(1937-10-05) The Power of Words
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Summary: Gideon finds Niamh very disturbed over Cassius Malfoy's repealment speech. David shows up, and Gideon shares his opinion about the wireless host's alleged rabble-rousing.
Date: 5 October, 1937
Location: MacDiarmarda Apothecary
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The door to the apothecary is closed, the sign on the door declares the shop to be 'CLOSED'. Within, Niamh is at the top of a rolly-library type ladder as she reaches for the upper shelves, and as she takes it in hand, blows the dust off the top. Taking a deep breath, she opens the lid and looks inside, a scowl appearing upon her face, and begins to descend the ladder to put the box onto the counter. Now, on the counter, there are several boxes, containers set aside. The container's labels are such like 'hellbore' and the like.. poisons, and other very.. esoteric and rare herbs gathered over the course of the centuries that the apothecary's been in existence.

Another day, another bust. It's been a tiring day for Gideon. Last night's rally managed to stir up a lot of heated emotions that spilled over into today. Most of the Hit Wizard's day was spent dealing with the bureaucratic aftermath of a fistfight that broke out in the Department of Magical Transportation. Right there in the Ministry! It's already been a strange day, so when he sees the sign on the apothecary's door, it brings a frown to his face. Niamh usually stays open, in case he can drop by. He gives the door several solid raps, and listens.

She's halfway up her ladder again when the rapping on the door comes, and twisting her head around, she takes hold of her wand and gives it a little swish. The door unlocks and it clicks, opening and inviting the ginger man into the shop proper. "Ev'ning, Adamantus." There's the warm smile that's for him, and him only, but there's that tinge of worry that lingers around the eyes. She'd gone home when she said she was, and spent a good portion of the evening, and the day following getting herself more and more worked up in 'what-ifs'. Thus.. she's now cleaning shop. Literally. "Is it that time? The pub?" She sounds properly apologetic, and gestures towards the shelves, "I.. was just doing some cleaning up."

Gideon looks around the shop as he steps in. "I see that. I thought we might skip the pub tonight. I'd like to take you someplace a little classier." He gazes curiously at her face for an extended moment of silence. "Something is wrong. What is it?"

Now atop the ladder again, she pulls herself along the shelves before her hand falls onto another item, and it, too, is taken, and she descends the ladder. Niamh slowly walks towards the counter, puts the item down in the pile before she turns to face him. Biting at her bottom lip, she exhales in a long sigh. "T'was last night, Adamantus.. when ye think ye know someone, one.. an'.. they really believe tha'. And a few people did too." Looking around her shop, she gestures, bringing it all in. "If somethin' like that happens, I've got things here that could be used that could really do some harm. An' I don't want that. As it is, there's some things that're legal that.. if in the wrong hands would be dangerous."
David pages Gideon and Niamh: Can I barge in?

Gideon reaches to take her by the arms, rubbing them gently. "Easy. Slow down. You're nae making sense." He dips his face to look more directly into her eyes. "Who is going to harm who?"

Niamh lays her hands in his and her shoulders slouch as she looks at him, her head canting. She can't resist those blue eyes of his, and she exhales slowly and softly, now that he's holding her arms. "Last night.. at the meeting. When Cass said he wanted .. well, what he wanted t'do.. it makes me nervous. An' it wasn't only me. It was Sloan, too. An' Keenan. An'.. this place?" She looks at him, willing him to understand her, begging silently, "Potions. Ye' know how powerful they can be. They can.. make a man do whatever ye want him to, an' be happy about it. Ye can make him .. do anything. If there's an okay at taking on Muggles? I believe they'll be wantin' potions for the ones who see right.. an' I won't be part of it. I'd rather burn the shop down." Shaking her head, she looks at him, her tones low, "I'm not livin' in fear of them.. that's just wrong."

