it, his voice amplified. "Your attention, please?"

Hazel eyes flicker back towards Gideon after the scowling at her brother and Sloan to catch the.. sacheying of.. someone that she doesn't quite recognize towards Gideon. Niamh watches the pair.. the woman and Gideon, and she takes a deep breath before returning her attention towards Sloan and Keen.. and exhaling a breath that she apparently had been holding, chuffs softly and turns back around front.

Hazel-green eyes search the faces around her before she glances to Bobbie and nods, "Ye ain't kidden, everyone who's everyone is here, and even those who don't come close." The irish woman shakes her head, curls swinging, before ajusting the blazer that matches her white blouse and somewhat fitting pin-skirt. She cuts her eyes to the man who taps Bobbie, mild recognition dawning before the man at the podium snags her attention and Valencia nudges BObbie, "It's starting.."

Frank gives Monty, then the vents, then Monty trio of simple, straightforward looks. 'Oh,' they say. 'You're a loony'. Edging pointedly away, he doesn't manage to get more than a few steps before the announcer is speaking. Coming to a halt, he turns his attention obediently to the stage.

"Well, just stay close," Regulus says in response to Melania. "Neither my niece or nephew nor my brother with forgive me if I lost you in a rally turned riot. And besides, if the worst does happen, it will not be a bad thing that you are here with a few witches and wizards from my department. We know how to react in a crisis." He nods absently nearby where his coworkers still gossip and murmur, though like everyone, as the portly wizard steps up, they begin to quiet. "Ah, here we go…" Regulus murmurs to his sister-in-law, going quiet himself as his eyes stop searching the crowd once more and turn to firmly gaze at the stage.

"Oh as he told you something that I was not told?" Eden asks of Eddie with a soft laugh and then nods her head. "Of course, after." She says lightly and watches the woman head off to attend her brother. Leaving them at it for them moment, her dark eyes turn back to the task of studying those she can see from her place in the wings. Sheltered in darkness, she finds a joy in being able to watch others who can not see her. That is when her smile falls and she narrows her gaze, a sharp breath drawn as she lifts her chin. Something obviously is not to her liking as her hands lower to smooth her dress and she takes a step back, melting further into shadow and closer to the siblings.
Regulus gives you a cookie.

Gilbert walks in and, completely ignoring his nice tweed suit, finds a place at the back wall and proptly sits down, cross-legged on the floor. The expression on his stubbly, average face in one of open curiosity mixed with a little touch of belligerence.

'"We're about to start, ladies," Cassius instructs. "Places, everyone."'

As the room quiets, the portly wizard continues. "Thank you all for coming! I know you didn't come here to listen to me, so I'll waste no time introducing the man of the hour. Ladies and gentlewizards…Cassius Malfoy!"

Applause rises as several men and women emerge from a side room, each ascending the stage and taking a seat behind the podium. Among them, some may recognize Eden Eibon, and Cassius' sister, Edwarlinda Malfoy. After the seats are filled, the applause rises as the speaker himself, Wizengamot barrister Cassius Malfoy steps out and takes the stage.

Cassius waves and smiles to those gathered as he waits for the room to settle. "Welcome, and thank you for coming." Charming to the last, he launches into a speech that begins with a few amusing anecdotes, but soon delves into the very serious issue of repealment. He speaks for well over an hour, his silver tongue clearly keeping many members of the audience enraptured. But, at last, the speech winds to a close:

"We live in an era of shame and fear, orchestrated by centuries of oppression under the Statute of Secrecy. In their terror of Muggle persecution, our ancestors persecuted themselves, condemning their children to live in denial of what they truly were. Condemning us to half-lives in the shadows, petrified of the stories of stake-burnings and pitchfork-wielding mobs.

"Are we truly so weak that those without magic can be our jailers and oppressors? Are we such fragile beings that we cannot defend ourselves against uneducated intolerance? To this, I say nay. We are STRONG, my brothers and sisters. By right of birth, we are given the power to not only protect ourselves, but to take our place as the leaders of a world sorely in need of leadership.

"The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is a far more inhumane prison than any dungeon the Muggles could ever devise. With it, we have neutered ourselves. We confine ourselves to the quiet corners of the Earth, while the Muggles have the run of the world. Why should we be sequestered? Do we not have the same right to this world as they do?

"The fault in this lies not with Muggles, but with us. We have done this to ourselves out of fear; the fear of taking responsibility for the world that has been entrusted to us. We have great power, and with great power comes an even greater obligation to use it for the good of wizard and Muggle alike.

"The Muggles are not to be hated, nor feared, nor subjugated. They are to be pitied. They live as if blind and deaf, and it is our birth-given duty to usher and guide them to a brighter future for all."

Like him or hate him, there is no denying the effect this man has on the crowd, which likely already consisted of many people supporting his position. The applause is deafening, and his thanks cannot be heard over the din. He waves, flashing that broad smile as he steps down from the stage, followed by his on-stage supporters.

The portly wizard returns to the stage, addressing the crowd. "Thank you, everyone for coming. Everyone is welcome to partake from the buffet tables." As he speaks, the lids on the various dishes vanish, and stacks of plates and utensils appear. "Please, enjoy. Mr. Malfoy will join you soon for the evening's discussions."

'Magnus' walks slightly closer to the stage, his arms slack at his sides. He happens to settle in close to where Frank is standing, and casts a sidelong glance at his coworker, but that's all; soon enough he's busy listening to the long speech given by Cassius. He claps here and there, joining in the general mood of approval at the end with some vigor, then looks around again to take stock of the rest of the audience.

Maudlin has been quiet and listening her eyes narrow when the man of the hour speaks and her lips purse but she keeps quiet. But her eyes remained narrowed. She shakes her head.
Sloan has disconnected.

With the speech over, the crowd begins to break up. Chairs vanish as people leave them, opening up the floor for movement. Soon, people are swarming the buffet tables, and a steady din rises as conversations begin, some more heated than others, over the content of Malfoy's speech.

Edwarlinda Malfoy steps out onto stage with her brother, elegantly bedecked in a stunning suit of the darkest emerald greens. It has a high collar sweeping up behind her throat that cuts down across her collar bones and reveals generous decollatage. Large buttons with M in black engraved on them, the skirt hugs down her hourglass frame to her upper thighs, where silk stockings and black high heels finish the ensemble. Her hair is done in high and elaborate white gold curls and her make up tasteful but present. She says nothing during the speech, but sits calmly, clapping at the appropriate times, giving a few elegant nods and bows of her head. Clearly, the Malfoy siblings are of an agreement about this whole matter. When the men are finished speaking, she stands herself, giving her most gracious smile to the room, "It is not just my brother, but many others that feel this way. In every level of society, from the smaller villages outside of Hogsmeade to the Ministry ourselves. Cassius will be here for questioning, but all of us are around. If you are worried, ask! If you are hesitant, open your lips… Have no fear. We're doing this for the good of all of us!"

Regulus' pale eyes take in the procession onto the stage, and his smile lights up warmly when he spots Edwarlinda, giving her a wink if she catches his eye. But the main source of his attention, at least at first, is not Cassius, but rather Eden. He frowns to himself, absently rubbing at his ear thoughtfully. But then Cassius starts speaking, and Regulus listens intently. He is quiet as it finishes, though he claps politely with the rest. He then falls silent again as he listens to Eddie speaking, and then his eyes once more go to Eden, almost expectently. There is an air of curiousity about him.

FOr her part, Eden is dressed in a festive maroon dress and takes the stage with magically wrought gold willow-wispes decorating her dark hair, red belt and red satin shoes. They twinkle in and out of existence as she moves to to find a seat, obviously in support of the speaker on the stage. Her eyes flicker out over the crowd, noting a few faces and letting her dark gaze linger on more than one before looking up towards Cassius as he nears the end of his speech. Nodding her head at mention of the blame and taking control for a world out of it, she finally places her hands together and claps with abandon at the end. Support wholly as she slowly rises from her seat when the rest at the stage do. She glances towards Edwarlinda and dark brows raise at the older Malfoy before she calls out, "Here here!" She says to the other woman, lifting her voice to be heard before giving a glance back out over the crowd, only to follow after the rest, no words from the woman in red.

Feeling eyes upon him, Frank shoots a brief glance at Magnus - but, not recognizing the man under the circumstances, it's not a glance that lingers. Near the buffet as he is, as soon as he's done clapping he's turning towards the food. Reflectively, and to no one in particular, he comments, voice neutrally critical, "Decent speech. Nothing new, but decent…"

Laurence notices Eden on the stage and then he lets his eyes travel over Edwarlinda and then Cassius in turn and he tilts his head to the side, listening to the speech with a quirk of an eyebrow, arms folded across his chest and a rather neutral expression his face. He just watches quietly.

Smiling, Melania pats Regulus' shoulder with a single, gloved hand. She remains silent, watching the proceedings with a guarded, thoughtful expression. There's just the tiniest nodding of her head at certain points and toward the end, to show any indication of her opinion while Cassius and Edwarlina speak. "Well." She comments, when the speeches seem to be over, "Shall we partake of the refreshments? Perhaps even see if we can gain a moment with the lovely lady Eibon?" Grinning at Regulus, she steps away from the wall and heads for a buffet table.

