(1937-10-07) Dress Fitting
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Summary: Gabby has a fitting with an Angel Mabel and Devil Ria on her shoulder, giving advice
Date: Oct 7, 1937
Location: Near School Gates then Girl's Bathroom

Gabby's walking towards the castle, she has a light jacket on,with her knitted hat and her sketchbook clutched to her chest.Her cheeks are rosy, and eyes bright.

Not to far behind lags Ria who has finally found a moment to herself -away- from Luc. She has a nearly finished cigarette in her mouth that she started in Hogsmeade and now that she's approaching the gate, she throws it to the ground and stomps it out with her heel. The back of Gabby's head seems rather familiar to her though and she quickens to catch up with the girl. "Gabrielle," she nods her greeting, "Mind if I walk along with you? Two girls walking back at night is certainly safer than one."

Gabrielle will turn around and smile when she sees Ria, "sure!"She'll take a few steps, and then look over to Ria, "So, I owled my aunts about the hair dye. I can either give you the name, or I can just have my aunts send both for us. "

Mabel comes sailing along a bit later, having taken her old Quidditch broom out for a test flight, circling a little as she catches up with the two. "Well, good evening, Gabby. Ria." Smiles a bit and bobs there a moment to be sure the conversation isn't too private to drop in on.

Ria puts her hands in her pockets as they walk along back to the castle. "Ahh, I almost forgot about that. Sorry there's been a lot to think about lately," she says, reaching back and opening her tiny purse to sift through her coins. "It would be more convenient for her to just send it for both of us don't you think. Tell me, how much did it cost?" But she looks up to politely smile at the third. "Oh Mabel, good another to join us on this dark walk home. What keeps you out so late?"

Gabrielle will nod in understanding to Ria and answer with "About $appropriate amount of money inserted here$" It doesn't seem as much as Ria would think it should be(I'm assuming Ria's used to high end stuff). Gabby laughs softly, "Hi Mabel!I was going to try to find you next! I've been told I need to try this dress on, to make sure I don't pop any seams."

Mabel gives an elaborate sort of bow, or a shade of it, much like the rather grandiose courtly gestrue she affected in Duelling club in younger days, and says, "Of course, ladies on a dark road deserve protection from whatever rapscallions or fell creatures may be afoot," she winks. "Actually, for the most part I'd just gotten lost in reading when I stopped at the Three Broomsticks. Sometimes I do like a change of scene when it's time for classwork. And, indeed with the dress, it might perhaps take a hem-extending charm from my cousin's ample repertoire of such things, but aside from that, I don't expect too much difficulty." She dismounts the old Comet and hops to the ground to join the two.

Ria quirks her brow and tries to keep herself from giving Mabel a mocking snort at the bow. She only shakes her head and turns back to her purse to pull out the said appropriate amount of money and offer it to Gabrielle. "Is that really it then?" she questions the amount. Indeed she is used to higher end things and is now worried what this stuff will do to her hair. But turning back to address both girls as a whole she asks, "Is this the Maid Marian, dress? I'd kind like to see it. I'm rather interested to know how it looks." But given that the girls are in different houses she gives a venue suggestion. "I think the girl's lavatory wouldn't be to crowded at this time of day."

Gabrielle nods to Mabel,"I figured, I have a few inches on you, but it might not, I guess depending on what type of shoe it's hemmed for." She smiles at Ria, "Yup! It's the same brand I always use. I've never had trouble…well, except that time I mixed the charms, but it's very clear on the label to not do that." Gabby will roll her eyes,"….thank Merlin that was during the summer…" At the suggestion of trying it on in /front/ of the girls, Gabby will bite her bottom lip for a moment,obviously debating something, and then nod, "Sure…I"m game….if you are?" and she'll look to Mabel.

Mabel nods, to Ria's suggestion. "I could surely go and get it. I was planning on having Lois take your measurements, but it should be easy enough. Rather medieval in style, as it is, after all. " She nods, "And, I had the impression your aunts were professionals at that sort of thing?"

