(1937-10-08) Evening At the Cauldron
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Summary: Friends, some old and some newer, meet by happenstance at the Leaky Cauldron and enjoy some conversation and torment an unfortunate man.
Date: 8 October, 1937
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Though it's the early evening, it's also a Monday, which isn't the busiest time for the Leaky Cauldron. Still, the pub is never quite empty on any given night, so there is still a smattering of idle conversation here and there. One such conversation is rather one-sided, as a slick-looking young man with dark curls and a prominent chin touts his accomplishments as a second-string Beater for the Chudley Cannons. His table partner, a lovely blonde woman in a dress that much to elegant for this environment, idly fingers the pearls around her neck, trying her best not to look as bored as she is. She flashes the man an occasional smile when his tone sounds like it requires approval, but otherwise her eyes wander the pub over the occasional sip of her drink.

Gilbert walks into the Cauldron and straight up to the bar,"A pint of your finest, my good man." he says to the bartendar. Once he's been served he takes the frosty mug in his hand and turns around to survey the room. Seeing known people he walks up to Audrey's table with a small smile on his lips,"Well, hello there Miss Taylor." and with a suddeen switch of voice inflection he says in a deep, seductive voice that's a clear parody of most leading men in theater in film he adds the cliche line,"What's a girl like you doing in a place like this?"

Audrey glances up a Gilbert's approach, and is suddenly all smiles. "Gilbert!" She rarely uses anyone's last name. "Oh, you darling man, how are you?"

The burly Chudley Cannon doesn't seem quite as happy to see Gilbert, and frowns up at the actor. "Pardon, mate. The lady and I were havin' a nice time. Alone. So shove off, eh?"

Gilbert turns his head slowly to look at Mr. Chudle Cannon, eyes opening wide in surprise and suddenly he is flamboyantly gay,"Ohmy, ohmy, aren't you the burly cutiepie!" As he speaks he cocks out a hip and runs a finger slowly down his arm,"And so big! ah'm suah you won't have trouble with two rather than one now would ya big boy." Sliding into Mae West towrds the end he give Chudley a big, saucy wink.

The thickly muscled Beater goes from aggressive jerk to terrified puppy in two seconds flat. He rises suddenly, if only to give him room to avoid being touched by Gilbert. "Whoa, WHOA. I'm not like that. Ladies only for me, mate."

Audrey pinches her lips to stifle her laughter, eyes dancing in amusement at Gilbert. But he's driven in the wedge, and one more tap should send this self-absorbed boor running. "Ladies only for you?" She adopts a look of genuine surprise. "Me, too! Oh, I knew we had something in common." Jock-block complete. The Cannon just stares at the both of them, words failing him, and quickly bee-lines for the door.

On the other side of Mr. Chudley Cannon, sat a rather dowdy looking Auror who now looks even more dowdier with beer spilled all over her front and on the papers she was holding in front of her. Seems like when the quidditch player stood up, he knocked into Cooper and her mug. With a wave of her wand, she removes the effects of the sound muffling charms from her ears and stares rather pointedly at him through thick glasses that are bespeckled with the beverage. "Want to clean this up for me, mister?" she says dryly and gestures to the large stain on her clothes.

Gilbert chuckles to himself as he turns his attention back to Audrey. "I do hope I didn't ruin your evening. Mind if I take a seat? I have been in touring Spain and France for the last year or so and I am desperate for true conversation in a civilized language." Looking over to see what's happened with Cooper he rolls his eyes and shakes his head a bit before motioning for the bartender to bring Cooper more of whatever it was she was drinking. The spill was, after all, partially his fault.

Chudley stops, momentarily distracted. Another woman! Maybe he can salvage this day after all. He smirks, leaning his beefy arm up against a post, looming over Cooper. "I could think of a few ways to clean that off of you. IfyouknowwhatImean."

Audrey gestures across the table to where the Quidditch player was sitting. "I'd be offended if you didn't sit, Gilbert. Goodness, Spain and France? Color me jealous. You must tell us all about it." Us, she says, because she is already waving Cooper over excitedly. "Genevieve! It's been weeks. Come sit with us, won't you?"

Cooper seems to brighten upon seeing THE Audrey Taylor once more. She gets star struck by how immensely beautiful this woman is everytime. "Oh yes give me a moment and I certainly will Miss Taylor," she gives the woman her usual warm and bright smile until it quickly melts away into a look of disdain toward Chudley. Oh goody. One of these fellas. Cooper found him mildly attractive and even considered him until he began talking. "I do know what you mean," her blue eyes look coldly up at the man (she looks so petite next to him!). "Though I'll have you know that I prefer you to be on your hands and knees when you clean me. And I'll ensure that you'll be crying." There's no smirking or coy smiling involved. She means business. But she purposely leaves out the detail of how she intends to make him cry.

