(1937-10-07) Understanding Innuendo
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Summary: The Sykes twins have one of their catch up sessions where they tell each other what's going on in their lives and then vehemently express their disapproval for each other's activities. You know, the usual.
Date: October 7, 1937
Location: Entry Courtyard, Hogwarts
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Entry Courtyard Hogwarts
Mon Oct 07, 1937 ((Mon Oct 07 05:36:57 2012)) (E,5)

It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and overcast.

A path leads from the Gates through to the huge bridge that travels across the lake towards the Hogwarts entry hall from here. The otherwise green hill isn't very steep, however, almost like it was designed for long walks and for the carriages. Another, steeper and well-trodden, path leads down to the lake shore and the groundskeeper's cabin, in a roundabout way to the west, while the lake itself is visible over cliffs hundreds of feet tall to the South.
Across the bridge and just outside the entry hall is the courtyard itself, a large rectangular area with roofed walkways along the outside, with benches to sit and arched open-air windows to give a view over the lake. Inside these walkways is a central open square just outside the doors to the castle, with a couple of larger benches to give students a place to sit.

From the Great Hall, Ria strolls along outside with Kaid just after they both dropped their names off into the Goblet. Eyeing the sky she has a feeling it was about to rain so she keeps her wand handy for an umbrella charm just in case. "Where the heck were you this weekend? I couldn't find you at all. Xavier was in Hogsmeade asking for you," she frowns at her twin as they pace along.

Kaiden walks along with his sister and looks over at her, a devilish grin forming on his lips, "I was busy. I talked to Xavie before he left, though, don't you worry. He told me some interesting news about your lovelife." Side-note: Kaiden's hair is pulled back into a pony-tail for the first time in a long while.

"Well it's good you at least caught up with him. You know, it's really hard to catch him in between his treasure excursions so I was really set on finding you all weekend. I wish you would have at least left word with me that you had it under control," Ria continues to nag. That's what women are for, right? But her brow quirks when she asks, "What does Xavier know about my love life?" Last time she checked, she made it a point to tell him nothing.

Kaiden blushes slightly as he thinks back over his weekend and says, "I was…busy. Working on very important things." Yeah, let's go with that. He smirks over at her and says, "Oh, just something about you sitting a little too close to that Proudmore twat. I knew something was going on between you two. I could just sense it."

Ria rolls her eyes and crosses her arms, before resigning to sit on a bench. She scoots over to the side to give just enough room for her brother to sit. "Don't call him a 'twat' Kaiden. That's unnecessarily lewd. Only Americans talk like that," she scolds him lightly. "And so what if there is…he's not a bad fellow. Works hard, and he's been good to me." But her eyes narrow a bit and her chin rises when she catches his blush, "Something very important, hmm? What could be more important than visiting an older brother we haven't seen in so long? A girl, perhaps?"

Kaiden smirks at her and says, "Oh, he works hard? Well that's a relief. Thank goodness I can overlook the fact that he's unpleasant now that I know he's a hard worker." He rolls his eyes and then at the question his blush becomes a bit more fierce, "No. O'course not. Why would you think that? I was studying or something."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ria=Awareness Vs Kaiden=Deception
< Ria: Good Success Kaiden: Success
< Net Result: Ria wins - Marginal Victory

"Oh please you've had your share of strange female company in the past," Ria points out and adds, "All of whom were the results of rash decisions. And you've shuffled through them rather quickly. So when I try to make a careful choice, you feel the need to criticize it." She's clearly bugged and keeps her arms crossed. But his blushing doesn't let up, in fact it becomes more intense which simply makes her more confident. "Kaiden, you're clearly lying! You're gotten tied up with another girl haven't you? I could sense it all weekend. I always do."

Kaiden waves a dismissive hand, "Look, you don't have to have my approval. I'm just saying that I don't like him. You can go ahead and make your choice, I'm not stopping you." After the question, Kaiden can't stand it anymore and has to spill the beans. She is his sister, after all. He looks over at her with that devilish grin of his and says, "More like…tangled up."

<FS3> Ria rolls Understanding Innuendo: Failure.