Niamh lays her hands in his and her shoulders slouch as she looks at him, her head canting. She can't resist those blue eyes of his, and she exhales slowly and softly, now that he's holding her arms. "Last night.. at the meeting. When Cass said he wanted .. well, what he wanted t'do.. it makes me nervous. An' it wasn't only me. It was Sloan, too. An' Keenan. An'.. this place?" She looks at him, willing him to understand her, begging silently, "Potions. Ye' know how powerful they can be. They can.. make a man do whatever ye want him to, an' be happy about it. Ye can make him .. do anything. If there's an okay at taking on Muggles? I believe they'll be wantin' potions for the ones who see right.. an' I won't be part of it. I'd rather burn the shop down." Shaking her head, she looks at him, her tones low, "I'm not livin' in fear of them.. that's just wrong."

Gideon blinks, his brow furrowing in confusion. "Whoa, whoa…Niamh. What are you talking about? When did Malfoy say anything about taking on the Muggles? The man is extreme, but dinnae you think that's reading a bit far into things?" He shakes his head. "You have nothing to worry about. I would nae let anyone harm you or your shop."

After another long, sleepless night and a day full of blasting out his anti-rally messages, David has decided to stop by the apothecary to see if he can't pick something up to soothe his troubles. He peeks into the door and says, "Ey, you open, Miss O'Shea?" He looks around inside the shop and notices Gideon, giving him a nod and a, "Howdy."

Niamh exhales and takes another breath, "What else would ye say over the words that wizards should come out and take a leadership role in the world.. an'.. an'.. guide them? Like we've got all the answers? Adamantus, it sounds like the English and Ireland all over again. An'.. da won't like the news. I know he won't. He'll call for Keen' an'.." She shakes her head and exhales, looking at him, and straightening at his words, offers a weak, warm.. and affectionate smile. Raising a hand to stroke his cheek, she nods her head. A soft chuckle exits the young woman, a little self-conscious.. "Guess I'm a bit excitable?"

Turning now to the sound of the door opening, Niamh's hand doesn't fall far from it's spot, landing on his shoulder. "I'm.. I wasn't. What can I get for you? Another draught?" For sleep. "Ye do know that ye actually do need to let the potion do it's work. If ye keep workin', it won't work quite as well."

Gideon opens his mouth to reply, but when another person enters the shop, he turns. Adamantus searches his memory for the man's face. It's familiar, but not strongly so. It could have been at the rally, but there were hundreds of new faces, and he was paying more attention to those that fit the threat profile. He gives David a nod in return, noting the American accent. Great. A Yankee.

David smirks at her touching Gideon and pretends not to notice, saying, "Uh, yeah, If you would." He steps inside the shop, hands in his pockets and his eyes on the woman. He chuckles softly and says, "If I slow down, they win. It plain as that. I prefer to just take the potion and let it knock me out eventually. That way I can blame the potion and not myself." He smiles at the man and offers his hand, saying, "David Thomas Carter Jr."

Niamh looks down and smiles, and steps away from Gideon reluctantly, but she does. "Aye.. ye blame my potions, that's fine." She shakes her head, and chuffs a soft laugh, though it doesn't quite reach those eyes. "If ye don't do as I ask, I'll dilute it an' make ye." Right now, she's got it keyed up on the speed in which it's absorbed. Turning about, she pats Gideon's arm before she begins to collect everything she needs for the potion.. it'll take her a bit to get everything together, and the sooner she's got it, the sooner, perhaps, they can go out? She could use the air! And the company. "Give me a few."

Gideon nods to Niamh as he takes the man's hand, and the name clicks the memory into place. But it isn't of his face. It's his voice. "Ah. From the wireless. With all the opinions." He says it flatly, without judgement…but let's face it, it sounds judgemental.

David smiles and nods to Niamh as she walks off and turns back to Gideon, gripping his hand firmly, "Yeah, that's the general consensus of me, I reckon." He withdraws his hand and slides it back into his pocket, asking, "So, what do you do for a living, bud?"

