(1937-10-09) Prince Charming and his Dancing Shoes
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Summary: Cooper and Clayton catch a muggle movie. Afterwards, Clayton's dance lessons begin and the two discuss Claytons date.
Date: October 9th, 1937
Location: Embassy Cinema, London
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Embassy Cinema London
Tue Oct 09, 1937 ((Tue Oct 09 02:48:24 2012)) (C,3)

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and clear.

The Embassy Cinema is one of the oldest as well as poshest cinemas in London. Throughout the years two smaller, traditional auditoriums have been added to the real gem of the Embassy, its main theatre. The main auditorium clearly shows its beginnings as a traditional theatre. The 500 seats, overstuffed and upholstered in red leather, provide much more space than the seats in modern movie houses and are arranged in a fan around the front three thirds of the thrust stage. Immediately behind the highly decorative proscenium arch, which depicts bas-relief scenes out of Greek mythology, red velvet curtains close in front of the movie screen. The screen itself can be pulled up into the fly space to allow the forty foot stage to be used for its original purposes making this space as good a venue for theatre plays and ballet concerts as it is for movie presentations. Adding to the aura of old-time luxury the auditorium is illuminated by old gas-light sconces lined along walls covered in dark golden crushed velvet wallpaper. The sconces have been retrofitted to use modern light bulbs that imitate flames and are also used to illuminate the two small balconies above stage right and stage left.


Cooper cannot believe her eyes. She's leaned against the arm of her seat in the movie house, her chin resting on her arm as she stares at the screen with her jaw open. Her had sits crooked on her head, while the movie screen reflects off her thick framed glasses. A finished bag of popcorn is on her lap, the crumbs scattered all about her lap. But Cooper's simply amazed. They're talking and singing and it's in color! Since when did muggles, learn to do this? She hasn't been to the movies since they were still silent and in black and white. While it would have been more appropriate to choose an adult oriented movie, she insisted that they go to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. And she can't speak for Clayton but she's certainly not regretting her choice. And when the credits roll and the lights in the theater brighten, she gets up on her feet and claps. A standing ovation! It's just that…she's the only one in the movie house clapping, and she quickly realizes that when she gets odd stares from the families coming to watch it. Clearing her throat, she turns red and sits back down to mutter to Clayton, "Sorry…"

While he may have picked a different movie, he would have lied if he'd said he wasn't entertained with the movie. Though a majority of this entertainment was the woman settled beside him whos mouth hadn't closed but barely enough to chew her popcorn. Clayton had tucked some napkins secretly onto Coopers lap mid-movie and watches them flutter to the ground as she stands to give her clapping approval. Hand to his chin and a broad grin anything but subtle the man gives his own slow clap from his seat. As she settles back in her chair and flushes red Clayton shakes his head, "Don't be. I didn't know you liked Snow White so much," he mummbles to her softly. The man gives her a reasuring quirk of his lips before standing with a stretch. He reaches, offering her a hand, "Well m'lady. You've gotten your movie fix. What's next? We can always see /another/ movie.." the man chuckles.

Cooper gives the muggle a sheepish grin and leans forward to pick up the napkins off the floor. God, this is so much more annoying without magic. "Well my aunt used to read it to me when I was a little girl from a story book. Didn't think I could love it anymore until I saw there was a animated movie of it," she grins and takes his hand to help stand herself up. "No no. This was fairly long enough. What was it an hour and a half?" She checks her watch for the elapsed time and says, "Yes, they were only a little over an hour last time I saw them." Which will come as a surprise seeing as they have been that way for more than a decade. "But my god, this theater! Huge! And this screen and the sound! How on earth do they get the sound that way?" She stretches her hands up into the air as if to be amazed at the grandeur of it all. She hmmms however when he asks what she wanted to do next and she ponders. "What do I owe you? A dance lesson, don't I? And you owe me a football one? I can do either. It's a matter of whether or not you feel like being teacher or student."

He watches her curiously, lips pursed amusedly as she goes on about the theater. Clayton nods his head, gaze shifting over each individual thing she speaks off and finally lets the laughter bubbling up come out, "I suppose we can ask someone on the way out? I'm afraid I'm not qualified to answer your questions." He places a hand against her lower back to guide her towards the door before stuffing his hands into his thick jacket. Her questioning of things to do gets a thoughtful frown as they make their way through the theater and towards the exit door. When they do reach the outside world, he shivers in his heavy coat. "Perhaps dancing and then football on a warmer afternoon? Of course I won't lie, I'm still not light on my feet and I'd hate to squish yours," the man laughs.

