(1937-10-09) People Come and Go So Quickly Here
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Summary: A busy evening at Cafe‘ Tasseo is witness to a dinner between Cassius, Eddie and Sloan that falls apart only slightly slower than Hadrian and Kaylee’s meal. Calmer witnesses keep the evening going in the form of Allen and Josefa who soon join the poor, abandoned Kaylee.
Date: October 10, 1937
Location: Cafe Tasseo
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Well aware that her brother has one of the most busy schedules Eddie's ever known a wizard to possess, the dinner she set up with him last week to discuss business and to meet the man she's been seeing had to remain in place. Even if Sloan isn't quite himself, and Eddie's feeling a bit off. It's no matter. A Malfoy can hide anything beneath a smile and a good make up charm. She also got her and Sloan here a good fifteen minutes early so they could settle into a table and relax a bit without her brother noticing any lacking steadiness. A booth has been chosen in the very far back corner of the room, giving them a touch of privacy while being able to watch over the domain of the restaurant. Eddie is looking stunning as ever, in a screaming crimson suit with black buttons. It's double breasted and clings to her hourglass figure like a perfectly tailored second skin. She has a sweeping black hat perched sideways across the crest of her blonde hair, casting a light shadow over her elegant features. A bottle of wine is already decanting on the table in front of them. The staff, of course, is expecting Cassius and will show him directly back when he walks in the door.

Dressed in a pair of black dress pants, a white button down shirt and a button front vest, Sloan sits at the table quietly. His face nearly as pale as the shirt, his lips had been blue by the time the trip has been over, though sitting quietly as he is, a bit of the color returns to both his lips and his face, bowler set in the floor beside his chair.

Cassius steps through the door precisely two minutes before he is scheduled to be here. There is a momentary lull in conversations as he enters, quickly followed by a rise, as several topics turn toward discussions of the man and his controversial political stance. He is dressed in a sharp black suit with green serpentine trim that accentuates his tall, thin form. A server guides him to the intended table, and he greets his sister with a broad grin, much warmer than the practiced politician's smiles he uses for the crowds. "Lin, sweet sister. Come, let me embrace you." He reaches his hands to her before sitting.

Sharply aware of their surroundings, Eddie is certain Cassius has not yet arrived when she looks over to Sloan and gives him a gently reassuring smile. "You're looking better. But drink that damned potion the moment you have some food on your stomach or I am going to make a scene. And you know I can do it." Eddie smiles sweetly to him, even with her only slightly teasing threat, and leans over to press a brief kiss to the corner of his mouth just as her brother is walking in the door. Well, the universe has a cruel sense of timing. She doesn't jump away like she was caught stealing, he'll notice or he won't. She doesn't care. However, as he approaches their table, Eddie unfolds her elegant, tall frame from the booth and leans over to embrace her brother tightly. "Cass… You never need to ask for a bloody hug, you know that." She laughs warmly into his hair, kissing his cheek before pulling back. "Cassius, this is Sloan MacDubsithe. You remember him, he was in school with me. Sloan… my brother Cassius."

Looking at Eddie as she mention the potion, he grunts and taps his breast pocket, a metallic sound accompanying the gesture as he says, "Aye. Brought it wi' me lass. Ease yer skull." Standing as is proper when someone joins the group, Sloan leans lightly on his knuckles at the edge of the table, nodding to the younger Malfoy.

"Yes, of course. Mr. MacDubsithe, I think I must have been much shorter when last we met." Especially seeing as their last potential meeting was barred by several other wizards. Cassius gestures to all to sit, taking a seat himself. "My, how time flies. I'm delighted to properly meet you again, though. Edwarlinda speaks highly of you."

Being that nothing explodes on their initial introduction, Eddie exhales a small breath she didn't even realize she was holding before folding back down into her seat next to Sloan. She crosses her long, stockinged legs and reaches to pour her brother a glass of the decanted wine. Everything is fine, see? She's the utterly elegant hostess that a Malfoy woman would be expected to embody. She pours herself some wine and a half glass for the poor, pale Sloan, before setting the bottle back down. "I'm glad you had time for us, Cass… I can't imagine what your life has been like since the rally."

