(1937-10-07) Tea and Politics
Details for Tea and Politics
Summary: Regulus and Veruca meet to catch up, straying into the political climate. Eddie, Hadrian and Monty join them.
Date: 7 October 1937
Location: Cafe Tasseo, Diagon Alley
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Cafe Tasseo Diagon Alley
Sun Oct 07, 1937 ((Sun Oct 07 18:26:47 2012)) (A,1 N)

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

Named for the art of Tasseomancy (Tea Leaf Reading), the posh Cafe Tasseo offers complimentary tea leaf reading to its customers. The cafe has a sort of French elegance to it, but it is much less flagrant, which makes it pure British. The chairs are all padded dining chairs of mahogany and golden embossed fabric one would expect to find in a Louis XIV style without all the pomp of leaves and flanges, just smooth curvaceous lines of mahogany. The use of mahogany, gold and pristine white is throughout the spacious room.
The ceiling is a floral mosaic of white and gold with chandeliers and light fixtures dangling from the mosaic in appropriate places. The gold gilding continues into the walls, accenting raised relief panels on the columns between the windows. The panels share the floral motif of the ceiling, intricately crafted down to the last detail. The windows themselves are just as magnificently turned out; the top quarter is draped in gold shades, the bottom half covered by white sheers, allowing the patrons privacy yet letting ample light through the uncovered section of glass.

Though it has been some time since they last spoke, after seeing each other at the Rally the other night, perhaps it comes as little surprise when Regulus sends an owl to Veruca. When Veruca arrives at Cafe Tasseo, she will find Regulus already there, at a table in the corner. A cup of tea steams before him, and he is dressed rather fittingly for such posh surroundings, a muggle style suit of rich fabric and make clothing his fit form. Only two dashes of color break the darker colors of the suit and vest combo, a handkerchief tucked into his breast pocket of red fabric, and the tie he wears, of the same blood-like color. A gold tiepin bearing the crest of the Black family and matching cufflinks set off the clothing, and the neat way his hair is parted and the shine of his shoes indicate that he has not yet managed to loose that precise care he has always had with his looks.

As a dark haired witch arrives from the Alley, she is greeted familiarly by the cafe's hostess and the pair exchange a few words. Both sets of eye shift to where Regulus sits, and then Veruca nods, looking back to the hostess and laying her hand gently on the other woman's arm to stay her from escorting her to the table. Veruca's hair is pulled back, as it usually is, into a knotted chignon, which looks as smooth and put together as the woman herself. She also wears Muggle garb, a fitted dress of black silk, edged at the cuffs of the long sleeves and along the dipped neckline with intricate silver embroidery. A light smile comes to her lips as she approaches where the wizard sits, and her hand goes out to him as her greeting does, "Reggie, you're looking well. It's been entirely too long."

Regulus rises with smooth grace as Veruca approaches, his smile warm and unhesitating as he takes in the sight of her. "Rue," he says, just as familiarly, the smile touching both both his eyes and tone as he greets her. He accepts her hand, pressing it to his lips with a glimmer in his eye - and then without warning he is taking her into his arms for a hug. "It's been too long," he agrees, and though he is careful to not upset her clothing or hair with the gesture, that embrace is just as warm as his smile, just as genuine. "You are looking as striking as ever. Breaking heart after heart I imagine, hmm?"

Veruca returns the hug with the reserved warmth she saves for those with whom she is particularly comfortable, and his words bring not only a laugh, but a wryness to her smile and a delicate arch to one dark brow. "Thank you, Reggie, good of you to notice," she says lightly, adding after a beat, "Oh yes, by the thousands. As I expect you are as well." Her ex-housemate gets a sweep of the woman's eyes, tip to toe and back again.

"Well, I have eyes, do I not?" Regulus asks with a glimmer of laughter held in his gaze. He holds her at arms length for a moment after their hug, returning the sweeping gesture with his own pale blue eyes, made all the more starkly noticeable by the dashes of red he wears. "I'm glad you could make it. I'm only sorry we have not gotten together before now." With that, he'll release Rue, and pull out a seat for her before he seats himself.

