(1937-10-04) Revelations and Renewals
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Summary: Ophelia and Gabrielle discuss the changes in their love lives, Gabrielle gives Ophelia some excellent advice. And then Ria arrives, and for the first time in Ophelia's experience, things don't go horribly wrong. In fact, the three discuss Hallowe'en costumes and get along quite well. Could this be the start of a friendship?
Date: October 4, 1937
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Club Room Hogwarts Castle
Thu Oct 04, 1937 ((Thu Oct 04 02:20:34 2012))

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

This large room has a variety of uses, and can be setup differently for each club that uses it. Large storage doors around the room each hold a different club's equipment, to be setup with the wave of a wand. When the Athletics Club is here, for example, the room is full of gymnastics, weight, and other sports equipment. When the Domestics Club is here, however, stoves and cauldrons and workstations are more likely to be found here.


It's the middle of the week, so it's hard to tell if students are being quiet because they are deep in study, or already daydreaming of the weekend. The Club Room is in it's usual disarray , but at her usual table sits Gabby, she has 4 books set in front of her, along with her sketch book….which is not open. Instead, she has a book that appears to be about…Robin Hood? She seems deep in concentration.

Ophelia has been very, very quiet all day. Even in classes, where she is usually one of the first to offer answers and suggestions during discussions, she's been quiet, pensive. She'd likely not even be out of her room, even this early, except that she has so many projects to work on these days that hiding isn't really an option. And so she makes her way to the club room as well, holding an envelope addressed to a couple of members of the Arts Club. She looks around when she enters, blinking in surprise when she sees Gabrielle there instead of the people she was seeking. "Ah, hello." She calls, smiling hesitantly, "Are you busy? I was just… what's that book?"

Gabrielle will unfold herself from the book, closing it rather quickly, which just shows the cover to be what was suspected, a Robin Hood book. she'll blush slightly, "Oh, nothing….just some research. What are you up to?" There's definitely something…different about the ravenclaw.She seems, lighter, almost. Like someone who's had a heavy weight lifted from their shoulders.

"Oh, just bringing this by for Ackles and Henslow," Ophelia replies, "They tried to come and use the club room yesterday, but Hephaesta was here, and they got a little… frustrated when she didn't let them. So I wrote a little apology for them." She looks at the book again, frowning in thought, "That's… a fairy tale, right? Are you working on Hallowe'en costumes?" Her face lights up a little at the idea, and she pulls up a seat next to Gabrielle.

Gabrielle will blink and tilt her head,"Why did /you/ write an apology?" she'll scamper for a moment, like she's goign to hide the book, and then realizign it's too late, she'll sigh, "Ummm….yeah." She'll look up at Oph and smile,"Looks like I"m gonna be Maid Marian"

Ophelia shrugs, and frowns in sudden confusion, "Well, I… I don't know, really. I guess I just thought it should be done, so I did it." The costume idea brings a smile back, if a mild one, "Really? She sounds pretty. Who are you going with?"

"Well, maybe Hephaesta needs to do that. If she's the one who upset them" Gabby will give her a half smile and then glance back down at teh book, "Yeah….too pretty. I don't know how I"m supposed to be that!"She'll flip the book open to a detailed picture of Maid Marian and robin Hood. She'll blush and not look up from the book, "Christmas asked me"

"Jones?" Ophelia's eyebrows rise in interest, "He's a Gryffindor, right? I don't know much about him. But you seem… happy? Is… is he the person you wanted to ask you?" Tilting her head, she regards the image of Maid Marian, chuckling softly, "You are intensely silly, you know. You're just as pretty."

Gabrielle will nod, looking down at the book, "I…well, to be honest I hadn't really even considered going….and then I made a fool of myself when he asked. But, luckily Mabel helped me….Hence, Maid Marian." she'll put a finger on the illustration,blushing even more," She just looks graceful, ya know?"

Ophelia nods, "She does, very. I bet with the right dress you'd look just as graceful, though." She politely refrains from asking about this 'fool-making' business despite looking intensely curious about it, saying instead, "I still don't know what to do for mine."

Gabrielle will laugh softly, "Yeah, until i fall over." she'll look over at Oph,"Have you ever seen me try to be graceful?This past summer I tried dancing in my room, by myself, and I nearly broke my neck." she'll shake her head, "I'm going to be like Ravenclaw's secret weapon against Griffindor's Quiditch team,"She'll put her head in her hands.Even with this, her usual drama feel is gone. "My only hope is that he can't dance either." She'll look up, "Well, does Kaiden have any ideas?"

Ophelia looks away from the question, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her skirt. "He, I… I don't know. We won't be going together. He decided to let me go." She keeps her eyes on her skirt, watching her fingers play with a single loose thread.