Nodding once more as he settles into his seat, Sloan clears his throat softly before replying. "Aye. ye were some'at shorter, an a touch less eloquent I seem tae remember. Time do fly indeed."

Not so much less eloquent. Though the years working as a barrister have certainly honed Cassius' silver tongue. "I always have time for my family, Lin. Though I concede that demands on my attention have magnified greatly. Everyone wants answers. I may need to accelerate my plans for the next gathering."

"I do think accelerating plans is a wise idea, but we need to do something that isn't a rally. Something that can help get more concrete information out there, not just speeches and scattered questions. There was too much mis-information being spilled about at the last meeting." Eddie then clears her throat, a hint of blush rising on her lovely cheeks. She shakes her head and smiles to them both. "But, I do not really think this dinner was supposed to be all about work. I wanted you two to… Meet again. Sloan has been quite good about keeping your sister safe and sane, Cassius. When he's keeping himself in one piece, that is." She winks to the dapper dressed brute across from her.

"I didn't even think what Helios might think of a owl around. His never chased birds before at least." Kaylee is speaking with Hadrian as they make there way on into the cafe. She pauses a moment and lets her gaze drift over the room before moving on towards a free table for them to sit at. An thanks to her coming in so much one of the servers goes about starting a pot of tea for her, as she always orders the same thing. She sets her shoulder bag down upon the back of the chair with the strap. "Do ye have any other pets other then the cat?" This is questioned to Hadrian once he has sat down.

Raising an eyebrow as they start into the politics planning, Sloan falls silent and tips the contents of his wine glass down his throat. Leaning forward on his forearms hs laces his fingers together in front of himself. Staring at the scarred and knotted knuckles until they're done.

"I'm sure he'll get used to it, he seems like a smart animal," Hadrian offers, with a bit of a grin. Making his way over to the table Kaylee's chosen. He then pauses a bit at that other question, shaking his head a little bit. "No, not really," he replies after a few moments.

Cassius nods in agreement with Eddie. "Certainly, and the newsletter will help with that. In truth, I didn't expect such a turnout. Not that I was displeased." His eyes shift to Sloan, sizing the man up. "So, do the two of you work together often? What sort of protection is it that you offer my sister, Mr. MacDubsithe?"

"I hope you'll let me contribute, Cass. You needn't be the only one putting himself in the spotlight, especially as people get a bit more restless around it all." Though she doesn't exactly voice it that way, the implications behind Eddie's words are that he doesn't need to be the only one putting himself in danger. She takes another sip of her wine and looks back to Sloan, smiling a bit wider as her brother asks more work and not politics related questions.

Head tilting for a moment, Sloan offers the ghost of a smile as Cassius asks about his protection. "We tend tae 'ave different patches. I works Hoxton an Shoreditch mostly. Eddie's exxageratin' a wee bit aboutme protectin' 'er. She don' need it, Aye?"

Kaylee smiles and nods to Hadrian. "Well that is true. I'm rather sure Helios and Artemis will get along." She hops at least. A soft ah escapes her. "So what made ye go about getting a pe then?" She questions curiously while watching Hadrian, her arms fold upon the table.

"I'm not really sure," Hadrian replies, shrugging a little bit. "It was just something telling me it was time to get one. And then, with a little help, Trajan seemed to be the right one."

Cassius shrugs, letting a hint of disappointment show. "Whether she needs it or not, I must admit I would feel more at ease has I known she had a man like you looking out for her. You understand. She is my blood, and I worry for her, no matter how capable she is." He smiles over at Edwarlinda, "And you are capable. Never doubt that I know that."

"I do have a man like him looking out for me, Cass. I have him, to be honest about it. I'm not certain we would call this a formal courtship yet but… well… It's certainly something akin to it, correct, Sloan?" Eddie smiles a bit wider, not exactly having planned to put the poor Irishman on the spot like that, but she did invite the man for dinner with her family. What did he think was going to happen? "And I know I am more than capable when it comes to our job. I am one of the most seasoned veteran Aurors we have these days, Cass. But off duty, well… It's nice to have a strong man around the house." Eddie states with a curt, happy little nod. She then looks up as the waiter comes with a round of pre-ordered appetizers. Oysters, crispy bread with tomatoes and garlic, and blue cheese stuffed figs. All savoury, expensive, and petite enough to be eaten politely.

