(1937-10-07) Tavern Tales II
Details for Tavern Tales II
Summary: Another gathering in the Three Broomsticks during a Hogsmeade Weekend.
Date: 7 October, 1937
Location: The Three Broomsticks

Where can Laurence be found on the weekend, most probably at the Three Broomsticks Pub, enjoying a slightly warm whiskey and he works on idly scratching some things out in a small leatherbound journal of sorts, pen moving quickly and expression wistful. He's wearing his normal grey and white and just takes sips from his drink from time to time.

Seated at one of the other tables, Alexei is drinking some tea, rather quietly for the moment. Looking around every now and then, it would seem.

"Careful, Winston!" Hephaesta winces as she steps into the pub, followed by…a tree. Specifically, a young tree in a large pot being carried by a tall, strapping boy. As Phae's caution, he ducks, making sure the tree doesn't whack into the top of the door frame. The girl sighs in relief, and when she turns, she gives an excited gasp. "He's here! That's him!" she whisperes loudly, gestures toward Laurence.

Laurence looks up when he sees the door opening and he pauses in his writing as he notices a familiar face and then he sees…a tree in a pot and his face just breaks into a smile as he has to set the journal down, clapping his hands together as he gets to his feet. "Well well well, Miss Mulciber! I've been expecting you." He winks and waves a hand to the tree and the boy holding it. "…and look, you've brought um…friends!" He gestures randomly to Alexei. "Here, lad, bring some more chairs will ya?"

Alexei pauses for a few moments as he hears that, blinking a little bit now. Getting to his feet and moving a few more chairs over now, before seating himself again now. "Like that?" he asks, a bit lightly.

"Mr. Toulson!" Hephaesta beams excitedly, positively glowing — a far cry from the more restrained girl he last met. "This is Ellbert Winston. He was a Ravenclaw Beater last year, but…" She cuts off, wincing at Ellbert, who just sighs and nods to her. She continues, "He got a few E's on his OWLs last year, so his parents want him to focus more on his studies. But this," she gestures to the tree, "Is Belinda."

Laurence nods quickly to Alexei. "Exactly and…" He trails off as he just has to grin and look between Winston and Hephaesta as introductions are made, a soft sound of sympathy made at the news. "Ahh, Mister Winston…I'm sorry to hear that, ya got just the build to be an amazing beater I'm sure…" He then looks over to the tree and hmms thoughtfully. "Belinda…that's a beautiful name indeed Miss Mulciber, come…have a seat. Mister Winston and Belinda can have a seat as well." He quirks a finger to Alexei. "You might as well join as well."

"Interesting," Alexei remarks, before he moves over to seat himself with the others. "I'm sorry to hear that," he offers to Ellbert, before he adds, "Looks like we won't have to fight for the Bludgers, at least." Seating himself, he looks between the others. "I'm Alexei Moscovitz, by the way."

Ellbert gives a resigned shrug, setting Belinda down on a chair. "Thanks…it's alright." It's probably not alright, but the boy has some pride.
Hephaesta settles in as well, easing down into her seat. "Moscovitz? Oh! Your sister is in my house. Akilina? I know her." She gives Alexei a bright smile.

The broom maker chuckles softly and settles down once more at the table as he looks between Elbert and Hephaesta and finally looks back to Alexei. "And for those who don't know, I'm Laurence Toulson, M' a Broom Maker and me shop just opened in Diagon Alley, Flights of Fancy." Then he looks to the tree with interest, squinting and nodding slowly to himself. "Well…order ya drinks little ones…order whatever ya want, I'll cover it on my tab."

Gabrielle comes in the door,dressed in a light jacket . Her eyes are flashing in that way where either she's been in a fight, or is looking for a fight. Her cheeks are flushed and she has a lock of hair that is falling across her eyes in a rather annoying manner.she'll look around the room , obviously looking for someone.She'll glance over at the table, and there's a bit of surprise on her face seeing the group gathered.

