(1937-10-05) Promise Me You'll Stay
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Summary: The two old friends take time to talk about life, show off beautiful dresses, and of course make promises that both hope will be kept.
Date: October 5, 1937
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Diagon Alley
Flights of Fancy Broomshop

Stepping into a dream, the atmosphere in the room show room has polished white pine floors and soft creamy white carpets embroidered with exotic designs of gold, silver and black thread. when visitors look up, the ceiling has been bewitched to resemble the sky just above the clouds and there's a faint breeze in the room, cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, adding to the fantasy of being up there amongst the clouds. Seats are provided around tables, each table about the length of a broomstick and the seats cushioned like lounge chairs with soft white upholstry and they match the two couches in the waiting area near the entrance of the shop. Daily periodicals and Quidditch magazines can be found and are easily accessible along with some thicker books about the history of Quidditch and other broom related topics. Exotic and fragrant teas are offered to customers as they browse or sit in consultations.

The backdrop for the front desk are all images of modern day Quidditch players who have agreed to try, use, and model certain broom models that were made for them or their teams. There are also large sketches and drawings of brooms and the like framed and placed within strategic view, displaying the artist's talent and appreciation for the crafts that are for sale. The front desk is made from the same polished white pine that the floor is, a sturdy flat surface long enough to rest several brooms upon and wide enough to service and examine things as needed.

The broom displays are the stars of the room however, sorted by function and price…there are racing brooms, brooms made for families, even brooms made for young children to name a few. Pre-Made brooms can be found on display in various points in the room but the majority of brooms that are on display are samples of the base designs that customized brooms can and will be made from based on customer need or demand. Moving pictures and posters are framed and placed strategically on the walls between, beside or above displays showing images of Quidditch players in history and other notable flyers. There are desk displays with little Quidditch accessories and Momentos, the occasional pairs of gloves or goggles for sale along with some sort of baked good…cake or pie, sometimes even tarts and the like under a glass cover for customer access.

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Giving something of a saucy look, she skips a step and turns about, laughing as she grins brightly and hurries off to quickly change. She disappears for a few minutes, the obvious difficulties of undoing a dress by herself. But when she steps back out, the new frok shifts and flares around her hips, hugging her waist. She turns in place skirt rippling as she does. The hat is gone as well. She clears her throat, "So…its not a corset but I hope it works." She rests her hands lightly upon the full of skirt, "I think it would look better with my hair down..oh wait, just a moment." She reaches up and pulls at the few pins holding it up and runs fingers through it, ruffling the strands out before shooting him a rich full smile and doing a tight turn.

Laurence settles down on a couch with the rest of his stew, idly eating stew with sandwich crusts as he waits for Eden to return and when she does? The spoon pauses in mid stew —> mouth journey and he blinks several times, lowering the spoon and the container to set on the floor as he just nods slowly, clearing his throat. "I…I think it is very gorgeous on you lovely…just…gorgeous."

"Really?" Eden looks tickled pink by the reaction, lifting her chin and clearing her throat as she attempts to look proper and less giddy. Needless to say she fails before she moves over towards him and turns about, motioning. "I can't get the zipper the rest of way…I think I shall wear this home." SHe intones and motions for him, "Help me, please?" She asks of him, casting a look over her shoulder towards him as she continues, "I think I should just wear this even if I do not have an event to go to."

Laurence has to laugh softly and shake his head as he assure her again. "Yes, you look stunning. A woman wears a dress like this, they make a statement. I. Am. Gorgeous. And unapologetic about it." He is sincere and then he has to hop up to get to his feet and make his way over. "Now I shall picture you prancing about your home and work and every wear, twirling and showing off your pretty dress." He teases and he does move forward to zip the dress up the rest of the way, running a finger along the zipper in the back before nodding.

"Thank you so much," Eden turns, smoothing the neck and shoulders slightly before she takes a step and gives a rather gleeful brush of her hands to the skirt again, pulling at it to help blouse it out. She turns about to get a look at him and then draws a long breath. "Suppose you could be picturing worse things." A laugh lightens her tone and she takes a step towards him and then moves to take a seat next to him. "So tell me how business has been besides today."

