(1937-10-07) The Goblet of Fire
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Summary: Students gather in the Great Hall to put see who will put their names into the Goblet of Fire. But not everyone is equally excited about the dangerous Triwizard Tournament.
Date: 7 October, 1937
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts

Its late afternoon, on a weekend, and yet several students are currently gathered in the Great Hall. Most of these sit on their house tables, talking and joking, some encouraging one another and some teasing. The focus of nearly every conversation is quietly resting on its plinth, surrounded by an age line. Ophelia has come to the great hall as well, and though she's not yet joined any of the conversations, she too watches the Goblet of Fire from her position sitting atop the Ravenclaw table, her face thoughtful. She's dressed casually today in a bottle green dress, her hair is falling out of the braid tossed over her shoulder, and there's a book in her lap, open to show the faded bookmark inside.

Having returned from visiting the broom-maker, Mr. Toulson, in Hogsmeade, Hephaesta has naturally come looking for her sweetheart. Not finding her in Ravenclaw tower, the next most logical place to look is the location of greatest point of interest in the school right now. So she has come to the Great Hall, and while the Goblet of Fire is an impressive sight, it is the fiery hair of Ophelia Summerbee that draws Hephaesta's gaze. The click-whirrr of her leg brace announces her approach.

Hearing the now familiar sound of machinery, Ophelia turns to smile brightly at Hephaesta. Closing the book, she stes it down to stand, and then hops down from the bench to meet her. "Pretty impressive, don't you think?" She asks with a gesture toward the goblet, "I was just thinking of how it was made, you know, how they enchant it and all." Reaching for Phae's hand, she gently pulls her toward the spot where she left her book, "How it chooses. Did you have a good time?"

Hephaesta beams happily at Ophelia as she comes to sit by her at the Ravenclaw table. It comes so easily, and she loves how it pleases her. "I did. It was a little awkward getting Belinda down there." Belinda being the name she chose for her tree. "But Ellbert Winston carried her for me. Mr. Toulson thinks I'm forcing Belinda to be something she might not want to be…but he doesn't really understand that this is an experiment. Even he hasn't made brooms like this before. I'm pretty sure nobody has." Yeah, Phae's a little proud of her idea. "So, figured out anything about it?" She gestures to the Goblet of Fire up on its plinth.

Josie comes wandering into the hall, by habit heading towards the far end of the hall and the Gryffindor table that sits there. On the way she spots Phae and Ophelia. She pauses, looking between the two and the expression on Phae's face before apparently deciding it's safe to approach, and turns to walk over that way, saying cheerfully, "Hi."

Ophelia grins amusedly, more at the idea of the tree having a personality than at the name, and sits, this time on the bench, gently pulling Phae down with her. "I do hope you're able to um, convince her?" She's asking uncertainly when Josie approaches. She looks up to smile, curious, "Hello."

Hephaesta turns her beaming smile on Josie when she approaches. "Jo! Come sit. Have you met? Ophelia, this is Josie Davies. Josie, this is Ophelia Summerbee." There is definite emphasis place on the same, and she gives Josie a meaningful nod as she introduces them.

Josie grins and sits down, and nods quickly, "Yep, we met outside before. She asked me and Cillian about our wands." She still adds to Ophelia, smiling, "Hi." Then to Phae she asks, hopefully, "It..um.. all worked out then?"

Ophelia chuckles nervously as she is introduced, her eyebrows rising at Josie's question. "Yes, um, hello." She offers, again, before reaching behind her to pick up the book she left earlier. This is an awkward thing, given that one of her hands is currently holding one of Hephaesta's, but she manages, and even gets the book open, with the help of the bookmark within.

Hephaesta gives Josie a blushing smile and squeezes Ophelia's hand, nodding excitedly. "It did. Ophie…Josie is a dear friend, and she really helped me when I was…um…hysterical." It's an awkward subject, but she tries to be realistic about her own role in it.

Gabrielle walks in, she still ha her wet jacket on from being outside.Her hair is kinda matted down underneath her knitted hat, and she just looks tired. She'll walk up to the Ravenclaw table,"Ladies"

There are the kids talking about the Goblet, and then there are the ones doing something about it: out of personal pride, or school pride, or just to be able to say they went for it. Whichever category Llewellyn falls into, he walks up and chucks a folded slip of newsprint inside, backing away afterward and taking a look around.

Josie smiles again at Phae's answer, and says, "Brilliant. Glad you're happier now then." She looks to Ophelia and asks, "You know lots about wands, right? My friend Gabriel, he's in Ravenclaw like you, but my year, he wanted to know what his wand meant about him. Told him you might know."

