(1937-10-05) First Kiss
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Summary: After all of the difficulties dealing with the turbulence of teenage first love, Ophelia makes a decision about Hephaesta.
Date: 5 October, 1937
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East High Street, Hogsmeade

This is the main street and venue for Hogsmeade Village, the eastern portion of High Street. The street is always occupied by someone either out for a walk, loitering, or tidying up the outside of their business. OPEN signs hang in windows, shutters and drapes are open wide so display windows can be peered into to view some of the shop's wares. Bustling with life the forest surrounding the village is as active with wildlife as the village is with civilization, however quaint and country it might be. All of the buildings along High Street are very acute when it comes to their roofs. Each roof outfitted with one or more extremely tall brick chimneys that sometimes are twice the height as the actual building.

Hephaesta steps out of the Three Broomsticks with Ophelia, looking up into the falling rain. "Well…so much for hoping it had stopped."

Ophelia looks up, giving the dark sky a rueful look. Then she grins at Phae, "What do you say? Shall we?" She takes the time to button her coat up, a slightly awkward thing when only one hand is available, and as soon as the brunette is ready steps out into the rain. "We shall just have to ensure that we get hot tea and baths when we get back, yes?"

"That sounds lovely," Phae replies. She braces herself for the rain, then steps out into it with Ophelia. Within less than a minute, her wavy locks are plastered to her head. "We really need to talk to Professor Viridian about some kind of umbrella charm!" Never mind just using an umbrella.

Ophelia pushes a lock of dripping orange hair from her face, grinning at Hephaesta. "I'm sure we can find one, if we look hard enough. I just wish it weren't so cold though." She steps closer to Phae then, so that their shoulders brush together, "I've always liked the rain."

Hephaesta looks over and up at the slightly taller Ophelia. "Really? But everything gets so…wet." And cold, she gives a shiver, leaning in, grateful for the nearness of the other girl's warmth.

Ophelia giggles, "Nothing wrong with a little water." She replies, "Its fun, sometimes. My parents used to go out and dance, sometimes, when it rained." Her eyes light up with the happy memory, "Its one of the only times I can remember them being happy that doesn't have to do with books."

Hephaesta blinks in mild astonishment. "They'd dance in the rain? Wow. Weren't they afraid of slipping?"

"Not that I remember." Ophelia shakes her head, "They never seemed to care about much of anything else, though. Its so terribly romantic, really. Like they hear music no one else can." Looking up at the rain, she sighs. And then a drop falls right into one of her eyes, causing her to wince and blink rapidly.

Hephaesta winces along with her. "You alright?" She stops and turns to face Ophelia, trying to examine her eye with probably far too much concern.

Ophelia rubs the eye, "I think so. Serves me right for looking right up at it, I guess?" Generally, she sounds more embarrassed than in pain. After a few seconds she pulls her hand free, revealing her eye to be a little red but otherwise fine. "I think I'll live. But I also think I am starting to agree with you much more on this umbrella charm idea."

Hephaesta laughs softly. "Here. Use these." She takes her goggles from around her neck, sliding them off and fiddling with the dials for a moment. "This is what they're designed for, actually. I wanted to see better in bad weather during Quidditch matches." She offers the eyewear to Ophelia.

"Really? I always wondered/" Ophelia accepts the goggles gladly, fitting them in place and then grinning at Hephaesta, "These are fantastic!" She slips an arm through Phae's and scoots in closely again, her eyes searching out everything worth looking at, and finally landing back on the brunette. "What else can they do?"

Hephaesta bites her lip excitedly. "Lots of things! They're telescopic, and can see in the dark as easily as in rain and fog. I still haven't worked out getting them to see invisible things. But I'm pretty sure they can do it."

"No doubt they can." Ophelia replies bemusedly. "I think I shall never quite get over how brilliant you are." This is added softly, more to herself, as she watches the road up ahead in amazement.

"I hope not," Phae mumbles, then quickly corrects herself. "I mean…I didn't mean to sound so…full of myself. I just meant….um…" How can her mouth be getting dry in this wet weather?

Ophelia just laughs, "Don't worry, you don't. You just sound… " And then she starts to blush, the meaning that was likely behind the words finally occurring to her. Looking over, she starts to say something, and ends up staring at Hephaesta instead, her lips parting as she takes in the rather soaked brunette.

Hephaesta knows exactly what Ophelia can see with those goggles on: a picture-perfect, unobstructed view of herself, with no rain to get in the way of the image. She gazes up at the ginger, delighting in how the rain shimmers down her orange locks like liquid fire. Slowly, her smile spreads. Knowing how much Ophelia enjoys her smile only fuels it to grow bigger. She squeezes Ophelia's hand, hanging on as if afraid the storm will blow them apart.

The smile is nearly the undoing of Ophelia, whose lips quirk up in a grin. "You're so pretty." She murmurs, "You should have people telling you every day, you know, so that you'll always smile like that." She reaches up, almost pulls back, then lifts her hand to Phae's cheek, sliding her fingertips across to the other girl's temple.

Hephaesta lives for those little touches, and this time leans her face into it, just to feel it for a little bit longer. "Th-…thank you." Naturally, the powerful smile remains in place. Phae gazes at Ophelia with a quiet longing, though the quiet hardly matters. She has made her feelings no secret to the subject of her interest.

Ophelia swallows. Her smile fades, her eyes becoming hesitant, and then determined. moving her hand around to the side of Hephaesta's head, she leans forward, watching the brunette for any possible sign of hesitation, until she gets close enough to close her eyes and kiss her.

Hephaesta is not hesitant, so much as she is in shock. She feels the moment coming, the tension rising. As Ophelia draws nearly, her heart rapidly, pounding in her ears. Then, it happens. Ophelia's lips touch Hephaesta's, and she is transported to a world of pure bliss. The soft warmth melts her to the core, and she lets out a tiny whimper out of sheer, untethered joy. After a few moments, her hands rise, and gently lift the goggles from Ophelia's eyes, removing any obstruction between them. She wants this to last…and last…and last. This perfect first kiss.

Ophelia's hand slides around to the back of Phae's head, the other slipping around her waist, allowing herself to pull the other girl close. And indeed, the kiss does last, and last. Is is some time, she's not even sure how long, before Ophelia pulls back. Her eyes are bright, her breathing quick, and the tiny laugh that escapes her is one of awe.

Hephaesta is out of breath when Ophelia draws away, her smiling lips puffy and parted in astonishment. She has to ask herself several times over if she is dreaming, for so often she has dreamed of exactly this moment. But never did it feel like that. She could not have possibly imagined it before. Before she can even think about it, those fateful worlds slip out in a quiet voice: "I love you."

"I… " Ophelia starts, but she has to stop and search, really think about it. The hand on Phae's head moves again, her thumb brushing along the brunette's jawline, and her eyes search Hephaesta's face. And finally, very quietly, sounding surprised, but no longer hesitant, she murmurs, "I think… I may be falling very hard for you, too."

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