Veruca slides into the chair Regulus holds with an easy grace, setting her black clutch aside on the table as she settles. "I'm glad you sent an owl. After seeing you at that rally I was hoping we would be able to catch up sooner rather than later." She crosses her legs, skirt riding up a scant measure as she does so, to be set back in place by an absent sweep of one hand. "I didn't even hope to speak to you there, as large as that crowd was. And was that Melania you were there with? She was looking lovely, as she always does."

"Yes. Arcturus could not make it, so I offered to escort her," Regulus replies, and while his eyes dip slightly to briefly appreciate the flash of leg, he does not linger or let it consume his attention. "Will you be having something?" he asks of her, gesturing to his own tea. "My treat of course," he adds. Once that has been established, he asks curiously, "What did you think of the rally?"

Despite the cool weather, Veruca doesn't have a jacket or robes on, so her time outdoors to get here must have been minimal. She nods at the offer. "I'd love a cuppa to take the chill off." There is a pause while she mulls over the question. "That Malfoy is an elegant speaker, if he did go on perhaps a bit long. I thought the 'discussion' after the speech to be of great interest. People jumping to conclusions based on what they heard, whether or not it was actually said." Her head tilts slightly as she regards her companion. "And do tell me what your opinion of it was."

Regulus sees to the order of Veruca's tea, before turning back to her and considering her with his light gaze as he answers. "Well, I am proponent of the movement myself. It is controversial, to be sure, but it is also necessary. My time with the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes has opened my eyes to this fact." He pauses to take a sip of his tea, before adding, "As for the Rally itself, while I may have done things a tad differently myself, you can not deny that there is now awareness of the movement. Actually, I plan to become more heavily involved, which is one of the reasons, if certainly not the only one, that I wished to speak to you. What is your own thoughts on the matter?"

Veruca nods to Reggie's words, her expression typically thoughtful and considering. "I will absolutely agree that there is awareness now more than ever. The Prophet, the Wizarding Wireless Network, even the conversations in the Cauldron of late have addressed the topic." She leans forward a measure, letting her hands fold together and rest on the crisp tablecloth. "As for my own thoughts, I think it would be beneficial to stop scuttling around and hiding as if we ought to be ashamed of our capabilities. I am no advocate of using the Muggles as servants," not without their willing participation, at any rate, "But it does seem more and more as if they are working themselves into quite the drastic situation time and again."

"All that is being proposed at the moment is that the act be repealed. However, we are actually planning a small gathering to discuss the specifics, to decide how we shall proceed from here," Regulus explains, nodding his head in response to her thoughts. "I had hoped you might attend as my guest. Your expertise and experience dealing with the transition of funds between the Muggle and Wizarding worlds would greatly assist the movement in gaining traction."

There is a moment while Veruca weighs this offer, conveniently enabled by the arrival of her own tea. The wheels in her head are clearly churning as she adds sugar, no milk, and stirs it into the deep brew. Finally her eyes raise, their darker blue meeting Reggie's light eyes. "I would be agreeable to that, Reggie," she says, with her usual level of enthusiasm. But the wizard across from her may see that spark of interest that she habitually subdues.

"Excellent," Regulus replies, smiling brightly at her, not seeming surprised or to even mind when she considers her answer carefully. "We will be gathering later in this upcoming week. And it will be yet another reason to become reaquainted." There's a light flirt there, but it is an idle, almost offhand thing - yet for all that, warmly said, like everything else.

Taking up her cup, Veruca sips her hot tea, studying Regulus for a moment over the rim. His comment brings an appearance of that rare, genuinely amused smile. "And we require reasons now, Reggie?" she teases lightly. "Not enough that we just find each other so very fascinating?" With her cup placed back on the saucer, she reaches for her purse, opening it to withdraw a small black book. Her calendar. It's flipped open to a page marked with a thin, black ribbon, and she glances at it. "Yes, it doesn't appear that I have anything this week that couldn't be shifted if the need arises."

The comment about mutual interest draws a raised eyebrow and a warm chuckle from Regulus. "Oh, it certainly is, but other reasons do not hurt, do they?" he asks of her. He nods then, smiling pleased that she is available. "Very good. I find that the prospect of your presence makes for an even more exciting prospect then simply discussing a much needed political movement."