"Broom maker? Now that sounds like interesting work." Alexei offers, before he grins a little, Does it pay well?" Nodding at Hephaesta, offering a smile. "That's my little sister, yes. Well, my oldest little sister. Got a few of them, after all." Pausing a bit at the entrance of Gabrielle, watching her carefully for a few moments now.

Hephaesta nods to Alexei, "She's a sweet girl." She grins broadly at Laurence, "You got your shop open? Congratulations, sir." She rises from her seat. "Please excuse me. I'll be right back." She makes her way to the door, smiling and waving at Gabrielle as she passes.

Laurence notices Gabrielle as well and gestures for her to come and join the table if she wishes as he flags down a waitress and chuckles softly to himself. "Its not just work, its a passion lad…but it does provide good work." He then waves to Gabrielle as wheel, nodding politely to Hephaesta. "Thank ya kindly luv…and alright, we'll still be here."

Gabrielle starts to say something to Phae as she walks by, but will snap her mouth shut as she hurries to the restroom. Gabby will stand there for a moment, sketchbook in hand , and her shoulders slump slightly as she makes her way over to the table.She'll give everyone a soft smile, "Hi"

Alexei nods at Hephaesta's words. "She is," he replies, before the girl takes her leave. "Sounds interesting, that work, sir," he offers to Laurence, before he offers a wide grin to Gabrielle. "Hey. How are you today?"

Laurence mmhms softly and leans down to gently pat Gabrielle's shoulder before he gets back to his seat, settling down and crossing his legs as he watches the children with a quirk of an eyebrow, letting them talk amongst themselves for the time being.

Gabrielle will smile at Alexei, "I'm good!How are you doing?" unfortunately, whatever is wrong with her does not seem to be allowing her to relax, as her grip on her sketchbook has not lessened.

Hephaesta isn't gone for long, soon reappearing and returning to her seat between Belinda (the tree) and Ellbert, asking the server for a small butterbeer. "So, what do you think, Mr. Toulson? Will Belinda make a nice broom?" Indeed, she has already had some success with herbological charms, getting Belinda to grow into an aerodynamic shape, even with a crook for a seat.

"Ah. That's good to hear. And I'm doing fine, thanks." Alexei's gaze goes to Gabrielle's grip around her sketchbook now, offering her another smile. "Trying to break the book?" he asks, after a few moments, before he looks back to the others for now. Also asking for one of those small butterbeers, after a few moments of hesitation.

"Miss Evans…I have some frames set aside to display your work." Laurence offers softly to Gabrielle, watching her with some concern before he looks back to Hephaesta and he eyes the tree before he tilts his head to the side. "You're molding the wood to grow to your will…as opposed to letting the wood show you what it wants to be." He points to the tree before worrying his bottom lip thoughtfully. "Belinda will make a nice broom, but you must be careful to listen to what she wants as well so she'll be more eager to please you."

Gabrielle blushes embarrassedly and will force her hands off the book onto the table. It's rather beat up since the last time Laurence. "Oh! What size are you wanting? I"m sorry I haven't sent anything yet," her eyes will drop to the table, and her blush increases.
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Hephaesta nods vehemently to Laurence. "That's what Kiefer said…or something like that. That's why I talked to Professor Beery about the right charms. He said," she pauses for a moment, trying to remember the Herbology professor's words. "He said that I must follow the grain, and…and that in my mind, I must ask Belinda to bend, not tell her to."

Mabel comes in with Seamus, the latter holding the door while she negotiates a broomstick and a box of pastries that she sets by, and is laughing, "Sometimes, one wonders how many sweets they could possibly want, all in all, but, for a bit of House spirit, and all."

Alexei offers another smile to Gabrielle, before he looks between the others for a few moments. Glancing over at the new arrivals now, otherwise keeping silent at the moment, it would seem.

"And ya must ask if that's where she wants to bend as well.." Laurence cautions before he looks back to Gabrielle and he nods slowly. "There's no hurry, Miss Evans, really. Just relax, okay? Relax and send me the drawings whenver you like. They must come from your heart, so there's no hurry."

Hephaesta frowns a little. "But if she wants to grow in a way that won't make for a good broom, it's all a waste."