Niamh sits quietly in her seat, attention rapt, her brows creasing as time goes on. Her head shakes a little at some parts, and unconsciously nods in others. At Lindy's support, however, she seems.. concerned. Torn. Worried.. and she rises from her seat, at the end, pensive. Approaching her brother and Sloan, her hand comes out to lay upon his arm, to tell him, them, "I'm going home. It's late, and I don't know what to think yet."

Twisting about to find Gideon, Niamh locates him quickly, and approaches to tell him the same thing, nodding to any who may be near him. Her expression says it all.. she's.. puzzled. Confused, and could use a cup of tea and some quiet. "I'm going home."

Gilbert slides back up along the walls once the speeches are over, never once having clapped. HIs expression has gone from curiousand slightly belligerent to worried. As he leans against the wall, watching the crowd and clearly waiting for something, he rubs the stubble on his cheeks in a thoughtful way.

Veruca's applause could be called 'polite'. She's not much in the way of displaying her feelings either way, but her eyes have scanned the crowd repeatedly as she listened to Cassius speak, taking in the reactions of others. Truly, the variances have been quite intriguing, from obvious support to disdainful scorn. Surely the conversations after the speech will be just as enlightening, although she will, typically, observe more than participate.

Kogrod dutifully takes notes, though there doesn't seem to be much there that would make a good story, especially not in the business section. It was mostly rhetoric rather than an actual plan for how to integrate the two worlds, he thought. But there were to be discussions afterwards, where hopefully he could get some good information out of the repeal advocates. He begins looking around for potential sources of quotes, before standing and weaving through the mostly much-larger crowd toward the refreshments, where many of the big names seem to be gathering. Hopefully they made some accommodations for goblins to reach the tabletop…

The severely sexualized 'Cooper' has remained close to Titania Gambol and the rest of the higher level ministry entourage. And with some considerable effort, she remains completely expressionless throughout the speech, even though internally she's rolling her eyes. It's a good thing she's being paid for her security duties this evening or else she'd explode into rage at the wording of the speech. And even when the main event has ended, the curvaceous disguise follows the Ministry officials to the buffet tables, wandering somewhere near Regulus and Melania.

Having found a spot a little further back, not really against the wall, but not in anyone's direct view, Inacio has listened quietly, an expression of rapt attention to his features. At the end, the little witch has somehow found him again, and clings to his arm, talking animatedly to him while she uses him as a human shield to take her to the refreshment tables.

Though he looks vaguely disappointed when Eden does not speak, Regulus allows his attention to be drawn away by Melania, to whom he smiles. Allowing a soft chuckle to pass his lips, he nods agreeably. "As you say, sister." The comment about Eden draws the corners of his lips up still further in amusement, his eyes flashing idly, as he glances in the direction of the aforementioned witch, still on stage. "She has recently been assigned to the Squad with me. I hadn't realized she was so politically active, especially someone just recently come back to Mother England. I had thought to hear her speak… but I suppose Cassius did not want to take the limelight away from the Malfoys." He lets out another chuckle as he offers his arm to Melania and will lead her to the food. "I suppose that is why he felt it best not to invite a Black." A light wink is given to his sister-in-law, though there is a considering light in his eye as he looks back towards the male Malfoy.

As usual, Monty is well and truly lost. "I am well and truly lost," he says, even as he recognizes Edwarlinda and walks over to address her more directly. "What's all this about wizards not being able to go places?" he asks. "My mum and dad travel all the time— I've given thought to it myself, but it turns out I lack any sort of sea legs."

Cassius has soon joined the party, his entourage in tow. On each arm, a beautiful woman — namely, Eden Eibon and his elder sister, Edwarlinda. A pair of the security wizards linger nearby, but do not prevent anyone access to the man. He gives friendly smiles as people approach to compliment and question him.

Looking at Niamh, Sloan leans in and speaks softly to her. Hand squeezing her shoulder gently. his face was set in stone.

A voice clearly trained for public speaking rings out from the back of the room as Cassius starts to mingle through the crowd,"Mr. Malfoy! That was a fine speech, but the sentiment is rather idealistic, do you not think? I have made the study of muggle my life and I noticed that your speech failed to address a few key issues. Muggles highly outnumber us. If they start to become frightened of us once again, given that their science can not explain what we do, and anything unkown is frightening; how do you propose we protect ourselves, and the muggles that will inevitably be accused of being wizards and witches, from being treated like we were in during the Inquisition and even the Salem Witch trials? Muggles have also made great advances in what they call science, and are now capable of feats that match our own power through the use of what they call technological devices, this put us under even greater threat that before. Do you have any plans to deal with a situation like this, given their greater offensive capabilities and numbers?" As he speaks Gilbert slowly tilts his head sideways, reenforcing his question with his body language.

David shakes his head once the speech and scribbles some more notes down, whispering to himself, "Waitin' the entire time for the damn punchline. Son of a bitch didn't even deliver." He laughs softly to himself and tucks the notepad away in his jacket, standing up from his seat and looking over to Cassius as he rejoins the goings on.

"We are so getting drinks later," Bobbie whisper-hisses to Royce, but she does put eyes forward and pay attention when Valencia nudges her. She's soon caught up in the speech, though it's hard to tell what she makes of it. There's a lot of frowning, but it's as much thoughtful as disapproving. And there are a few parts that earn a grudging sort of nod. The part at the end, about Muggles being 'pitied' does make her jaw clench, and she's not among those who applaud, but she just sits there and stews over the words rather than make any more open show of disagreement.

Keenan gives a nod to Niamh as she takes her leave, his face softening for the moment as he gives her a half hug, then lets her go. His eyes scan the crowd, and as Edwarlinda appears with her older brother, he turns to Sloan. He doesn't say anything, just looks over the man's face and gives a nod. For once, he's not moving forward to take his old pal by the arm and supply her with a drink, but remaining where he is, letting her soak in her limelight.

Edwarlinda rests quite comfortably on her brother's arms, crimson smile wide and confident, shoulders square. Her whole stance says she's the friendly one, they are all here to be trusted, that life would be so lovely if their ideas were in charge. As the trio make their way through the crowd, Eddie first looks to Monty, giving a small chuckle, "Yes, but… you cannot apparate in the middle of downtown London, can you? Or show muggles open magic? We restrict ourselves every day for muggles that… That seem to be growing more blood thirsty by the week." She's about to say more when Gilbert's words suddenly cut through the crowd. Her smile falters, body turning just a bit, brows furrowing. "Brother dearest, do you wish to handle this, or shall I?" She's clearly offering her more… appealing mannerisms, if Cassius wishes her to field the questions.

"Good Sir, I do agree with you. His speech was well made but he is not a student of History." Maudlin calls out as she hears Cassius words and from her own she agrees with Cassius.

Taking the offered arm, Melania too glances back at the stage. "And what Malfoy would want to share a spotlight with you? You'd steal it just by standing in the background." She's reaching for a plate when Cassius enters with his entourage. "Oh, look there she is." Setting the plate down again to point out Eden, she listens quietly to those who would comment, and leans in close to Regulus to whisper, "Now's your chance to make an impression. See if you can make a good argument in the favor of our speakers."

Donner finds himself swept up in the emotion of the speech and applauds strongly at the end, and some particularly stirring points in the middle. Bolstered by the mood of the rally, he decides he's required to at least greet his relatives. Well, maybe a drink first for some extra courage. A fluted glass held in front of him as a meager shield, Donner approaches his cousins and uncle. "Good Evening, Ph- Sophie. Malfoy is quite a speaker, isn't he?"

Heading towards the buffet line, Magnus pauses for a heartbeat as he passes cooper just so that he can lean over and pinch her somewhere inappropriate, dirty-old-man style. He even casts a (blue-eyed) wink at her to complete the act. But he shuffles by quite quickly to take his place and pick up a plate, although he plans on eating little (or possibly nothing). His gaze flickers over towards Gilbert as the man speaks up, and he frowns slightly, but absently continues forward in the line, not really paying much heed to the situation now that the speech proper is over.

Valencia claps, slowly, but claps as Cassius finishes his speech. She'd smirked when she noticed Eddie on stage, a slight headshake given, before it had ended and Val' spent the rest of the speech frowning thinly. Any talk of muggles makes her wnat to contact her mother and make sure she's safe and sound. The woman arches a skeptical brow at Bobbie as she speaks to the other man though brushes it off and points, "I think food." The Quidditch Keeper stands and makes her back over to the buffet. As she moves she bumps into David as he leaves his row and the woman blinks, "My apologies," she drawls slowly before moving on her way. As another man speaks Valencia does pause for a moment before muttering be it to Bobbie or anyone near, "I need a drink."

Whether Cassius made out what Gilbert was saying through a crowd of people all talking at once is uncertain, especially as he is speaking more directly to those nearest him. He glances to Eddie, arching an eyebrow. "Handle…what?" He peers over severals — not difficult, being a somewhat tall fellow. "Hm? If the man has something to say, by all means invite him to come speak civilly."