The door to the Cauldron swings open, letting in a blast of the freezing night air from outdoors. A thin man stands in its frame, his dark blue cloak-and-robe combination - a new acquisition from Malkin's - billowing around him (along with his long hair) until he steps inside far enough for the door to swing closed. Magnus's eyes land on Audrey first, and he takes a half-step towards the starlette to greet her, but then he sees Cooper and her erstwhile companion. After observing their interaction, a smirk crawls over his lips. Oddly enough, he steps into the corner around the door (so no Muggles can see him), removes his wand, and points it at his face. After a few muttered incantations, he turns back around and walks towards the pair. He's now 'wearing' makeup, including blush and eyeliner, that might be considered quite flattering in certain areas of the red light district. The wizard paces up behind 'Chudley' and casually slips an arm around his waist, his pale grey eyes sparkling maliciously. "Oh, look at /you/. I could just eat you up, my dear."

Gilbert covers his mouth with one hand to hide the chuckle as he leans to Audrey and murmurs, "Did I not just pull that schtick myself?" then relaxes in preparation to enjoy the show, taking an idle sip of his lager.

Poor Chudley just can't get a break. This never happens! He's…manly! He has a chiseled chin! Cheekbones! Muscles! Clearly, he is unequipped for this barrage of disappointments and rejections. He clears his throat, tugging at his collar. "I…uh…that sounds…interesting. But I think I just forgot…remembered! I just remember that I'm supposed to visit my sick mother in the hospital. So…" and he turns to get away from these people as quickly as he is able…only to be confronted with the terrifying visage of a painted Magnus. He shakes his head disbelievingly. "What is WRONG with this place?! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" he screams, as his world starts to crumble apart. He makes a sound as he hurries out the door…it might have been sobbing.

Audrey covers her mouth to contain the laughter, but at the Beater's distraught exit, she actually gives an audible, "Awwww. The poor dear. He was just out of his league." Sympathetic or not, her shoulders shake in silent giggles. She beams a smile up at Magnus and Cooper now, and gestures to the two remaining empty chairs at her table. "Magnus, you must also join us, you devilish man."

Magnus arches his brows as Chudley beats his distressed retreat. He snickers quietly, bends down behind a table out of sight of any customers so that he can reverse the transfiguration, then straightens himself. By this time Cooper has also excused herself. The ambassador smiles at Audrey and makes his way over to her table, pulls an empty chair out, and seats himself. "Thank you, Miss Taylor, I would be delighted to do so. How is the evening treating you and your companion?" This last is said with an extended hand to Gilbert. "Magnus Troy, my good man. A pleasure."

Gilbert raises an arm high in the air and gives Chudley a broken-wrist wave,"Byby Big Boi! Don' forget meah, I certahnly won't forget ya! Ya'll be in mah dreams for months!" Chuckling evilly he returns his attention back to the table, all his mannerisms melting away like magic as he gives Magnus' hand a firm businesslike shake that is a bit shorter than normal."Gilbert Sullivan. A pleasure to meet you my good sir." To Audrey he says, "I was just touring a small company, a run of The Tempest. I was pleased to be playing Gonzalo."

Audrey extends a hand to Magnus as he sits, obviously expecting to be kissed. At Gilbert's story, her eyes sparkle with fascination. "That sounds wonderful, Gilbert. Perhaps I should look into an international tour. Maybe next year. I'm positively booked for the next eleven months. Sharkey keeps me busy-busy-busy."

Cooper returns from the loo just in time to see Gilbert's cute little wave and goodbye (cause you know the makeup act made her laugh so hard that she lost it and had to run off before she wet her pants). With a bright grin on her face she returns to the group and moves to sit with them. "I must say, Magnus. You do makeup really well. I'll call on you next time I have some event to attend, since I don't know how to apply it myself." The stain is still on her shirt. Seems like she didn't bother to clean it off while on there. And turning the actor himself she grins at him, "And you sir were quite convincing as well. You could do it professionally. Thank you for the drink, by the way." And she accepts the replacement beer from the bartender that Gilbert ordered for her earlier.