One of Ria's perfect polished hands rise to smooth out her hair nervously when Gabby goes on about the things that have gone wrong with her own locks. She writes a mental note: don't mix the charms. For the love of god, Ria don't do it. Though she gets a very interesting look in her eye when Mabel mentions Lois. It's brief and fleeting and goes away quickly. "Yes, is she a professional?" double asks Gabby the question as they walk along back to the castle.

Girls Bathroom Hogwarts Castle
(Second Floor)

As the 3 girls walk through the door,"Oh no, not professionals…at least not hair professional!" Gabby doesn't get the terror in Ria's face, "I was 12…I messed it up because I was being dumb. I know what I'm doing now."

Mabel comes in just behind, glancing around the room, carrying a rather medieval-looking green gown and a few oddments, including a long pair of brown doeskin evening gloves, which she holds up first, giving a smile, "Oh, and I brought those gloves I mentioned: I've always thought they'd be just the bee's knees for this sort of thing. Too bad they're rather out of fashion, really, but for a Halloween ball, no worries, there."

Look of terror indeed! Ria seems to go pale and her lips form a straight line at the information. Clearing her throat she smoothes out her hair nervously again before asking, "Erm…Gabrielle, there's a way to undo it just in case I'm not fond of the color, right?" But eyeing the dress, she confirms, "Yes, you -should- change your hair to red if the dress is going to be green." And she reaches out to run a polished finger over the material, "Where on earth did you find this dress Mabel?"

Gabrielle will give Mabel a thankful look when she shows the gloves, "Oh!those /are/ lovely!" She'll turn towards Ria with a sigh,"Of course there is! My aunts just made me keep it all crazy as punishment for not heeding the label." She'll shake her head, but smile fondly.

Mabel smiles over to Gabby, "Or at least a bit reddish, it's meant to go with my natural color, you see," and she explains to Ria, "Oh, this little May Day affair from last year: I thought just in case there's Yule festivities, it might just serve for that as well, you see."

Ria phews a bit in relief and steps toward a sink to check her reflection in the mirror, and that's when the vain side of the prefect surfaces. She ahh's at the word 'Yule' and then adds, "That's right…there's supposed to be the Triwizard tournament this year. I wonder if they'll still go through with it. Will you be signing up come time Mabel?"

Gabrielle will just let the girls talk about Yule, as she has no reason to think she'd go, and if she can get Mabel's attention, will offer to take the dress from her.

Mabel smiles, offering the dress over: it's a tad heavy. "If you need a hand getting that on, let me know. Doesn't *quite* require a lady's maid, but one might be a helpful," she swinks. And ohs to Ria, "You know, I hadn't given it too much thought, really. I certainly don't consider myself that kind of tops-all around, but I'd consider giving it a sporting chance, anyhow. It does seem the venue might be a bit problematic, this year, if it's still to happen at Durmstrang, well, I'm not so sure of spending the whole year away. But we'll see, on those counts, I suppose. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised if they moved the whole thing to the Salem Witch Institute just to avoid the politics of it. But then again, I suppose some of that's what a bit of friendly competition is for, yes?"

Ria makes no motion to help with the dress whatsoever. She's not a lady's maid and so she simply stays by the mirror to groom herself. A smoothing of her hair here, the cleaning of the corner of her mouth with her pinky there. "Durmstrang is so far away and so in the middle of…everything," she leaves the everything rather ambiguous since there are multiple things going on. "It would be interesting to hold it in America, only then there'd be four schools involved and it would make it less of a triwizard tournament." As she continues primping herself she asks, "So is Christmas going as Robin hood then, Gabrielle. And what will you be going as Mabel?"

Gabrielle Goes into a stall and the sounds of clothes being removed can be heard, "Uh…yeah! Chris is going as Robin, he even got a bow and everything!"

Mabel ohs, and smiles to Ria, "Oh, I've got something planned, though there may be a last minute change, actually." She adds, "No last-minute charms this time, though," she smiles, having had a bit of an embarrassing color change at a previous function.

