(1937-10-06) A Storm Approaches
Details for A Storm Approaches
Summary: Leander and Ripley discuss matters of the heart.
Date: October 6, 1937
Location: Slytherin Dorm
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Leander wanders into the dormitory, sliding his knapsack off of one arm and tossing it casually on his bunk. For once, he doesn't open his books up and begin to study; instead, he pulls his robe haphazardly off, leaving him in just his sweater-and-slacks combo, and removes his wand. He's been working on silent casting lately, and that's what he starts doing now. Every now and again he flicks the wand slightly and a faint, pale glow starts to sputter at its end, then dies out.

Ripley comes into the room and looks to his brother, "Hey." He says and moves over to pull off his robes, throwing it into a pile on his trunk before he flops down on his bed. "You have looked really off lately. What's wrong?" He says with genuine sincerity.

"Hm?" Leander's wand flickers one more time, the Lumos spell just starting to glow a bit brighter when his concentration is broken by Ripley's voice. He lowers the wand and glances at his brother, frowning for a half-second before he manages a thin smile. "Nothing, Rip. I've just been a bit tired, that's all. Have you been studying for the Charms test?"

"Is that all it is for you, Lea? Tests?" Ripley says as he looks up at the ceiling with a bit of a goofy smile.

Leander eyes his brother suspiciously for a moment, sitting up a bit straighter on the bed. "It's what mother and father pay the school for, after all," he says carefully, his wand slipping back into the holster on his belt. "What's that bloody smile for?"

Ripley gives a shrug of his shoulders and keeps looking to the ceiling. "Just happy is all." He remarks and keeps smiling.

Dark brown eyes narrowing, Leander plows on in his typical determined fashion. Yes, he knows that smile, if only because he probably looks somewhat similar when he's thinking about Lois. "About what?"

Ripley turns his head to look at Leander, "Can't tell. It's a secret." He then rolls over and pulls a charms book from off the shelf and starts to 'study'. He hums a little tune to himself.

"Oh, bloody…" Leander stares at Ripley for a few more seconds and then shakes his head, his expression going dark and thoughtful. Something about that look is dangerous. Without any further words, he retrieves his wand and begins practicing again, his eyes half-closed as he concentrates on the wordless incantations.

"She kissed me again." Ripley says as the one last student moves out of the room. "Said we had to keep it secret."

The words of his twin cause Leander's right hand to shake a bit, and his half-successful spell sputters out. "I see," he says slowly. A look of guilt flits over his features, and then anger. However, he smooths both over and manages another smile. "Good, Rip. She's quite a catch." Of course, that doesn't even /slightly/ reflect what he's thinking…

<FS3> Ripley rolls Awareness: Success.

Ripley turns over and sits up on the bed. "Lea. Look. I know you don't like it but it makes me happy." Then he sighs a little bit, "All though the thing of keeping it secret kinda stinks, though."

"You know what I think of her, Rip," Leander says, his tone measured. He slips his wand away again and frowns. "And I agree."

Ripley takes in a deep breath and buries his face in his hands in thought. When he comes up, he speaks, "Lea…" And then he looks to his brother, "Never had a girl that I couldn't have. Always been able to do it and they want to date me. What about Lucian has people so scared? I'm not scared of him."

Leander glances down at his knapsack. Eventually, he stands and slings it over his shoulder. "That doesn't mean she's any good for you, just because she's the first one to play with you, Rip. As for Lucian… I'm not scared of him either," he says, tightening the strap on his bag and then taking a few steps away from his bunk. "But he's capable, and it would be smart to use some caution around him, I think. I'm going to head down to the Great Hall for a while. You coming?"

Ripley rubs his hands over his face a little more and shakes his head, "I need to think." He says quietly and sighs.

Leander nods once, his face impassive. "Do some studying while you're up here, it'll help to take your mind off of all this rubbish about girls. See you tonight, Rip." The boy reaches down to grab his robe just in case, then paces out of the dormitory quietly.

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