Ophelia, though obviously uncomfortable with the subject, nods and smiles hesitantly at Josie. "Then, um, thank you. I do, yes. Sure, just, ah, send him by the library any afternoon this week, I'm usually there?" She notices Gabrielle then, and is starting to wave when something catches her eye. There's someone at the goblet. Turning back, she watches Llewellyn toss his paper in, and her expression turns to that same thoughtful one she'd had before Hephaesta walked in.

Gabrielle will watch Llewellyn drop his name in, and in a split second decision, she places her sketchbook on the Ravenclaw table, flips it open. she pulls out her quill and after a moment of trying to steady her hand, she scrawls her name down, and tears in out of the book.

Hephaesta's eyes go distant, and her smile begins to falter. Her gaze is locked on Llewellyn, and as he approaches the goblet, her jaws drops. Then *FWOOSH*, the paper bearing Llewellyn's name is consumed. She gasps, shaking her head. "Llewellyn? Oh, no…"

Josie nods to Ophelia, still smiling, "Thanks." She looks to Phae then, and blinks at her change of expression. She looks to the cup curiously, and then back to Phae, "What's wrong?"

Llewellyn was just about to sit down at his house table when Hephaesta's exclamation catches his attention. "What's wrong, Phae? I mean, it won't pick me unless it thinks I can handle it, right?" Whatever 'it' is, this time around; it's not the sort of thing that can just stay the same from one year to the next.

Ophelia also looks to Hephaesta, a small worried frown on her face. "Are you alright?" She asks after Josie, reaching up with her free hand to rub Hephaesta's arm. She glances at Gabrielle while waiting for the brunette to answer, noting the torn-out paper with raised eyebrows.

Gabrielle stands up and starts walking towards the Goblet at the front of the room.

Hephaesta gives her cousin a nervous frown. "Llew…it's dangerous. People have died in these tournaments." Then it's Gabrielle with a slip of paper, and her eyes go wide. "But…Gabrielle…" Though the nay-sayers of the Triwizard Tournment are few, it seems that Phae is one of them.

Josie blinks, and looks up to the cup again. She looks back to Phae and seems suddenly interested, "People have died, really? Wow, hope they let us go watch. I mean, I hope nobody dies," she adds quickly, looking up to Phae, "but bet they'll be exciting!"

Llewellyn pauses, understanding now what Phae is all worked up about, but shakes his head in turn. "Well, it can be… but life is dangerous, isn't it? I'd rather risk a little danger than risk missing out on something big! Besides, it's probably a long shot that they actually pick me out of the cup." He's got an ego but it's not that big. Give him a couple more years on the Quidditch team…

Ophelia watches Hephaesta with growing worry, biting her lip as her sweetheart goes on. Her hand drops from the girl's arm and reaches for the bookmark in her open book, flipping it nervously around in her fingers. Anyone who looks closely might notice that her name is written on it, and the ink is far darker than it should be, considering how faded the bookmark is.

Gabrielle stands by the goblet for a moment, and then takes a deep breath and tosses her name in to the cup. She backs away quickly, with her left hand holding her right forearm. Her eyes do not leave the cup till the fire has consumed her name. She'll then turn and go to the Ravenclaw table.

Hephaesta doesn't seem to notice Ophelia's bookmark yet, as Gabrielle now has her full attention. As the name goes into the Goblet, Phae's hands go to her mouth in a gasp, as if Gabby had just leaped headlong into a pit of fire, herself.

Josie grins to Gabrielle then as she puts her name in, and then looks back to Phae. "It'll be ok. Nobody here'll die," she says, sounding very confident even though she has no real reason to be.

Ophelia watches Gabrielle, giving the girl an encouraging if solemn nod as she returns to them. Her grip on Hephaesta's hand tightens for a moment, when Gabrielle gets closer. And slowly, as though its difficult to do so, she stands, setting aside the book and clutching the bookmark in her free hand. "Yes, exactly right." She agrees with Josie, "We'll all be fine. No matter which of us is chosen."

Llewellyn hasn't spotted Ophelia's name slip, either. He noticed Gabrielle's, though, because how could you not? "Well, then. Congratulations!" he says, going over and offering Gabby a handshake. He doesn't know why that was such a big deal for her, but clearly it was.

Gabrielle looks pale as she takes Llewellyn's hand, "Yeah…you too." She'll then glance at everyone at the table,reach over and close her sketchbook and clasp it to her chest.

Hephaesta's eyes go to Ophelia, and her gaze drifts down to the ginger girl's hand, and she starts shaking her head. "No…no, no, no, please…Ophie…" She doesn't want to let go of her, and her fingers tighten instinctively.

