(1937-10-05) The Brother and the Boyfriend
Details for The Brother and the Boyfriend
Summary: Ria introduces Lucian to her older brother, Xavier, who is back in England after his latest treasure hunt.
Date: 5 October, 1937
Location: Hogsmeade Village
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Even if they were now a couple, Ria traveled through Hogsmeade with Lucian refusing to hold his hand or have his arm around her, growing red as she denied him. No, they would only walk as they normally do, side by side as friends. "Just…be on your best behavior. He's not silly like Kaiden can get sometimes," she says to the fellow Slytherin when she briefs him on her other brother. Ria owled Xavier earlier in the week about Hogsmeade dates, and she hoped to see him at the next one. Because three broomsticks tends to be far too crowded, she chooses to slum it out at the tavern, which is evident by the way she grimaces at the dingy atmosphere. Upon entering the door, she peers around to see if Xavier has already arrived or if they'll have to find a seat on their own.

The young man is in fact here sitting in the corner of the dive bar. A flat look is drawn on his face as he seems annoyed at the moment. His legs are crossed over the other, and his hands are folded in his lap. Xavier's eyes move towards the door when his sister walks in with Lucian. A slightly raised eyebrow shows his surprise as he stands slowly from his chair smoothing his suit jacket.

Lucian holds the door for Ria, stepping in behind her. She can protest all she likes, but he is as much a gentleman with her as he's ever been, and more. "Just don't act ashamed of me," he whispers to her as they come in. "You'll just be setting me up as a target."

Ria frowns slightly at Lucian when she straightens out her clothes and avoid the shady stares of the usual patrons of the tavern. "A target for what?" But she pauses upon seeing the familiar man at the corner, and she flashes him a bright smile only reserved for those who are her kin. She waves vigorously and tugs on Lucian's sleeve to drag him over. "I'm so glad you came," she grins and gives her big brother and good squeeze before seating herself at this table. "This is Lucian, my housemate. He's from the Proudmore family." She avoids the the word 'bastard' or 'boyfriend'.

As he smiles softly at Ria, he returns the hug before releasing her. His cool gaze looking the 'bastard' up and down before saying in his baritone voice, "Good after Mister Proudmore." Xavier moves to sit down in his own chair once again and looks back at his sister and says, "This place is still disgusting I see." He snorts slightly before folding his hands back in his lap, "How are you sister?"

Lucian gives Ria a mostly-neutral, but pointed look when she introduces him as 'housemate' and mentions his family lineage. For a moment, he considers whether to just announce that he is her boyfriend himself. But apparently he decides to appease her…for now. He pulls out a chair for Ria, then offers his hand to Xavier. "It's an honour, sir."

That pointed look is ignored. Perhaps even disregarded. But Ria nods vigorously to Xavier and says, "Yes, perhaps in its in the height of its dingyness," she remarks before inspecting her seat and pulling a handkerchief out to dust it off. Of course, it looks clean to begin with but she can never be too sure. "I'm doing alright…I've been better but I've been worse," she scrunches her nose and admits and leaning in to Xavier she throws him a begging look, "I got my prefectship suspended, but -please- don't tell mum and dad. I haven't gotten a howler from them yet so I suspect they haven't hear." She clears her throat and sits back upright again before saying, "Kaiden is…well he's being the lady's man we know him to be. And Garrett's good as always. Made the quidditch team. How about you Xavier? What exploits have you been up to?"

A slight smirk escapes from his mouth at the news of her prefectship. He pauses a moment and says, "yes I am sure it will come from Father when he gets the information. He was quite annoyed with me for missing his birthday…again." He tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear and frowns slightly, "Kaiden will always be Kaiden when it comes to women. I would remind him not to get in too deep this year. The women tend to get smarter as they get older and they will see Kaiden's game." He chuckles softly, "And Garrett will always be…Garrett. I am glad he made the team. As for me?" He shrugs slightly, "Gringotts just purchased my last aquistion. A mirror that once belonged to Helen of Troy."

Lucian retracts his hand from Xavier, stifling his frown. Ria gets another meaningful look, which he covers under a smile as he takes a seat beside her. For the moment, he remains silent, listening to the siblings catch up.

