(1937-10-05) Making Peace
Details for Making Peace
Summary: Leander and Theodore agree to a truce of sorts.
Date: October 5, 1937
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Even the Boy's Dormitory has the same low ceilinged, dungeon-like atmosphere. Ancient four poster beds that creak and moan even empty at times are spaced out quite a bit and antique tapestry, many of which depict adventures of Slytherins of old hang on the walls as well as hang in the spaces between the beds to add all the more privacy. Merlin, a Slytherin House Alumni, is depicted more often than not on these tapestries. Within these tapestry cubicles besides the bed is a writing desk, low dresser and above each desk a display case and shelves are mounted for the resident's achievements to be displayed. Silver lanterns provide cool illumination.

Theodore is laying on his back in his bed wearing only his sweat pants. He's got a quaffel in his hands, tossing it into the air, letting it float gently down to catch it again, before repeating it. His bare feet are crossed at the ankle as he plays catch with himself.

Leander wanders into the dormitory slowly, a knapsack full of books slung under one arm, his expression thoughtful. He appears to be blushing, slightly, although it could just be the low lighting, or possibly a fever. After pausing in the doorway, he wanders over to his own bunk, which is fairly close to Theodore's, and sets his things down. As he does, his concentration seems to return, and his dark eyes land on his Housemate. His presence is cause enough for a very slight frown to appear on Leander's lips. "Hello, Dupont," he offers, his voice polite but very chilly.

Theodore catches the quaffle and looks over at Leander, "Theodore," he offers, not caring for his last name used like that. He rolls over and flips his legs off the bunk, sitting the quaffle on his pillow. He watches the other boy unload his books, and tilts his head a bit, "Hey. We're good, right?"

After rifling through his pack briefly, Leander glances over at Theodore again. "Theodore," he says, his voice still cool but perhaps not so much as before. After he fishes out a book and some parchment, he sits down on his bunk. One set of fingers taps rapidly on his book, then he clears his throat. His expression is blank. "Good? We're neutral, if that's what you mean, Theodore. I understand why you did what you did, and respect it. All the same, I won't forget it."

Theodore nods, "Okay, well, I just wanted to make sure. I mean, I thought, we were all good. We had our thing, we finished it, we moved on and all that. But I was just confused by your brother, is all, so, I wanted to make sure."

Leander blinks, leaning back on his bunk a bit. He appears slightly more relaxed now that Theodore doesn't seem overtly aggressive, as he did during their last encounter. One of of his brows arches. "Ripley's been antagonizing you?"

Theodore nods, shrugging a little, "Yeah. He said he'd try to kick my ass if I didn't apologize to you." He smirks, "I told him you and I were good, that it was done, but," he shrugs again, shaking his head, "He really must care for you a lot, man. To try to protect you like that."

Something about what Theodore says causes Leander to frown. He grows silent briefly, but eventually nods. "Yes, we protect each other." He raps his fingers on the book again, then raises his voice slightly. "Do you want to avoid a quarrel with him? I expect you have no interest in apologizing."

Theodore shrugs, "I told him we were fine, it was behind us. Heck, I even told him that if you wanted an apology, I figured you'd ask for one yourself, but…" He rolls his eyes, "I think he just wants to make sure you're alright. So, anyway, I told him I'd talk to you, so… We good?" And he holds out his hand to shake.

Leander considers the other boy's hand for several seconds. He doesn't seem indecisive, merely… thoughtful. Eventually he stands and paces towards his Housemate, offering his hand in return and giving one quick shake. "Very well. I'll let Rip know that we've put this behind us. There's no cause for him to do something foolish and lose more prestige for Slytherin this year."

Theodore actually stands when Leander takes his hand, it's a trained reaction of respect, and his grip is firm and solid. He nods, smiling a bit, "Thanks, man." He sits back down on the bunk. "He's on my quidditch team, so I think it's extra important that he and I are alright with one another."

After the other Slytherin releases his hand, Leander nods and turns to pace back to his bed. "It's not a problem. Just remember that I've done this." He doesn't elaborate past that, or ask for favors. It's more of an understated suggestion that he can be trusted to be level-headed and logical when others might not be. The boy sits back down on his bed and flips his book open again.

Theodore nods, "You don't seem like a bad fella, Babyface." He lays back down on his bed, tossing the quaffle up into the air once more. "Maybe we can even be pals."

Although Leander normally isn't given to grinning, he does just that, if only for a moment. "Maybe," he states coolly, turning a few pages and then plucking a quill from his knapsack so that he can begin writing. "I never disregard a possible outcome unless the probability of its occurence becomes negligible."

Theodore catches the quaffle, and holds it a moment. His lips move slightly as he repeats what Leander said inside his head, trying to work it out. "Um… yeah." And he tosses the quaffle back into the air.

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