Gideon realizes he's forgotten to introduce himself. "Hit Wizard. Inspector Adamantus Gideon." He looks back, after Niamh, then turns back to the man. "Some people around the office listen to you. You have a way of getting them riled up."

David looks surprised, "Oh? A Hit Wizard? That's pretty cool. You get into any cool broom chases lately?" He smirks at the man and says, "I'm getting them riled up? That means I'm doing my job. Somebody's gotta be out there in public giving something voice to the other side of an argument, y'know?"

Gideon just stares evenly at the man when the broom chases are suggested. "Oh, aye. Nothing like inflaming people with rhetoric to inspire them to do something stupid." It could be that Gideon has some reservations.

David rolls his eyes at Gideon and says, "I'm not inflaming anybody. I'm just putting the situation out there as I see it. It's not my fault if the people take an idea and run with it."

Gideon snorts. "Exactly. As you see it, and you dinnae pull punches. You spin it to suit your opinion. Look, I'm nae saying you're wrong. I would nae ken anyhow. I've only heard you a few times. But you dinnae see the effect you have on people. I do, and I get to clean it up when it goes bad like it did today."

David crosses his arms and furrows his brow at the man, "Look, if you've got a problem with me, go ahead and write in to the station. Get me pulled off the air. Frankly, I couldn't care less."

"The fact that you dinnae care is my problem with you, now." Gideon glowers…well, glowers more. "Every man is responsible for his own words. But most of us have to look people in the eye and see the consequences of our words. But I think you do care. You probably care too much. I doubt you'd say what you do, otherwise. Just remember that there are people listening. All kinds of people, and some of them will take your words as the voice of authority, and just might act on it."

David says, "Yeah, I know that. You're putting all the facts about the problem out there, and you're not giving me a solution. And the solution will not be me toning down my broadcasts. I'm saying what has to be said."

Gideon shakes his head. "You're saying what you think needs to be said. But you're nae offering solutions, either. You're throwing stones and expecting others to clean up when you hit a glass house." Gideon is, of course, alluding to the 1498 incident involve some neighbourhood children and the glass house of Obvius Longview.

David scoffs at the man and says, "Oh? What I think needs to be said? Well, tell me inspector, what do you think I should be saying? Should I be praising the repealing? Huh, you want me to write a sonnet about how great it is? Screw that."

"You could try actually explaining to people what the problems with it were, instead of mocking it and stirring up more anger and dissent. Do you see this, here?" Gideon gestures to the boxes behind him, where several potions have been taken from the shelves. "Miss O'Shea is in a panic because she'd gotten it into her head that someone might try to use her potions to hurt Muggles. I was at the speech. Nothing like that was said. But people are quick to jump to conclusions and assume the worst, and then they start taking rash action. It makes the situation worse, not better."

David tilts his head at the man and says, "Have you even listened to what I said? I never said anything like that. I simply stated that Cassius was wrong in his thought that Muggles should be pitied. That's not exactly sowing the seeds of dissent right there, bud."

Said 'Miss O'Shea' comes back from putting the potions together, and she's got the small phials in a neat little carry-all. They are all marked as to what they are, how and when to take it.. a real pharmacist's scrip! The conversation that she comes back to, well.. it gets her a little upset again, and the smile seems to .. slide down from what it was. "Here ye are.. an' it's regular strength. Just don't go runnin' yourself into a wall before ye pass out? Please?" She offers something of a brief smile to Gideon too, and she sets them all down. "It's a good week for ye." And here's hoping she'll be around to do the next week! "I personally think the attitude of fear is a wrong one. I'm not afraid of Muggles.. an' I don't think anyone is. It's not right, pullin' on emotions like that. I think the time is long away from witch burnin' here." In Ireland, however.. there is the question of excommunication, which is a valid fear!