Laurence smiles softly and settles back comfortably on the couch, arm behind the woman who settles down beside him along the back of the couch. "Business has been business…folks gettin' used to be being here I believe. I need to garner some more attention from the well-to-dos without alienating the people who don't have as much money…"

Pondering that predicament, Eden is utterly comfortable around Laurence as she leans partially in to him, hands on her lap as she crosses her ankels. "Well…could take out an add in the Daily Prophet. Or maybe…hmmm. I could hand out cards at work for you. Do you have business cards, darling?" Her head turns, looking up at him as she studies his face and there is slow amusement that curls her lips upward. "Oh…oh my.." SHe turns, keeping close with a rustle of satin fabric of her dress as she lifs her finger and scrubs at the corner of his mouth. "Lipstick..sorry.."

Laurence mmhmms softly. "Aye, I have cards, I'll be sure to get you a bundle before you go. Has me shop's name on them and everything…don't know how many ministry folks will need a broom, but I'm willing to do orders for them…special brooms for their special employees and the like." He then has to chuckle softly when the lipstick is mentioned and he tugs a handkerchief from a pocket and offers it to Eden. "Ah, yes…well, a shame…I was planning on wearing it like a token, go ahead them, wipe it off…cement my status as a lovely bachelor." He fakes a pout.

"And drive away all your prospects, I couldn't do that too you. Besides, it is your charm as well as your skill that wins them over," Eden replies and takes the handkerchief. Wrapping it around one finger, she works at the spot, marring the soft fabric with the color that was once upon her lips. "I will gladly laud your work and the new shop, you deserve it anyways. Perhaps you should approach Hogwarts to see if they need new work done, new sets of brooms for the practice pitch. I think that would net in quite a few orders." She pulls the cloth away and tils her head to look at it and then grins a bit more. "There we are, looking just has handsome as ever." She says, gazing down at him as she lifts her head, grasping his chin a moment if he allows before handing the cloth back to him.

"You know…that color of lipstick not many women can wear as well." Laurence offers the compliment before he nods quickly. "That would be sweet of you luv, and I do head to Hogsmeade on the weekends to see what I can do with the kiddies and school from time to time…I think its a good start at least." He lets his chin be grasped, searching Eden's eyes with those unnaturally blue ones for a moment before he exhales softly and takes the cloth. "You looked like you were enjoying yourself the other night…I meant to return some literature I found that I think was was yours, but there were just too many people."

Her fingers relax, drawing away from his face at the mention of the literature. Eden smiles faintly, "You were there..I am glad. I left that information for you. I always figure its best to be as informed as one can be. The rally is important, for debate, for the exchange of ideas. Can you imagine? Repealing the secrecy, allowing our worlds to finally mix openly?" Her smile is warm and sweet as she studies him. "Think about it. To be able to feel…free. It would certainly make my job less in demand, that is certain." The curl fo her lips grows and she reaches out for his hand. "I didn't see you, I wish I had."

Laurence mms softly and nods. "Ahh, well I kept it clean and such just in case you hadn't left it for me to read." He coughs softly. "Not even a little bit of wood dust or paint." Then he's quiet as he listens and he nods slowly. "Mixing openly hunh? Now that would indeed be interesting." Then he takes the offered hand, squeezing it gently before attempting to lace his fingers with her own. "Well, you were…in a very special position, I think I blend in with the other little people rather well."

"It would be and most likely beneficial for us all," Eden continues and then looks down at his hand as she curls her fingers into his. Her smile softens and she tsks, "I was there only because I had spoken to Cassius Malfoy days before the Rally, sharing with him my views. I pledged my support." Her other hand reaches over to rest on top of his and brushes her thumb to the back of it. "There were so many people..that is why. You don't blend, Larry. You never have. At least not to me." She pauses, drawing a breath, "You do not realize how glad I am you are home, here…at the same time as me." She draws his hand to her lap and turns to face him a bit more, sitting at the edge of the couch. "It is good to have a true friend about."

"It would be dangerous but…that's life. You can't stop waves of change, you just have to be there to protect those who cannot protect themselves and get caught in the rip tides." Laurence shrugs a shoulder and smiles as he watches the hands as if mesmerized then he has to look up to eye Eden thoughtfully. "You've pledged your support to Cassius Malfoy." Its not a question just an acknowledgement of the fact before he gives a small nod. "Aye…" He has to agree. "Promise me something Eden, my garden of mystery…don't be a host to a serpent that will request that the gullible eat an apple that'll damn them and all those that care for them…be /careful/…please."