"Well they do say that the pet tends too choose the owner." Kaylee offers with a soft tone. While the two talk about pets a server brings over that pot of tea and two cups, along with some sugar and milk. Kaylee thanks the server and goes about pouring some tea into the cups. "I take it ye have had a cat before? There interesting little critters at times."

Shrugging slightly, Sloan removes the flask from his breast pocket and pours the contents into his wine glass. It wasn't alcohol at least. Nodding at Eddie's statement, Sloan speaks quietly. "Something akin to it, aye. An don' worry Cassius, I gen'relly knows where she is at any given time. she needs 'elp I can get tae 'er in no time."

Cassius's eyebrow arcs high at the mention of courtship. "Something akin to courtship? I fear I must have been out of the dating circle for too long. How can something be akin to courtship? You are either courting my sister, or you are not." He places his hands flat on the table, his expression remaining neutral, save for the raised eyebrow.

"Well, my sister had a cat once, but I had to take care of it for her," Hadrian replies with a bit of a chuckle. Looking about to say something more when a man enters the cafe, heading straight for the table, which causes Hadrian to grimace. "Oh no, looks like trouble. Which means I'll have to go, sadly." Which is true, since the man speaks to him in quiet words, and Hadrian shrugs a little. "Got to run. We should try again some other day…" And with that, he hurries out the door.

The smile on Eddie's features as Sloan mentions knowing where she is at any given point in time is immediate and warm. Cassius knows his sister well enough to know that look. The blonde has fallen, and fallen hard. He's not seen that look in her eyes for a decade at least. Of course, the last time she looked like that, the poor man ended up dead and she devestated. Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself. She picks up a fig and pops it past her lips, brows arching back to Sloan as her brother asks the question. She can't answer, her mouth is full of fig!

Kaylee glances curiously towards the man and then back to Hadrian. A soft oh escapes her and she soon nods with a slight smile seen. "Have a good night. I'll hopfully catch up with ye another time then." She ponders a moment but will have to question later more about the so called trouble bit Hadrian could possible get himself into. Onwards though and she takes a sip from her cup of tea that has cooled off a bit.

Raising an eyebrow, Sloan tips the new contents of his glass down his throat before he replies. "If it were yer business lad, I'd likely 'ave tol' ye already, aye? or she'd 'ave. Rude as tha' be soundin' an I apologize for it. We takes it a day at a time."

Cassius levels an even stare at Sloan, a cold smile slowly forming on his lips. "Mr. MacDubsithe, it seems you have been ill-prepared for a relationship with a Malfoy. As I have stated, Lin is my blood, and I love her dearly. So I make it my business." He suddenly smiles brightly at both of them, his demeanor shifting entirely as he rises from his seat. "I fear my busy schedule has caught up with me. I must be going, Lin. So sorry." He leans over to kiss his sister on the cheek. "We must do this again sometime." As promptly as he arrived, he is departing.

Kaylee is sitting off to the side at a table, there is a pot of tea sitting upon the table before her, some already in a cup which her hands grasp at the moment. There are others around but she is on her own it seems. She's seemingly lost in thought, her gaze drifting towards the window that is near by as she watches people coming and going out in the alley.

The whirlwind with which her brother leaves, especially with his supposed scolding of Sloan, just makes Eddie blink. "I… Well, be safe, Cass. We… we'll talk again soon." Is all Eddie dares to say, trying not to show some of the more frustrated parts of her heart upon her face. It might come across in her voice. She leans up to kiss his cheek and lets him go before turning back to Sloan and pushing the tray of barely touched appetizers in his direction. "I… I'm sorry. That was remarkably rude of him." Eddie half growls out, knocking back the rest of her wine and then scooping up her brother's barely touched glass. She's now quietly fuming.