Noalan looks a bit uncomfortable when he enters the Great Hall. He takes a moment to look behind him then walks around the perimeter of the room, his hands in his pockets. He glances occasionally over at the group around the Ravenclaw table. His posture is much more tense than usual. A hand leaves his pocket long enough to run his fingers through his hair, making the scruffy tangle even messier.

Elspeth follows Lan into the hall, but when he decides to walk around instead of going to the cup, she pauses, indecisive. Her friends are at the table, but Lan is… she pauses, then decides against following him right away. She walks over to the Ravenclaw table and plops her satchel down on it, sitting on the table, feet on a bench. "Has everyone put their name in the Goblet?" she asks curiously, looking to the ones old enough to do it. She cranes her neck a bit to watch Lan, and give him an encouraging smile if he glances in her direction.

Josie looks up to Ophelia, and starts to say something, probably a congratulations of some kind, but seeing the look on Phae's face she shuts up. She looks between the two, perhaps unsure now what to say.

Ophelia turns to Hephaesta, wrapping both hands around the brunette's and consequently crushing the bookmark a little. "I have to, Phae, I've been wanting to do something like this for so long. Don't you see? This could be it, my thing! Who wouldn't buy wants from a Triwizard Champion?" Looking up at Elspeth, she shakes her head, her expression torn, "Not yet."

Noalan 's walk eventually takes him towards the new addition to the Great Hall, the Goblet of Fire. Trying his best to be casual, and failing, he angles for the cup. His steps hesitates and eventually stops when he's next to the artifact. He takes a moment to examine it before a hand raises out of his pocket and quickly drops something into the top. His pace away from the Goblet is much quicker than his walk towards it. Unfortunately, Elspeth has taken up at the Ravenclaw table so he has to approach the group seated there. "I like the new trash can. Very efficient." He jokes, his voice shaking ever so slightly.

Gabrielle , who has been standing there quietly clutching her sketchbook, suddenly, quietly says, "I need to go." and turns and starts walking out.

Llewellyn turns, eyeing Noalan. Oh, now there's a lovely setup line. "Trash can? Eibon, that's not a trash can, you just volunteered to help Pringle scrape the rust off his shackles this weekend." With that quip fired off, he glances over toward Ophelia and offers a genuine smile. "That'd be great! As long as someone from Hogwarts wins it, right?"

Hephaesta clings to Ophelia, looking more and more terrified. "Ophie…I just got you. I can't lose you. Please…you don't need this to be special. Why can't you see how much everyone adores you just the way you are?"

Josie looks between Phae and Ophelia, and then says to Phae, "You won't lose her. You can help her win, if she gets picked. If it wasn't for the ghosts, you would've won the ship battle almost on your own. Bet you're even more brilliant together."

Ophelia drops back down into her seat, and wraps her arm around the girl's, nodding and smiling at Josie over her shoulder, "I won't die, Phae, you aren't going to loose me! I probably won't even get picked. But I am going to put my name in." Slowly, she pulls back to kiss Hephaesta's cheek, drawing her hand free as she does so. Then she stands again, turning and squaring her shoulders, and walks over to the Goblet.

Elspeth nods to Ophelia, and smiles. "You should go do it soon. The more you think about it, the worse it is," she advises softly. Then Lan has put his in, and she hops from down the table, meeting him halfway, then stopping just next to him. She almost puts out a hand to squeeze his comfortingly. She gives him a smile at his joke. "It is being put there for just that," she agrees. "Are you wanting something to eat?"

Hephaesta reaches after Ophelia, but doesn't try to physically stop her. As the other girl walks away, Phae turns as pale as the ghosts Josie mentioned. She shakes her head, as if wishing this away will cause it not to be.

Gabrielle reaches the door, and heads directly towards the nearest bathroom.

"Nice try, but I know Pringle like his chains rusty. A little tetanus is good for discipline." Lan Replies, manor slowly returning to normal. "Good luck." He says as Ophelia gets up from the table. He takes a deep breath and give Elspeth a little nod, "Ya, sure, unless you have something you want to throw away as well."

Maeve wanders in from the entry hall, and stops when she sees the gathering of older students. Needless to say, the Muggle-born first year has absolutely no idea what's going on, so she makes her way pass Gabrielle as she exits, then towards the Gryffindor table, but stops. "Um… Wha's goin' on?"

Slowly weaving through the crowd is Ria, who looks rather pissed off, but really…what's new? With her chin up proudly, she too approaches the Goblet and eventually reaches in step with the girl. "Ophelia," she gives the Ravenclaw a curt nod. "Putting your name in as well? Not surprised." She says pulling the card out of her own blazer.