"Robin Hood and Maid Marian." The corner of Ria's mouth twists into a smirk as she runs her ring finger over her brow to straighten it. "Will he rescue you at the end of the night and snog you then?" She snickers, mercilessly teasing the poor girl. And to Mabel she hmms and says, "Well that doesn't answer my question. What's your last minute change?"

Gabrielle will ignore Ria and concentrate on getting the dress on. It takes /way/ longer than a normal person would trying on the dress, but doesn't ask for help. She'll come out, a little hesitantly, with both dress and gloves on. The dress fits her better than one would suspect, as her clothes are always ill-fitting, giving the illusion that she's not got curves at all, but doesn't fit so well that it still doesn't need to be ajusted(I'm assuming by Mabel's disc. that she's pretty curvy!). She looks directly to the two older girls and blushes, not even looking in the mirror, with a questioning almost scared look.

Mabel smiles to Ria, "Well, I'd thought I'd make it a surprise, that is unless some coordination is in order: Lois seems to intend to fix me up with someone: doing her a bit of a favor, perhaps, or she may think it's the other way around." She smiles as Cabrielle comes out, saying, "Oh, that looks like quite a start, we'll have to do some fussing with the bodice and lacings, but let's see." She proceeds to fuss with said lacings,

Ria's just in the middle of reapplying her lip gloss when Gabrielle steps out. Seeing the girl's curvy silhouette in the reflection makes her turn around to see it with her own eyes. Even she can't help but be surprised at the sudden appearances of Gabby's feminine figure. "I take that question back. He definitely will snog you at the end of the night if you wear that," she says and steps up to the girl to get a closer look. "I'm shocked Gabrielle…I was under the impression that you were a bit..flatter. I think you ought to get all your clothes readjusted if possible." Listening on to Mabel as she continues to observe she asks, "A set up? That could be fun. Do you know who it would be?"

Gabrielle 's eyes go big and she'll blush pretty hard at Ria's comment, "I…I don't think Chirs is like that…." she'll look to Mabel, who's adjusting stuff, "Is this too small?Maybe I shouldn't do this…."

Mabel ohs, to Gabrielle, "Well, I can be sure to impress upon him the need to be a perfect gentleman if you want, no sense letting him take liberties," she says, and nods to Ria, "Oh, I have some notion, one I'm not sure's a very good idea but might be a bit of a hoot," she says, saying, "Bit of a breath like this, Gabby," she demonstrates, and takes hold of some laces. "No sense lacing too tightly, but just so it'll sit properly. "

Ria ponders moment while she scratches her chin and considers Gabrielle like a statue carved out of marble. "No it's not to small only…" And if the Ravenclaw will let her, she's pull the front just a little bit down to allow for just a small hint of cleavage. Little. Harmless. Cleavage. "There, perfect," Ria nods satisfied with her work. Shrugging to Mabel, she says, "Well it's no matter. If he turns out to be horrid hit him with a body bind curse and stick him in the closet. It'll keep him from trying to find you and he won't remember a thin." But she checks her wrist watch and hmms, "Alright. I've got to go. The dress looks wonderful. Keep it low, Gabrielle." She says it as a stern instruction rather than an actual suggestion and before one more glance in the mirror she starts heading for the door.

Gabby nods alittle at Mabel, and will with a confussed look on her face imitate the breath she shows her, and then her eyes will buldge as the laces are tightened.As Ria tugs to give her abit of cleavage, Gabby sqeaks a little, but allows it.What does Gabby know, this is like have an angel /and/ a devil sitting on her shoulder.

Mabel winks to Ria, "That's essentially the plan, as per usual, don't you know." The young Hufflepuff gets a little bit of a smile. She nods to Gabby, "Now, I think, we'll just have to worry about some shoes, and that wreath of flowers," and then looks over to Ria, "Oh, will there be a masque, as such, or just fancy-dress?"

Gabrielle will nod, "I have some flats I can wear…And I figured Kiefer will let me have some flowers the day of that I can weave into a wreath…Do i need jewelry?"

Mabel shakes her head, "Not for the merrye greenwode, I shouldn't think. Flats should do."

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