Looking at the apptizers for a moment, Sloan grunts. "I called him a boy, and I politely told him tae mind his own Feckin' business Eddie. I suppose he's got th'right tae hurt feelings, Aye? Sorry."

"…Just a bit. And… " Eddie is about to say something, but she stops herself and looks down to her wine instead. She takes a sip and waves it off. "Never mind. There is a very large dinner on it's way and now only two people to eat it." She huffs out a bit, her beautifully planned dinner now completely in pieces. She and Sloan are sitting in the largest back private booth, having apparently a slightly emotional discussion in the wake of Cassius Malfoy, who just waltzed out of the room mid dining service. Kaylee is sitting at a table by herself, staring out the window in thought, but it seems no one's dinner are going as planned. Eddie reaches into the breast pocket of her suit, pulling out her cigarette case and popping it open to free one. She's more interested in them than food right now.

Josefa comes in from outside, holding her coat closed around her. Her hair is back under a hat, curled as attractively as always, makeup on just right. She's out for an evening, but being a fan of tea, she's decided to try out this new place she's heard about. Cassius Malfoy is just heading out as she's entering and she opens her mouth to say something brightly to him but it's too late and he's gone before she's even squeaked. With a bit of a frown, she continues on into the room.

Shaking his head, Sloan grunts. "Nae. What's on yer mind Eddie?" Shrugging his shoulders slightly and pulling his arms tighter against his body, he watches her with curious blue eyes.

The man leaving almost runs into he man arriving, Allen whirling to the side to allow Cassius to move past, a mummbled grunt coming from the large man. He wipes his hands on his heavy jacket as he opens the door and slips into the cafe after Josefa, a hand running through loose blonde locks. A blue eyed glance flits to the booth in the back and the two settled there, the woman who entered before him and then he eyes Kaylee staring thoughtfully through the window. Hrmmm.. Allen clears his throat awkwardly before rocking back on his heels and waving a hand awkwardly to Kaylee. The smuggler, well semi-retired-yet-occasionally-gets-his-hands-dirty smuggler casts a curious glance back to those in the booth, mild recognition dawning but no more for now.

Kaylee takes a sip from her mug and soon sets the cup back down upon the table, a book is pulled free from her bag while she glances up at the door opening and catches sight of Allen. A warm smile is seen and she waves towards him. "Hello there." Well at least someone she actually knows out of the group that is within the cafe.

The question of her mind is put off until Eddie actually lights her cigarette. The filter between her lips, she leans over one of the elegant candles on the table and just lets it do the job for her. A few deep puffs in and the smoke is going comfortably before she looks back up to Sloan. "I… dislike the fact you couldn't simply tell my brother that, yes, you were courting me. But, I suppose you're not. So I have no reason to be pissed, and he's going to be pissed at me no matter what… And.. well, fuck." Eddie just sighs and pours herself more wine.

Rolling his own cigarette, Sloan shakes his head. "Nae Eddie. I'm courtin' ye. In me own fashion. I'm shite at it, an I dinnae know what th' 'ell I be doin' but I'm makin th' attempt. Was you that said it something Akin to a formal courtship, aye? Just like work Dove. I back yer play."

Josefa glances behind her when she hears Allen come in behind her, and raises her eyebrows slightly. You know, the way a girl might when an attractive man is present. Oh well, she's just a girl, what can you do? Her eyes then travel around the room, taking in Kaylee with a nod of her head for the red haired woman, and then she sees Eddie and Sloan and tilts her head curiously.

Blue eyes pause on Josefa and he gives her a somewhat roguish smile before nodding to Kaylee, "Hey there lass." The Wales man moves over towards Kaylee's table before glancing back to Josefa and indicating the table, "I dunno if your meetin' anyone but if you'd like some company I always like to make new friends!" He beams a smile before sliding down into the chair at Kaylees table wether she likes it or not. He casts another curious glance over at Eddie and Sloan before eyeing Kaylee, "Why you over here lookin all somber?" He's throwing off the faint aroma of whiskey, that perma-grin ever present.