Gideon sighs, obviously not quite buying it. "Really. That's all you said? I'm told it was a bit wordier." Then Niamh reappears, and he quiets himself to give her a moment to speak. "I'm nae saying I agree with Malfoy. Honestly, he strikes me as an arrogant son of a bitch. But I heard what the man said, and people are putting all manner of words in his mouth. That's far more dangerous than anything he actually did say."

David smiles as Niamh re-enter the room and walks over to pay for the potions. He looks back at Gideon and says, "Yeah, it's what I said. I fancied up with big words to fill out the time, but the core sentiment stays the same." His eyes return to Niamh, "You're a life-saver, ma'am." To the comment about fear, David smirks and says, "Oh, yeah. I forgot about that little bit. Witch-burnin'." He just shakes his head and chuckles, "Where does he get this stuff?"

At Gideon's words, however, Niamh quiets. She'll not argue it; there's logic in the Hit Wizard's words, and she's a little bit of an excitable one. She walks behind the counter and sets the receipt up, as well as making the notations for stock. "I won't say more in all fairness. But, I am going to watch.. an' listen.. and discuss with all. It may be a fair bit of negotiations that are needed t'keep me in town. If my da heard your words, sir.. I wouldn't be surprised if mum came t'me this night t'take me home an' answer to him." That sort of goes back to 'words and responsibilities'. They truly do affect more.. and in ways possibly unimagined. She smiles at Gideon, brighter, warmer than before, "It's lucky that I have a good man to argue a case." Just in case.

Worry enters Gideon's eyes when Niamh speaks of going away. But he tries to support her. "That's good. Pay attention, and discuss it. Civilly. We dinnae need any more brawls over something that hasn't even happened." There is a weariness about him. It's been a long day.

David put the money down on the counter and collects up the bottle, looking between the two of them. "Don'tchoo worry, ma'am. I'll do enough talking for the both of us. Whether or not the good inspector here likes it."

She meant Gideon in terms of her da! Still, Niamh collects the money and sets it into an ancient cash-register. "What's said, for the Irish, can't be unsaid.. so I do hope ye choose your words. There's many a man who listens, an' fear an' panic isn't good for any." Says the over-reactor! She's one to talk?

Looking to Gideon now, Niamh gives him that smile, and it does reach those hazel eyes of hers, and walking from behind the counter, comes to stand beside him and reaches for a hand. "If we're not goin' out to the pub tonight, Inspector," and she says the word lightly, an impish gleam coming into her eyes, "I.. was thinkin' on somethin' else t'do. But, before that.. and perhaps your plans, I have somethin' for ye.."

Gideon may have locked horns a bit with David, but he's still man enough to offer his his hand. "Good to meet you, Smith." That's all. He's given his opinion, and he's not one prone to beating a dead horse (except in that one incident involving an animation spell gone awry at a stable).

Gideon's brow lifts at Niamh's touch. What is she up to? David is momentarily forgotten. How could he think on anything else but this lovely creature?

David can't quite figure out where people are getting this fear and panic idea from his broadcast, but he kindly responds to Niamh, "I'll keep that in mind, ma'am. Thanks for the potions." He'll shuffle the bag in his hands and accept the handshake from Gideon, "It's good talkin' to ya." To the two of them him says, "Y'all have a good evenin'." After that, he's disappeared out the door.

"You're quite welcome.. an' remember what I said about takin' 'em." Nia inclines her head before she raises her free hand to wiggle her fingers at him. "I'll see ye again next week." Good Lord willing! "Sleep." Beat. "Please."

Once David's out the door, Niamh deflates a bit, and turns to Gideon, and to look at his face, her smile lightens her expression again. "Upstairs.. an' I'll make ye some tea, too. But first.. I'll lock up, an' you go ahead up."

Gideon gives Niamh a curious smirk. But she seems to want to surprise him, and for her, he'll stop investigating for ten minutes. He leans in, curling his arm around her waist as he lays a kiss on her forehead. "Be quick," and he breaks off to head upstairs.

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