Gabrielle 's eyes widen, and all mirth goes from her voice, "what happened?"

Ophelia takes a long, slow breath. "You know, I thought it would get easier to say." She mutters under her breath. She manages to force a small smile, and to look up, after a moment, "Well, remember how you were telling me about all the boys falling all over you all of a sudden?"

Gabrielle nods slowly, with a not happy look on her face.

"And do you remember how I said I understood?" Ophelia sighs, "Kaiden isn't… wasn't.. the only one interested in me. And one of the other people… well it was someone he was close to, and he… " She sniffs, "He decided to let me go, so that the other person could be happy… "

Gabrielle will put a hand on Oph's arm in comfort, which is weird, as Gabby's not the touchy feely sort."Is this about Phae?"

Ophelia manages a small, ironic chuckle. "Yes. I'm sorry, I forgot you were there for some of that. She… well, you saw, mostly. And he decided to let her have a chance." She reaches up with her hand and pats Gabrielle's on her arm, silently thanking her for the gesture. "I'm trying to make it worth his… I don't know if sacrifice is the right word, but to make it not in vain, you know? Even though I still… I miss him."

Gabrielle seems confused and will pull her hand away." I only have part of the story. But the main question is, do you like Hephaesta? In the way she wants?" She looks like she's going to say more, but then waits to hear what Oph has to say.

And that is the important question. "I think I could. I think… I am starting to. I was worried about it already." Suddenly she sighs, the sound so loud it's early a groan, and reaches up with both hands to rake her fingers through her hair, "I'm sorry. That was a good question, thank you. But you don't need me to just dump all my problems on you."

Gabby and Oph are sitting a a desk with a small pile of books in front of them. One is flipped open and it's an old illustrated Robin Hood book. Gabby has kinda a neutral look on her face and she's watching Oph.

Ophelia starts to laugh, Gabrielle's humor helping to lift her spirits. Of course, she still can't quite stop a few tears, and has to shift one hand to cover her mouth. It takes her a minute to force it back, to get control enough to talk again. But she squeezes her eyes shut, takes a few breaths, then pulls her hand down and says, "I think I'm a horrible person. Is it possible to like two people… that way?"

Gabrielle without hesitation ,"Yes.Absolutely." she seems pretty certain on that. "But, you can't ….drag it out, if everyone is aware."

With a sigh, Ophelia nods. "Yes. And so he was probably right. But it still hurts. How long is it supposed to hurt for? I asked Hephaesta to go to the dance with me, I thought maybe… maybe by then I'll be able to stop thinking about talking to Kaiden about it… "

Gabrielle opens her mouth, then closes it. "Well….I think talking to /either/ of them about this is probably not your best choice. I mean, they'll either be all self sacrificing, or manipulative . And you need …not that." She'll make a grimace face, "I'm not the best for this….I've never even held hands with a boy, much less…" she'll wave her hands up and down at Oph, "whatever all this would be."

This time, Ophelia laughs a little longer. "Right? There isn't even a /name/ for it. But still, you make a very good point. I shall have to figure this all out on my own." She nods a few times, thoughtful, then smiles over at Gabrielle, "Thank you. I cannot even begin to explain how badly I have been needing some real perspective."

Gabrielle says, "Don't worry about it. It's what friends are for." And she'll smile, and there's a happiness to her eyes that's not been there before.

The doorknob to the Club Room will turn a bit as if someone is struggling to open the door, and the noise will give ample warning to anyone in the room that another is joining in. Only after a few minutes of more shuffling will the person reveal herself to be Ria, with a stack of books and papers. As soon as she gets the door open she runs into the corner of some sort of desk, lets out a quiet 'oof' and drops all her belongings on the floor, the papers scattering everywhere. Looking down at what she's done, she rubs her face and sighs, "Oh bloody good job Ria." Its seems like even the ever so crisp Ria has had a clumsy spell as of late.

Ophelia grins, "You know, Christmas as- " Cutting off when she hears the doorknob she turns, and when she sees /who/ has come in goes very, very still. Now what in Merlin's name am I supposed to say to HER? She watches the Pretty Prefect drop her papers, and not until Ria speaks does she force herself out of her chair, walking quietly over and bending to help pick up the mess.

Gabrielle 's had those days, months, so she gets up as well, and starts to pick up stuff as well, "Here Ria, let us help."

Ria biting one cheek, she tries to hold in her irritation as she begins to play the pick up game. Turning her head, she spots Gabrielle come in to help and she nods to the girl offering a respectful, "Oh thank you Gabrielle. Didn't notice who exactly was in here. Hope I didn't disturb you from anything." And then her gaze wanders to the red-eyed Ophelia and with a quirked brow she asks, "What…happened to you?" Despite her rather insensitive wording, her tone isn't harsh. More curious than anything. She hasn't seen Kaiden lately so perhaps she hasn't gotten the news.