The amusement stays put in Veruca's eyes, and her voice drops a measure. "I see you have kept that silver tongue polished." While a comment as that could have been meant as an insult, it's clear that Rue intends it as nothing of the sort. "And tell me now, what has been keeping you so busy that it's taken you so long to be in touch?"

Regulus certainly does not seem to find any such insult in the comment, and indeed it actually draws a light laugh from him. "In my line of work, as in yours I suspect, it is rather necessary. Certainly yours has not become tarnished, in the least." He smiles fondly at her, if a touch more amused at her question. "I could ask the same of you. After all, do I not get points for being the first to make contact after all this time?"

Veruca's brows raise, something of a shocked cast taking them. "Why, Regulus Black, surely you are not insinuating that it is the duty of a lady to initiate. And here I thought your fine manners were holding up so well." She clucks her tongue disapprovingly, but that glimpse of humor is there again and she holds up her hands, as if in surrender. "Alright, alright, point well taken. It is a two way street, after all. I promise, despite your own atrocious manners, I shan't let such a long time go again."

"A lapse or two is surely to be expected when utterly overwhelmed by such beautiful and enchanting presence," Regulus returns blithely, not missing his verbal stride for a second. "Besides, if we did not have mutual fault in the matter, we could then not both make it up to eachother." The flirt is perhaps a touch less idle this time, if still in that offhand, amused manner.

This remark is met with a direct look, Rue's half smile turning wicked for a moment with her response. "And surely, I would bend over backwards to make amends to you, Reggie." Her eyes hold steadily for a moment more before she looks to take up her teacup again. "How is the Ministry treating you? I've heard through channels that you're still in Accidental Magic Reversal?"

It is early afternoon in the tea shop, and Regulus and Veruca currently occupy a corner table. The Black wizard, for his part, wears a crisp and finely tailored suit and vest combo, with the only splash of color being a blood-red tie and matching handkerchief that is tucked into his breast pocket, both of which starkly contrast his light blue eyes, which are currently fastened on Veruca and shining with amusement at her recent words. His response to that challenge is slightly raised eyebrows, and a warm smile dancing across his lips. "Indeed? Well, then I shall bend over forwards to do the same." He lets that flirt linger for just a moment before he answers her question in a more serious tone. "Well, frustrations over the current state of things aside, I still find it better then I did the Minister's office. It suits me, and if I do say so myself, I rather have a knack for spell reversal."

Veruca cannot hide another honest smile at Reggie's return parry, and something of a calculating look is cast at him for a brief moment. She nods to his words. "If I may be so bold, there's seems to be something more settled about you that there wasn't a sense of when last we met." There's a softness rarely heard, when she adds, "It's good to see."

Tea. Fireplace. Warmth. All the wonderful things that outside is not this lazy day. After a lazy morning at home, Eddie finally forced herself to get dressed and see the world. Not in her Auror's robes today, she's wrapped up in a heavily lined elegant emerald cloak secured with a silver M clasp. However, once the Malfoy woman comes the rest of the way into the room, she unclasps the robe to reveal a pair of soft, brown sueded slacks which are tucked into mid-calf boots and a high necked sweater that is tucked into the slacks. She's covered from throat to ankle, but somehow everything clings close enough that her hourglas shape is screamingly clear. Matched with her elegantly pinned hair, she paints a picture even just in neutral colours. She hangs the cloak and then saunters her way to the bar, "…Mint tea, please… leave the leaves in, I wish to do some reading."

"I would dare to say that we are both a bit different then last we spoke," Regulus replies to Veruca, the warmth unhesitating in his own return. It is then that he notices the curvy blonde entering the tea parlor, and a similiarly warm smile is given in her direction as he attempts to catch the Malfoy's eye and offer a wave. He looks back to Rue then, and asks, "So, tell me about yourself? What have you been doing with yourself the last few years?"