Without hesitation, Magnus takes Audrey's hand and brushes it lightly against his lips, then lowers it and leans back in his chair. "Any more appearances at The Natrix in the works, Miss Taylor?" He hasn't ordered a drink yet, but doesn't seem to be in a great hurry. Gilbert receives a thoughtful look of estimation for a few seconds - he remembers the other man from the late rally, though of course the recognition won't be mutual. "Good to meet you, Mr. Sullivan." When Cooper returns, he looks over at her and grins, pushing out her chair for her before she sits. "Is beer-scented clothing in fashion now, Genevieve? And thank you. I enjoy using my imagination."

Gilbert nods at Audrey and says,"With features and expression like yours I am really not surprised." This is all said very matter of factly before he takes another sip of his lager then put down the mug to pull out his wand. Pointing it at Cooper he swishes it a couple of time and murmurrs "Tergeo" under his breath, making the stains on Cooper's shirt pop off, turn into a mist and disipate into nothingness. Putting his wand away he shrugs at Cooper,"It is the least I could do, considering the whole incident was partially my fault. Gilbert Sullivan and I am a professional actor and author, Miss…"

Audrey delights at the kiss to her hand, giving Magnus a wink, Gilbert is her new hero with such praise, Genevieve receives a welcoming touch to her arm as she sits, in her usual presumption of familiarity. Audrey seems to feel she has a suitable audience now, and she's glowing. "I make appearances now and then, Magnus. It's a wonderful venue to perform in. Oh, Gilbert and Genevieve, you should both come by sometime. It's a very hip place."

Cooper umms, looks down at her shirt and sighs at Magnus, "It's a long story." And she's gotten to the point where she feels she has no need to impress the diplomat any longer, but it's not like she ever reached that point to begin with. Instead, the author takes care of her stain, which earns nothing but a bright warm grin on Cooper's behalf. "Buys me drinks and cleans my clothes. I think we have a true winner here," she says to Gilbert. "It truly is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sullivan and it may partially have to do with the fact that you're spoiling me. The name's Genevieve Cooper. But hey now, my guess was correct! What kind of actor are you? And do you sing because perhaps we can convince you and Miss Taylor here to do a duet." She simply loves the idea. But turning to Audrey she nods, "I've been to the Natrix lately. Brought a muggle friend with me, but unfortunately we've only been able to catch Mr. Montague singing. What a talented good-looking fellow he is. When will you be there next?" And Magnus is ignored for now. Simply because he's sauntered off to order himself a drink.

Gilbert smiles at Cooper for a moment as Magnus leave to get a drink at the bar. Deepning his voice and projecting it so its clearly heard throughout the smallish main room of the Cauldron he answers he with an example,"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." And then he goes back to normal speaking patterns,"Sadly, my talents do not include signing, that that is one part I will never play. And even as an actor, that's mostly a sideline. I really specialize in Muggle Studies and I am primarily a writer and a scholar." Turning to Audry he shakes his head a bit before taking a sip from his glass and then answering her question,"I have never been there. Is it a fairly new locale?"

Audrey nods to Gilbert. "It was a restaurant, but it just reopened about a month ago as a dance hall. I headlined for opening night. It was magnificent." She swoons a bit at the memory of the glamorous evening. "Genevieve, Gilbert here is a fabulous actor. You should have seen his Cardinal Campeius in Henry VIII. My heart beat faster for days, I think." She may love receiving praise, but she can dish it out, too. She reaches across the table to give Gilbert's hand a squeeze, smiling adoringly at him.

Cooper grins, simply entertained by Gilbert's line delivery and she claps vigorously and cheers for the actor. While continuing the line herself, "At first, the infant! Mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel…and shining morning face, creeping like snail unwillingly to school…." She tries to project her voice too, but she's neither professionally trained or is she anything to special. So she sits back down sheepishly and just drinks from her beer. "Not as good as yourself of course, but I do like Shakespeare," she grins to Gilbert. "Muggle studies though. Rather interesting. Doesn't seem like too popular of a topic now-a-days." Turning to Audrey she raises her brows. "So you've seen him act, then? Now, I want to see him too, after a line like that…"

Having just wandered off to the bar to fetch a drink, Magnus makes his way back to the table where Audrey, Cooper, and Gilbert are gathered. He retakes the seat he'd just left, a tall martini glass in hand, and settles into his place. He peers around at his tablemates, takes a long sip of the martini, and smiles. "My, my - so much talent at one table. I feel rather out of place, I think."

Elly is on cooking duty again in the kitchen. But a little miniature Elly - a 6 year old girl with amazing blue eyes and pale blond hair looks a little bit lost as she tries to bring a tea tray over to the wrong table and she trips up a bit which sends the messily stuffed tray scattering and clattering onto the table and floor around her. She's trying so hard to do everything perfect like her big sister, but when things get ruined her bottom lip starts to quiver and those sky blue eyes grow cloudy with impending storms.