Oh. Oh, no. Ophelia just closes her eyes, as though she could through that block all of this out. But she answers, her voice almost completely void of emotion, "I do hope that you aren't trying to have some sort of joke over on me. But in answer to your question, Kaiden and I are no longer a couple. You are free to begin planning your celebration. Please just… do me the favor of waiting until I have left the room before you start dancing with joy." Standing with the papers she'd collected, she waits, eyes on the floor, for Ria to be ready with the rest.

Gabrielle tenses, not sure what to expect, but when she hands the papers over to Ria, she'll shake her head softly, as she's trying to communicate something. She'll stand up, ready to separate them, or stop hair pulling or hug them, or whatever this weird , weird situation calls for.

Ria finishes collecting her share and gratefully takes Gabrielle's with another thank you. But just as she's about to receive Ophelia's stack, the ginger breaks the news to her and her brows actually raise with surprise. "Oh…," her lips freeze into the 'o' position. Well…this is…awkward. Her eyes look to Gabrielle to seek the girl's help in perhaps making it less so. Pondering on what she should say next she waits minute before asking Ophelia, "Did you…find him…unsatisfactory?" And then -again- she flicks her gaze to Gabrielle in a 'was that the right thing to say?' sort of manner.

Ophelia snorts. "Not possible." She retorts, turning away. "Despite what everyone may think, I know there's more to him and I /still/ intend to prove it. Its more complex than that anyway, and its really up to him to tell you." Her tone is stil dull, though sadness and wariness are re-emerging.

Gabby will nod softly to Ria, and then turn to listen to Oph. after a moment of deliberation she throws herself under the bus, "and then we were talking about my date to the dance."she'll wave her hand towards the books, "If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to make me look like Maid Marian, I'd be all ears. " She'll smile at both girls, hoping this works.

Ria tilts her head to that response. It doesn't really answer her question though. Quirking a brow still, she pushes for one by asking, "Wait so….did he find -you- unsatisfactory then?" Again, she's not speaking in her usual mocking tone. Sometimes Ria doesn't know when to not budge people. Turning to Gabby she nods vigorously over the request. "Maid Marian? Oh you should definitely wear a crown of flowers in your hair. I'm sure you can pick some from the garden," she offers and then adds. "I can even help you with your makeup if you like. Only, you have to help me with my hair. I'm too afraid to do something to it myself…"

Ophelia rubs a hand over her face. "Well, as I don't intend to ever practice legillimency I don't really have a way of knowing that, do I?" She's getting annoyed, but its still mild, betrayed only by a small sigh. But what was that? "But your hair is always perfect." And no, she's not being sarcastic or jelous or insulting, just blunt. "Why would you be afraid?"

Gabrielle will give Oph a shut the hell up look, and turn to Ria, "I think it's to fresh an issue to really discuss yet.I think I'm goign to see if Kiefer can get some flowers to match the dress that Mabel's letting me borrow. The big concern is should I leave my hair, or go red.Mabel was saying red, but I really don't know…"

Ria bites her cheek again, rocking back and for on her feet and looking at Gabrielle. Okay, well this is still awkward mostly because she's really bad at consoling people. "Well…then…Ophelia. I'm sorry. You are evidently distraught about this for some reason. So. Whatever it maybe. I'm sorry," she clears her throat after her very business-like attempt at comfort, "From my understanding my cousin Hephaesta hasn't made this much easier either. So, on behalf of my confusing family. I apologize." And she puts her collection of books down before her hand goes up instinctively to her hair. "Because it's -always- perfect, that's why. I need it to be darker and perhaps a close to black for Halloween. It's part of my costume," she explains the part where she need Gabrielle's help.

"Oh you should -definitely- go red. It's Maid Marian for pete's sake," she says and then asks Gabby. "Is that who's taking you? That fifth year hufflepuff? He seems pretty…entertaining…"

Once more, Ophelia goes very still. This time, though, its with a completely different shock. Between Gabrielle's look and Ria's kind (if incredubly awkward) apology, she's almost too stunned to breathe. So she just nods, mumbles an almost inaudible, "Thnkyou." And turns her attention to Gabrielle. Costumes are fascinating! And…no drama!

Gabrielle releases a breath she didn't know she was holding, and ask Ria, "Black?Or blue black?I can see what hair charms there are.Do you want it to be just for the night?" And she'll blush when Ria implies Kiefer wold be taking her, "Merlin! No! He's not interested in me, at all! We're just friends."she'll shake her head, as to clear that idea from it,"Christmas Jones asked me….5th year Griffindor." She adds the last part, realizing Ria will probably have no idea who he is.