As Reggie's attention shifts, so does Rue's, and her head turns to see who gets his wave. Her smile holds as she sees Eddie, offering her own nod in greeting. The questions draw her back. "Shall I condense several years into several minutes?" Clearly the question isn't meant to be answered, as she goes on. "I have changed careers fairly recently. With the instability in the Muggle world of banking, I thought perhaps stepping back to see how things progress was wise. And I had no wish to just be idle." She pauses thoughtfully. "I'm not sure how that's working out."

Always one to be super aware of her space, even if she's in the drowsy-eyed mode of a day off, means Eddie certainly doesn't miss that wave in ehr directon from Regulus. She bows her head to him and gives a little salute. Then she realizes who is sitting with him and her brows arch. Rue is given an even wider smile and a little wiggle of her fingertips, but Eddie isn't going to interrupt them, lest the pair be on some sort of date. She pays for her tea and then scoops it up, moving for the little fire place and set of lounging chairs around it. That's the perfect place for a day like this.

Some days, Hadrian pulls up his hood when he goes out to be an ordinary man. And other days, he doesn't care how many people recognizes him. This seems to be one of those last days, since he steps in rather confidently now, starting to head in the direction of the bar as well. Offering a bit of a smile and a nod to some of the people he passes on the way.

Glancing back in Edwarlinda's direction, Regulus frowns slightly in question at her at the somewhat cooler greeting compared to the last time they met, but even so he tilts his head towards their table, inviting her to join or at least come and say hello if she wishes. Glancing back to Veruca, he nods and says, "Yes, very understandable. Well, if everything goes well, especially the first gathering this week, perhaps there will be a position within the Ministry suited to your particular talents. At the very least, we may well require a consultant to firmly merge the two economies, and wizards and witches such as yourself will be key in that." As Hadrian enters the cafe, Regulus glances up, and recognition flares after a moment, and he offers a smile in the other wizard's direction.

Veruca's smile comes easily, perhaps a little too much so as she falls for a moment into business mode. "We shall see what happens," she says pleasantly. Her attention shifts again to Edwarlinda, and since she and Regulus aren't on any sort of date, she speaks up to get the other witch's attention. "Eddie, lovely to see you. Do come join us," she offers. She seems to miss the entrance of the quidditch player for the moment.

The Quidditch star is noticed and given a warmer smile from Eddie, a bow of her head, "Hadrian. How's the season going?" She calls over to him warmly, casually friendly with the star and NOT fan-girl struck as many might be. Then Veruca calls over to her and, well, that answers that question. The moment Eddie realizes that the pair aren't on a date, a drowsy smile lights up her features even wider. She immediately turns on the ball of her foot and heads over to their table, though gray eyes trail over Hadrian with a look of invitation as well. Clearly, these are people worth meeting. "Cousin!" She greets Regulus first, leaning over to properly kiss his cheek and give his shoulders a half hug with one arm. "Sorry, I… Did not want to interrupt if you two were having a… Thing, you know. I already stepped on the lovely Veruca's toes once, I'd hate to do it again." Then Eddie smiles to the equally stunning woman, leaning over for two air cheek kisses, as proper ladies do, "It's good to see you as well, Miss Veruca. And you SHOULD be dating my dear cousin here, you know? He's quite the man."

"So far, so good. Still got all fingers, all toes, and all other parts intact, thanks," Hadrian offers with a grin and a smile at Eddie, before he adds, "How about you? Caught any bad criminals lately?" There's a brief pause as he looks over at the others, offering a bit of a nod. "Captain," he comments lightly to Regulus. "Been a while, hasn't it?" A polite nod to Veruca as well. He then takes a few moments to order himself something to eat and drink, before he looks back to the others. "Mind if I join you guys?" he asks.

Regulus rises as Edwarlinda approaches and gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek in return, the gesture warm. "Good to see you again, Eddie. I am sorry we did not get to speak more at the Rally. How have you been?" He shakes his head slightly at her assumption that they were having a date, but judging by the look he gives Veruca, he does not seem entirely displeased with the notion - even when he lightly elbows Eddie in the side at her last comment. "I have made it this far without the need to take out advertisements, dear," he offers to her just a touch wryly, before pulling out a seat and offering it to the Malfoy witch. Then, as Hadrian walks up, he offers a chuckle at the greeting. "It has been awhile since I was last called that, too. Good to see you, Hadrian. How have you been? And I have no objections, if neither of these lovely ladies do?" he glances to each in turn, even as he moves to retake his own seat.