Now Ophelia and Ria are putting their names in? Hephaesta's hands start to shake nervously. All she can see is the people she cares about dying horrible deaths in the Triwizard Tournament.

Josie is sitting at the Ravenclaw table for a change, by Phae and where Ophelia was sitting. She waves to Maeve and says, "People putting their names in." She looks back to Phae and bites her lip, but seems she's giving up trying to reassure the older girl, at least for the moment.

Ophelia nods back to Ria, her own expression one of guarded determination. "No?" She asks, "I should have thought most people would be. But thank you, I suppose. And… and good luck to you as well." She steps through the age line without a pause, moves up as close as she can get, and reaches up to toss in her bookmark.

Arian has been sitting off to the side, at the Ravenclaw table, by himself. But now, he decides to make a little conversation. He scoots over toward Josie and Phae. "So, who do you think it'll be?" he asks, nodding toward the Goblet. "My money's on Ria."

Elspeth shakes her head to Lan, clasping her hands behind her back, now. "No, I have been keeping my book bag clean, no clutter for the garbage." She tips her head, looking at Hephaesta as the girls go to put their names in the Goblet, her eyebrows raising curiously, she looks at Lan to see if he notices. "But," she continues. "I am having a box of cinnamon rolls that Ima has sent me from home that maybe are taking up too much space." She adds to him with a smile. With that, she crosses to where she left her satchel at the end of the table.

Ria waits for Ophelia to put her name in, letting the girl have her moment of glory. And when the Ravenclaw is all settled and squared away. Ria looks her up and down with interest and then says, "Let's be frank, hmm? You and I…we're not really…friends." She scrunches her nose gingerly at the word and points her finger between herself and Ophelia when she says 'You and I'. "But…" she says and then leans a bit closer to murmur something that only the girl will be able to hear.

Maeve nods, as she suddenly remembers the announcement made at lunch. "Ah, for th' Triwizard cup…" Still, she looks a bit puzzled. She watches the exchange between the Ravenclaw and Slytherin girls up there at the moment, as she settles down with Josie. She's comfortable at the Ravenclaw table, as she's already made friends with some of them.

Ophelia looks surprised, and nearly wounded even, by Ria's comments. But its the Slytherin's quieter words that truly surprise her, causing her eyes to widen in amazement. Hurriedly, she mumbles a quiet reply, then turns and flees back to the Ravenclaw table.

Noalan nods, and follows her back to the table. "You always know how to cheer me up." He says happily. He swings into a seat next to Elspeth at her house table and clutches his hands together on the table top. He watches student after student approach the flaming cup, "It's going to have a lot of people to choose from."

Arian watches Ophelia's expression with a bit of interest, and when she's returned to the table, he quickly moves over to her. "What was that all about?" he asks. "What did Ria say to you?"

Hephaesta lowers her gaze when Ophelia's name goes in. But her pale, blank stare quickly turns to hard determination. From her robe she pulls out a fountain pen and her notebook — that precious little tome full of hundreds of ideas and design sketches. She slaps the book on the table, opening to a yellowed page full of half-finished sketches. In hurried, but elegant script, she writes: Hephaesta Aphrodilia Mulciber. Ripping the page from her notebook, she stands and makes a lopsided march (click! whirrr…click! whirrr…) toward the Goblet.

Llewellyn's curiosity is running along much the same lines as Arian's, as it turns out. "Yes, what did you say to her?" he asks. He doesn't really expect an answer, but you never know for sure till you ask.

Elspeth chuckles and takes her seat back on the table as before, near Lan's folded hands, her feet on the bench. She takes out a little cardboard box from her satchel, which is slightly squished, and opens the lid. She pulls out a cinnamon twist, the golden pastry swirled around the darker cinnamon. "It is because you are being easy to cheer up," she tells him with a grin. She's about to lift the box and offer to the other older ones nearby who have plucked up the gumption to enter, when Phae suddenly gets up and starts walking towards The Goblet.

Ria narrows her eyes into a very pleased smile at Ophelia, like a predatory lion that's just had a very satisfying meal. And continues watching the girl run off, confused this time but still rather pleased. And like a dainty ballerina, she goes up on her tippy toes to drop in her card into the Goblet. Her arms go on her hips and she stares up at it with some pride. Though the familiar sound of a metal leg catches her attention. "You too Phae?" she asks her cousin as she approaches her.

Josie blinks at Phae's reaction, but suddenly grins, "Brilliant. Knew you could be brave. And bet you'd win for sure." She watches Phae walk towards the goblet with an excited grin, as if the goblet might just pick her the very moment the name goes in.