Gilbert shakes his head at Cooper,"Nay, nay. It was a credible attempt. And impressive that you remembered how to follow up my line properly. The projection, well, it is a matter of practice." then he bows slightly to the whole table, acknowledging the compliments before freezing when he hears the clatter of falling tea services. Sliding his chair back he gets on his hands and knees and goes to help the young girl,"There, there ma wee lassie. Tis all gonnae be fine." Where'd the brogue come from?

Audrey lifts her brow at the ruckus, and upon seeing the little girl, she melt. "Oooh, the poor dear." She rises to lend a hand, mostly in kneeling beside the child and giving her "there-there" pats. "There, see? Kind Mr. Sullivan will help you. Nothing to be sad over, sweetheart."

"Well, maybe you belong at another table then," Cooper teases Magnus and eyes his martini. No surprise there on her face. "Oh yes, well I'm a big reader, even when it comes to muggle literature. You can say I'm rather knowledgeable in other muggle ways as well," she shrugs but the clattering certainly gets her attention. And she blinks, her own blue eyes catching the ones that are about to cry. Suddenly, Cooper feels a bit awkward and she throws Magnus a 'What is it and what do we do with it?' kind of look. So she waves her wand the cups and etc stack itself back up upon a levitating tray that hovers enough to the young girl to take it from the air if she wants. "Oh hey look. I don't know what happened but definitely no one dropped a tray," she offers unsurely with a shrug. Kids. They aren't really her forte.

Sisay steps in with a rolled up newspaper under his arm, and glances around before making his way to a table. Any glances are responded to with brisk nods, and then he sets down at the next table over from Magnus and that group, folding out his newspaper and leaning back in his chair. Spilled tray what? He didn't notice.

"Mmm. I don't think so. I generally belong at the one with the beautiful women," Magnus replies, offering a smirk as he takes another sip of the clear drink. When the little girl stumbles and the others react, he looks as lost as the auror. Kids, pets - as far as he's concerned, they're messy little things that should be kept in cages. He shrugs, arches his brows, and doesn't add anything on top of the responses the others make to the child's dilemma (wouldn't want to overwhelm her, right?). Sisay, however, does get a polite nod and a smile from him.

The little wench in training — that is unfortunately quite the butterfingers — looks at those that have come to help her. "Elweeze nevah needs 'elp." Pout! "Mummy is poorly. But I'm a big girl now. I can help!" She explains to Audrey in explanation to why she's so sad, and why this means so much to her. She blinks at the levitated tray. "I'm not supposed to do magic…" Looking at her hands her eyes are wide. She missed Cooper's helping and is under the impression she's just had her first magical experience.

Cooper rolls her eyes at Magnus and seeing as he's no help on dealing with this kiddo and avoids any more awkwardness by rising up from her seat. Upon seeing the little girl's eyes go wide she's unable to interpret the conclusion the little girl has come to and says, "Good as new right?" She flashes her bright smile but then turns to the others and clears her throat, "Okay, cigarette break. Be back in a bit." She almost runs into Sisay on her way out and she offers a quick apology before stepping out into the Diagon Alley side of things.

Gilbert sits back on his heels and then leans forwards so he staring into the little girls eyes, tilting his head slightly from side to side as if searching for something. After a few moments he gives her a big, happy smile and nods,"There she is! I knew there was a great helper in there! And I just found her, deep inside. All she needs to come out if a little bit of practice. Keep doing what you are doing, little missy, and you'll see, she'll come out." Getting to his feet he dusts his knees off then grabs the tray from the air, balances it on one hand and offers it to the mini-Elly with a deep courtly bow. "M'lady. Yourrrr tray."

Audrey smiles brightly at Gilbert's way with the child. "You have nothing to worry about, dear. You just listen to Mr. Sullivan. He's a wise man." Audrey stands, smoothing out her skirt and returning to the table. She gives a little pout, seeing that Cooper has left. "Did Genevieve go?" Apparently she missed her stepping out while dealing with little Eve.

Sisay frowns as he flips through his newspaper. It's not the Daily Prophet, though the moving pictures make it clearly a wizarding paper. It's not, in fact, written in English at all. He flips to the middle, then folds it in half and half again, setting it down on the table and sighing.

