(1937-10-05) Sandwiches Are Good
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Summary: Regulus comes to purchase a broom, Eden comes to feed Laurence, Old tensions arise and at the end of the day…the sandwiches are delicious.
Date: October 05, 1937
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Diagon Alley
Flights of Fancy Broomshop

Stepping into a dream, the atmosphere in the room show room has polished white pine floors and soft creamy white carpets embroidered with exotic designs of gold, silver and black thread. when visitors look up, the ceiling has been bewitched to resemble the sky just above the clouds and there's a faint breeze in the room, cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter, adding to the fantasy of being up there amongst the clouds. Seats are provided around tables, each table about the length of a broomstick and the seats cushioned like lounge chairs with soft white upholstry and they match the two couches in the waiting area near the entrance of the shop. Daily periodicals and Quidditch magazines can be found and are easily accessible along with some thicker books about the history of Quidditch and other broom related topics. Exotic and fragrant teas are offered to customers as they browse or sit in consultations.

The backdrop for the front desk are all images of modern day Quidditch players who have agreed to try, use, and model certain broom models that were made for them or their teams. There are also large sketches and drawings of brooms and the like framed and placed within strategic view, displaying the artist's talent and appreciation for the crafts that are for sale. The front desk is made from the same polished white pine that the floor is, a sturdy flat surface long enough to rest several brooms upon and wide enough to service and examine things as needed.

The broom displays are the stars of the room however, sorted by function and price…there are racing brooms, brooms made for families, even brooms made for young children to name a few. Pre-Made brooms can be found on display in various points in the room but the majority of brooms that are on display are samples of the base designs that customized brooms can and will be made from based on customer need or demand. Moving pictures and posters are framed and placed strategically on the walls between, beside or above displays showing images of Quidditch players in history and other notable flyers. There are desk displays with little Quidditch accessories and Momentos, the occasional pairs of gloves or goggles for sale along with some sort of baked good…cake or pie, sometimes even tarts and the like under a glass cover for customer access.

Normally this would be the time that Laurence would head out for lunch or kip up to his flat to find something to eat but he's quietly working on polishing a newly made broom, it is a chestnut brown and the handle practically gleams as he rubs the handle down with a soft cloth. He's without his coat or jacket, just wearing a button down dove grey shirt with the sleeves rolled up exposing his tattoos. Laurence mutters softly to himself, speaking to himself in Greek.

The door to the shop enters, and Regulus enters, wearing a full dark grey suit, complete with vest, that is set off with a rather fancy sky-blue tie that sets off his eyes remarkably. His hair is combed and parted precisely, his shoes brightly polished, and he even wears a pair of golden cuff-links embossed with the crest of the Ancient and Noble House of Black. All in all, he looks pretty keen. His eyes sweep the shop, looking around before his eyes find Laurence. "Excuse me," he begins. "Are you the proprieter?"

Laurence's eyebrow arches as he notices Regulus entering due to a soft 'coo' that serves as the entrance charm. He just nods politely and carefully sets the broom on the display. "Aye…welcome to Flight o' Fancy sir, I am Laurence Toulson, what can I do for you?" He wipes his hand on the cloth he holds and gestures around the shop. "Of if you're just browsing, feel free to look 'round, do you want a glass of wine or cup of tea?"

"Ah, good. Well, no, actually, I heard you make custom brooms, is that true?" Regulus says, and though he does still gaze about the shop idly, his attention is largely on Laurence as he speaks. "If so, I would be interested in commissioning one for myself. My current one, while adequate, has seen better days," he explains, regretfully.

"Mm, yes. I make custom brooms." Laurence responds carefully as he looks Regulus over once more, eyes lingering on the quality of the clothing and the cuff-links and he just nods to himself. "I can fill out a work order for you if you like, just come over here with me. Got a few questions to ask you to get started."