Ria frowns, displeased with his initial smirk and urges, "Xavier, it's not a joke. Don't smile that way." Yes, perhaps there's something satisfying about hearing the failures of Ria. Maybe its the way she squirms about it all. "Did you miss his birthday again this year? Well what was your excuse?" she asks. "You know what really gets me? If -Jocunda- misses anything they're so quick to overlook it. I mean goodness! You cross the Atlantic in a broom and suddenly everything you do is excusable." The jealousy is distinct in her voice, but she pulls out her pack of chesterfields from her purse. She offers a cigarette to both Lucian and Xavier, and will even light it for them in the way she's accustomed to doing for all men in her life. Her brows raise though when her brother explains his latest accomplishment. "Merlins' beard Xavier….," she says in amazement. "Where the in -world- did you find that thing? I have no clue where you even start looking…"

But she turns to Lucian and tilts her head in concern. "What shall I order for you to drink?" she reaches over and massages the back of his neck in an affectionate gestures. It may seem slightly awkward. Anyone who knows Ria is aware she isn't too well versed in affection.

"I was in the mountains north of Athens. I could not get back because I was scouting a group of grave robbers in hope to get a clue on the Hammer." Xavier cocks an eyebrow looking between Lucian and Ria but remains silent before he looks back at his sister, "Where did I find the mirror? A temple deep below the original city location of Troy. It was quite a fun find…" He clearly frowns at the displace of the cigarette and shakes his head no from the young woman's offer.

Alright, the show of affection — awkward though it may be — is a start, and Lucian soften a little from his previous silent bristling. He takes a drag from the cigarette she gave him. He doesn't smoke often, but is something of a social smoker. "Red current rum," he replies to her query, then turns his attention to Xavier. "So, how do you know it was Helen's?" he asks casually.

Ria ahhhs when Xavier explains his exploits and then turns to Lucian to explain. "Yes, the Hammer. It supposed to belong do Vulcan. Or Hephaestus or however you want to call him. He's been on the hunt for it for years, but he still not sure it exists." There's a slight smirk to the way she says it. Almost as if to taunt that perhaps Xavier will never get to it. It's subtle though and said with the most love she can muster. After taking a drag she turns to a passing waiter and orders the rum in addition to a regular beer for herself. Even though she is curious about the answer to Lucian's question, she also adds, "And how much did Gringotts give you for it? I imagine a hefty sum."

"It was engraved with a message from Paris, and the metal was tested. It dates back to that time. Once I was able to research it Mister Proudmore I found a picture of the item in a Muggle library in New York City." Xavier's lips press into a fine line at his sister's dig before he leans back in his chair, "So sister…I hear you have entered a dueling contest? I suspect you are going to try and win?" He shows no malice or anger but a certain degree of amusement at his sisters desire for competition.

Lucian nods, appropriately impressed with the find of the mirror, not to mention the extent of the man's travels. But it is when Xavier brings up the tournament that Lucian's eyes truly light up. "Mmmhm. Ria's going to give everyone a real challenge. She's quite formidable on the dueling stage. Not to mention off of it." He gives Ria a smirk.

Ria narrows her eyes at Lucian over the last part. She's not sure if that innuendo, since she feels she's been getting a lot of it as of late. "Of -course- I'm going to try and win. I never sign up for anything just to lose," she says defiantly with her chin up. If there's sibling that took over the Sykes patriarch the most, it's Ria. "Lucian also signed up it. But he'll be a tough one to beat, you should see him during Dueling Club." The server comes back to give the two students their drink and she sips idly at her beer, "You were in New York recently then? Can you take me next break? I've always wanted to see it." She may sound a bit childish but she has no shame in begging her older brother for a trip to America. But she also adds, "That reminds me, do you think Gringott's has an opening? I don't know what I want to do after I graduate, but I was thinking of working at the bank this summer. Seeing how it is and maybe pursuing something there."

Xavier shrugs slightly, "I am sure I can speak with them and see what they might have for someone fresh out of school. Why don't we discuss it over breakfast tomorrow." His eyes looking over Lucian again before he looks back at his sister, "You can bring your boyfriend if you wish Ria." Xavier begins to stand up and reaches out to take his cane behind his chair. "Why don't we enjoy the comforts of the Three Broomsticks however sister…this place is so…unbecoming." Xavier extends his hand towards Lucian and says, "Good day Mister Proudmore."

Lucian rises with Xavier, taking the offered hand. "Good day, Mr. Sykes." He is quick to pull Ria's chair out for her again, assuming she'll want to properly see her brother off.