Kaylee glances back to Josefa and offers hre a smile and nod before she lets her gaze turn back to Allen. "Not at the moment now. The person I was with for a tea break had to leave. So yer welcome to have a seat and join me if ye like." She does catch the faint aroma of whiskey, a soft oh escapes her. "I'm just thinking I suppose. What have ye been up too?"

Before Eddie can bandy bac a response, the meal for three comes. Excellent steak, asparagus in the finest of sauces, and thrice baked potatoe, it's a meal that Eddie very carefully planned. Steak and potatoes for Sloan, but with all the highest class trapping for her brother. And yet her brother isn't here to eat it. She sighs, nodding a thanks to the waiter as the plates are put before them. "A… a box… for that one." She states simply. No reason to let it go to waste. She then nods to the other table, "Or see if any of them are hungry. On Cassius Malfoy, tell them." Eddie gives a half smile as she says that, then looks back to Sloan. "If you are courting me, you could have just told my brother and helped me save damned face. Now it looks like I'm not only slumming it with an Irish half-blood, but with a half-blood who doesn't even want me." There are nights Eddie's Malfoy blood comes all too apparent in the sort of ways.

Josefa arches an eyebrow at Allen and says, "Quite bold of you to invite me to join someone else's table when you haven't even been invited yourself." Again she looks at Eddie and Sloan and says, "Well, I was going to say hi to Auror MacDubsithe and Ms. Malfoy over there but they appear busy…"

Looking up at the cieling for a moment, Sloan grunts "Is Tha' the time? Jesus Murphy I've got tae get tae th' ministry." Leaning over as he stands, Sloan touches his cheek to hers for a moemnt before standing and heading for the door, face ashen and lips blue by the time he slips out the door.

The Wales man chuckles at Josefa and holds up his hands, "Don't you worry lass! We're welcome, Kaylee here is a friend," he indicates the red headed woman with a fond smile. She's liable to smile back or knock him upside the head with that tea pot. "C'mon, have a seat if you'd like. I won't bite." Beam. He directs his attention back to Kaylee with a curious tilt of his head, "Oh you know. The usual. Been working, got off early though and went out for abit, just stopping in to see if anyone I know is in here, and look! Here you are." Big smile. He watches the man leave with a curious glance back to Eddie, a brow arching.

And then Eddie is left all alone. Her eyes shut as Sloan rests his cheek against her own and she listens to some sort of whisper. It tightens her eyes and she quickly calls after Sloan, "Wait! Sloan… please…" She half begs, but it might very well be too little and too late. She stares at his departing back, looking vaguely ill now, though still not as pale as Sloan. And there is another table full of food in front of her, almost all of it untouched.

Kaylee has not been trying to listen in to the conversation, but there are just bits and pieces that carry aross this cafe, and tone along with it. Her pale gaze turns towards Eddie, a brow lifts before she takes in a soft breath and lets her attention turn to Josefa. "Mr. Clayworth knows me well enough that I wouldn't turn anyone away from the table." She grins hearing Allen and chuckles softly. "Well he won't unless ye ask." This said with a teasing tone and wink to Allen. "But yes, ye are welcome to come sit down." Her pale blue gaze follows after Sloan before she glances towards Eddie to watch her curiously a moment. Though she is quick to turn her attention back to Allen. "I'm glad ye did stop in. I was getting mighty lonely here after all."

After a few more moments of shock, Eddie puts down several sickles, an extensive payment for food and service, before she slides out of the booth herself. She forces a pale smile to her lips looking to the little group that has gathered, at least two of them trying not to stare at the little confrontation. "There is half a bottle of wine left and entire dinner untouched. Please… help yourself. I… I need to go. It's all on me. Please…" And with that offer, Eddie gives them a tip of her head and a quick smile before turning on the ball of her foot and storming for the door herself. So much for a pleasant dinner.

Josefa now watches Sloan leave and chews her lower lip thoughtfully, but no, perhaps what she wants to discuss with Eddie is not the best thing for this moment, so she turns back to Kaylee and Allen and smiles warmly at them. "Oh, not that I thought I wasn't welcome, O'Dwyer, I was just amused by the presumption."

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