Cooper hmms and really does consider asking about the sound. "Do you really think we can?" she considers the option as she's guided out to the exit and she straightens her hat on the way out. But not wanting to hold them up from a good time, she opts out and says, "Nahh it's okay, I have a good friend who lives close to here. I'll come back and ask them questions on my free time." She sounds rather serious about it too, and when they reach outside she too shivers and begins pulling her gloves on. "Hmm I think you're right, dancing sounds like the better option though no matter what activity we do you'll have the potential to step on my feet. So don't worry about that part," she grins and steps up to the curb in the evening air. "To the Natrix it is, then!" And much like the other night she has quite a struggle hailing down a cab.

The pilot chuckles and nods, "If that falls through I have a friend in the industry, I'm sure he'll be happy to answer some questions if I can get ahold of him." Clayton puts a hand to his forhead before laughing, "Well you've been warned!" He takes ahold of one of her gloved hands, gives her a twirl, before putting his fingers to his lips and whistling to get them a cab. He waves a hand and soon a yellow car has pulled over, idleing before them on the pavement. Clayton opens the taxi door, gesturing with a hand for her to enter with a quirked brow a polite, "M'lady." He climbs in after and directs the cabby to take them to the Natrix, once again directing his attention to her, "Don't let me get as drunk as last time. I'd like to actually remember tonight, aye?" Smirk.

Cooper does a 'whoa' when she's twirled and laughs heartily when she's spun around. And once she's put back into the right position, the cab is there waiting. "Amazing, simply amazing. It's like you used magic," she grins and then slips into the back seat. "I'll try not to, I promise."

The Natrix Dance Hall London
Tue Oct 09, 1937 ((Tue Oct 09 04:07:30 2012)) (D,2 NW)

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and clear.

Formerly a restaurant and bar alone since 1850, this building has been remodeled and updated to also include a large dance floor and bandstand and stage. The restaurant still lives in that the white linen draped round tables positioned around the dance floor are catered to the best Saltimbocca dishes in England. The other regular Italian food fare is also deliciously found on the menus in the center of the table that are crystal plaques engraved and frosted so the lettering sparkles in the dim light making the script easier to read. Silver is used liberal in the decoration, the table legs, the chair legs and backs besides the green tapestry cushions are all silver. The styling beyond that is all very modern art deco. Greens and silvers prevailing. The live orchestra always always has a finger on the pulse of the crowd, they pick up tempo or slow things down with amazing empathy.


Given that it's a weekday, the Natrix isn't as packed as it usually would be, but there's a decent amount of people enough to have a good time. While there's no singer at the moment, a skill full piano player with a modest sized band plays some jazz while Clayton and Cooper are getting some pre-dancing drinking on. "Okay, just this third shot and that's it. No more!" she says already starting to feel the giddy effects of their first two shots. She hangs her coat on the back of a bar chair but leaves her hat on before their drinks are slid over to them and she clinks glasses with him and makes a toast. "To Snow White and the Seven Dwarves!" she grins brightly and downs the alcohol with a terrible grimace. "Ugh…" But soon after the band begins playing something a little bit vintage for their time. It's distinctly 1920s and the slightly buzzed Cooper chimes, "Oh this is perfect! Just the song for you to start off on. All the dances now a days are far too fast for anyone to learn to." And she begins making her way to the floor, tugging on Clayton's sleeve for him to come along with her.

Piano, as far as music goes, is one of Claytons favorite so the music settles the normally shy man into a very comfortable mood. He eyes the third shot with a slight squint of suspicion before cheersing her, "And may you find your prince charming," he downs the shot with a mild grimace, "That's what women are searching for these days right? Prince charming?" The man laughs, a little louder then he normally would, and settles down to simply beam a broad smile. As her excitement suddenly builds Clayton can't help but groan a little dramatically, "It's time isn't it!" This is made clear when Cooper begins to tug on his sleeve, manuvering him towards the dance floor.

"Ehh…sort of," Cooper mildly laughs and gives Clayton a sheepish smile. Silly Magbobs and their gender double standards. But she turns around and begins rocking back and forth to the beat of the music, fingers snapping as the piano and sax really start to go. And she's leading him into the dance floor backward. "Okay, first things first. Let's do something basic to see how terrible your sense of rhythm is or isn't," she grins and shows him a basic step on her own. "Alright so your right foot always goes forward and your left goes back. Got it?" Once she goes over the single movement with him slowly, she repeats it so see if he'll catch on. Forward, together, back, together. No touching for them just yet. Cooper figures it'd be best for the man to get the basics before she allows him into her space, lest he really does crush her toes.