David shakes his head at Valencia as she bumps into him and says, "Nah, it's no problem. I'm gettin' a little thick around the middle. Hard to avoid me." Ooops. Hopefully Valencia doesn't listen to too much radio, or his cover could be blown. He just looks away towards the buffet, trying to think of the easiest place to attain some booze.

Regulus' eyes dance at Melania's words, both her open ones, and her softly spoken ones. He nods, and glances towards Gilbert, calling out to the man, for all that the comment was addressed to Cassius. "And what would you do, sir? Cower in the shadows? For centuries, Ministeries all over the globe have managed to perpetrate a lie of immense proportions. Only a fraction of the Ministries budget is now required to keep up the pretense. Do you really believe that if the majority of Witches and Wizards joined together, that we could not work to sway the public opinion of Muggles? To make them see the truth? Their lives, miserable things full of war and strife, could be made better, good, would that their minds simply be opened to the possabilities we can offer them."

Niamh exhales softly and looks back towards Sloan and shakes her head, a pat given to Gideon and a brief kiss to his cheek before she returns to Sloan and her brother.. her heart. Her voice is low, and taking Sloan's arm, rises to her toes to briefly whisper in his ear. Once she's finished, she kisses them on the cheek, one then the other.. and departs the venue.

That sweet as sin smile lingers upon Eddie's features as she squeezes her brother's arm then lets go, just enough, to skirt around a bit of the crowd closer to this Gilbert, eyeing up the wary speaker there, "I am sorry, sir, the crowd is thick and quite loud around us. You will have to come closer if you wish to speak like civilized gentlemen, but my brother is more than openm to questions." She offers Gilbert her satin gloved hand elegantly, more than happy to escort him over. Regulus is then seen — and heard — and her smile beams even wider, "Regulus! Good to hear you, as always. I will be over in just a few minutes." She blows him a quick air kiss, but lingers to see what Gilbert wishes to do.

Arm resting lightly upon the speaker's, Eden gives a glance towards Gilbert as well, her eyes leaving there intended scan - attempting to find someone. The witch frowns some, lips pressing into a thin line and she starts to part her lips to answer back in kind when Eddie remarks about handling it. Dark eyes flicker to that of the Malfoys then and looks between them. Her free hand lifts to rest lightly on Cassius' arm, a look of quiet support as her skeptical gaze slips back to Gilbert, her lips parting to speak softly, "Would it not be prudent for him to remember that their supposed science would wish away our magic as well in the ability to prove itself? It would be only right for us to help break down their theories. Magic would..enlighten them that they do not yet have all the answers." But it is then that she hears Regulus and her eys move to look at the Blacks in quiet approval.

Caught. Sophie had hoped her father and brother wouldn't notice her, but the press of the crowd kept her until her father and brother were passing by. Donner's words should bring attention to her presence, but seemingly, no. Theodophilus fields the question as if it had been given to him. "Brilliant, young man," his nod shows approval of Donner's head being screwed on properly. "It's as I've been saying all along, and it's about time someone got around to it." He offers a hand to the young Jones. "Good to see you here, young man."

As for Sophie, the show of approval to the one her father used to despise under her very nose causes her to withdraw more, and she cannot offer her own answer without physically pushing aside her male relatives. She just gives Donner a nod, and tries slinking backwards and wriggling her way out of the uncomfortable situation.
David has partially disconnected.

"EEP!" Cooper makes and uncharacteristic girly squeak when she gets a pinch from Old Man Magnus, right on the bum. It takes her so much by surprise she almost tosses her plate of shrimp cocktail. But when she turns around she doesn't know its the diplomat. instead she sees the pervy old man and gives him a girlish giggle laced with disgust. That -always- happens when she's in this disguise. But she keeps her ears tuned in on the conversation between the Malfoys, Blacks, Eibons and Gilbert. Just in case anything should come from the back-and-forth.

Laurence chuckles softly to himself, shaking his head and making his way towards the buffet table to carefully start arranging/piling food on a plate.

Collecting up a small plateful of food (and, more importantly - alcohol), Frank politely edges away from the table to give the multitude of others a chance. Gilbert's words make the furrows on his forehead deepen, while Regulus's - and then Eden's - retorts raise his eyebrows. A chair is taken: lacking popcorn (an oversight, surely), he'll settle for finger food while he watches the show.

Gilbert smiles a crooked little smile as he offers his arm to Edwarlinda. He starts escorting her towards her brother but as the get about halfway there he addresses him again in a loud yet controlled voice,"Smartly played Mr. Malfoy. Giving a highly controversial speech the leaving the stage without allowing time for public questions. Make for an easy way to try to placate doubter without having to deal with large amounts of people hearing the questions asked or having to give public answer to them. I would prefer we have this conversation in a more public manner. Or perhaps I should assume you have no convincing answer to the opposing position?"

Cracking his knuckles one by one as he leans on the wall, Sloan looks to Keenan for a moment then speaks quietly to him compatriot. his granite features offset by blazing slate grey eyes. The Flask is put away now. this wasn't a time to be drinking.

As Sloan speaks in an undertone, Keenan looks to him, the nudges his shoulder against him. He turns sideways to the speakers of the moment, standing at a right angle to his Black Irish companion. He listens Gilbert asks his question, and Eddie has jumped into the fray.

Fortunately for Kogrod, a nearby wizard offers him a step up to the table, and he takes a drink for himself. He then moves in the direction of Cassius but waits for the current discussion to finish before asking his own questions. He notices the disguised Magnus, wonders a bit if he's seen that suit somewhere before, but doesn't pay too much attention.

Cassius nods in agreement with Eden. "Of course, my dear. But we mustn't quell his questions. After all, this reception is for discussion." He smiles as Gilbert approaches and attempts to make a scene. "As I was just explaining to Miss Eibon here. the very purpose of this reception is to encourage discussion. Albeit in a civilized manner. Believe me when I say there shall be plenty of future opportunities for more lively, public debate. For now though, please, join me and do allow others their own conversations. There is no need to shout."

Bobbie does stand at the prospect of free nosh. "I could do with a drink," she says with a slight, crooked grin. She does add, "And free food. I'm all about free in general."

After basically challenging Cassius to a public debate Gilbert turns to answer Regulus,"That, sir, is a question for those of you that wish to repeal to answer satisfactorily before we move on to such a drastic step, do you not think?"

Edwarlinda smoothly settles onto Gilbert's arm even as they approach her brother just a bit closer. Of course, not close enough. Not near enough for photograph range of he and Gilbert, but if anyone industrious with a camera is near, she can happily make a headlines photo with her NEW and WONDERFUL friend, Gilbert. Or so her smile says. Still, she doesn't actually drag him closer, everything about her body and stance says she's happy to be a part of this lively debate. She and Gilbert are old friends. "Please, join him… People will listen who are curious. The room is open. There's nothing to hide, dear sir… Or, if you insist on keeping distance, repeat your question so he might hear? We do wish your voice to be heard and understood clearly."

Valencia watches David curiously before moving to acquire a drink. A sip is taken, as well as a happy little sigh before she glances to Bobbie and hands her one. She goes to grab a plate for food but the conversation between Cassius and Gilbert as well as the others snags her attention and she hesitates. The Quidditch player waits, sipping her beverage as she watches curiously.

Keenan watches his sister with some concern, and returns her kisses as she makes her way out. The green eyes don't seem to have their usual light, teasing gleam that charms the ladies. He nods absently to Sloan as his eyes follow Eddie and her new best friend. He takes a deep breath, and crosses his arms once again. Turning away from the woman, green eyes and gray meet, and there's an understanding there with a nod.

Edwarlinda actually continues walking with Gilbert, because they are still making progress through the crowd, but her words never change.

Cassius urges Eden along with him, and moves closer to Gilbert, to have a more normal conversation. "Now then," he addresses the man, I don't believe we've met. Cassius Malfoy." He offers a hand in a friendly gesture, flashing an approving smile at his sister.

Donner is dumbfounded by his uncle's sudden approval. Dumbly, and trying not to look too taken off guard, he shakes Theodophilus' hand firmly. He's more than willing to engage the menfolk in conversation, and with quick glance to Phronsie tries to communicate offering her the opening to escape. …But it may just look like he needs to pee.

David walks over to the table and picks up a handful of grapes and a glass of champagne, looking over to watch Cassius closely. Is that man's hair braided? He looks silly. David shakes his head, looking around for someone to talk to.

"Drastic? What is drastic about wanting to be free of fear?" Regulus asks of Gilbert, guiding himself and Melania closer to Gilbert and Eddie, and consequently to Cassius and Eden as well. "You speak of the past as if it is all that should govern our steps. Yet what good has come from hiding in the shadows? War after war, progressively larger with each generation, plagues these Muggles, and yet we happily do nothing. They kill each other, and you say they would kill us too. Is it not our responsibility, then, to put an end to the killing? To herald forth an age of peace, which only our talents could ever dream to bring about?"