Ria half frowns at his reply. She's not unhappy with it just not completely satisfied. Her brows knot as if she wants to say more and she eventually does, leaning over to try and cling onto Kaiden's arm while she begs, "Just…please try to get along with him. Please? He's already an illegitimate son, I'm afraid of what mother and father'll say. So please do me a favor: keep it quiet from them and just try to get on for now. Okay?" She looks up at him trying to pull her wide-eyed angel face look.

She looks just a tad confused at his metaphor though. "Tangled up…," she repeats and then thins about it. "You're not making any sense." For a girl so academically smart she's a tad dense isn't she?

Kaiden shrugs and looks down at her, saying, "Fine, I'll play nice. But I swear that if he hurts you, he's going to have hell to pay, you understand me?" To her confusion he sighs and rubs his temple before saying, "We…became one?"

Score! The angel-face works every time! With a bright grin Ria wraps her arms around Kaiden and gives him the biggest squeeze she can manage. "Oh thank youu, thank you, thank youu!" And she even shakes him around to bit to show her true appreciation. But when he explains his innuendo, she releases him immediately almost in slight disgust. "Oh Merlin, Kaiden!" She looks him up and down and in panic asks, "You've washed since then I hope, right? I didn't touch you stuff on your clothes right?" Gross, gross, gross. "With who?? Was it Summerbee? I thought you guys ended a while ago!"

Kaiden rolls his eyes once more and says, "Of course I've washed since then! I'm not some sort of dirty gypsy!" He scoffs slightly and furrows his brow at Ria, saying, "Summerbee? Oh, heavens no. She'd die if I even attempted it."

"I'm just checking, that's all," Ria holds her hands up defensively, but she runs her thumbs over bottom lip. "Then who? Who on earth did you woo so easily into your bed after just a few days of dating you…?"

Kaiden looks over at her and says, "I don't really think that I should tell you. I mean it was kind of special and my first time and all. It's not like I should go around parading who it was with."

Ria lowers her chin and stares at Kaiden with an upward gaze that seems to say 'Come on now.' "I'm not some random bloke off the street. I'm your sister, I'm not going to go around proclaiming who you…screwed…," she murmurs that last word, looking around the courtyard just incase there were others around.

Ria gasps, her eyes going the widest anyone's ever seen them in a while. "Briar?! Briar Crocker?!" she exclaims then freezes realizing how loud she said that. After scoping the area once more she leans in and settles for a hoarse whisper instead, "Briar the American girl?! No wonder! She's so foul mouthed and lewd, I can hardly believe she's a prefect sometimes. Oh why, Kaiden? What did she do to you? How did she get into your head and tempt you, hmm? I think she slipped you a potion. She must have slipped you a potion. Are you feeling feverish?" Ria reaches out to touch the back of her hand to his forehead.

Kaiden cuts his eyes at Ria and says, "Watch what you say about her, Aria." He slaps her hand down from his forehead and points a finger into her chest, saying, "Look, I'm not giving you shit about Lucian. You're not gonna give me shit about Briar, alright!?"

Ria acks and retracts her hand when its slapped down, and she even leans back a bit with his finger poking at her. But as she clutches her her hand, the look in her eye glowers and she frowns deeply at him. "Fine, fair enough," she reluctantly agrees with her nose proudly up. "I'm just saying, she's not dumb. She knows exactly what she's doing, so make sure she actually likes you and isn't using you for…meaningless things." Straightening her skirt she stands back up again and says, "And for pete's sake, please becareful! Don't get her you know…knocked up. I don't know how I'd be able to save you from that one." After that sentence, the corners of her mouth crinkle into a sincerely concerned frown.

Kaiden shakes his head at her and pulls her in for a hug, "Look, I know what I'm doing. I really like this one, and she likes me. She's not afraid to kick my ass if I'm falling short or something." He rubs her back softly and says, "And don't worry about that. It's not like we're savages. We're careful."

Ria sighs as she pulled into the embrace. That's what he said about Ophelia, sort of. But even Ria has a limit to jabs she can take against her own twin. "Okay, I trust you," she sighs and leans the side of her head on his shoulder while giving him a good squeeze. "And don't forget your Auror goals either. I won't have her distracting you."

Kaiden scratchers her back gently and says, "I don't. Nothing comes before my future, I promise. I'm gonna give Jocunda a run for her money, that's for damn sure." He chuckles softly and squeezes her before letting her go and kissing her on the forehead.

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