Regulus bears the scrutiny without comment, and indeed seems to be returning the favor as all his attention now reverts to Laurence. As he follows with a simple nod to where Laurence leads him, he asks, "I admit, I do not recognize your name… but I feel I have met you before. Perhaps at the Ministry?" The question is an idle thing, curious, but not too intently spoken at the moment.

Another coo signals he entrance of another into the shop. Eden gives a brush of her fingers to her hair - which today is normal and without a magical charm to make it glimmer and glow. A rich emerald dress of a lace top and empire waist before a long fitted skirt hugs her hips well past her knees. A pair of back seamed pantyhose in black are paired with rich emerald heels. A small side hat of matching green make with peacock feathers along its edge has a netted veil attached that half covers her face in an elegant fashion. A few bags sway on her arms as she has trouble getting into the door, tugging at a hatbox that she tries to get in and without looking up she speaks up, "Larry? I brought food."

Laurence shakes his head as he walks behind the front desk, rummaging around in a drawer to carefully remove a piece of parchment and he nods towards a couch. "We have never met before sir, please…have a seat." He's busy collecting what he needs to put together a work order before he's quickly distracted by Eden's entrance and he smiles fondly, a hint of wariness in his eyes. "Eden luv, c'mon in, I was just about to get a work order put together for this gentleman-gah, what did you do mug a shop on ya way over?" He makes his way towards the front door to try to push the door open a little more so she can more easily come in. "If you've brought new outfits to try on and model, I'd consider it an honor indeed." He winks and chuckles softly before calling out to Regulus. "Be right with you sir, please have a seat."

"Hmm? You are sure? Well, it won't be the first time this week that I…" Regulus begins, though he trails off at the voice. It is when he turns and spots the woman entering the shop, as recognition flares, that he hears that name. He starts to move, but Laurence moves faster, and so he lingers by the desk. "No problem," he tells Laurence, before greeting Eden with a small smile. "It seems you are even more connected then I suspected, Miss Eibon…" he begins. But again, he falters, though this time it is do not to the entrance of a person, but a though. "Eden Eibon…" he murmurs, almost to himself, and suddenly his light blue eyes pierce through that veil, studying her rather intently.

"Mug a shop…hardly. Well maybe and yes I thought you could help me. I got a few new ensembles and would like your opinion. I forgot how much I adore european fashion…but food! That more important." Eden gets through the door and hovers there, bags and box swinging as she tries to hold the white paper bag with the scent of hot sandwiches now filling the shop. Her gaze lifts to that of Regulus, mild surprise registering on her features. She stares at him a long moment and when he says her name in full, something crosses over her features, helpfully hidden in part by the veil. "Yes, I suppose so…Larry, be a dear and take the food for me?" She tries to hold out the bag on a laden arm towards him, eyes averting from Regulus.

"Any corsets or fanciful chemises?" Laurence has to ask before he sniffs the air and mms softly. "Food…yes, food is better. Only somewhat." He reaches out to take the food as it is offered to him and he looks between Eden and Regulus for a moment, head tilting. "An acquaintance of yours luv?" He has to ask as he moves to set the food down on a table, order form laid out as well and he's gesturing for people to come over if they wish.

For all that Eden averts her gaze, Regulus keeps his firmly fixed for a moment, in utter and considering silence. His smile fades as recognition flares, and he actually seems troubled by something - indeed, there seems a hint of confusion there as well. But as Laurence looks between them and speaks, Regulus speaks up for her, saying simply, "We work together at the Ministry." For all he is speaking to Laurence, his gaze never leaves Eden's - but now, at least, the smile is back, if perhaps a bit lessened, and whatever troubled thoughts were lingering behind those depthless blue eyes seems to have faded for now.