He listens patiently, brows furrowing in thought as he mimics Coopers steps carefully. He's almost comical in how serious he trys to master the simple steps. Clayton finally beams another radiant smile, "I think I have that!" he declares almost victoriously. "What's next Ms. Cooper," he questions his 'teacher'. The music continues and Claytons feeling rather fuzzy as he bobs his head to the beat of the music, patiently awaiting her next dance command.

Cooper bites her lip and tries her absolute best to stifle her laughter while he struggles a bit. "Mr. Kable, I've never seen a more serious face on the dance floor!" she grins and continues with her basic movement so that he can follow along and get it eventually. When he does seem to master the basic step she nods, truly impressed and says, "Not bad! That's great. Okay so now we're going to continue doing this but we're going to get a bit wacky with our steps. Feel free to get a little silly with your arms too for added effect." She keeps doing the basic step but this time goes on her toes and flicks her heels out every time she takes a step forward or backward. "Maybe you've seen your mum and dad do this when you were little. It's the Charleston." She grins and lets him get accustomed to the added detail, all the while swinging her arms to the beat and snapping her fingers.

Clayton follows his moves and steps, not to the T but close enough. The Manc man puts in his own little moves here and there and the serious expression his face suddenly blooms into one of pure joy. He pauses only slightly to listen to Cooper and and nods, "I believe that I have! Now I can actually write home and tell them I've learned it!" He laughs cheerfully before pausing to watch her a moment. "So all this from the one who says she's not that great of a dancer? I believe you were mistaken Ms.!" He wiggles, not quite the move she'd been trying to teach him, but what one would call whatever movement it was that he happened to be doing. He pauses, as if to consider this, before shrugging it off with a grin.

Cooper tilts her head slightly, confused at the air force pilot's version of the Charleston, but she follows along with it trying best to copy is "style" with a grin on her face. "Well, you've mostly got it….erm good enough," she laughs and nods, "You're welcome for giving you the reason to write that letter." Either to make him feel better or to mock him, she too is wiggles in the same manner he does, earning a couple looks from others as the two of them awkwardly dance. "Naw, I can only do this basic stuff and it helps that I'm drunk. How am I doing though? Did I get that little move you just made up, correct?" she grins. And now that he's got that basics down…sort of, she'll try reach out for his hand, nudge his shoulder and give him a spin too. But the way she does it is rather mannish. She seems rather strong for a petite woman of her size.

The man can't help but laugh once more, "You're doing it better then me and I'm the one who made it up!" He allows her to grasp his hand and spin him which brings a somewhat shocked expression upon his face. "You're pretty strong for such a little lass," he observes amusedly. The man retracts his hand however and grasps hers gentley in return. He spins the woman as she did him, firmly yet fluidly. He smiles, clearly pleased with himself, before attempting previous dance moves only this time with Cooper as his dance partner. He moves her across the floor, somewhat awkwardly at first however the more relaxed he becomes the easier it is for him to manage the needed steps as well as guiding the small woman with him gracefully. The song ends and Clayton remains where he is for a few moments after. He blinks however quickly and releases her with a clearing of his throat. "A drink inbetween songs?" he questions sheepishly. Aaand he's back.

Cooper snorts and tries the awkward wiggle again, alcohol finally settling in so that she doesn't care about the weird stares from others. But when she catches his comment about her strong grasp, she inwardly eeks for a second. Did she give herself away too much? Are muggle women really not that strong? She doesn't have to much time to think on it because she's sent spinning, which she does so with a gleeful, "Weee!" Clapping, she can't help but grin, "Excellent, excellent! You're surpassing me in just a matter of minutes and I'm the one teaching you. I think you lied to me, you seem like a natural." She thoroughly is impressed with his guiding though, and she then stops to catch her breath when the song ends. Nodding vigorously she walks with him back to the bar where they left their things and she says, "Oh last time we were here Josefa was in such a terrible mood. I wonder how she's doing now…I haven't seen her since…"

Following her gleefully back to he bar he orders another round of shots and a beer for himself. He cheers her once more, swallowing the shot with little then a shake of his head. Be it the absorbtion of the alcohol or simply his ability to handle the shots improving; who knows. Clayton shakes his head, "I would never lie to you, that would just be rude." An innocent, almost boyish grin blooms upon his features as he takes a large gulp of his beer. It's swallowed hard when Cooper mentions Josefa and he shrugs a shoulder casually, "She seemed fine the last few times I saw her," Clayton drawls thoughtfully. "I asked her on a date," he adds after a thought, though he suddenly becomes rather emersed in his beer. Ooo, little bubbles.