The recollection of their first meeting draws a soft laugh from Veruca as she returns the air kisses. "Well, fear not, there is no 'thing' happening here." She pauses and settles another speculative look onto Regulus. "Do you think I should? Perhaps more importantly, what makes you suppose dear Reggie would even have me?" Eddie gets a smile, and then Hadrian gets a nod in greeting as well. "I fear I'm odd man out here, we've not met." Her hand is politely offered to Hadrian. "Veruca Max. Please do feel free to join us. The more the merrier." As if Veruca honestly has ever been 'merry'.

As the report about all fingers and toes comes from Hadrian, Eddie grins a bit more, "Ahh, but are you winning games yet? I need to know where my betting money is going, Hadrian, seriously! Inside scoop. I demand it." Eddie offers in her usual slightly overly dramatic, warm tone, a husky laugh following as she nods towards one of the other chairs. Apparently, they're all inviting themselves over to the non-date that is happening. Then gray eyes flicker back towards Regulus as she sets her tea down on the table and slides into a chair herself, long, soft legs crossing in her skin tight, suede slacks. "I'm… well enough. Vacation last weekend was strange and the rally was… frustrating. People put a lot of words in my brother's mouth and it pissed me the fuck off, to be honest. But… that's politics, I suppose. And yourself?" Finally, it's a softer smile given back towards Veruca, chuckling a bit more, "Well…Regulus here has impeccable taste, and you are quite tasty, so… Though now you are meeting THE talk of the Quidditch world, so Reggie there might have some competition." Eddie winks to them all.

"That's politics, which is why I stay the hell away from it," Hadrian remarks, before he grins a bit now. "It's also why I prefer doing what I do. Knowing that there's only two or three people that's trying to hit me in the back when I'm out there." He offers a smile at Veruca, taking the hand a bit lightly, lifting it up to brush his lips against it. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Max. I'm Hadrian Higgs." A brief grin, before he adds, "Yes, the Hadrian Higgs," he says, a bit lightly. Offering a grin to Regulus as well now. "Rather well, all things considered. How about you?" he asks, moving to take a seat with the others.

What is Veruca talking about? Of course there is a thing happening there! People are talking; that's a thing. Even Monty knows that much, and that's saying something. "That Cassiopeia is a brave fellow," he says, wandering over and waving to Edwarlinda, "speaking up the way he did. I wouldn't have."

"Hadrian was two years behind us in Slytherin House, Veruca," Regulus explains, finishing the introductions before chuckling at Veruca's comment. "Well, you could always ask? Or is this another of the times where I am supposed to be the gentleman and ask in a lavish manner? I could, you know. I am quite good at making a scene. Shall I make a big display right now?" He teases her, with fond warmth, before glancing to Edwarlinda, then consideringly at Hadrian. "Competition keeps us all healthy and on our toes, wouldn't you say Hadrian?" Moving past the teasing portion, he answers the Seeker's question with a nod. "I am doing well. I work with the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad within the Ministry these days." And then, as another joins their ever-increasing number, recognition dawns slowly, and he greets the reporter amiably. "Good day…Abercrombie, wasn't it?"

The Hadrian Higgs gets a polite nod from Veruca. "Mr. Higgs." Her brows lift slightly, "And that's quidditch, you say, Eddie? Oh yes, that flying sport. How nice." Again, a polite smile to Hadrian, before she's drawn back to Regulus. "Oh yes, you know how I love a scene," she says, sarcasm all but dripping from her words, but Reggie does get a quick wink, if he's paying attention. Another new voice is heard, from a man who approaches the table and looks vaguely familiar. He is regarded with a curious eye, as Regulus speaks to him.