"Goodness, you don't get that kind of show, Larry," Eden chides and looks relieved when he takes the food. She smiles and then moves to set some bags down, tugging off her cloak and gloves to set them aside on the back of the couch and then turns back to them both. Her gaze shifts back to Regulus as he speaks for them, "Yes, he is the team lead for the new squad I have been assigned to." Her smile is friendly, amicable and she is quickly moving to help bring out the food from the bag. What looks like hot sandiches and soup. "Larry here is wonderful at broommaking. Do you not know Regulus, Larry?" She asks the broommaker, lifting her gaze to him and then glancing towards Black for a moment or two before looking back down. "I did not realize you would be here, Mister Black or I would have gotten you something as well." Said evenly.

Laurence hmms softly and looks back to Regulus. "I did have a feelin' I had the auspicious good fortune to be potentially servicing a Black." He nods firmly. "Mr Black, when is your birthday?" He has to ask as he's sniffing and smelling the fooood, foood is goood. "Well, it is a small world indeed, folks are bound to run into each other when they least expect it." He sniffs the air again.

"It is fine, Miss Eibon," Regulus replies just as evenly, if perhaps a touch more graciously, before turning his attention largely to Laurence. "March the twenty ninth, nineteen-oh-six," he offers then, answering the man's question. Though the question obviously makes him curious, he seems content to wait for what will follow.

Run into each other. Eden merely nods and tends to her silence as she she pushes a wrapped sandwich and thich stew towards Larry, drawing out a half sandwich for herself as she moves to set the edge of her hip to the table as she peels back the tissue covering her food. Fingers pluck at it lightly and she looks like she's been put off her appetite, her dark eyes distant as she turns from them to look at the line of brooms. Her lips draw a thin line ands he clears her throat, taking a small bite finally with care not to smear her red lipstick.

Laurence takes out a quill and quickly jots something down on the paper, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath as he murmurs softly to himself, under his breath doing the computations necessary in his head before nodding. "Alder…bloody wood that doesn't rot quickly, more responsive to protective charms and the like…well be softened by the hazelnut so that there's no drowning in death…a durable broom, powerful…impressive to the eye, yet not designed for racing speed." He writes as he speaks.

Regulus' gaze returns to Eden a few times, the alteration in her demeanor drawing the lightest of downward tugs to the corner of his lips. But for the most part, he remains focused on Laurence. An eyebrow raises at the words from the broom maker, and he nods slowly. "Well, I likely will not be using it for Quidditch anytime soon, or racing for that matter, so that will do nicely." He pauses for a moment, then asks, almost deliberately looking to Eden and drawing her back into the conversation, "What do you think, Miss Eibon?"

Eden is seated, hip on the edge of the table, dressed in a rather rich looking emerald dress with a matching hat with the veil partially covering her face. She is plucking at her hot sandwich when Regulus draws her from her thoughts and her dark eyes shift back to the two. "Excuse me?" At least she responds. "I am sorry, I was not listening, but I am most certain that Larry will come up with the perfect broom for you. He does exquisite work and you could not go wrong." Her smile is warm for the aforementioned broommaker, giving him a fond look before it fades a little when her dark eyes shift to Regulus. There they rest and she lifts her chin slightly, "I think you will enjoy whatever he makes." Her tone says he better.

It is a pleasant afternoon in the broomshop, not many customers in the show room and Laurence is currently writing things down on a piece of parchment while taking a moment to take a bite out of a hot sandwich and continuing to write things down. He has not on robes or a jacket just a simple button down with the sleeves pushed to reveal the tattoos along his forearms. He does chew slowly, making an appreciative 'mm' sound before he ducks his head sheepishly at Eden's 'confidence' in his abilities. Chew. Swallow. He coughs and clears his throat. "Seeing as the broom will be made customized to you, sir, I do believe my inclinations are indeed on the right track. You'll be able to play whatever you want on the broom, and fall as many times as you like with minimal damage." A pause. "To the broom." Then he dips a bit of his sandwich into the stew, taking another bite and closing his eyes. "Eden, remind me in 10 years if a fancy rich idealistic noble wizard or witch 'asn't swept you off your feet to marry you and keep you all to my selfish lonesome, mkay?"

