(1937-10-05) WWN: David's Time - Response to the Rally
Details for David's Response to the Rally
Summary: David Thomas Smith Jr. has a few choice words to say about the previous night's Grindelwald Rally
Date: 1937-10-5
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Theme Song

After the patriotic fanfare, a familiar Southern-tinged voice cuts through into your speakers.

David: "Hello, hello, hello, ladies and gentleman, it's time for everybody's favorite time of the day. 'Is it quittin' time, David?' I hear you calling out from across town. Sadly, no, gentle listeners, but it /is/ time for me, David Thomas Smith Jr. to shine a little light into that dreary, confusing world of yours."

"Now, surely every one of you wonderful wizards out there went to, or at least heard about the 'rally' last night…well, I say rally but it was more of a big collection of people who's heads are all jammed into the collective hindquarters of general ignorance. There was a lot of hobnobbing and brown-nosing in an effort for the little parasites to try and latch on to the big sharks that are the 'higher-ups'. Y'know, general behavior for any big social function that is attended by such people."

"I, of course, showed up in my leather jacket, being the lower-class mud-blood that I am, and managed to make a few of the old-money faint right out. But, alas, I'm not here to talk about sending old, pure-blooded wizards to the hospital. I'm here to bring up the head of this little shindig, Cassius Malfoy. 'Boooooo.' Aww, now settle down. There's no need to resort to such petty ridicule. I plan to ridicule him in a fine, respecting manner."

"So this little guy gets up on stage starts rattling on about how we need to repeal the Statute of Secrecy and use our more advanced outlook on life to 'safely guide them along the path to peace.' Yeah, right, buddy. The thing that really got under my skin, though, was when he started talking about how the Muggles should be pitied. That's just downright ridiculous. I think that they're doing pretty damn well. This is a group of people that, without magic, manages to get up and go through life every single day without just throwing their hands up in the air and giving up. The idea that the people who invented electricity, who built empires and who continue to try their hardest to stave off war in the face of immense aggression should be pitied just blows my mind all over the back wall of the studio. Yeah, sure, they have made some bad decisions in the past, but show me a wizard who hasn't and I'll show you a liar."

"Well, I'm running a little long here, so I'll let you guys get back to some music. I hope that I've helped blow away a little bit of the fog and let you see a little bit clearer. This is David Thomas Smith Jr., and thank you so much for listening."

"Up next, to celebrate this great time of indecision and proposed social change, is Crossroad by the legendary Robert Johnson."

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