As all the pieces to the conversational chess game are set on the table, Eddie sinks back into her chair and just lazily scoops up her mug of tea, letting it lazily rest a few inches below her mouth as she inhales the minty scent and lets the warmth heat up her small fingertips. The mint scent is heavy in the tea, leaves still lazily stewing at the bottom of the mug, to be read after the tea is finished. Monty's words about her brother make her half smile, "Yes, well, Cassius is a very courageous man who has everyone's best interests at heart. It… it takes a big man to say such things. Especially when they might not be so popular. I'm proud of him." Then she looks between Hadrian and Reggie, chuckling a bit, "I do not think either of you boys shy from competition, I would be intrigued to watch." Veruca's response to Hadrian receives a slight chuckle and an arch of Eddie's brow. He'll have to try harder than that.

Hadrian offers a bit of a grin now as he hears what's being said at the moment. "That would be correct. That flying sport," he offers, grin still as much in place as before. "I take it you're not one of the die hard fans of the sport, then?"

"And Cassius is not the only one to say such things, nor will he be the last. Change is not inheritantly bad, and there is certainly nothing evil or malicious about the repealment of an archaich Statute." Regulus is certainly adament about that, and is just as much a firm proponent of the movement as Edwarlinda's brother. "As for unpopular, I think you will be surprised, dear Eddie. Once we can clear away the ignorance, and make people know the true heart of the matter, I would not be surprised to see reform happening very quickly." He smiles, an encouraging thing, to the Malfoy witch, before he adds, "Oh, and if you have no already been told, Eddie, both you and Cassius are invited over for a dinner hosted by Melania and myself. Some of us supporting the movement are getting together to unify our goals so that we can organize future awareness." The politics covered, he glances over to Veruca, smiling as he catches the wink and simply nodding to her, though she does get a bit of an eyeroll at her comment about Quidditch. After all, Regulus was a member of the Quidditch team for years, and the Captain of it for the last three. Before Regulus can comment about it, though, there is a shrill sound coming from his side pocket and a flash of light. "Ah, that is me. I'm being called into the office. Forgive me, please. Veruca, Eddie, I will see you at dinner in a few days if not sooner. Hadrian, good to see you. Abercrombie." With goodbyes given to each, he quickly departs, the sound of apparation sounding once he is out of doors.

Monty scratches his head. "Are you sure? I thought you were the fellow with the elephants. Well, no, you would know better, I suppose." It's about as sure as he ever is of anything, really. And speaking of knowing people? "Regular Black, as I live and breathe!" he declares, offering the man a handshake. "Always good to see an old classmate making good. And you as well, Miss—" He pauses, snapping his fingers. "No, don't tell me, I'll have it in just a moment."

Veruca's eyes move back to Hadrian. "No, I'm afraid I'm not much of a sports fanatic. Business is more my sport." Her gaze lingers for a moment, then makes an efficient sweep of the man, and with her eyes on his face once more and a pleasant smile on her lips. A measure of disappointment shows as her 'not date' finds himself needed. It's a wonder her own boss hasn't summoned her already, and Reggie gets a fond farewell. "I look forward to seeing you this week, Reggie." Her attention turns to her teacup, bringing it up for a sip, a glance briefly flickering to the back of the retreating wizard. And then her attention settles on Monty. A quirked brow may hold some measure of amusement at his version of Black's name, and she is in no hurry at all to spoil Monty's moment of thought.

As her distant cousin says his piece and jets, Eddie's brows arch. She gives him a brief kiss on the cheek and echoes after him, "See you at dinner. And be safe out there, Regulus. We'll talk again soon." Then there were four. Again. Eddie looks back to Veruca and Hadrian, blatant amusement dancing across her pale features. Monty only adds to it. Eddie's tea has cooled down enough now she sees nothing wrong with foregoing saying anything else and just taking a good long sip.

Hadrian chuckles a little, "Well, it's good that we all have different interests, after all. The world would be a boring place if we all were alike," he offers to Veruca. Offering a bit of a smile to Regulus as the man takes his leave. "Was good to see you again. Take care." He looks over at Monty, offering the man a bit of a nod and a smile for now, before he sees Eddie's amusement, and he raises an eyebrow in her direction, a bit lightly.