Watching the cunning display by Edwarlinda, Eden composes herself and then smiles at the other woman. She slips forward with Cassius, each step taken with her red satin shoes sends a few of those gold wisps glinting and gleaming. The added words of Regulus to the mix bring a faint smile to her red lips as she shifts, arm still resting on that of Cassius'. "The muggles, poor souls, do not know what is around them. They go on fumbling in the dark and define their world by a set of rules that will never stick if they were to only know. Not only will our presence been what they need to direct themselves correctly…but it will be their further existence as Mister Black here has said." She dips her head to him slightly before regarding Gilbert.

In response to Eddie's words, meanwhile, it draws a warm smile from Regulus - for all his speaking to Gilbert, for all the passion in his words, he remains open and amiable, and it shows in the way he greets his cousin. "Edwarlinda, you look lovely as always. Cassius. Miss Eibon." He greets all those that he now approaches, then looks back to Gilbert, expectantly - not knowing the man to greet him, perhaps waiting for an introduction.

Shuffle, shuffle. Magnus picks up a tray full of food which he has no intention of eating, although he does pick at a few tidbits. He's more interested in the 'conversation' that's going on between the more outspoken attendees. He walks over towards them, munching on some cubes of cheese, and ponders speaking up. Ultimately, he decides against it - even though there's only one other person here who knows who he is, that's one person too many.

One of the Minister's other escorts for the night has taken off a rather floppy hat and immediately whispers of, "Dumbledore! It's Dumbledore there with the Minister!" start to course trough the hall and like a surfer on that wave the arguably most powerful wizard in the British Empire's Arsenal approaches the speaker and his entourage clapping rather dryly. "'For the greater good of all.' Ahhh, such a catchy phrase. Is it not? A phrase like that can justify nearly every movement known to mankind. Couldn't it? In fact, I do believe the very atrocities cited that the Muggles are up to are being done under the guise of 'For the Greater Good.' Women such as the beauty of your sister…you look stunning by the way Edwarlinda… taken, sometimes against their will to be bred for the good of the future of a people. Simply for having blond hair and blue eyes. Your proposal will see us joining that view point and giving merit to the very thing you're sighting is horrible enough that the muggles must be enslaved. I have heard 'For the Greater Good of All' before my friends. It is usually never in the end for good or for all. But for the advancement of the few to be irreproachably above the many. It is folly."

David pipes in as he hears Regulus' words and says, "Who says that we just wouldn't start killing each other? It's not like we're completely free of our blemishes. I see wizard on wizard crime in the streets every day. It's part of the human condition, doesn't matter what powers you've got." With that he pops a grape in his mouth and munches idly on it.

A puzzled look from Phronise at Donner's indication to help and then she gives a wave to her father. "Keep him talking, pleeeeease," she mouths as she presses back a little more, than looks to find an opening between two people that her small body can slip through and walk away.

Theophilus nods, and half turns to Vertumnus. "Vertie, wasn't I always saying that young Donner had his head on right? Even before Hogwarts, I always knew you were going to break out of the family mold." The unctuous blond next to him agrees. "Oh, absolutely. Always knew it. Better man than some of our blood… and some other purebloods," he adds in an undertone as he watches Dumbledore.

Bobbie mutters a "Thanks" to Valencia when the other witch gets her a drink. She sips it without even really bothering to sniff-test what it is. It's free, after all. She smirks a little as she eyes David and Gilbert, though it's with a general sort of approval. "Bets on whether or not it'll come to blows from somebody by the end of the night?" she jokes. It's…probably a joke. She sips again and moves to ready herself a plate, though she pauses in the middle of piling it with buffet goods. To stand on her heeled tip-toes for a better glimpse of Dumbledore.

As the debate heats up, Melania remains quiet. She watches her brother-in-law, the Malfoys, Eden and Gilbert with a growing smirk. Silently, she steps forward with Regulus offering each of the 'debaters' a quiet nod of greeting. An encouraging squeeze to Regulus' hand follows the nod to him from Eden, though her own eyes remain mainly focused on the Malfoys. And then they are joined by none other than Albus Dumbledore. "Well, well." She says, speaking for the first time since the speeches started, "You do throw quite the party, Cassius."

"Most of the Muggles want peace." Frank, pausing in his chewing, stands to allow a trio of witches past - and chooses to take advantage of his standing position to call this out. His tone is neutral, but as polite as a raised voice can be. "Crave it, even. After what happened twenty years ago, they might welcome our help." Dumbledore's words - and use of a very specific phrase - silence him if he intended to speak further. Like many others, he's temporarily distracted by trying to get a closer look.

The disguise Cooper still lingers near the Malfoy and company entourage, while also maintaining a solid proximity to the Ministry officials. The martini she sips in her hand and the way the ruby red lips of her cover up pout are the only few things that are keeping her from openly scowling. However, the creepy old man is back with a cube of cheese. So she steps a few pace away from him. Bad things happened the last time she approached a man with cubed cheese in this disguise.

Her eyes however, turn when Dumbledore arrives. And she mutters something into the reflection of her wrist watch. She waits a second, then nods very subtly. So she tarries just a bit closer to the greying wizard, as if commanded to do so.

Eyes flick from face to face but its Dumbledore that has Valencia's full attention. The woman listens, mouth partially open as if to sip her drink. She smiles faintly and finally sighs, as she turns David's comment hits her ears the Quidditch keeper leans down the buffet line and taps her glass to his, "Cheers to that." Bobbie's words bring a broad smirk and the blonde woman snorts, "Little to no doubt there. Brawls are inevitable I believe."

Instead of shaking Cassius' hand Gilbert opts for a slight bow, polite but far from friendly. As he responds he lowers voice some but still speaks louder than necessary for common conversation, ensuring more people than usual can hear his answer,"I do not think that oratory volume and control qualify as shouting but to each their own opinion. I am Gilbert Sullivan, a pleasure, I'm sure" Of course, he doesn't mention what is a pleasure before turning to quickly address Regulus,"And I do not deny that the ideals expressed here are laudible. However, I would like to explore the process, not the ideals. And I would also like answers to the possible, nay, probably consequences of allowing Muggle to know about our existence." He nods to Dumbledore in apparent agreement with his words before returning his attention to Cassius,"And as I said before, I believe it is a conversation best had in a manner which allows the largest number of possible people to hear both sides of the issue."

Laurence tilts his head to the side, mouth filled with food and he chews slowly, making his way towards the exit with a thoughtful expression and nodding politely to people he may see before quietly slipping out.

Kogrod looks toward Dumbledore, impressed by his stylish entrance into the discussion. He'll definitely have to talk to the professor to get his viewpoint, as he seems quite strenuously opposed.

"I agree with Dumbledore and History." Maudlin mumbles to herself mostly at this point. "Bloody damn fools. They do not know Pandora's box when they see it. They forget the cause and effects of everything, the last great war of the Muggles what happens to one will affect the other in one way or another. Changes to their warfare," She shakes her head and starts to slowly weave her way through the crowd so she can leave.

The addressing of her lovely self by Albus Dumbledore actually draws Eddie's strong blue eyes. She still smiles, though there is a slight faltering of her smile, just for a heartbeat or two, as he mentions women such as her self being taken. Being bred. She laughs softly, a moment later, shaking off the thought as she squeezes Gilbert's arm then lets go, extending her gloved hand in Dumbledore's direction, "Albus…It is a true honour to see you, as ever. And thank you. Looking hale and hearty yourself." She'll squeeze his palm, if nothing else, giving a little curtsey. "And the difference between them and us is… We have power. We are all wizards. We can *actually* effect change in this world. And… we want to do good. We are doing this for the protection, the betterment of everyone! We are trained… brought up in the best of school, to protect this world from madness, dark wizards, the evils that would see it burn. WE… we can help. There in lies the difference. We can help, and we will."

Cassius grins broadly at the approach of the legendary wizard. "Albus Dumbledore. I had so hoped you might attend." He flashes Melania a savvy smile, and extends a hand in greeting to the older man. "I've heard your words before, as well. They are the words of the fearful, and it is so easy to succumb to that fear. But it is a slippery slope argument to suggest that just because a thing can happen, that it will happen. Whereas I look at the road the Muggles are taking, and we are watching atrocities happening, in the present tense. Meanwhile, we sit by and do nothing. That, too, is an atrocity, and one I wish to change."

"Noone is denying that it will take effort, careful thought, and consideration. Just as it took our ancestors when they devised how to implement the Statute of Secrecy in the first place. The first step is to realize that we need to make a change, so that we can then discuss how to make that change." Regulus speaks to Gilbert, even as he nods in agreement to Eden's words. The glance he gives her is considering, and approving, before he glances at Melania. He lets out a chuckle at what he reads in her gaze, but then glances as Dumbledore makes his grand entrance and 'takes the stage' so to speak. His gaze turns speculative, and again he glances to Melania, an unspoken look passing between them. For now, he seems content to listen to the exchange between the professor and Cassius.