Ria smiles brightly and nods appreciatively at her brother. "That would be wonderful Xavier. I'll meet you on High Street tomorrow morning then. Let's say…10? It's hard for me to wake up early on a weekend," she explain. But a bright pink flush spread across her cheeks when he says she can invite Lucian. Her mouth opens at first to insist 'He's -not- my boyfriend' as if it were a reflex, but now it wouldn't be true, would it? So a bit sheepishly she only replies with a meek nod. "It's alright if you'd like to go ahead. We'll stay for a bit. I'm not in a people sort of mood lately," she scrunches her nose in disgust again. She must be in some kind of mood lately if she'd choose dirty scenery over socializing. And so she rises from her seat to give Xavier a warm hug and a kiss on each cheek.

Xavier nods and smiles softly hugging his sister in response and then gives Lucian one final nod before he walks out of the Tavern.

Lucian offers Ria's chair again, eyes on Xavier as he goes. "Well, that was brief. Was he upset about something?" It's difficult to tell with these Sykes. Each of them is like a different brand of enigma.

Ria thanks Lucian as she seats herself back down and straightens out the skirt to her dress before sitting down. "Perhaps just disappointed he didn't snatch the Hammer. He's been going on about that thing since he was in Hogwarts," she shrugs and takes a sip of her beer. "Otherwise, he's a Sykes. We're -always- upset about something or another." Leaning against her table she looks to Lucian however and says, "He seemed okay with you though. There were some weird looks there, but I think its only because he's not used to me being around another boy." She shrugs and smiles to Lucian, "How are you though? Did you like him well enough?" She asks the question with a bit of interest.

Lucian takes a drag of his cigarette, nodding as he taps it over the ashtray. "Oh yeah. He seems alright. Didn't get much chance to get to know him yet." He eyes her curiously, sussing something out. "So, do you think the weird looks might have had anything to do with you introducing me as your 'housemate'?"

"Well he's a good boy. Very impressive. Very hard worker. I'm sure he made a killing on that mirror," Ria says, absolutely sure of it. The Sykes genes never disappoint. It's the only reason she has hope for Kaiden. At his question though, she clears her throat, avoidantly taking a drag of her own cigarette while massaging her neck. "No i don't think so," she shakes her head. "Besides it….wasn't inaccurate was it?" She licks her lips and peers at Lucian innocently."

Lucian just stares at her in silence for a too-long moment, letting smoke drift from between his lips. "Ria, I said don't act ashamed of me. I guess I should have clarified that I'd rather you not be ashamed of me."

Ria pouts, lounging back in her seat and takes a sip of her beer. "I'm -not- ashamed of you," she insists and avoids his gaze, the cigarette smoke rising lazily in the air with her brief silence. "It's just that…I've never expressed any interest in anyone before now. There's a lot to get used to. For myself and everyone around me…" her words trail off and she fidgets with the hem of her skirt.

Lucian frowns, still not quite buying it. "Ria, you told him I'm from the Proudmore family, as if that actually mattered. You wanted him to think I was from good stock. You didn't want him to know I'm a…" He purses his lips, eyes shifting around the room. It isn't that it's a huge secret, to anyone that cares. But he doesn't exactly go shouting "I'm a bastard" from the rooftops.

Ria frowns again, but a different frown this time. With her free hand, she extends a finger to tap on his chin so that he'll turn to face her. And if he does, she'll hold it in place with her thumb and index fingers. "Hey now. None of that, hmm?" she insists. "You know I don't care about that, at all. I highly doubt Xavier would care, but I've already slumped him with news of my prefectship. Sometimes…sometimes people need to be given truths in doses."

"I thought you didn't care about that," he says softly. "Why do you think it upset me? You worry too much about things. He obviously figured it out himself, and that makes it look even more like you're ashamed of me. You know he had to be asking himself why you didn't just tell him I'm your boyfriend."

Ria groans just a little bit and rolls her eyes. This boy wears. her. out. "Lucian, I…haven't told -anyone- your my boyfriend yet. I haven't even told Kaiden and Merlin, he's my twin. He probably sensed us kissing the other day," she sigh and then rubs his cheek with the back of her hand affectionately. "But I'm trying, okay? Just let me ease into this…it's a lot for me to get used to." But then she pauses and blinks, thinking about another dimension to the question. "Why…have you told anyone that we're dating now?"