"Oh, very much so! Too many of us would be out of a job, then. I certainly would be." While he thinks back, Monty grabs a chair and pulls it over, settling down carefully. How's he going to mangle a name like Veruca's? "Eibon, isn't it? Eden Eibon. You levitated me over a broken stair step once, if I'm not badly mistaken."

Veruca's eyes remain on Monty, and she shakes her head briefly, "No, I'm afraid that you are badly mistaken." She doesn't fill in the blank, in case he'd like to try again, but looks to Eddie and mentions, "I thought your brother had quite a compelling speech. Perhaps a bit on the long side." It's said lightly, with a soft chuckle, "But he is quite charismatic. I see it runs in your family." After toying idly with her teacup for a few moment, Veruca leans slightly forward to return it to the table.

Oh, this is NOT a hole Eddie is going to be able to, or willing to, dig MOnty out of. She arches a brow to him, tilting her head, "I am curious how you manage at the paper to keep all vital facts straight. Perhaps that is where most of your focus goes?" She offers those words with an actual smile, a true guest, as she cannot figure out how else he does it. She then bows her head towards Veruca, "He is quite charismatic… He's done well for himself, but I always knew he would. I just hope we can all manage to give back properly to society, for all the gifts we've been given." Her smile tempers itself to one of true hopefulness. She then looks back to Hadrian, shifting in her chair a bit, "Do you keep up with all these politics at all, or is Quidditch all that encompassing?"

Hadrian hmms as he listens for the moment, pausing a bit at the mention of the paper, studying Monty a bit more carefully now. Eddie's question makes him pause a little bit. "Well, I try to keep up with that stuff as well, but not too carefully, I guess." Having gotten his food, some kind of a salad, and his tea, he takes a sip now. "Besides, the politics isn't something I can do much about, so I don't spend too much energy on it."

Monty pauses to order a cup of tea for himself in turn, squeezing some lemon into it and taking a long sip before blinking. "Oh, Miss Max, I do apologize! Didn't recognize you at first with your hair up like that. It suits you, though." Perhaps that's the answer to Eddie's question: his brain is powered by lemons. "It's been entirely too long— what the devil have you been getting up to?"

Veruca raises her brows at Hadrian's words, interjecting smoothly, "A sports star such as yourself could do a lot for a cause they believed in, by educating their admirers." She smiles at the wizard pleasantly, "You should never discount the potential of your influence. I do think, Eddie," she goes on, turning to the witch in turn, "That this is a fine beginning." Her smile finally rests on Monty, "It has been quite a while, Mr. Abercrombie." Of course, it might be that she just picked up the man's name when 'Regular' said it before having to leave. "I hope that you have been well. I have been in the employ of Macnair Manufacturing most recently," she supplies, stopping at this information. "And I believe you are a writer?" Or perhaps she's read his column.

Not political, or not involved? Hadrian is immediately given a long, thoughtful look by Eddie, her brows arched. She's quite glad that Veruca has said it for her first, so it's not like she's peddling something, but the blonde immediately nods in agreement and smiles a bit more, "Veruca is right, Hadrian. If you actually kept up on things and found something in which you could believe, well… A voice like yours would be very valuable. I do not suppose I could take you out to dinner some night this week and… explain some things? Of course, I invite you to do your own research, but as someone who finds herself quite deeply involved with these matters… well, I'd love to offer my point of view." She is happy to let Veruca and Monty discuss work, gray eyes now all for Hadrian.

Hadrian considers what the two women are saying now, nodding a little bit. "Perhaps," he offers after a few moments of pause. The mention of dinner makes him smile a bit as he nods. "That sounds like a good idea," he offers, after another brief pause.

Ah, Hadrian, a man of few words. A good thing, that; someone needs to balance Monty out a little. "MacCurry! Well, my goodness, I've heard nothing but good things. Life is on the up-and-up for you indeed, isn't it? And yes, the _Prophet_ has been kind enough to let me fill some space in the margin. It's a small part, but you know what they say— the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single spell."