Eden pauses, looking at them all, "I think we all are talking of power, when I see the main reason for revealing who we are as a matter of faith in the muggles as well as ourselves to be able to step past centuries of bloodshed and misunderstanding. We spend resources covering up we exist when muggle-born witches and wizards must then express to their parents how our world exists..and sometimes do it alone. We owe it to the muggles to show them exactly what is around them. Do you lack faith within them? That they can not accept and adjust?" Pause. "I for one think they can, ladies and gentlemen. We must have faith in them..our world should be whole, one, together, not assunder and in hiding."

Listening the the mumblings in the crowd, Sloan rolls a cigarette in his left hand and watches the focal point of the evening, or more to the point watches Eddy, a strange look on his face.

David shakes his head at Regulus and says, "No, you're right. I'm denying that it'll work at all." He doesn't comment further, he's gotta save the good stuff for the next day's broadcast. Instead he decides to look down the buffet line at the two pretty Quidditch players with a smile and a sip from his glass. Hell, it ain't whiskey, but enough of it gets the job done.

Cassius nods in agreement to Regulus. "Well spoken, Mr. Black, and you also, Miss Eibon. The most important thing is to understand that our inaction, our irresponsibility, has left the world teetering on the brink of another devastating war, mere decades after the Muggles plunged us into a first. Even the Muggles themselves see it coming. Are we to sit by and wait to be annihilated along with them? I, for one, find that notion discomforting. We are given power, and we must use it to safeguard this entire world. We are the Earth's custodians, and it is a duty we have shirked for far too long."

Bobbie winks at Valencia. "It's politics, Val. Been more heads broken over that than anything else in the world. Won't be a proper bash if they don't get around to it eventually." Though her quip lacks much zing. She's actually listening to Dumbledore, more attentively than she was to Malfoy not long ago. Or at least in a less frowny fashion.

Eyes blazing just a little more at Cassius' last words, Sloan moves forward in the crowd. Knuckles cracking once more. Lighting his cigarette as he moves through the crowd, he beelines towards Cassius

Magnus takes a few more hesitant bites of whatever it is that he's scooped up from the buffet - he wasn't paying a great deal of attention - and continues listening to the others. He's putting on a marked air of boredom, but in reality he's rather interested in what he hears - particularly from Cassius. Dumbledore's appearance and contribution is also given thought, but whatever the diplomat's opinion about it is, he doesn't show it. Instead, he raises a hand in a lazy yawn, then glances around until he finds the glasses of champagne and scoops one up immediately.

Donner is quite sure none of the Prewetts have ever noticed his haircut, let alone said his head was screwed on straight. But one does not just call one's uncle out on revisionist history. "I for one do not think his arguments hold water," he says, referring to Dumbledore. "Certainly the superiority of wizards to muggles is obvious. If we can see farther, we are honorbound to lead them to safety. But here, let's get some drinks. They have brought out very, um, exquisite beverages for the occasion." Donner is reaching the end of his ability to act like a proper wizard and tries to draw the two men away towards the buffet.

Melania grins back at Regulus before turning to regard the debate again. She nods with Cassius, and her grin fades slightly as she speaks up once more, "Why should we send our children out into the countryside, and fear for their lives if we let this war come to us, when instead we could be stopping the very cause of the danger in the first place? I would far rather protect my family myself, knowing that I have the ability to do so."

The security wizards don't miss a beat. Sloan's advance is met by two burly men, one with a hand out. "Easy there, friend. Keep it civil."

Albus shakes Cassius' hand and shakes Edwarlinda's hand as well and comes in for a lean in to kiss her cheek. "I am fearful, it's true. Fearful that you have been tricked by the words of a very charismatic speaker such as yourself Cassius and dear little Edwarlinda that you actually do believe that helping the Muggles means subjugating them. Til they are no more than house-elves being told by us, what do to and when to do it is not at all what you were taught at Hogwarts. Especially not by me." Edwarlinda most of all receives a look of disappointment from her former Professor. "The muggles have a very poignant saying: The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. You my friends today have gilded it."

Hazel-green eyes flit over to David curiously as he peers now down the buffet and she smirks faintly. The Quidditch Keeper however is trained to notice deliberate movement and despite all the conversation fliting back and forth Sloan's advance is almost immediately noticed. The man who'd lingered quietly on the outskirts and heading purposely towards the man of the hour. Valencia nudges Bobbie and sips her drink, "Here we go…" she mutters softly, leaning back against the table curiously, head turning to those who speak in turn.

Despite his standing in a position to be a road block in Sloan's path, Keenan finds himself listening with an alarmed expression as Cassius speaks. Even as the brawler starts forward, he's jumping to intercept, both hands wrapping tightly around one tense bicep. He mutters urgently to Sloan, pulling himself around to try and physically block the stronger man from proceeding.

David peers and tilts his head at Cassius, bursting into laughter. He shakes his head and takes another swig from his champagne, saying, "Yeah, I think I got enough to work with here." He sets the glass down on the table and wipes at his eyes, walking towards the exit.

Pausing in her retreat Maudlin shakes her head and raises her voice so she hope it will be heard. "Yes their history is dark but ours is also not all rainbows and butterflies. We have done some dark things ourselves that help cause or create the need for the act. Slaving Muggles is not the way, there has to be a way where we can help but not repeal the secrecy. Remain where we are. We might be superior with the way we use magic but they have made advances. We are custodians of this earth but we are also interconnected with the Muggles whether some may like it or not. There are reasons we have squibs in our pure line families there are reasons they exist."
Keenan has reconnected.

"Cooper" licks her lips and keeps fairly quiet, doing her best to be part of the environmental decoration. But despite the rather disconnected look on her face, her mind and ears and even the corner of her eyes are fixed all on Sloan. "Fool," she mutters to herself, although she's ready just in case.

Edwarlinda was keeping her smile quite nicely in tact, but the only thing that can really crack Eddie's features is the sight of Sloan coming almost straight at her brother. Her blue eyes go wide, smile falling, and she immediately shifts to intercept him, but is paused by the fact Dumbledore is still speaking to her. It's such a rarity. Panicked blue eyes momentarily search for Sloan's gaze, but it's simply a heartbeat or two before her smile slips back into place and her gaze rests on Albus again, listening fully to his words. That disappointed gaze cast upon her fully drains her smile, confidence gone for a few sick moments. She shakes her head tenderly to her old professor, "Albus…it…it's not like that. I promise you. We… we are truly trying to do good here. On my heart and soul I swear it. To protect those who… who cannot protect themselves. This isn't about mastery. It's about… support. Guidance. Truth. I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't…" But the doubt has cracked her lovely guise already.

Again, Regulus nods in agreement with Eden's words, and again his light eyes consider her thoughtfully for a moment. Melania's words also draw a nod, as he says, "Indeed, sister. Well said." And though he hears Dumbledore's words, and actually seems inclined to respond this time, the commotion nearby draws his attention. Artfully, he manuevers Melania out of the path so that if Sloan does charge in, she will not be at risk. "Excuse me a moment," he murmurs, and then extricating himself from her grasp, moves towards the Auror-o'-fistocuffs. "Mister MacDubsithe. I wonder if I might have a word with you for a moment?" He gestures with his chin towards a relatively quiet spot. Away from Cassius.

Cassius sighs, shaking his head. "Professor Dumbledore, I am disappointed in you. I expect a wizard of your caliber to be able to see above such logical fallacies. You are worried, I understand. But only my detractors here have said a word about subjugation or enslavement of Muggles. What a distasteful thought. I must say that I didn't expect Albus Dumbledore, of all people, to put words into my mouth."

Gilbert arches an eyebrow so high it almost disappears into his hair. Rubbing his stubbled cheek at the same time he smiles in a slightly sad, almost condescending way and shakes his head, he says,"Power? We have been given power. Mr. Malfoy, are you so out of touch with the Muggle world, that you have not become aware of their power? What we can do with magic they can do with technology. They have as much power as we do and, as a whole, are highly mistrustful of anything and anyone different from them, even amongst themselves." He is clearly addressing both Cassius and Donner, even if he only mentions the one in his comments. "Prof. Dumbledore is in the right. Hence why the questions that you have so adeptly avoided during this conversation must be answered. How will we make our presence known to the Muggle? What reaction do we expect and how do we deal with it? Are we going to try and treat them as second class citizens or as equals? How will our actions affect their politics, especially in this charged climate?"

Kogrod decides to approach Cassius next. "Excuse me, Mr. Malfoy… My name is Kogrod, business writer for the Daily Prophet. I have spoken to many economists who have argued that opening up the magical world to Muggles would result in economic instability in an already unstable time. Have you a plan, Mr. Malfoy, to more gently integrate the two societies? And what effect do you believe that such integration will have, on both wizard and Muggle businesses as well as on our economic systems in general?" He's not paying much attention to the moral stuff going on.

David winks to "Cooper" as he passes her on his way out, still chuckling softly to himself. He gives a simple salute and a "Howdy" as he finally makes his way out of the door. "Buncha jack-bootin' thugs."

Frank, like many others, is mostly here for the show: and Sloan - his actions, spotted, are watched intently - promises to make it a more lively one. So does Dumbledore - though the famed professor's words provoke a deep frown from Frank, who opens his mouth to argue a point, then decides instead to close it. He's just going to sit here and drink, and let other people talk: that's clearly the smart move.

