(1937-10-09) Political Research
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Summary: David hits the library to do some research.
Date: 9 October 1937
Location: Wizarding Library, London
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Wizarding Library London
Tue Oct 09, 1937 ((Tue Oct 09 16:02:38 2012)) (D,4 NW - N)

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.

The Wizarding area of the Library is of course for wizards only and is hidden from muggle sight. Every imaginable book a wizard could want can be found here, or most likely acquired upon request. During the day many wizards mill about at the shelves or are seated at the available tables in the circular space in the center of the surrounding shelves that ladders and stairwells wind about for stories above the floor. A dome of iron and glass high above the stacks at the top of the tower of knowledge allows the day light in. Some windows can be found scattered amongst the shelves.

Autumn has well and truly landed in London, after a long spell of unusually warm weather. Temperatures are cooler, the days are growing shorter, but at least, for the day, there doesn't seem to be the threat of rain. The sun isn't quite out, so the light coming through the glass dome of the tower is a bit greyish but still lends more brightness to the hushed interior of the library. Annie is at her usual task of sorting through the books that came back this morning, dividing them into piles based on subject before seeing to getting them back on the shelves. Despite the hush of the space, a very soft humming might be heard coming from her as she works at the front desk.

David meanders his way into the library dressed in his usual Muggle clothing. Not a man to drape himself in fine robes or other cooky attire, he can be found with jeans, a t-shirt and a brown leather jacket to fight off the chill. He takes a moment to look around and spies the young woman at the front desk. He walks over to her and leans against the counter, saying, "Howdy, ma'am."

As she does pride herself on being attentive to the library patrons, Annie always has one eye out for anyone approaching the desk. So it is that her smile is already in place as the wizard approaches, and she has a greeting ready. "Afternoon, sir. Is there something I might help yeh with?"

David looks her over and a smile touches his lips, "Yeah, I was wonderin' if you might have anything about Muggle politics. I'm thinking about doing a piece on them for my next broadcast and I need to brush up a little bit."

Annie frowns lightly as she thinks. "There's some books about Muggle politics as they pertain to Wizarding politics. If yeh had somethin' more Muggle in mind, I could take yeh through t' the Muggle side of the library, and the political section." American accent. Broadcast. Annie's brows raise as she asks, "Are yeh that Yank on the wireless then?"

David smiles warmly at her and says, "I'm thinking I might need both, actually." He stands up from the counter and straightens his jacket a little bit before resting his hands on his hips, "Naw ma'am. I'm the Yank-soundin' Englishman on the wireless. Born 'n raised in London."

The wizard gets a curious look, but Annie falls into her 'business' mode as she steps out from behind the desk, smoothing her work robes absently. "Let's start with this side then, shall we?" She starts to walk, looking back to make sure David is following, and leads toward the back of the library. "It's not too much of a walk. There's been quite a bit of interest lately, after that speech by Mr. Malfoy t'other evenin'."

David nods to her and slips his hands into his jacket pockets, walking along with her, "That's kinda strange. A lot of people like to take everything a politician says at face value. It's good to see people are starting to do their research as to whether or not he knows what he's talking about."

"We've had a bit of a row or two in here over it. Nothing terrible, thankfully, and cool heads prevailed enough t' stop them hexing each other." She turns a corner, heading them down a long row of bookstacks. "And, t' be truthful, most of the ones interested aren't the average wizards and witches. Mostly they've some stake in it, such as yer own." Her pace slows, then stops as she studies the book jackets. "Here it is." She takes out her wand and uses it to cast a spell on a book, making it's spine glow, then steps further down the row and does the same to another book. "Everythin' from here t' there," she offers with another pleasant smile.

David stops and nods to her, "Yeah, I suppose nobody's interested these days unless it affects them. It's a shame that most people don't know that the repealment /will/ affect them." He watches as the spines brighten up and he gives her a thanful smile, saying, "Thanks, I'm gonna rummage around for a little bit, if that's okay."

"Of course it is, sir, take whatever time yeh need. I'm Annie, if yeh need anything else." She's about to turn away to leave, when her curiosity kicks in and the question comes out before she can think to stop it. "If yeh were born an' raised here, how come yeh talk like a Yank?" Her head tilts, and there's more a sense of just wondering than being someone who thinks he's putting on some sort of Yankee airs.

David gives her a nod and says, "Nice ta meet ya, Annie." He plucks a book down from the shelf and starts to flip through it, looking for different points he could use when the question is asked. He smiles and looks up at her, "I was homeschooled by my parents for a good while. They're from Mississippi and I guess I just preferred that accent to the one everyone else has." He shrugs and continues, "Always wanted to be different, I reckon."

Annie looks placated by the answer, her smile in place again. "There's a lot t' be said for not goin' along with the crowd." She takes a few steps backwards, adding, "I'll be back at the desk, should yeh need anything, sir." She turns in a swirl of robes and heads back to her book sorting.