Veruca looks at Monty a moment, eyes slightly narrowed, head canted a measure to the right. "Yes. That is what they say, isn't it." Her study of the man is brief, and the smile eases back onto her lips. Dark blue eyes touch each at the table in turn, as she reaches to grasp her black purse from the table. "I do hate to take my leave, but I'm afraid I must. Mr. Higgs, it's been a pleasure to meet you. Eddie, I'm sure I'll see you later in the week. Mr. Abercrombie, delightful to see you again." She stands, smoothing her skirt with one hand, offers a general "Good evening." and takes her leave.

"Veruca. You be safe. We'll actually have to have a proper tea, just us girls, some night. I have so few female friends." Eddie gives the woman an air kiss, then is settled back in alone with the two gentlemen. Reporter and quidditch player. She smiles to both of them, though her eyes linger on Hadrian as they finish the previous conversation, "Just tell me whatever night is free for you, I'd be honoured to discuss it." And then she's back to Monty, "I hear you have no tast for politics?"

Hadrian nods a little as he hears Veruca's words. "It was nice to meet you," he offers in return, offering her a bit of a smile. "Good evening." Nodding at Eddie's words, he offers her a bit of a smile. "I will have to check when I get home, of course, but I think I should be able to find a good time easily enough."

Monty returns his attention to Edwarlinda, waggling a hand in the air. "Well, I do like offering people advice, but just a few at a time. This business you and your brother are getting into? That's dealing with, oh, it must be thousands!" Never mind however many muggles would be affected as well. "Have to be sharp as a unicorn's horn to pull something like /that/ off."

That smile lingers, Eddie now just slightly in politician mode, as Hadrian says he'll check his book. "Just owl me whenever you're ready. We never get a chance to really talk anyway, too many people demanding your attention, popular man." Eddie winks at him, just a touch flirtatiously but she's not the seductive bombshell she was the first time they met. Or she is, she's just scaled it back some in her interactions. She then looks back to Monty and chuckles. "Well…some advice just for myself? Or my brother, perhaps? I'd be curious what you have to say."

Hadrian nods a little bit. "Sounds good," he offers, with a bit of a grin. Looking over to Monty as well now, studying the man a bit carefully for a few moments.

Wait, what? "Oh, really now, Miss Malfoy. Putting me on the spot like this? Why, the Prophet gives me /hours/ to come up with just the right phrasing." Still, just this once at least, he'll make the effort. "It seems to me that everyone's been out of touch with muggles for so long, they don't know what to think about them any more. Why not arrange to bring some in, give /them/ your speech and see what they make of it? With an Obliviator on hand, of course, just to keep everyone reassured."

That suggestion is actually given a bit of thought, no matter how poncy Monty might be. Eddie sighs slowly, finishing off a sip of her tea cup and setting it down for the leaves to settle. She'll read them in a bit. "It is not a bad idea, I'll suggest it to my brother to see how he feels. It certainly might help us refine the idea further to ensure that when matters happen, we know how the best way for muggles to receive us would be." Her eyes look back to Hadrian, brows arching curiously, "Thoughts?"

"Well, you'd probably need to find the right group of Muggles, I guess," Hadrian offers after a few moments. "And not too small, or too large. I also suppose you need to plan what to do after the speech and their reaction." He sips his tea a little more now, shrugging a little bit.

Monty smiles as he finishes his drink. "Well, thank you! Look forward to seeing what comes of it." This is what gives him pleasure in life, really, to throw out the spark of an idea and watch it catch fire. That, and a good stiff drink— you can only stick to tea for so long, after all.

Finally, matters settled, ideas had and dates made, Eddie looks down towards her mug of tea to search for something in the leaves. It's just old habit. But whatever she sees today, well, it doesn't look comforting. She turns the cup a little bit, shaking the thought off. Eyes playing tricks on her no doubt. But still, her mood has strangely tempered itself. She then stands, "Well, tea done and life calling, gentlemen, I should be on my way. Hadrian, I shall see you later this week. Monty, thank you for the words." She gives a small salute and heads for the door, hugging her cloak around her shoulders the moment she has it on.

Hadrian nods a little bit as he hears that. "I'll be looking forward to it," he offers with a bit of a smile, before looking over at Monty as well, giving the man another bit of a nod now.

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