Drawing a breath inward, Kogrod's question actually gets a smile from Eden, giving a glance to Cassius for the answer as well before she spots Melania all alone. Regulus appears to have slipped off somewhere and so she smiles at the Black by marriage. "Missus Black? I do not think we have met properly." Her voice stays low so as not to overshadow the discussion but presents a dip of her head to Melania. Her arm still linked with Cassius', she extends and awkwards left to the other woman.

Cassius holds up his hands. "Please, please, everyone. I am but one man, and though I enjoy a rousing discussion, I cannot have three conversations at once. Mr. Sullivan, likewise, I cannot answers a half dozen questions at once. Now, are you prepared to have a civilised discussion? Or will you continue to try to bury my arguments under a barrage of questions I have no opportunity to answer? Firstly, we will be releasing a newsletter that will go into greater detail about our proposals. At this time, the matter has been opened for discussion. As I have stated, that is the purpose of this reception. As for how we will make our presence known? I suggest beginning with diplomacy, obviously. We already liaise with Muggle governments. We simply start expanding from there, with the aid and cooperation of the Muggles' own officials. Forgive me if I've disappointed. I get the impression you were expecting me to condone an outright invasion of Muggle countries." He gives a chuckle, echoed among several others in the crowd.

Taking another drag of the cigarette, Sloan keeps advancing, dragging Keenan with him He speaks in a quiet, calm voice to Keenan between drags of the cigarette Seeing Regulus step in front of him he replies. "Nae, ye may not lad. Himself'll be 'avin a word wi' Mr. Malfoy at the moment, then ye can has yer piece."

Dumbledore is unflapped by Cassius, "Your words are not your own Cassius. You seek to bring the sort of politics that are on the continent to our home here. I'm glad to disappoint you in that I will do everything in my power to see that your 'Mentor' doesn't get his talons in this fine country of ours." He once again responds to Edwarlinda, calm quietly, as if they were alone in the room together. "Your brother is speaking phrases and philosophy that has come from the mouth of a man who was expelled from Durmstrang for his Dark Arts. The welfare you should be worried about isn't the Muggles my precious Edwarlinda, it's your brothers if he continues down this path he thinks Grindelwald has paved for him."

"Of course." Melania releases Regulus with an encouraging nod. When he is gone she becomes quiet again. Or at least, she intends to. But Eden draws her back in again. And so with a smile she steps forward, taking the offered hand, "We have not, and it is a pleasure Miss Eibon. And let me say, if I may, that you have in myself and my brother-in-law strong supporters of your cause. You should come by Grimmauld place sometime and have tea, where we can all discuss this in a… more peaceful environment."

Whatever Sloan replies to Keenan, he shakes his head, still trying to stand in his way.

"Cooper" gives David a wink and squirms a bit in the most vapid way she can, but once he's gone she turns back to Sloan and eyes Keenan with interest wondering who exactly the man with him is. She knows Sloan well enough.

Having responded to Dumbledore, made her point as clear as Eddie really could, the blonde cannot quite meet her old teacher's eyes any longer. She pauses for those last few words, shaking her head slowly, but the older man's statement isn't something she can entirely deny. Finally, Eddie just whispers, "You… you will see. This will be fine…It will be lovely." She whispers, words meant just for his ears, not for the cameras or the reporters in the crowd. Then her eyes trail up to Sloan again, "I… Excuse me…" And she very quickly tries to weave through the crowd, to Sloan's side, her smile back, but it's cracked and forced this time as she tries to reach for his fingertips, "Sloan!…It..it's fine… I'm here… you… You should meet my brother. After. When things are calmer…" She tries to speak to her old friend.

Bobbie's eyes flit in the direction Valencia's looking. Which is the only thing that makes her notice Sloan and the security wizards. "Looks like…" she mutters. She tenses some, but it's more from interest than nerves. Her attention goes back to Dumbledore.

Regulus raises an eyebrow as the only slightly older Sloan calls him lad, but he simply seems amused at the reference. "As you can see," the scion of House Black says, gesturing behind him with a single flick of a finger towards the already besieged Cassius. "He is a bit busy at the moment," he points out, and is about to say more when Edwarlinda makes her approach. He offers a nod to the Malfoy woman, fondly, and though she has now taken over for what Regulus was doing, he draws back a step - though he remains close by, just in case.

"Grindelwald is no Dark Wizard!" calls Frank, leaning on the back of a chair and scowling in Dumbledore's direction.

With her last bit said Maudlin makes her way out of the room. She seems to fade into the crowd and soon she is out of sight.

Cassius frowns. "Dumbledore, again you try to speak my mind for me. I have never met Grindelwald, nor do my sentiments originate with him. That his ideals are similar to my own is hardly evidence that they are misguided. You are an educated man, Albus. Do not try to keep the public in darkness. They deserve the light of truth. They deserve to stand in the light and be seen, heard, and counted. We are the slaves. We are the subjugated. It is time we break our chains and be free once more."

The security wizards blocking Sloan's path stand firm, but let Regulus and Edwarlinda handle the man.

Valencia listens with interest but as she finishes the last of her drink she stares at the bottom of the glass with mild annoyance. A look is given as if to get a new one but she returns her attention once again to the conversation at hand, as well as Sloan and those trying to remove him from the situation. When Cassius speaks Valencia sighs and shakes her head. The Quidditch player sets the glass down and tilts her head in Bobbie's direction, "I'm out of here. Try not to hurt anybody if the seal breaks and everyone starts in on each other." She offers her teammate a broad grin before slowly making her way towards the door.

Looking from Keenan to Regulus to Cassius' Security teams coming at him, and finally to Eddie, The smiles that crosses his lips isn't an amused one. Speaking quietly, he lets his eyes drift back to the Security wizards and speaks a little louder. "I'm leavin. Wasnae aware tha' th' invitation tae speak tae th' man was only tae th' pure o blood." Easing up some, he turns and heads for the door.

A touch more panic crosses Eddie's features as Sloan moves to go. She shakes her head almost too quickly, "No! No… Sloan, it's not like that, I promise. You…you just looked angry. Here. Come with me. Be my escort, we can both go back and speak to him, dear… Please…" Eddie begs, her beautiful composure of most of the night just gone as she sees too many of the pieces already threatening to come apart. Gloved, elegant hands reach out for him, trying to take his arm in her's before he moves to go.

Gilbert's smile widens and looks challenging now, gaining a bit of a predatory edge to it,"Frankly Mr. Malfoy, like I said at the beginning, no; I am not prepared to have a civilized discussion. I am however, prepared to have a public debate, which, if I am not mistaken, you mentioned are part of your plans in the future." With a nod to Dumbledore he adds,"If you are willing I would be happy to form part of the opposition party for such a debate and I would hope Professor Dumbledore would also be included in such, if he is willing. I look forward to you pamphlet and your invitation. I now bid you adieu since it seems others are also clamoring for your attention." Raising his voice once more he calls out to Sloan,"Do not leave my good sir. I believe Mr. Malfoy is about to free up for you, so take the opportunity."

A beautiful dimpled smile is offered to Melania and Eden glances towards Regulus, "I have noticed, and I am certain we are quite glad for it. I would so love to take tea with you some time. I have only recently returned to London from being abroad and am in much need of catching up after so many years. But also, to discuss the newsletter we will be putting out, perhaps you could lend a hand or your support in an article by your own make. I do believe you own a shop, yes? If my memory serves me correctly. Perhaps, you would be willing to write something from the view point of an entrepreneur." She offers, but her gaze snaps back to the group at the mention of dark wizards and for a moment her conversation with the Black is overshadowed.

"You alright?" Bobbie asks Valencia. Not without concern, though she's clearly still caught up in the debate/possibility of conflict in the hall. She nods to the Keeper. "Aye. I don't figure I'll be one of the ones throwing punches tonight." She doesn't figure. She hedges her bets, though.

"Certainly that was not what either of us said," Regulus replies to Sloan, frowning slightly at the man's assumption, a brief look of confusion passing on his features. He then nods in agreement at what Eddie says, and seems content that she has it in hand. "If you decide to have that conversation later, do let me know," he tells Sloan, and moves off to rejoin Melania for now, after a last smile for Edwarlinda.

"Aye! I'm fine, just tired!" She calls back to Bobbie. As she moves the Quidditch player notices Sloan back away and head for the door as well. Pity. Curls bounce as she turns sideways and as the man turns to leave she off-handly calls, "Buy ye a drink if yer interested. Ye look like ye need one or eight."Valencia turns moving her way to the door once more, whether or not he agrees or Eddie succeeds in having him follow her.

Looking at Eddie, Sloan's features soften only slightly as he shakes his head. "Nae. private discussion frae another time, aye? I'll see ye later." Hearing Valencia, he taps his own flask and replies "Thanks all th' same."

"I do, yes." Melania replies, her gaze following Eden's. Shaking her head in the direction of Frank, she sighs dissapointedly, "Indeed, that is just the perfect remark for keeping people calm and rational." Her remark is sarcastic, and followed by a nod to Regulus as he returns to her side.