Ophelia watches Hephaesta get up and leave the table before she's even gotten close enough to sit down herself, her eyes filling with sudden worry. "I… nothing." She says to Arian and Llewellyn, "She was just… well, wishing me good luck." A note of disbelief enters her tone as she says this, though her eyes continue to watch Hephaesta while she speaks. After responding, she frowns and looks around, asking Josie after a moment, "Where did Gabrielle go?"

Hephaesta steps up to the Goblet, looking over to Ria. Her determined look falters a bit, betraying her nervousness. "If my name is in there…it's less chance that Ophelia will be picked. Just…playing the odds." She swallows hard, and looks up at the flaming cup, slowly raising her page, hand shaking.

"Well, when you put more care into the ingredients and how it tastes rather than what kind of crazy spell you can put on it, the food comes out far better. Nothing against house elves, but they tend not to be the best cooks either. Much better to have it from someone who loves what they do." Lan says, quickly taking a pastry before they're snatched up. Seeing his house prefect at the goblet allows him to relax a little. The goblet is more likely to take an older student after all. "Any thoughts on what the challenges are likely to be this year?" He asks the table in general. "Camping trip to the Isle of Drear? Take a Sphinx out on a date?"

And like a bolt of sexy lightning, Kaiden appears! There's been murmuring of the Goblet arriving and Kaiden though, 'Eh, why not?' He's holding a piece of paper in his hand as he has a look around the room, humming softly to himself, obviously on top of the world.

"It didn't look like she was wishing you luck," says Arian with a scowl. He doesn't trust that one, and being a Slytherin is only part of it. "Come on Ophe, I'm your friend, you should tell me." He pauses before reaching over to pat her on the back. "I'm sure you'll be great, you know. When the Goblet picks your name."

Ophelia turns to grimace at Arian, "I really doubt it will, I just… wanted to put my name in." She looks over at him, sighs, and adds, "She was offering to help, actually. Which I figure for her is pretty much the same-" And that's when she sees Kaiden pass through the edge of her vision, and cuts off to look over. Biting her lower lip, she pushes herself up again, and as though she is heading to her own funeral approaches the Hufflepuff.

Ria quirks a brow again looking from Phae to Ophelia. "Wait so…," she hmms, clearly she's missed out on bit of information about those two, "I hope the odds are ever in your favor, then." Though in her mind, she does wonder where her twin is to explain everything. And she gets her answer. She smells him in the room before she actually seen Kaiden and following his scent she walks up to him quickly and taps him on the shoulder. "You've been up to a lot lately. And so have I. When you're done putting your name in, we should have a briefing," she smiles snakily at her sibling and adjusts his collar so that it doesn't look so retarded.

Llewellyn eyes Noalan, rolling his eyes a little. "You wish. A sphinx would be easy to deal with, anyway, all you have to do is tell her you like her nose that way." He doesn't have any real answers in mind, though, so he sits back and lets the others get a word in edgewise if they like.

Elspeth smiles to Lan. "But I might be losing that touch if I am taking this domestics club, and they are teaching me how to do everything the wizard way, it might not taste as good," she teases him. Shaking her head she starts to reply, but then raises her eyebrows curiously at Llewellyn. "You are liking her nose that way?" she repeats quizzically. She takes another cinnamon twist and puts it in front of Lan before she hands the box on for real. "For soon to be champions, only," she grins, holding it first towards Ophelia, then letting her pass it on.

Hephaesta watches Ria walk away, following her path to Kaiden, which leads her gaze to Ophelia approaching him. All expression drains from her face, and the shaking stops. With an almost apathetic flick, she tosses her page into the flames, where it vanishes. She steps away from the plinth, hobbling back to the Ravenclaw, where she slaps a hand down on her notebook and roughly shoves it back into her robe.

Arian frowns again. "Oh, okay," he says, still very wary of Ria's 'help.' He leans over and says softly, "I wouldn't trust any help that she offers to give, you know. She isn't the kind of person to try and help someone for no reason." When she stands to talk to Kaiden, Arian stands, too. "Wait, where are you going?"

Kaiden blushes slightly at Ria and swats her hand away, saying hushedly, "Shut uuuup." He looks over at Ophelia as she walks toward him and he furrows his brow, "Hey there, Ophe. You need something?" His hands slide into his pocket and he tilts his head at her, flashing her the slanted smile of his.

Ophelia stops a few feet short, her expresion turning hesitant in the face of Kaiden's question and Ria's presence. "No, I, uhm… " She glances back at the Goblet, which thankfully is free for the moment of people putting their names in, then back at Kaiden, "I was… just wanting to make sure you're going to put your name in?"