Gabrielle will just nod and keep her head down.She'll play with the edge of her book.

"Well I do not think that those in Hufflepuff have a limit really." Seamus says shrugging a little bit,"I think it's a necessity to be bottomless pits when it comes to sweets. I can't say I don't still enjoy eating mroe than my fair share."

Alexei nods a little bit as he listens, looking a bit unsure of whatr he could add to the conversation at the moment. Offering a half-wave over at Seamus, though.

Mabel laughs a bit, "Well, it's good for the magic, some say," she says, "Though it may have been a Hufflepuff who said that." She had a glance about the room, giving a cheery wave to those about, and says, "Speaking of which, let's see about those butterbeers."

"How can it be a waste? She'll grow and when its time for her to be cut, you'll mold it knowing that she's never been forced to abandon her hope." Laurence is quiet though before he takes a sip of his whiskey and leans forward. "Miss Mulciber, dear, how much time do you spend actually studying the story of the woods?" He has to ask gently.

Hephaesta stares blankly at Laurence for a moment. "I don't know what they means. But I mean it will be a waste if she isn't in a suitable aerodynamic broom shape by the time she is to be cut. This whole experiment is about molding the wood beforehand, not after. Helping it to takes its form with growth, instead of manipulating the wood after."

"Very probably. We do do are best work when we've had a lot of sugar." Seamus says with a smile on his lips,"And yes. Let's go about that. It's a nice time for some I think." He says casually." Shifting his weight a little bit.

Gabrielle will just quietly listen, calming down as she warms up.

Laurence squints at Hephaesta for a moment and he looks wistful for a few moments before he bites his bottom lip and shakes his head slowly. "It is your broom and so you must follow your heart in how you raise it." He concedes as he takes another sip from his glass of whiskey and he just looks thoughtful, tilting his head to the side and idly scratching his cheek.

Hephaesta turns to Belinda and just stares at the tree, lapsing into quiet though as she ponders Laurence's words.

Mabel nods, and makes her way over to a nearby table. "So, everyone's abuzz about this Triwizard Cup, it seems. Putting your name in, Seamus?" She'll order a couple of butterbeers at next opportunity.

Alexei is keeping quiet for the moment, just nodding to what's being said now. Glancing around the room every now and then.

Gabrielle will look up towards Laurence, "I know this is probably not going to help your opinion of me, " She'll give a half smile, "But I've never actually been in a broom shop.Is there anything besides brooms I should be focusing on?"

"I thought I might do so. My Aunt might actually be proud of me if I did so. My family… well I don't think they'd really much care since they're Muggles and don't get the idea of it being an honor. What about you?" Seamus says in a serious tone as he does pay for the butterbeers ordered by Mabel.

Laurence chuckles softly and shakes his head to Gabrielle. "The name of my shop is Flights of Fancy…the name of it, so hon…I think anything involving flight and fantasies would indeed be welcomed."

Mabel ohs, looking like she'd intended the drinks to be her treat, but gives a nod of appreciation. "Oh, I don't really know: I hardly think I'm the best of my year, so I really haven't decided. Therefore, I suppose I may as well as not, by that measure. I suppose it's the Gryffindor thing to do to show willing, though." She smiles. "Rather do think it's a busy enough year for me as it is, of course."

Gabrielle will nod at Laurence, "I know….but….I feel really…uninformed." she'll shrug again and smile, "I'll figure it out."

Laurence sighs softly and offers a hand to Gabrielle. "Miss Evans, look at me dear. I want you to draw what you love."

"I've seen your drawings," Alexei offers with a bit of a smile to Gabrielle. "I'm sure you can handle this…"

"Why not put your name in though? It doesn't hurt and if you don't get selected then you're no worse off." Seamus says shrugging a little bit. Well of course he paid, he's a gentleman. "But whether it's busy or not, getting selected can't hut."

Hephaesta takes stock of Laurence's advice, and thanks him. "I hope to see you soon, Mr. Toulson. Though I probably shouldn't move Belinda like this again. I just wanted you to see her." With a smile, she rises, and Ellbert Winston lifts up the tree, following her out.

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