"Ladies," Regulus greets both his sister-in-law and Eden both, moving to offer his arm to Melania once more, and then moving from the pair of attractive witches to the discussion still happening. "What have I missed?" he asks quietly, curiously.

Cassius gives Gilbert a half-bow, much as the man did in greeting to him. "Well then, we shall see, won't we? Good evening to you, Mr. Sullivan. Do take care." As the man moves off, he shakes his head, speaking at first to Eden, but soon turning to address all of those near him. "If the man cannot consider a debate a civilised conversation, I fear he may miss his opportunity. Alas, I mustn't be surprised. We knew this would upset some. Even the great Albus Dumbledore is jumping at shadows. But it is precisely that fear that has shackled us in the first place. Indeed, as the good Professor says, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. It was the well-intentioned Statute of Secrecy that formed the first cobblestone on that road."

Sloan's words give Keenan pause, but he does respond to Eddie's grasping. As his friend leaves he places gentle but firm hands on her shoulders, holding her back from following. "Let it go, lass." The look in his eyes is one she rarely sees, and it's one that doesn't brook argument. His steady look to her lacks its usual warmth. If anything, there is disappoint. He waits to see if she's going to take his advice before he speaks quietly. Then he's following his friend out into the night.

Edwarlinda's fingertips linger hard on Sloan's arm, not quite willing to let go yet. Her brow furrows at something that is whispered to her and Keenan, but she shakes her head, not understanding. She gently tugs Sloan's hand, pulling calloused, brass holding knuckles to her mouth for a kiss. "You don't have to go. Stay with us, please? Meet my brother? He…he's not what you are thinking." Eddie firmly seems to believe this, but then family is always hard to see with an objective eye. And then Keenan speaks, confusion deepening. Her fingertips finally go slack on Sloan's arm and hand. "Keenan? You… you can stay too…" But Eddie seems to realize this is a fight she's lost with her dearest friends.

The Minister stands and gives Cassius a look that's even and shrewd but she approaches and slides her arm into Dumbledore's. "If you would excuse me. Professor Dumbledore, I'm afraid my time has drawn to a close. We should be returning to the Ministry. This will of course go through the proper channels eventually and will be handled according to the law. Until those of course are put on the chopping block as well because of those with the squeaky wheel who don't care to follow the rules will surely eventually seek to see every law they don't agree with subject to change on their whim. Very rousing rally Mr. Malfoy." There is no doubt that those people who stood with Cassius in this rally who also work for the Ministry are now under the shrewd Minister's scrutiny as they are all given a cool handshake and, "Look forward to seeing you at work tomorrow."

Bobbie turns her head to watch Valencia depart. And watch Sloan, who seems to occupy so much of the Keeper's attention. Bobbie marks a "Hmmm" sound under her breath and takes another gulp of her free drink.

Eden, trying to draw back into her own conversation on the side with Melania, it is broken again when Regulus returns. Dark eyes linger on the Blacks for a moment until Cassius speaks to her. She turns her head back to the Malfoy who's arm she has and listens, head dipping a moment before her eyes lift to meet his gaze. A nod of her head is given as she looks out over it those gathered. "Many buck against change, they will fight it when really it is the hand that will free them from the bridle that is this law. Repeal it and they are afraid of what they can do with themselves. Have we become fearful of our own shadows that we can not trust in our good intent to see this through for no other reason than to unite our worlds for the better of the united 'we'?" There is a soft sigh and she answers Regulus. "Hostility towards change, that is what you have missed, Mister Black. I do fear though, that you nearly found it in the physical form instead of the verbal." A light smirk and her glance follows Eddie and Sloan a moment before returning, "Cassius, I was asking Missus Black to write for the newsletter about the repealment from the view of a business owner."

Gilbert returns the bow,"And a good night to you Mr. Malfoy." Turning on his heel he strides out to the door either not hearing or choosing to ignore Cassius' last comment about him not knowing the difference between a discussion and a debate.

Straightening after he speaks, Keenan lets Eddie go. "So will I," he adds. Then he's following his friend out into the night. "Since when… " the rest of what he asks Sloan is lost in a mutter under the rest of the crowd buzz.

"Splendid idea, my good man. Perhaps if I drink enough, I won't be able to hear the mewling of the pitiful bleeding hearts that always seem to want to put a damper on grand occasions such as this," Theodophilus agrees to Donner's invitation. He moves towards the tables, fully expecting the young man to join them, while Sophie has made good on her escape, and nears the doors.

As it seems pretty clear that Malfoy won't be offering any specifics at this time, Kogrod leaves to find other people who might offer some input on the possible business consequences of the proposal. He gets a few statements in support and some opposed to the idea from those in the crowd. He sips his drink as he approaches Dumbledore, but it seems that he missed the opportunity to talk to him. He was hoping to get some more concrete objections from the Hogwarts professor, rather than the ideological ones he'd spoken before. But, he'd done enough preparation and gotten enough material from the crowd in general that he thinks he could write a decent article.

Melania simply shakes her head at Regulus, and grins. "It is as the lovely lady says, brother. No doubt it was little different from what passed between you and… who was that you were speaking to again?" Because she's already dismissed many of the troublemakers from being important. "People unable to remain calm when faced with opinions that differ from their own. People who fear change. The same old story."

Slipping our the door, Sloan heads off into the night.

"Oh, I have heard and seen some of the other form as well," Regulus murmurs to Eden, trailing off as the Minister approaches and offers her handshake. Whether or not her supposed shrewd eye is on him as well, he acts only as if she has offered him the highest of compliment as she speaks to him of seeing him at work tomorrow. "Ah, excellent, will you be visiting all the departments tomorrow then, Minister? Perhaps I can finally give you that tour of the Reversal Squad in action in the field, as I offered at the Christmas party last year? Excellent. Well then, good evening, Minister." Regulus smiles utter warmth at the Minister, seemingly genuine in every word he says to her, and for all he may seem to agree with Cassius, it's clear why his reputation in the Ministry is much more of a stirling one.

"One of the Aurors. I think our cousin Edwarlinda has cleared up any misunderstanding thought," Regulus adds to Melania once the Minister has departed.

Edwarlinda watches Keenan and Sloan go in silence. She doesn't quite move to rejoin the group again, but reaches gloved fingertips into her suit coat, pulling out her silver cigarette case with that engraved M on the front. She pops it open to reveal the long, thin cigarettes inside. All her motions are slow, slipping the thicker end between her still crimson lips, shutting the case, putting it away and pulling out her wand to cast the small spark needed to get the cherry going, a few deep breaths in to keep it burning. Once that's all done, her mind has had a moment to clear, she resets her smile. Nothing is wrong. They are helping this world. And with a sweep of her body and high heels, she returns to the group, nodding warmly, "Yes, yes… Just my… A colleague of mine. He had concerns, but we'll discuss them at the office. I know he'll see sense when things are quieter."

Cassius bows graciously to the Minister for Magic. "Minister Gambol, it was my great pleasure to have you attend." He smiles broadly as she goes. Obviously, he got under her skin, and that means wheels will start turning. That means opportunities for change. He gives Regulus and Melania a grateful nod, "I look forward to reading your work, Mrs. Black. Now, if you will all excuse me, I must attend to my sister for a moment." He pats Eden's arm before parting himself from her, moving toward Edwarlinda, beckoning her to join him at the buffet table.

Donner looks nervously between his relatives and Gilbert. The emotion of the speech is wearing off and Donner is suddenly aware of the danger of locking himself into politics in public. Luckily the Prewetts' conversation turns to booze and Donner is saved from having to play too many sides at once.

With the show winding down to the credits, and the gawkers beginning to disperse, Frank finds himself joining the growing exodus. Hands shoved in his pockets and hat tucked under his elbow, the man looks lost in his own thoughts. Judging from his dissatisfied expression, they aren't very happy ones.

The minister receives a handshake back as Eden meets her gaze with her sharp dark eyes. A dip of her head, "Minister." SHe intones and then glances towards Regulus as he speaks in turn. It is then that she feels the tap at her arm and eases her's away from Cassius with a nod. A glance is given towards Edwarlinda and she smiles all the more, tilting her head a moment to watch him go and reunite before the woman in red turns back to the Blacks, her smile refreshing itself quite brilliantly. "I was just invited over for tea, I think I will gladly accept and ask when would be best for you." Her hands now clasp before her, arm vacant.

Edwarlinda smiles a bit more to her brother as she sees that gesture. She happily falls in at his side, taking in a shaky breath for just a moment, trying to clear her head. Dumbledore truly did make her stumble, just a bit. But it's passed now. "You did… wonderful, Cass… Just wonderful. All those people just didn't give it time to understand your vision. They'll see with time, I promise… And you need to come meet Sloan, and Keenan… to talk to them when the whole room isn't on edge. But… it was wonderful." She reiterates, beaming proudly at her younger brother.