Dark brows furrow at his request and she remains silent a moment, continuing to brush her fingers over his hand. Eden grows a little more tense and she draws in a slow breath, her eyes searching his. "Is that what you feel this repealment is? A apple that will damn us?" Her hands do not pull away and her words are more a pull at curiousity, a need to know. "I am always careful, Larry…I promise you. But this is not..a bad thing. Hiding in darkness is outdated. Why can we not enjoy life as everyone else?" She asks of him and starts to look somewhat…uncertain.

Laurence is quiet for a few moments before he glances towards the ceiling before he finally replies. "I don't feel one way or another about the repealment…the muggles have a story about the garden of eden and adam and even and the forbidden fruit…the knowledge of sin and death were not a bad thing, but life was never the same after it and they became ashamed of their nudity." He frowns and tries to explain. "Its the person who presents it…snakes will always be snakes…they may be kind and gentle but if its not you, it is someone else they will bite." He shrugs a shoulder and forces a smile. "Don't worry your mind about it, Eden, I just worry about you. You know that."

Frowning some at first, Eden watches Laurence closely, her hands tightening on his for a moment as she listens. Wetting her lips, her face softens at his last and she sighs, "I worry more about what you think of me than anything else in this crazy world. I worry about you as well..how you are doing and how happy you are. Tell me you are happy." She tells him, her smile warming again, though it seems worn on by the presence of her own present concern. "Enough of this repealment, I will stay as safe as I can. I am a smart woman, I can handle my own." This she promises with another squeeze to his hand. "But you. I have not even begun to express my delight that you are here or making up for everything you gave me over ten years ago. It is my turn."

"It is indeed a crazy world luv…as for being happy I am…" The broom maker leans forward a bit as if searching for the right words. "I am scared shi-ahem, alot. When I left years ago, I never planned to come back. I died, in a way. I died and I lived and I was unmade and at the same time made into who I've always been. I think I could, however, be happy now. I have you, I have my shop…I have my bloody annoying birds. So I have a friend, a business, and some pets…and I'm doing what I love to do. I'm content, even if my spirit constantly tells me to run." He has to admit to Eden before Laurence reaches over to trace a finger along her jaw line. "We shall continue to take turns, hm? When the flat is finished, it'll need a woman's touch or I'll be living in crates and eating off of boxes." A small smile goes here.

Eden's eyes flit across his face, studying him as he says he could be happy. Warmth spreads, perhaps relief and she pauses at the mention of herself and she squeezes his hand in between her's. Its that touch to her jaw however that draws her gaze and she considers him in that moment, a nod of her head offered. "I would be glad to help, yes. Of course." She says and then lets out a soft laugh, a sigh escaping her lips. "Boxes and crates will nto do for you, no. You deserve more than that. But tell me…why would you run?" Concern returns as her face darkens a little. She reaches up to take his other hand from her jaw lightly. "What would run you off?"

"Feeling trapped. In a world created, dictated and molded to the whims or traditions of those within it. The haves have, the have nots…have not and you're never really able to be who you really are unless you leave it behind." Its a vague response but it sums things up quite nicely in a way for Laurence as he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "But I cannot keep running, and this I know. So here I am."

Concern lines the edges of her face, creates defined lines etched into her skin as she tits her head and then she is leaning in to press her forehead to his and holds his hands in her own. Eden gives him a soft smile, "No more running. I won't let you….and you can be whoever you wish to be around me. There is a place for everyone in this world." Her dark eyes open to meet his as she draws back just an inch or two so she can watch him. There is a rather deadly looking intent in that dark gaze of her's as she nearly pins him with it. "You are not alone. So don't think you have to face anything without a helping hand." Its a promise she gives him.

Laurence's eyes open to meet Eden's and the intensity he finds there does cause him to blink a bit and his lips curve in a small smile. "So I can be a horny blighter with impure intentions around you as well?" The teasing is soft but he just tilts his head at the promise. "Its good…not to be lonely anymore Eden, I think I could grow to like that…thank you."

