(1937-10-06) Slytherins in the Mist
Details for Slytherins in the Mist
Summary: Leander runs into Lucian, and uses the opportunity to assure himself of their continued cooperation.
Date: October 6, 1937
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Sculpted box woods and grafted flowering trees border fountains and statuary, benches of a wide variety of shapes and sizes affording a person the opportunity to stop and appreciate the beauty here or a quiet moment from the courtyard. A riot of salvia and geraniums are visible from one angle, maroon begonias alongide tall and bright scarlet bee balm blaze from the southern corner. Black eyes susans, contrast with rising sunflowers, tightly-clustered heads of sunny marigold and goldenrod bob lazily in the breezes that blow from the west. Across from the sunflowers, a profusion of green in the form of hostas and ferns coupled with Canterbury bells and even a few pitcher plants twist in a wilder jungle of more loosely-controlled foliage. Deep blue foxgloves, creeping lobelia and Siberian iris serenely fill the northern corner. Seventh Year Herbology students tend the garden of their own House's colors, those who truly care for their duties obviously taking visible pride in the health of their flowers.

This has been a rainy season, but Leander has decided to come outdoors. He's not exactly a romantic or a poet, so walks through the castle garden are generally not on his list of things to do, but he's here for a slightly more practical reason tonight: he wants to think. And since it's a bit chilly, there are fewer people out here amongst the shrubs and flowers than there are indoors, where it's warm and there are hot drinks available. The Sixth Year is pacing slowly along the edge of a terraced group of once-colorful flowers that are currently shrivelled and brown, his arms wrapped lightly around his midriff to retain some of his warmth.

Lucian is a rare sight in the gardens, especially since he stopped taking Herbology classes. So it is unusual to find him wandering now. His form almost seems to coalesce out of the dreary drizzle as he rises from a crouch, muttering. Then he freezes for a moment. Someone else is here. Great, that's all he needs, is someone seeing him look like a sap trying to pick flowers. But as the figure gets closer, his identity takes shape. "Well, if it isn't the Clever Fox. Is the Foolish Fox about, as well?"

As he makes his way further through the garden, Leander pauses at the sound of the voice. He'd barely noticed Lucian's crouched form, though his hooded face only registers his surprise for a second. "Hullo, Proudmore. Ripley's in the dormitory thinking to himself." His lips curl down slightly at the corners, for whatever reason, but he goes on, his gaze scanning the area just to make certain nobody else is nearby. "I've actually been hoping to run into you. I wanted to confirm with you that you'll honor your end of our bargain."

Lucian frowns at Leander. "I take offense to that. Of course I will. Though it was looking shaky for you for a while there, with all of that date nonsense." He shrugs and steps closer to Leander, actually smiling…and maybe it's even genuine. "But everything is turning out well. Why, has anyone been bothering you? I'll set them straight if they have."

"Apologies. I simply wanted to make certain of where we stand," Leander explains, his arms still hugging his torso and rubbing a bit to drive the chill away. He casually lowers them when Lucian steps closer, though, and shakes his head to his Housemate. "No, nothing like that. I heard some odd rumors about you and Sykes, however - something about a fight. I don't mean to pry, but how much truth is there to that? If you two aren't on speaking terms, it may become more difficult for Aria to honor her end of the agreement."

Lucian blinks, then chuckles. "A fight? Between me and Ria? And don't call her Aria. Seriously. She'll curse you into tomorrow for it." He shakes his head. "We argue sometimes. Friends do that. But we didn't fight." We kissed, is what he wants to say. But he has his own promise to keep.

Leander allows a thin smile to creep over his lips. "Miss Sykes will never hear me say it," he says with just the faintest hint of humor, his dark eyes peering out from under his hood inquisitively. After a while he nods. "Good. You're a valuable ally, Proudmore. Let me know if you have any trouble with my brother - I don't want him doing anything rash, for his sake." /And for ours/, is the unpsoken second half of that, but he assumes Lucian is smart enough to figure it out.

Lucian shrugs and nods. "You're a smart one, Fox. I'll let you know if Ripley gets out of hand. For his sake," he echoes. "As for you, be patient. I can't go shouting about how great you are, or it won't seem sincere. I'll just make sure to talk you up here and there. Maybe have you do something important for the house. Like if someone needs a tutor, I'll send them your way. And if anyone comes after you again, you come to me."

Hugging his arms around him again, Leander puts on a polite half-smile. "Very well. I don't expect miracles. Have a good evening, Proudmore." He nods to the Prefect, bowing a little as he does so that the edge of his cloak nearly trails on the wet ground, then quickly turns on his heel and paces back down the row of shrubs and flowers towards the school.

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