The confusion of earlier - when Regulus had first connected Eden's first and last name, followed by her continually worsening attitude to him - now returns in force, before simply sliding away to thoughtfulness once more, and perhaps regret. He holds her gaze for a moment, then turns back to Laurence, and nods. "I do not doubt your methods, sir. However, I think I have intruded enough on your lunch time. I shall return another time, I think." And with that he gives both people in the shop with him a nod. "Thank you for your time, Mister Toulson. See you tomorrow, Miss Eibon." He offers both farewells with equal evenness, as he moves towards the exit.

"Of course, Larry. I would will," Eden replies, offering him a winning smile. That fades almost instantly as Regulus speaks his intetion to go and she rises, sliding from the table instantly and setting down her sandwich. "Mister Black," she starts and clears her throat, heeled feet skipping forward with a swirl lace and a strand of her elegantly swept back hair falling against her cheek. She attempts to get in between him and the door. "You came to purchase a broom, perhaps you should see it through or I shall forever think you unable to complete something." She offers him a winning smile that does not quite reach her eyes. "I fear I do not wish to cause Larry to lose a sale on my account. Please..stay. I can come back." She insists, holding out her hand to grasp his arm if he insists on walking past her.

Laurence looks up with a mouth of stewy sandwich and just looks between Regulus and Eden and back to Regulus, chewing slowly before finally swallowing and staring. "Och…nng, ya know what Regulus, ya still be an insensitive bastard, with all due respect sir, just apologize to the woman, admit ya were a well liked, pompous and decently courteous asshole durin' school. Be okay that yah balls dropped and she grew into her curves. Yes she grew up to be a damn fine woman and yes people couldn't see it when she was growin' up because they were children and therefore ignorant little twits. Yes alot of horrible emotional shite went and for Merlin's sake stop make soppy moon drenched 'lets tip toe around the dragon' eyes at the woman and tell me what yah bloody favorite color and animal happen to be?" He throws his hands up before quickly adding. "…this is a very delicious sandwich." Quickly here he takes a bite.

"Miss Eibon," Regulus says, his voice remaining quiet while his pale eyes pin hers with a look that is just as even as he tone. Yet there is also something else, something beyond the earlier disappointment or confusion. It almost resembles anger. "As I said, I have every intention on returning. Though I suppose if you would be so quick to judge me based on such a small and single incident as this, that might explain why you already seem to hold me to be somewhat contemptable." He does, in fact, attempt to move past her, and stills when her hand moves to his arm. "Miss Eibon…" He begins, and for a second, the anger seems to fade. And then Laurence speaks. Slowly, his head pivots to look at the speaking broom maker. Confusion dawns bright and full on his face, and there is an utter lack of recognition in his eyes at the man's words. He looks between Laurence and Eden. "You are both mad," he decides, a bit wonderous at this sudden realization. "Either that, or you have both been hit with a rather serious Confundous charm. Either way…" he seems at a loss for words.

Eden holds still to his arm, fingers curling to keep a grip as she registers the anger in his eyes. Swallowing past the contempt she knows she has, she waits for him to speak when Laurence interjects. For a moment that frustrated look fades and she flushes with color, looking like a true ode to Christmas with her emerald dress and red cheeks and lips. Her hand slips hurriedly away from Regulus' arm and she looks somewhat bewildered - flustered. But her eyes sneak back to study Black and his reaction, gazing up at him through dark lashes. It takes her only a moment and she draws a long breath, straightening up and lifting her chin as she offers them both a smile. "The past is the past and I was an overly sensitive girl…Larry…thank you." Her tone is genuinely warm, grateful and she affords him with a kind smile before she glances back at Regulus. "Please, please stay and finish your order. I would hate to cause Larry to lose a customer and for you to lose out on the best broom you will ever have in your life." There is a rather humbled look on her face, not that confident woman any longer with those past memories rearing their ugly head. "I will..is there somewhere I can go, Larry? To get out of your hair til you are done?" She asks quickly.