A delighted laugh escapes her at his comment and Eden nods. "Even a horny blighter with impure intentions." Her smile remains, tilting her head just a bit before she sighs and nods her head, "Never alone..I promise. Not as long as I have any say in it." A kiss is brushed to the back of one his hands and she starts to release them. "It is nearly the weekend, are you heading up to Hogsmeade to see the kids for the weekend? If you are, I could stay behind and help here if you want the shop to stay open."

"Then I will hope and pray that you always have a say in it." Laurence carefully gets to his feet when his hand is released and he looks around with a wistful expression. "Fortunately the floo network is pretty good, ya don't know how convenient that is when ya get used to having to walk and walk and walk…so I'll probably be back and forth, might do a show so might close the shop for a few hours while I head up to see the kiddies." He hmms softly.

"No need to hope or pray," Eden rises to follow, smoothing her dress into place. "Let me know when you need help decorating and I will come over to see to it. Please though, do stop by Brompton, I just acquired a Townhouse there." She is moving to her bags, slowly gathering everything up and folding her previous dress over her arm and sliding it into the bag that the dress was once in that she is currently wearing. She reaches for the sandwich and stops, pushing it over towards the rest of the stew so he can eat that half too. "Also, do not forget the business cards for me."

Laurence mmhms and he quickly bustles over to his desk to lean/climb over it so he can reach behind it and come back with a handful/bunch of business cards, all soft grey with a broom stick on it that changes color, 'Flights of Fancy Broom Shop' with his name 'Laurence Toulson, Master Broom Maker' on it and of course the little message 'Let me turn your fantasy into a reality' and things like that. He makes his way to Eden's side. "In Brompton, oh my I will have to come and visit. Possibly bring the dove, she loves new places." He hesitates before looking at the dresses. "If you ever need it, I'll have a spare room when my flat is finished…I mean, if you're in the area and…well you'll always be welcomed here, even if its just to rest or take a break."

Putting down her bags, Eden reaches out to take the cards, turning them over a moment to give them a look and smiling. "I will make sure these get handed out to those at the ministry." She pauses, nodding her head to the mention of bringing the dove. "Of course, yes. I just…don't have much of anything for the house yet." A sheepish look crosses her features before his offer causes her to hesitate and then consider him. "That is very kind of you. I would like that, the townhouse, though great for entertaining is not exactly the best place to live alone. It seems so vast without anything in it." She admits and then reaches down, putting the cards into the bag so they are safely stowed.

Laurence ohs softly. "Well if you need anybody to help with the heavy lifting." He winks and then nods gratefully. "Thank you, the more I can get out there, the more customers I can get and of course the sooner I'll be able to take you to one of the fancier restaurants so you can wear more pretty dresses." He flashes a grin and nods slowly. "Well, in time we'll both make our homes…more like homes."

"I will certainly have you for the moving in, perhaps you could help me pick out the furniture. I have been dreading shopping for such things." Eden sighs faintly and then smiles up at him, that twinkle in her eyes lookig a little bit mischevious before she moves closer. She slides her arms around him and gives him a hug, placing a brief kiss to his cheek. "Yes, it will be a mutual exchange then." She admits and then once more, draws away to gather up her cloak and settle it over the green dress before placing the bags on her arms as she speaks, "So I am thinking we should get together soon to go shopping. But you let me know when you are free." She looks up to him and adds, "I will also be careful as long as you are happy." A deal of sorts.

Laurence returns the hug with warmth and affection, kissing the top of the woman's head before preparing to escort her to the exit. "Very well, shopping it is!" He agrees amicably before the deal offered to him causes him to blink and then nod slowly. "Aye…very well, I'll be the happiest bloke you know in that case." He winks and smiles.

"Good. Sounds like a date," Eden chirps up and then turns to face him at the threshold, lingering to offer him a wink. "See you soon, Larry. Let me know who is winning the Quidditch matches at school." She asks of him. "Next weekend I will go with you. I want to see my niece," she adds and then steps out into the street, smiling back at him as her hand lifts only partially because of the weight of the bags on her arm.

Laurence laughs softly and nods quickly. "I will make sure I keep track of that for you and it will be nice to see you there when I visit, I'm sure your niece will love it." Then he watches her exit the shop, lifting a hand to wave as his lips twist in a wistful smile and he turns back to his shop with a quirk of an eyebrow. "…and now…back to brooms."

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