"Sphinxes aren't half bad looking. I'd rather have to date one of them than any of the girls at Durmstrang. Quite a few girls at this school too for that matter, and at least they're honest about their riddles." Lan says around a mouth full of cinnamon goodness. He swallows, "Yes, isn't that interesting? You can wave a wand and have fish jump out of the ocean, onto your plate fully cooked. Yet, somehow, magic will always presents a bill. In this case, it's rather bland food, that makes you grow reindeer antlers for an hour." He finishes off his roll in just a few more bites and sets about sucking the sticky reminisce off his fingers.

Ria hmmms staying at Kaiden's shoulder for a moment to eye Ophelia and the Hephaesta and then Kaiden. "Be nice," she says with that smile of hers again, "I'll be over by the entrance." And she strolls casually and confidently over to a post by the door to wait for her brother and to give the two of them some privacy. Of course, as she walks away, she gives Arian a cute somewhat flirty wink.

Hephaesta spares a glance over at Ophelia's back, and though filled with hurt, she refuses to devolve into a weeping mess again. Setting her jaw angrily, she storms as best she is able for the door, the usual click, whirrr of her brace letting out a more strained wheeze at her hurried pace.

Llewellyn offers Noalan a shrug when he brings up the Durmstrang girls. Like he has a clue? What few pictures he's ever seen, they were all crowd shots, too small to really make out individual details. "We've all got better things to do than eat bad fish. And you're right about the girls here— I think /she's/ got her eye on you." A quick hand gesture serves to point out Ria. Hey, at this distance, who's to say who she was really winking at?

Maeve is still simply watching, although she can't help shooting a nervous smile to Josie, then frowns as she watches Hephestia leaving, puzzled. Mind you, she doesn't know the Ravenclaw girl, but she can tell that something's hurt the girl's feelings. Quietly, she ponders getting up to follow…

Kaiden holds up the paper and waves it at Ophelia, saying, "Well, yeah. I didn't come here for the company." His eyes shoot over to Hephaesta for a moment and then return to Ophelia, saying, with that big, charming grin still on his face, "Care to escort me to the Goblet, then?"

Ophelia grins, seeing the paper, and even manages a small chuckle at the joke. "Not even your sister's?" She asks. She watches him curiously, when he looks away, and turns as he asks his question to see what caught his attention. "Heph… oh, no. No, I can't I have to go." She looks back once, her face pained, "Just… meet me after classes tomorrow? In the library?" She doesn't wait for an answer though. SHe just heads for the door.

Josie blinks as Phae just moves to leave without saying anything. There's no pondering for her, though, Josie hops right to her feet and hurries after her. "Phae? What's wrong?" All the girl sees is her friend is upset, it seems, why seems to go right over her head.

Ria simply watches by the doorway with her lips pursed and her arms crossed as Phae storms out.

Kaiden offers Ophelia a half-hearted salute, saying, "Aye aye, cap'n." He just rolls his eyes and shakes his head as he walks over to toss the piece of paper into the goblet, smiling as it disappears. "That was pretty cool. The way it just kind *whoosh*," he says to nobody in particular." Afterwards, he just wanders over to lead his sister out for a talk.

At Kaiden's request for an escort, Hephaesta does pause, glancing back to see how Ophelia responds. Then she's coming her way, along with Josie. So she waits, arms hugging herself, her expression hard. She tries to soften it a little when she looks at Josie, but manages only to look hurt in doing so.

Elspeth doesn't realize her cheeks turn a little pink when Noalan makes a mention of dating, even though he's making a joke at the expense of Durmstrang girls. She looks down at the hands that she's placed on either side of her knees as she leans her weight on them. The distraction of Hephaesta and Ophelia draws her attention, and she draws her brows together in concern. The mention of Ria maybe winking at Lan has her curl her hands a little tighter, even though she's still watching her two housemates with concern. When Hephaesta pauses to wait for Ophelia, she looks back down to Lan. She lifts her hands. *I'm glad you like the…. food. I have to go. See you later?* She watches for a moment to see if she's done it correctly enough for him to understand.

Maeve is about to stand up when Josie does, and, along with Ophelia, heads for Hephaesta. She does, however send the Ravenclaw girl a comforting (at least she hopes it is) smile. At the moment, the Goblet is completely forgotten by the first year.

Mabel makes her way in, along with some returning from Hogsmeade, by the assorted attire, just in time, it seems, to catch a bit more of the ongoing dramas, just pausing, there, to stay out of the way, perhaps, while there's some passings in-and out, and just, for the moment, just has a considering look at the Goblet of Fire.