Maybe her prefect badge is a horcux, but Ria has been doing some pretty uncharacteristically sensitive things ever since Slughorn took that thing away from her. "Mhmm," is all she says to Ophelia with a shrug. That's her way of saying 'You're welcome.' Turning back to Gabrielle, she ponders over the two color options. "Hmmm I didn't think of that. What do you think would look better as someone who's supposed to be dressed up as the night? In fact, I'll just show you the material of my dress one of these days. Perhaps you can help me decide. And yes, it's only for one evening," she nods, but does tilt her head, unable to recall the boy. "Christmas? One hell of a name. Is he good-looking at least?" Well…that's one way to be forward.

Ophelia nods. She glances at Gabrielle, but having been once warned keeps quiet on the possibility of Kiefer. Instead, without looking away from Gabrielle's book, she softly suggests, "Blue Black. And… with diamonds in it, for stars."

Gabby blushes some, "I think he is…"and she'll shrug, "He jumped me in the Owl tower and asked me."she'll shake her head, but is smiling, obviously happy. "Without seeing the material, I like Blue black better, plain black is kinda flat, blue black would give it a chilly feel, "And she'll nod towards Oph, "And I think something that sparkles for stars would be brilliant! What phase of the moon?Or are you not dealing with that?"

Ria snickers and rolls her eyes a little. "The Owl tower. I sure the stench in there made it more romantic," she teases just a little, but then suggests with a smirk, "Maybe he'll snog you at the end of the night. Just make sure it's not around the owls." But she gasps at Ophelia's idea, and places a hand on each cheek, her green eyes widening in the most awestruck girlish way. "Oh! Diamonds? In my hair? You don't…you don't think that's too much do you?" covers her mouth with her polished fingers. Apparently her lack of badge as also caused her to entertain ideas of pampering herself. This happens when you're bored. "I haven't thought of a moon phase. I was thinking just a full one…but what would you suggest?"

"A full moon would be pretty. A crescent, too." Ophelia offers, again very quietly. She's looking up now, her eyes darting from Ria to Gabrielle in surprised wariness. Is it just pity? Do I really care if it is? She's not ripping me apart and throwing me to the Thestrals! "You could put one in your hair. Or… or on a necklace."

Gabrielle 's eyes get big, "Wait…no we're not going to snog!" she actually goes a little pale and will look to Oph for confirmation that she doesn't have to snog. back to the hair, "I think as long as you don't over do it, then it would be beautiful.you could even do your nails with them too." Gabby will shrug, "I was mostly think that if your date was a werewolf, it would be important…..necklace would be pretty, or on a crown, depending on where you want people's eyes drawn."

Ria looks down at her nails in consideration, "Yes that would be pretty." And then she goes to run few fingers through her hair thinking on it some more. "I'll have to ask Ri-erm…Lucian what he thinks." She clears her throat heavily, her eyes narrowing while her gaze flicks between Gabrielle and Ophelia. Hopefully they didn't hear that near slip up. "You know because…he's going with me as my partner. He's dressing up as the daytime. Though he hasn't told me any details about his costume yet though." She's trying hard to refrain from using the word 'date'.

Ophelia nods, as though finally, for the first time in pretty much forever, something in her world makes sense. Because Ria is going to the dance with Lucian. "That sounds lovely, Ria." She comments shyly, "I can… I mean, you'll both be spectacular, I'm certain of it. Isn't… isn't there a poem about the night? I forget who wrote it, but he talks like night is a woman? Maybe there are some ideas in it… "

Gabrielle panics slightly as Oph did not confirm her non snog talk, So doesn't exactly hear Ria's slip. She'll be quiet, and ponder being sick for the dance.

"Yes, the night and day thing was his idea. I have to hand it to him, the boy's pretty creative," Ria shrugs, bragging proudly about her date and fellow prefect. Organizing her stuff perfectly on the desk she says, "Alright. I've got to run to the loo. Anyhow, if he tries to snog you Gabrielle, just go for it. What's the worst that can happen? You screw up, tells everyone, and you go down in Hogwarts history as the -worst- kisser ever? There are more terrible things to be called. Don't worry." She shrugs and running a hand to fix her hair again she walks off to take care of business.

Ophelia watches Ria, staring not unlike the way she does at Colton, whenever he is around and being confusing. Because /what/? "Right… " Slowly she shakes her head, blinking as though to clear her vision, and-remembering that she still has them-sets the papers she had been holding atop the stack Ria left. "Um, I don't… I don't think it will be that bad… "

Gabrielle just whines softly, all happiness gone.And will collapse back into her chair, head in buried in her arms and a muffled,"I don't wanna go anymore" can be heard.

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