Cooper groans after taking the next shot, and sticks her tongue out as if she's gagging. "That stuff's disgusting," she grimaces but giggles and gives back the shot glass, "I don't know what I've done to you, but you're far too adventurous now-a-days, Clayton." Based on the languid way she leans against the bar top, she finally comfortable addressing him by his first name. It's likely the drinks. But she perks up almost instantly when he admits to asking her on a date, those blue eyes widening and brightening with impish delight. "Did you?" Though she will not tolerate his avoidant strategies, so she tipsily drags her chair close to him to interrogate. "When? How? What did she say? Did you go on it already?" There's the Auror everyone knows and loves.

Clayton smirks, waving a hand dismissively to the woman and scrunching up his face comically, "I was always adventurous an' fun! Just had to get to know me," he promises. He sips his beer and slides the empty shot glasses across the bar, attention slowly shifting back to Cooper and her frenzy of questions. He holds up his hands as if protectively and chuckles, "Whoa! One question at a time!" The man settles as she scoots closer and leans towards her, one arm propping him up on the bar. His cheeks visibly flush as Clayton clears his throat and hesitates to begin, "My dog trampled her in the park the other night like I had told you. We talked for awhile.. I walked her to her street, and had a surge of courage I suppose," Clayton explains, "She agreed. And no, we haven't been on it yet. That was.. probably a week or two ago.." he drawls off, using his beer as an awkward filter once more.

Cooper is having one of those odd drunken moments where she can't decide where to slouch against the bar top or sit up. She's so comfortable with slouching, but she's in public and needs to sit straight. So she keeps shifting between both positions every few seconds before she decides on a happy medium and leans her chin on her palm while her elbow rests on the bar top. She's getting that swooney look in her eye like she did in the movie theater and says, "My goodness. I love hearing about new romance. A night walk in the park ends in an agreed date." She grins and then continues to ask him excitedly. "Well if it's been a week or two, then why haven't you followed up on it? What're you waiting for? What're you plans for it? What're you going to wear? Oh, how will you cut your hair?" Clearly, she didn't listen to his request to ask one question at a time.

Green eyes blink a few times and Clayton simply stares at Cooper in bewilderment. His head gives a small shake as he gulps his beer and points a finger at the woman before im, "You, m'lady, are nosey!" The RAF pilot laughs good naturedly however and pauses to consider her questions. The pause takes slightly longer due to the wool sweater that envelops his brain and finally the Manc man does speak. "Well.. I don't know really. Been busy?" he tilts his head skeptically however and throws his hands up, "I don't know Cooper! I haven't been on a date in years and I mean, Ms. Josefa is a lovely woman and she's very beautiful but it isn't like I'm her.. what do you call it again, Prince Charming!" He begins to laugh which blossoms into something close to a snort-laugh as he props himself up on the bar once more, smiling fondly at the woman.

Cooper eeps a little when the finger is pointed at her. And she gets nervous as she did before on the dance floor. Is that a bad thing? Did she give herself away? Are muggle women less nosy? For a muggle born she's pretty terrible at all f this. She scratches her chin though plotting things out for the pilot, with her eyes half lidded in that drunken fashion. But she can't stop herself from laughing at his snort laugh and shakes her head. She's a sucker for snort-laughs! "Well you don't have to be her Prince Charming in order for her to like you. She already said yes! You're halfway there," and then she gives Clayton a strong 'buddy' pat on the shoulder while she nods and says, "Don't you worry. I'll help you out and get prepared and everything. This'll be great. I promise."

The man stares, once more bewildered. She was a woman of many talents this Cooper, and secrets, little did he know. The Fly Boy finishes his beer, sets it down and eyes her with a quirked brow, "Ok lass, time to go." He throws some money down on the bar top for their drink sand stands, taking a moment to steady himself he sees to Cooper next. An arm is offered while the other goes to steady the woman and lead her to the door. While he does smile greatfully, insecurities were an unfortunate downfall of his. "Unless she just said yes to be polite?" he questions softly, fixing her with a sideways glance. "Either way, we shall see and I'm not getting too flustered over it just yet," Clayton says a little more surely. He waves down a cab, keeping an arm around Cooper while he waits. Once the taxi stops he settles her in, handing the cabby a wad of bills with the order to "Take her where ever she'd like to go, but get her there safe or I'll find you." Clayton kneels and points down the road, "I live only there. I'd offer my home but Luca my dog doesn't like to share the bed and I'm out of a couch currently for me to sleep on. Safe travels m'lady, I'll be seeing you soon I'm sure." Clayton leans in, giving her a light peck on her cheek before smiling fondly, "Goodnight." With that he shuts the door and waits to watch as her yellow chariot takes her away. A head shake is given before Clayton laughs softly to himself and slowly staggers his way home. Tomorrow morning was going to suck.

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