Lucian sighs with resignation. "No…because I know you, and I knew you'd be trying to keep it a secret. I don't want it to be a secret, Ria. What is it you're afraid of? If it's not shame over me, what is it?"

Ria's lips purse and she places her cigarette down in an ashtray to simply concentrate on her drink for now. Looking down at the table, she fidgets with her fingers and says, "I've always been Ria. For years and years, I've always been Ria. And now…well now I'm Ria and Lucian. We're Ria and Lucian. It's strange to me. I've never been half of a whole. I like being a whole, and I'd prefer we were still two wholes that simply go together. But I'm afraid people won't see it that way…"

Lucian leans forward, reaching to take her hand in his. "Who cares how people see it? We are two wholes. Merlin, we've spent over five years proving that, haven't we? But the point is that we do go great together. I'm not less because of you. I'm more. I think the same is true of you. Just…enjoy it." To punctuate his point, he leans closer to give her a soft kiss.

Okay. At this moment when he kisses her, Ria doesn't care. She doesn't care about the light kissing in public like she usually would. Neither does she care about, the dirty looks its soliciting from the shady patrons of the Hog's Head Tavern. They just don't understand young love. And when it's run its course, she sigh and runs a thumb over Lucian's lip and says, "Alright. I'll try…just…let me tell Kaiden first. I want him to know from me before he finds out from anyone else."

Lucian savours the sweetness of the moment, both the kiss itself, and her taking steps toward fully accepting him as her boyfriend. "Alright. Tell Kaiden…this weekend. Eventually, you won't be able to hide it, whether you like it or not. When we walk into the Hallowe'en dance arm-in-arm, nobody will doubt it for a second." That familiar cocky grin forms on his lips.

Ria's eyes lower at his haughty assertion, but she simply smirks at it. "Merlin's beard, you're more egotistical than I am sometimes. I don't know why I put up with it," she teases. Of course, its harmless and since he's been around her for years he may just be use to it by now. "I will, don't worry. I can never hide anything for him too long. It's rather annoying really. He can just tell," she sighs. But then snaking a hand around Lucian's waist, she gives him a tight squeeze and leans her head on his shoulder to apologizes, "I'm sorry, if I'm giving you a headache about all this. I promise you I'm trying…" From his shoulder, she looks up at him with those wide green eyes of hers.

Lucian scoots closer to pull her into his arms. He inhales deeply, falling into those eyes and just losing himself for a bit. "I know you are," he murmurs. "I get it. It's new to you." It's true. While Ria has avoided getting mixed up in relationships, Lucian has had his share of dalliances at school…though never an actual girlfriend. "I guess I just want so badly for it to feel natural to you…like it does for me. But I'm not going anywhere. I'll be patient."

"Well what about your other girlfriends?" Ria asks, remaining perched on his shoulder while still looking up at him. "What did they do that you like…maybe I could…I don't know…try that stuff out?" Is this her method of trying? Or is she simply seeking information out of him like a jealous new girlfriend?

Lucian lifts his brow skeptically. "What other girlfriends? You mean birds like Polly Parkinson? That was nothing. Just messing about. It's different with you. I mean…if you want to do what they did…" He's a teenage boy, after all.

Ria shrugs and uses the term even though its not necessarily politically correct. "You mean, you didn't have any sort of feelings for them? At all? After all the snogging you would tell me you did? All those 'bases' you would talk about covering," she quirks a brow, clearly using the word 'bases' without really knowing what it meant. But she still looks confused over that last bit, "Well that's what I'm asking, aren't I? I'm asking to know what they did." While girls generally tend to be -way- smarter and more mature than boys at that age, this is one topic people tend to skip over when they ask.

Lucian sighs. Oh boy. Tread carefully, Lucian. You're about to walk into a field of thorns. "I didn't say I had no feelings for them. But…it wasn't how I feel about you. We were just having fun. Snogging and…other things. Look, I don't expect it to be the same with you. I don't want it to. You're special."

"But…we have fun and snog and other things," Ria is trying but perhaps she's still not getting it. Maybe she'll find out eventually, and look fondly upon this conversation or perhaps hide in shame at her ignorance. But the last sentence makes her smile. And warms her enough to inch up and peck him on the nose before she brushes her lips against his playfully and settles in for a soft kiss.

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