It's back. The red haired terror of Slytherin House enters with her chin up and her robes swishing around her legs. Her hand holds something firmly in her fist and as she approaches down the center of the hall, Lorraine glances at anyone who will meet her eye, looking smug as she approaches the Goblet of Fire. "My, what an audience!""

Josie looks totally confused as she looks up to Phae, "What's wrong?" She looks to Ophelia and then back up to Phae and asks, "You mad she put her name in?" Totally clueless.

"Hephaesta… " As soon as she gets close enough, Ophelia starts talking. She's looking worried more and more as she takes in the girl's face, and pauses to bite her lip when she is standing before Phae. "Look." She finally says, "I have to talk to him. I promised I'd help him study! And it… it doesn't mean anything now, he's with that American girl now! Please, don't be angry with me… "

Maeve this time does stand up, and starts to make her way towards where Josie, Hephaesta, and Ophelia are standing. Unfortunately, the first year isn't quite paying attention, and manages to bump into a tall, redheaded girl in Slytherin robes. When she does, she stops, and looks up. "Oh, pardon me. I did nae mean to bump into ye…"

Hephaesta looks to Josie, again trying to keep a neutral expression with the First Year. "I'm mad because," she pauses, obviously she should be directing this at Ophelia. So she does, shifting her gaze to the ginger. "I'm mad because you don't even think you'll get picked, and you put your name in anyway, risking your life. You didn't even care that I was scared for you. Then I went to put my name in to protect you, and you didn't…you didn't even look! You didn't even say anything! You walked off to talk to Kaiden!" Like her namesake, Hephaesta's inner fire, usually sober and focused on her craftsmanship, has begun to bubble and erupt. This is no hormonal sobbing fit. This is hurt and anger.

"You think I don't care?" Ophelia sucks in a breath, her own anger rising to meet Hephaesta's. It isn't nearly as strong, yet, its most certainly there, in her clenched fists and suddenly fierce expression. "You don't think I'm worried too? That I'm not sitting there thinking about what happens if you get chosen, if you get hurt because you put your name in that cup /for me/?"

Lorraine looks down coldly at Maeve, a sneer curling up her lips. "Watch it, mudblood," says the fourth year, tossing the insult off casually. Sidestepping the young Gryffindor, she approaches the Goblet and drops the piece of paper into the flames, watching with satisfaction when the paper is consumed. Then she turns to see what sort of attention she might have gained from this bold action… or maybe just who she can pick on if nobody's going to come be in awe of her.

A little attention, indeed, from one of the older Gryffindor girls, now standing a bit by the diminutive Firstie, looking a bit unamused, "Well, you got it in the cup, at least," Mabel says, perhaps in a subtle retort on Maeve's behalf. Giving the firstie, herself a bit of a cautioning look about antagonizing fourth-year Slytherins.

Hephaesta's tears do come, but not in sobs. They would be silent, save for her angry words. "You sure didn't show it. Do you have any idea how that felt? I was trying to do that for you! You blew me off, Ophie. Twice." She shakes her head…and now the crying threatens to break through. "Worst of all, the second time? I might as well have been invisible, and you blew me off for him."

Maeve does catch the look from Mabel, and bites back the retort that she was about to come out with. However, it's evident that the girl knows /exactly/ what the insult means, and that, rather than cowing the littlest Gryffindor, it's got her irish up, as it were.

Ophelia pressed her lips together, for a second trembling with emotions too complex to handle. Very slowly, she closes her eyes and calms the shaking, and reaches out one hand for Phae's shoulder. "I'm sorry." She murmurs, "I didn't mean it like that, Hephaesta. I just didn't know what to do. You seemed so upset when you put your name in, I wasn't even sure you'd want to talk to me when you came back. But that… " she sighs, "That was wrong of me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone to talk to him then."

Josie's eyes widen as she looks between Phae and Ophelia, taking a step back. She misses the insult thrown at her other friend behind her, her attention on Phae and Ophelia and looking a little lost on what to say. All she thinks to do is move to stand behind Phae a bit, as if ready to back her if it comes to blows.

Arian has been entranced with other things for a while, but, after looking around for a moment, he spots Ophelia and Hephaesta standing and… there appears to be some sort of commotion going on. He stands quickly, and, trying not to attract attention, jogs over. "Hey, ladies," he says, trying to diffuse the situation with a smile. "Anything that I can help you with?" Like, maybe not causing so much of a scene?

Lorraine just smirks at Maeve and nods to Mabel with just as little respect as her housemate as got. "You're right. I've got pretty good aim. What about you, Hawker? Sticking your name in?" Icy eyes flick towards the lesbian soap opera over yonder and then roll. Bread and butter, indeed.