Laurence arches an eyebrow slowly as he blinks and then moves a hand to rub his temples. The hand drops away as he looks to Eden. "Stay…please. Finish your meal and I have a present for you anyways, something that may brighten your day lovely lady." A soft smile then he looks back to Regulus and just shakes his head slowly. "Mad? Nay…but my mum was a nutter so maybe its contagious. Can we please get back to talkin' about my wood?" A pause. "I mean about the wood, the broom…back to broom business!"

Bewildered is a good word, one that can easily be applied to Regulus as he looks from one to the other. Eventually seeming to simply give up on understanding, he shakes his head. And though Laurence's slip of the tongue causes the lightest of flickers at the edges of his mouth, it doesn't reach his eyes. "Very well," he says, a touch cooly, and with a last lingering glance on Eden he gives the broom-maker his full attention. For now though, he remains where he is near the door. "You have more questions then, I assume?" he asks.

Lips press into a line at Larry's insistence, but it breaks at his slip. Eden nods her head though, a nod of her head as she gives a glance towards Regulus and then moves back around towards her sandwich. Hostility is gone but its been replaced by a sort of uncertain silence as she reaches for her sandwich and settles to the edge of the table once more. Her attention drifts, taking up a glance towards the wall. Her head tilts and she lifts her gaze to the ceiling - finally a small bite taken. Small, perhaps self conscious consumption of food that has her eyeing the sandwich as if it had offended her and she sighs, pulling at the wrap to close it back up and set it aside.

Laurence exhales softly and nods. "Favorite color and Animal if you'd please Mr Black." He asks more calmly, carefully writing some more things on to the piece of parchment. "Then I'll have to do your measurements and you'll be good to go."

Laurence's questions draw Regulus' eyebrows up in slight surprise, obviously not prepared for such questions. "My favorite color and animal," he repeats. "Ah, well… for color, I suppose I would have to say red," he says. "As for animal… I am not sure. I can think about it, however, and inform you at another time." He pauses, and pulls out a pocketwatch. "The measurements may have to wait, however. I actually need to be somewhere shortly. But, I can return later, so we can finish, if you do not object." He looks then to Eden, and adds, "Oh, that reminds me. My sister wanted me to extend that invitation again to you, so if you still feel like accepting, perhaps we will see you later today." He leaves the last open ended, part statement, part question

Eden looks back to watch the two, keeping her peace as she wipes her fingers together from holding the sandwich. But it is Regulus that draws her attention and for a moment she looks at a loss but then offers a amicable smile, "I wouldn't miss it for the world, thank you. I shall see you later today then." She rises from her spot, setting her heels to the floor as she nods to Regulus. "I look forward to hearing your opinions." She stays as friendly as she can.

Laurence just runs his fingers through his hair and gives a small shrug as he regards Regulus and turns to offer a small bow. "Very well Mister Black, just come in when you can and we'll have the measurements done then." He walks towards the day. "Thank you again Mister Black for your patronage, I hope this is the start of a wonderful relationship between ya and your future broom. Do have a wonderful rest of the day."

"And I almost believe you don't actually mean to say 'And don't let the door hit you in the ass'," Regulus comments to Laurence dryly, but with amusement, despite the earlier exchange between the three of them. Eden, though, gets a considering look, before he finally nods. "Until later, then." He offers a smile that is genuine, despite everything, and with a murmured, "Good day," heads out the door.

Remaining near the table, Eden nods her head to Regulus and keeps her smile formed upon her lips until he is gone. It is a few seconds after he steps out before she looks to Laurence. "Forgive me, I am truly sorry for what just happened and you really had no need to stick up for me. I was being a shrew, an awful spiteful shrew and I should not have. Not when it concerns your business." Her brows furrow and she glances at the door once more as her hands curl and grasp at the edge of the table as she gives Laurence a rather repentent look.