Cassius gives Eddie an appreciative smile. "Thank you, Lin. I'm rather pleased with the results." He picks at one of the trays of food, taking a bite of a fruit-kabob. "We knew there would be backlash. Though I must admit, I'm surprised to see the great Albus Dumbledore so skittish. I never imagined him to be someone to react with such obvious emotion, rather than his considerable intellect."

"Ah, were you now?" Regulus asks Eden, his glance sliding towards Melania, and he seems rather amused about something. But the smile he turns on Eden after is unhesitating, and genuine, as he nods and says, "Well then, perhaps you will come back with us now? I had no idea when we spoke yesterday that you were already so involved with the current politics of the region. I am sure my sister, as myself, would be interested in hearing more about your views."

Thinking of something, Kogrod decides to approach Edwarlinda. Maybe some details from her might help flesh things out a bit more. After all, it was a Malfoy who was giving the speech, so he should get a comment from a Malfoy. "Excuse me, Miss Malfoy," the goblin says. "I've almost finished, but I was hoping that you might provide me with your own comments about your brother's proposal," he says. He shifts his drink to his other hand and picks up the quill, allowing the scroll and inkwell, which had been previously enchanted, to float in front of him. "For a business audience of course. Tell us, what do you believe its effects will be on businesses?"

Melania regards Regulus with a similarly amused grin and a raised eyebrow. "We would, indeed." She offers, turning a warmer smile to Eden after her brother speaks. "And you would be most welcome to join us. And to bring your fellow speakers as well if they like, though it will likely have to be soon. I will need to put my son to bed before long."

The tall blonde picks at a bit of food, but Eddie doesn't really look all that interested in eating. A few pieces of fruit, a few crackers. No doubt worried more about her friends and the dramatic exclamations against her brother than getting any food on her stomach. She's about to say more to her brother, but she just gives him another encouraging smile before turning that beaming grin on Kogrod, food and drink forgotten. "Of course, sir! Of course. I do believe I heard your concerns previously about what such suggestions would do to an already shaky economy, yes? Well, just think about it. Right now, wizard businesses are limited only to wizarding kind. We keep our work, our actions, very closed. Now, should the truth be opened to everyone, just imagine the wish for charmed items, or potions, among the muggles? They are fascinated by such things. The influx of their economy into ours would breathe life back into an old system. It would help stabilize BOTH systems as demand increases a need for supply, and supply increases a need for jobs. If anything, this proposal is of a great boon to the economy, and I hope others will soon see that."

Cassius gives Edwarlinda a proud smile. "I could not have said it better myself, Lin." He gives the goblin a nod. "She is quite right. Both of our worlds have commodities to offer one another. A blended society would be a boon to trade. Markets would be given a jolt of activity, and everyone benefits."

"I do not believe that politics should be brought into the workplace, Mister Black, that is why you did not know." Eden smiles for him and then lifts a brow, tilting her head just so as she regards the offer for tea at the very given moment, "Oh you are very kind, the both of you. But I fear I have plans for later already. To accept my apologies. Perhaps tomorrow or whenever is best for you?" She shakes her head, "I would not wish to impose upon your son. Family is a very sacred thing. One that I myself, hold very dear. But I would so love to have your opinion for that newsletter so sooner rather than later, if you would oblige me. If you feel the need to publish such a thing anonymously, I would understand. But if you are strong in your convictions, I would ask that I am able to put your name to it."

"I see," Kogrod says, noting these comments down. "Thank you very much for your time," he adds, rolling up the scroll and tucking it under his arm. "I look forward to seeing the results of this movement. Even if it does not succeed, it will certainly provide something for the public to think about."

"Ah. How unfortunate," Regulus murmurs with muted, genuine regret in response to Eden's words, for some reason glancing past her to where Cassius speaks to Eddie and the goblin. His attention goes back to his co-worker and sister, then, and seems about to say more when someone still lingering nearby draws his attention. "If you two will excuse me for a moment," he says, offering Eden a small smile and Melania a kiss on the cheek, before moving off to speak with a couple people.

Cassius grins at Kogrod, chuckling. "That is the least we can hope for. To stimulate the minds of the people."

Edwarlinda settles back now, quiet, watching the room calm down as she actually picks at a few crackers on her plate now. Still no appetite, but at least the night seems to have wrapped. She takes in a slow breath and smiles one last time to the reporter, "Be well, sir…" Before her gray eyes return to Cassius, studying him quietly a heartbeat or two, "Do…do you need me for anything else, dear brother? I… am proud of you. We'll get this figured out."

"I've no problem with openly claiming my beliefs." Melania replies with a smile, nodding to Eden. "It shall be as you wish." She smiles, tilting her head to accept the kiss. "I will send my brother to the Ministry tomorrow with an invitation, if that is alright?"

Cassius reaches to touch Edwarlinda's arm in a show of affection. "Dumbledore has a powerful presence. Just be certain you examine his words, when he is not here to speak them. I think that you will find that they are hollow and born of fear, not reason. Even he is not immune to irrational emotion. Stay strong, sister. I am depending on you."

"Wondrous! Oh you are a gem, Missus Black, truly." Her gaze follows Regulus as he steps away, giving him a nod of her head before her eyes settle back on his sister-in-law. "That would do perfectly. I will make certain that tomorrow is completely free so that we can better acquaint ourselves. I look forward to it. If you would excuse me, please. I do not wish to leave you alone but," Eden hesitates, glancing over towards the Malfoys and dips her head. "I need to considering helping wrap up here. Til tomorrow, Missus Black." She inclines her head to Melania before taking a step back and turning, starting in very slow strides towards the brother and sister, veering off slightly should it seem they need space.

The tall blonde sets down her plate, so she can fully focus on her brother and his touch. Eddie smiles warmer, reaching one hand up to wrap overtop of Cassius' touch and give a gentle squeeze. "Yes, I know… I hope we can help him to see through the fear as well. It's fine, Cassius. I know we are doing the right thing. I promise." Eddie leans up and over to kiss his cheek. "Now… enjoy your night. I am going to go see if I can talk some sense into those boys. We should all have dinner sometime soon." And with that, she pulls away. She lingers for any last words to her, but gives a warm gaze to Eden and the Blacks, a small bow of her head and a salute farewell before she moves for the door.

Nodding a farewell to the Malfoys, Kogrod heads to meet up with his colleagues from the Prophet, as they prepare to leave and finish up their articles.

Melania smiles warmly at Eden, her eyes sparkling from the compliment. "Of course, my dear. I need to be leaving myself as it is. Until tomorrow." She nods to the woman and makes her way for the door, giving Eddie and Cassius each a smile as she passes, "Lovely party, Cassius. I'll look forward to the next one!" And then she's heading out the door and home to say goodnight to her little boy.

Yes, dinner with Sloan…preferably with bodyguards about. Cassius bids his sister a good evening. As it seems Melania's time to go as well, he bows as she passes. "Good evening, Melania. Perhaps the next one will be a proper party."

As more people break apart and Edwarlinda smiles at her, Eden returns it with her own. A dip of her head is offered and then she is looking towards Cassius. She takes a few, slow steps towards him, magical willow-the-wisps dancing about her hair and shoes, caught around her as she slows and stops to allow him time to speak to any others who he need to, hands folding before her as she waits patiently, eyes going distant while in thought.

Cassius shakes several hands, smiling and laughing to several supporters that come to offer their congratulations on his speech. As they depart, his sight is filled with Eden, sparkling in her enchanted attired. "Oh my," he muses aloud. "What a vision there is before me." He steps forward, reaching his hands out to her. "The guests are mostly leaving. I think it safe for us to slip away, if you are still interested in coffee."

A pleased smile curls her lips and Eden lingers a moment before her hands lift to his. "One can not be 'interested' in coffee, I think. Perhaps curious to see if you can change my views, yes." But there she draws closer and she gives his hands a squeeze. "Wonderfully done. You did cause a stir and nearly was harmed for it too!" Dark hair shifts as she tilts her head to study him. "I think you are well on your way to seeing things changed, Mister Malfoy." There is a depth of pride in her voice for him. "I think you have inspired a voice in others towards you cause but that aside, your sister is well, yes?"

Cassius squeezes her hands in return, before releasing and then offering his arm. "She is. I fear that Dumbledore's lies may have shaken her momentarily, but she is a clever woman. She knows the truth when she hears it. And you? How are you feeling after tonight's events?"

A nod is given in regards to Edwarlinda as she takes his arm and lets her gaze wander in thought, studying the air as if her response is held there. "It is a curious thing, how I feel. I think …inspired. Yes, inspired to spread the knowledge of what this repealment means rather than the farce that is being fed the common witch and wizard. They fear it..and for no reason." She smiles faintly and finally looks to him. "In time. Supporters do not grow on trees, though I wish they would." A slight grin takes to her lips.

Cassius chuckles. "Yes, we have a long, hard road ahead of us. But there can be no stopping the truth. Minister Gambol will oppose us, no doubt. But I can handle her obstructions." Little doubt that he speaks true. The man has a reputation for wielding the law with the skill of a surgeon. He guides her toward the door, giving a subtle nod to one of the security personnel. "Come, my dear. For now, our work here is done."

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