Despite his inclination to ignore children as much as possible, Magnus can't help but put on a lopsided grin at Gilbert's performance. He's still holding his martini, and he finishes off what's left of it as Audrey returns. "Went for a smoke. I'd go for one myself, but my bones haven't yet returned to room temperature." Saying so, he draws his robe slightly tighter around himself, and chuckles. "How do you know Mr. Sullivan, Miss Taylor?"

Elly calls from the kitchen, "Eve? E'rythin' alrigh' loverly?" Eve chimes back "Aye Ellweeze!" She puts her finger up to her lips looking to Gilbert and Audrey mostly begging them to keep her secret. Blushing and giggling she takes the tray from Gilbert, who now has a new fangirl. Of course within the minute she takes the tray back it's clattering about as she giggles. "Evie! Come help in here for a little while." Elly is aware of her sisters clumsy ways and is trying to spare any more accidents. So yes, let's invite the clumsy girl into the place where there is burning hot iron and sharp steel and other manner of dangerous things. Ahhh Wizard Logic.

Gilbert chuckles as he comes back to his chair and takes a long drink from what is at this point his half empty pint. "But enough about me. What do you do Mr. Troy? You showed some not-inconsiderable acting ability yourself a few minutes ago."

Audrey pats Magnus' hand. "Gilbert is a fine actor, and we worked together when I played Beatrice. He was so charming and talented. How could I not adore him?" She flashes a smile at Gilbert, then looks back to Magnus. "Yes, indeed. What do you do, Magnus?"

Sisay leans back in his chair, staring up at the ceiling. He sighs, and then picks up the paper again, reading it in more detail now instead of his prior flipping.

"I see - of course, I should have figured as much," Magnus says, his grin still in place. He'd missed those bits of conversation earlier while he was getting his drink, but it seems obvious now that it's brought directly to his attention. "I'm an ambassador, though - formerly to France and then Germany, but currently I work as a liaison to Whitehall. Not my favorite post, but it is nice to be back in England." He pins a smile on to the end of this statement, but it doesn't quite reach his eyes. Perhaps he misses life on the continent more than he'd like to admit. "Would anyone fancy another drink?"

Gilbert pulls out a pocket watch from the front pocket of his jacket and pops it open to check the time. With a little click he closes and puts it back in his pocket as he says,"Well, this has been a pleasure big I have a rehersal in 15 minutes so I must beg off." Picking up his pint he drains it of any remaining beer and starts getting out of his chair.

Audrey rises to see Gilbert off, kissing his cheeks. "It was wonderful to see you again, Gilly. We mustn't wait so long next time." After showering affection on him, she returns to her seat, turning her pearly whites onto Magnus. "I would adore another drink. Half glass of whiskey, single malt?"

Sisay scowls at the page in front of him, and stands up again. He scoops up his paper and strides out to the city beyond with a frown on his face.

The door swings open again, and in steps a Cooper smelling like fresh English air and cigarettes. The brim of her cloche hat hands low and obscures the top half of her frames. "Oh, you're off then Mr. Sullivan. A pleasure to meet you. Hope to see you on stage sometimes," she brightly grins and rejoins the party quickly throwing in her order, "Get me one of those martini things you love to drink." And she takes her hat off to let her blonde locks fall lazily down over her shoulders again. "Oh the girl's gone. Was she all right? She looked at me rather wide-eyed, I was afraid she'd wet herself," Cooper admits to Audrey before seating herself back in her chair. "So what were we talking about before I rudely interrupted."

"Goodbye, Mr. Sullivan. Good to meet you, good luck with your rehearsal," Magnus calls out as the other man takes his leave. He's just in the process of getting out of his seat when Cooper returns; after looking between her and Audrey, the diplomat smiles, gives a servile little bow, and heads towards the bar to place the orders. It takes a few minutes, but soon enough he's waltzing back with another martini, a whiskey, and a cognac for himself; the drinks are set out on the table and he sits back down slowly. "Here you are, Miss Taylor—" And, to Cooper: "Oh, she was just fine. I didn't realize you were so fond of children, Genevieve." Sly grin.

"Oh yes, children," Cooper says gingerly and accept the martini. Instantly she downs a gulp before dryly saying, "They're my life…." She places the glass carefully down and then quickly moves on, "Anyhow, on a cuter note: puppies! I saw this adorable one the other day Miss Taylor who looks just like Magnus here. Just tall and slim and morose. I think I'm going to buy it and then put a little cape on it and get it for him this coming Christmas." And the three go on and on about animals, enjoying an evening full of drinks, laughter, and eventually a wild orgy.

Okay, no wild orgy.

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