Laurence offers a small smile and a shake of his head. "Yes, have a wonderful day." He offers to Regulus as he makes his exit and then he turns to blink at Eden. "Hunh? Oh! Oh luv…" He moves over towards the woman and unless she moves away he's swooping in for a hug. "You were being somethin', that's for sure…whatever baggage that's between you and Regulus, I cannot know, but he came into my shop and let his emotional goobilybunk get in the way of customizing his broom, he made it personal luv, before he came to his senses. I do not mind, the sandwich was delicious."

Eden does not resist the hug and after a moment of tension is utterly grateful for it as her arms lift to wrap around him in turn. The mention of goobilybunk makes her give of a short clipped laugh before giving Laurence a squeeze. "Good..good I am glad you liked it. I was thinking about how much you must be slaving away here and couldn't go get your own food so I just..thought I would stop by." Her smile curls up and then she lets out a long breath. "He was…the one that coined my nickname as school…the..you know." She makes a motion with one hand to mean large in the area of her stomach. "He knew my middle name…and told the others. And hence the last two years of utter pain at school. But thats in the past..its done." And her sandwich sits forgotten, two bites gone and waiting to be claimed.

Laurence squeezes Eden gently before pulling back a bit, chuckling and shaking his head. "I appreciate it you know, the stopping by thing…I may have gone hungry before I knew it and then I would have to eat wood chips." He pulls a face, sticking out his tongue before he sobers up quickly at the bit of news and his jaw sets before he sighs softly. "Hmm…well just shows he actually /was/ a mini arsehole as a kid now dunnit?" He gently bumps a knuckle under the woman's chin. "Chin up, like you said…its in the past. You have a sandwich to finish, hm? And just to rub it in his face…this weekend, meet. We'll find the biggest ice cream sundae we can and add all sorts of nuts and biscuits and syrups and such and just eat it." A pause then he lightens the mood by adding. "Unless of course ya wanna skip the bowl and all and then model one of the fanciful corsets you won't let me see and we can put the ice cream and syrups all…over…" He then just laughs and coughs softly.

The knock to her chin brings a huge smile and she nods her head, sighing softly. Tension uncoils further from her shoulders and she looks back up to Laurence, dark eyes finding his and then her brows slowly draw up higher as she studies his face. Her lips part and there is something of a mischevious glint in her eyes as she lets out a soft, airy laugh. "Well…I do have a corset actually but I had not thought to wear it being a human sundae." A tilt of her head and she lifts up slowly, her hand grasping at his shoulder to keep herself steady. A soft kiss is pressed to the corner of his mouth if he does not pull away. "But you flatter me. In either case, you should still see this dress I found…so you can tell me what you think."

Laurence doesn't pull away as he smiles softly and returns the kiss with a gentle one of his own, a flicker of concern in his eyes for a moment before he takes a deep breath. Then he nods quickly, looking towards the bags and the like. "Oh! Of course my luv, don't want to keep the modelin' from happening…or just showing, I shall give my honest opinion. With fervor. And enthusiasm."

Smiling brightly for him, Eden nods and finally draws back. "Yes, a green dress that I need to find a reason to wear. Something suitably decadant…" She is cheering at the advent of showing off her prize as she gets to one of the bags and to draw it out, all satin and taffeta that she holds up to herself, smoothing it with one hand as she looks up from the dress to him, "Should I try it on?" She asks, her smile splitting her lips.

Laurence's eyebrow raises as he eyes the dress thoughtfully, lips forming a tiny 'o' as he blinks and stares for a bit. "Decadent? Ahh, I'm not an expert on decadent affairs…" He gestures towards the back room. "Go on, try it on…I'd love to see how it fits, because it certain is green…and decadent, I think when you put it on, I'll be fully able to appreciate the full decadentness of the dress." He waggles his eyebrows.

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