(1937-10-06) Telling Ajax
Details for Telling Ajax
Summary: Ophelia tells Ajax the good news about her and Hephaesta.
Date: 6 October, 1937
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room
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Laughing, Ajax gestures expansively with the book in his hand, balancing precariously on the chair largely thanks to Ophelia helping to hold it down. "Ha! I didn't know WHAT they were — might have just been all that wand and invention stuff — but then she talked to me about it, and I KNEW! Oh, I'm excited for you!"

Ophelia, also laughing, her hand now keeping a firm grip on the chair, just shakes her head, "I suppose I should have known /you'd/ have us all figured out. Shall I start asking you before I head down to breakfast in the morning? Perhaps you'll also know what my days will be like?" Her tone is teasing, light, and there's something about her whole demeanor that is so much more relaxed than anyone has seen her be in weeks.

The door opens, and Hephaesta steps into the common room, a towel draped over her shoulders, her hair still damp from a bath. Her eyes are downcast at first, but when she lifts them and sees Ophelia and Ajax, her face lights up with a radiant smile, and a bit of a blush! She nibbles her lip and makes a hurried limp over toward Ophelia.

"Don't be silly," Ajax scoffs. "I'm miserable at divination! I'm just not totally oblivious when I notice someone makes my best friend happy. Is that so shocking?" He kicks a foot forward and slides suddenly back down into a sitting position, managing not to destroy anything in the process, and drops the book down into his lap, losing his place. He's about to say something more when he notices Hephaesta entering, and a grin pops afresh on his face. "And, here we are!"

Ophelia is chuckling, looking for the cookie she'd set down earlier, when Ajax adds his last comment. She looks up curiously, breaking into a smile. And as soon as she notices the damp hair, a blush of her own appears on her cheeks. "Hephaesta!" She jumps up, pushing back her chair in the process, and hurries around to greet the other girl, "You have good timing, I think. We, ah, were just talking about you."

Hephaesta reaches to embrace Ophelia, even clinging. It's been hard enough being away from her during classes, and she's taken every opportunity in between to be with her. "Talking about me? About…us?" She giggling softly, glancing between Ophelia and Ajax.

Ajax, settling into the chair as though he hadn't just been perched wildly upon it, nods placidly and offers a big smile. "Yes, quite! And I was saying how I think it's all splendid as can be. I'm happy for you two! Just plain enchanted." He winks cheerily.

Ophelia gladly welcomes the embrace, keeping an arm around Hephaesta when she pulls back. Gently, she draws the brunette toward the chairs opposite Ajax, snorting at her friend's exuberance, "So enchanted he practically flew out of his seat!" She jokes, "You should have seen it! I'd have thought he'd just been elected Minister of Magic, he was so happy!"

Hephaesta lets out another giggle, looking so happy she could burst, herself. She takes a chair beside Ophelia, reaching to entangle their hands. "Thank you, Ajax. Really. So much." She looks to Ophelia, eyes shining. "Did he tell you I went to him for advice? He was just so supportive and kind. It's obvious why you two are so close."

Ajax turns a horrified expression on Ophelia. "Minister of Magic? Merlin forbid it! Imagine spending all your time worrying about what people think of you and signing documents about how many times one is allowed to flourish a wand or how loudly it's polite to say 'muggle' in public!" He gives a thorough shudder before abruptly recovering to grin at Hephaesta. "Well, I was glad to help!"

Ophelia rolls her eyes in mock annoyance at Ajax, "No, the sneak. He tried to pretend he didn't even know I'd sent you to him until /after/ I'd told him… about last night." She glances at Hephaesta, offering a tiny grin.

Hephaesta catches her lower lip in her teeth again, her blush returning with a vengeance. "You told him…about that?" She doesn't seem put out, so much as gleefully abashed. "It was…it was the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me."

Ajax waves a hand. "Come on, now! I wasn't playing at all. I just didn't want to change how you told me about it. I wanted YOUR version of the story!" He grins a bit. "And I'm glad I got it. It sounds like you two are already really happy together."

Ophelia nods, looking over at Hephaesta again. "I think we really are, too." She agrees, her eyes roaming over the brunette's face. "We're going to go to the dance together and everything. And, oh!" SHe turns back to Ajax suddenly, "You just have to help with my costume!"

Hephaesta gives an audible sight of contentment when Ophelia looks at her like that. It's almost comical just how swoony she is over Ophelia. But, finally, she starts to rise. "I had better go brush out my hair before bed, or it will get frizzy." She stands before Ophelia, looking a bit hopeful between apologetic (but happy) glances to Ajax. "I'll see you in the morning?"

Ajax hops to his feet, still grinning widely, and says, "See you both in the morning for breakfast, of course! And for now, good night! I think I'll stretch out and read for a bit and then sleep." He winks at the two, adding, "And we shall talk of other things, of ships and sails and sealing wax—and costumes with wings!" He gives a little wave, then, and heads off to bed.

"Alright." Ophelia for a second looks disappointed, but she quickly covers it with a smile. Standing when Ajax does, she waves back, and whispers theatrically to the other girl, "I have no idea what he goes on about sometimes. But he's still fun to keep around, all the same!" With a wink, she pulls back and starts piling up the books on the table, "I should do the same, though. Sleep well. And yes, I'll see you in the morning."

Hephaesta's hint didn't get through, it seems. So, though nervous, she decides to be bold, and leans in to give Ophelia a quick kiss on the lips.

Ophelia is surprised, she had missed the hint! But there's only a slight hesitation before she returns the kiss, dropping her books to place her hands on the sides of Hephaesta's face. Her eyes are sparkling when she pulls back, her grin that same sort of awed one as it had been after last night's kiss. "Remind me, in the morning, to tell you what I told Ajax about this, ok?" She asks, reaching up to gently tug a lock of Phae's hair, "And don't forget to have sweet dreams."

Hephaesta didn't expect a lingering kiss, but gladly welcomes it, her hands instinctively moving to Ophelia's arms in a gentle touch. When they part, she whimpers softly at her sweetheart's words. "You're not going to tell me now? I'll bet it would give me the sweetest dreams." She giggles, trying to coax it out of Ophelia.

Ophelia looks ready to shoo Hephaesta off, her expression determined, but then she sighs. As her blush deepens, she murmurs, "Considering how stubborn you can be, I think I shall have to." She grins to soften the tease, and quickly adds, "I told him that I thought kissing you was like… like the way I always thought kissing should be."

Hephaesta literally swoons, looking a little unstable. But she leans into Ophelia, and takes the opportunity to steal another kiss. This one doesn't linger, but she whispers afterward, "You are my sweetest dream." She wraps her arms around Ophelia in a tight embrace, then, with several longing looks back, she steps away and makes the climb up to the Fourth Year girl's dormitory.

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