David gives her another nod and smile before he goes back to plucking books off of the shelf. At the moment he's holding about four different texts. The man loves doing his research, "Thank ya, ma'am. I'll keep that in mind." He'll be wandering around the stacks for a few minutes before he finally emerges from them with a big pile of six or seven books and a smile on his face. He walks over to the counter and sets them down, "Here we are. Let's hope I learn how to speed read before it's time for my next broadcast."

Back at her station at the front desk, Annie can't get back to her work right away as there are a couple assistants hovering, wanting to ask her questions about the American Wireless Bloke. They're all answered with "Why would I ask him that?" or "He wanted some books, I wasn't going t' ask him that." Evasive answers since she isn't one to pry into the things the other witches were wanting to know. One is answered with a quiet but indignant, "Cor, Macy, I didn't snog him by the stacks t'find out, are yeh daft?" Unfortunately, that one comes just as the wizard is returning, and Annie actually flashes a dark look at Macy before she turns to David with a smile that says 'nothing to see here'. "I hope yeh found things that will be helpful." She eyes the stack. "Looks like yeh'd be set for more than one broadcast."

David apparently hasn't heard anything being said about him, as he looks as if business is as usual. He looks at gathering of assistants and gives them each a smile. His eyes do return to Annie, though and he says, "Yeah, well, I've found that it takes a lot o' diggin' to get to some gold. That's what my dad always said."

You know that feeling you get when people are hovering behind you? Yeah, that's the feeling Annie has. She turns to the other witches, four of which have lingered, and gives them a very pointed, one eyebrow lifted look. Suddenly there's a flurry of movement, excuses being made, and they disperse to take care of other tasks. And still, as she turns back, Annie's warm smile is in place for David. "There's a simple charm we use here to make searching a bit easier, if that'd help yeh." She looks at the book titles, then chooses the most likely one, setting the book on the counter as she takes out her wand. "Exquiro Baldwin," she says lightly, giving her wand a flick. The book flips open and pages flap, until it stops on a page where the last name of former Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin glows in green. Green light can also be seen peeking out from two other places in the book. "Yeh can search just about any word yeh need with that."

David smiles and raises his eyebrows at the usage of the spell, "What will they think of next?" He leans against the counter and picks up one of the books, searching around for the illuminated passages. He then flits his eyes up to Annie and he asks, "So, what are you supposed to ask me, Miss Annie?"

Did the young librarian just go a shade of pale? It's hard to tell, because a blush immediately rushes in to color her cheeks a fetching shade of pink. She looks away immediately and reaches for the other books he's selected, to get them set for him to take. "Oh, nothin'," she says lightly. "Just bein' silly. Yeh know." Whether he knows or not, she becomes unusually occupied with going through the motions of the charm that collects the information needed before the books can be taken from the premisis.

David smiles warmly at her and drums his fingertips along the counter, tilting his head and watching her do that whole 'get engrossed in your work so nobody asks you any questions' thing. David's a man full of questions, though, so he hunkers down over the counter and says, "You're sure?"

Annie doesn't look up, but the blush deepens until it all but glows from her. "Oh yes," she says lightly, deep in concentration (or so she would like it thought), "Nothin' at all t' pay mind to." She finally has to look up out of necessity, but her eyes seem to hover somewhere around the collar of his leather jacket and raise no farther. "I'll just get this last book." The charm has already faded, only highlighting the text for a short while, and she reaches to gather it to finish getting David's books ready.

David tilts his head a little bit at her and says, "Hrmmm. Alright, fair enough." He claps his hands and rests them on the counter, watching her as she works. It's hard not to notice the blushing on that fair face of hers, but he'll let it slide, deciding to hum quietly to himself as she finishes up.

After a moment of trepidation that he'll continue the line of question, Annie starts to relax again when he doesn't seem so inclined. Still, the blush is slow in fading, but true to her professionalism, the warm smile is back like nothing in the world untoward happened as she looks up at David. "That's all set for here then. Shall I show yeh the section on the Muggle side, or will this do yeh for now?"

David smiles warmly at her and takes the books, saying, "I think that'll be good for now." He collects them up, tucking them under his arm and says, "I think I'll head out now." He begins to walk off, but stops and turns back around, saying with a grin, "I noticed your cheeks were getting little red. Must be the cool weather. I'd like to take you out for a cup of coffee some day and get your warmed up, if that would be okay with you."

Well, so much for the pink dying away, but it's not as stunningly bright this time as it washes back into her cheek. "Aye, sometime, if yeh'd like." Annie feels safe with this answer, as it'll likely not happen; what would a wizarding wireless star be doing wasting his time over coffee with the likes of her? So, despite the return of color, she returns his smile. "When yeh get done with those, if yeh need more I'll be happy t' help again, sir."

David smiles at her and gives her a polite nod, "Sounds good. I'll be by sometime later this week." He offers another smile to the girl and then gestures for the assistants to flood her once again. "See ya around, Miss Annie." With that he disappears out of the room on his way to get some reading done.

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