Noalan 's eyes are drawn downwards at the familiar flicker of movement, the result of which makes him stand up. "I've done what I came here for anyways, I'll see you out." He says, not wanting to be at a Ravenclaw table without her. Since she made the attempt, he does as well, "lieben du… hmmm have company." He finishes lamely.

Hephaesta swallows hard, still shaking with upset, but Ophelia's touch and softened words take some of the wind out of her sails. A sidelong glance tells her that Josie is standing loyally by her. One hand goes to rub Josie's arm gratefully, the other coming to Ophelia's hand to hold it. She has no words. The sting of being overlooked for a former paramour is still too fresh. But she can at least try to connect with Ophelia in some way.

As the anger fades some from Hephaesta's face, Ophelia steps forward and just wraps the other girl in her arms, despite the crowd of onlookers. "I'm so sorry." She repeats. "I was worried you were angry with me, so I went and did something stupid and made you even angrier." She sighs, "You see? I'm really not all that wonderful. I do stupid things, and I hurt people."

Mabel ohs, airily, giving the impression of someone at a rather exclusive dinner exchanging banter, an indulgent little downturned smile about the bit of drama, if the romance is something that makes the Slytherin uncomfortable, too, so much the better. Says to Lorraine, "Oooh, I'm still mulling it over: just because they promise to trot out a few monsters to battle, there's no need to rush in just yet. But I'll likely give it a go."

The scene with Ophelia and Phae is having a disturning effect, and when Lan offers to see her out, Elspeth nods gratefully. Then when he tries speaking in German, she colors even brighter. There's awkward moment as she's pulling on her satchel, then she gives a little bit of a laugh and nods. "I am thinking that you mean "lieber", " she surmises, smoothing her expression. "We will have to be working a little harder on your lessons, or else you must not be trying to German on the sphynx. She will be thinking that you are wanting a date with her." She gives another little laugh with a touch of self consciosness in it as she walks away from the hall, not noticing the making up between Phae and Ophelia.

Lorraine nods thoughtfully to Mabel. "Well. I suppose even you could possibly be deamed worthy." It's high praise from the redheaded girl! Then she turns in a swirl of robes, making her way out of the Hall.

Hephaesta can't stay angry. A little hurt, but remaining angry at Ophelia? Not likely. She leans into her, wrapping one arm around her. But the other, she reserves for Josie. The little Gryffindor has been such a dear friend, and always seems to show up right when Phae needs a little extra strength. "You're still wonderful," she mumbles, then takes a deep breath, sighing with worry. "So…now we're both in the Goblet. I'm scared, Ophie."

Mabel unfolds a hand from one of her folded arms, and says,

Maeve grits her teeth as Lorraine departs. If looks could kill, her glare would probably be one of the Unforgivable Curses. She glances up at Mabel again, then takes a breath, trying to regain her composure, and calm down. "That snotty little…" she trails off, unable to put into words what she wants to say, at least in polite company.

Ophelia sighs, hugging Hephaesta tightly for a few more moments. "We're going to be /fine/. I promise you. I mean, look at us!" When she pulls back, she's grinning a little, and gesturing to Josie and the others, as well as themselves, "As you've pointed out before, we're some of the smartest students at this school. No matter what we have to face, even if one of us does get chosen, we'll figure it out. I know it."

Mabel unfolds a hand from one of her folded arms, and says, "Well, I suppose there's one less Halloween date, wouldnt' you think?" She nods, and says in a more level tone. "It's true: too many in the old families seem to be getting coarse in their dotage, it seems. But it's best not to get down to that level. Not while they're expecting it, anyhow."

Hephaesta swallows and nods. Emotion exhausts her. "Yeah…I suppose we'll be alright." She doesn't sound like she really believes it. "I'm going to go to bed early…okay?" It's a genuine question, and she tries to give Ophelia a smile, but it doesn't come as easily just now.

"We will be." Opehlia insists once more. She nods, though, letting her arms fall back to her sides. There's a glance at the others before she asks, quietly, "Can… um, may I come with you? I mean upstairs you know just, um… to walk you up and all." Blushing rather suddenly, she runs a hand through her hair.

Josie smiles in relief as things calm down. She looks up to Phae and says, "You're ok now? I mean, know you're worried, but you're not upset anymore?" She has to make sure. And then they're heading off and says, "Ok, bye. Good night."

Hephaesta nods silently, her smile growing a little more. It helps, the little signs of affection. She turns to Josie, and gives her a tight hug. "We're alright. Thank you, Josie. You're the best." Bracing herself for the long climb to Ravenclaw tower, she reaches for Ophelia hand, and the sweethearts depart together.

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